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Dapo Abiodun reacts to election rigging allegiations



Our attention has been drawn to another concocted story targeted towards creating confusion and misleading the public on the outcome of Ogun APC Gubernatorial primary election which produced Prince Dapo Abiodun as the party’s flag bearer.


In the said story, it was alleged that the Chairman of the 8 man panel, Muhammad Ndabawa who lead the delegation that conducted and supervised the election as mandated by the NWC of our great party, had confessed to one presidential Committee that the election was rigged in favour of Prince Dapo Abiodun. This is nothing but a misleading report, misrepresentation of facts and another implausible story being used as an excuse to substantiate this false information.


It is unfortunate that some people are hell-bent at causing division within our great party, while we are busy harmonizing party members for the greater good of all.


As a peace loving political group, we won’t relent in our efforts tilted towards uniting every members of Ogun APC in preparation towards having a landslide victory at the polls. We are consistently making peaceful overtures that will galvanize party faithfuls across the entire state, and reawaken the drive which will propel us to work together as a formidable team and united political family. In unity lies our strength.


We are at a crucial period where our candidate is making frantic moves geared towards warming himself into the hearts of Ogun State indigenes and residents alike, in order to secure their maximum support during the forthcoming general election. Everyone should join their hands with the party’s gubernatorial candidate so that we can all achieve the desired goal and jointly transform the socioeconomic fortunes of Ogun State for the betterment of all.