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Heard of the #Reach4theStars Challenge?



And so Valentine’s Day has come and gone with all its funfair. The month of February is slowly
but surely, going by. As that famous tweet stated “… March will come superfast, so will Easter…
and then Christmas. Basically, 2018 is finished!”
Time is flying by so fast and soon we’ll be shouting ‘Merry Christmas’ once again and silently
wondering how we let another year go by without accomplishing those dreams of ours.
So this brings us to the big question – Where are we with regards to our dreams and aspirations
for the year and for our lives as a whole? Most of us set out years ago with amazing dreams but
sadly, as the years have gone by, a number of us have begun to ‘settle’ for smaller dreams
under the cloak of being more realistic when really, what we are doing is short changing
That’s why the #Reach4theStars challenge is so interesting and helpful. Introduced by a new
organisation called When Women Win (W.W.W.), they are challenging people to put up a
picture on social media holding the hashtag #Reach4TheStars and tell everyone your
commitments for 2018 i.e. what are you committing to in 2018 to achieve your goals and
dreams. Tag them and tag 10 of your friends to challenge them too!
The goal is to for you to commit to something and because you have made it public, you know
you need to stop procrastinating and make it happen. Many people have already taken the
challenge, you should too.
When Women Win is an organization that aims to create access for women to the knowledge,
inspiration and opportunities they need to win and succeed in life. The platform serves as an
enabler for women; helping them exhale, discover themselves, be inspired, motivated and
coached to become all they can be. When women win, the family units win, the society wins and
the Nation as a whole wins too!
The #Reach4theStars challenge fits W.W.W.’s objective of encouraging positive action by
individuals to improve themselves. Remember the words of Maya Angelou, “My mission in life is
not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some
humor, and some style.”
Choose to make a commitment today, this very minute, to dream again, to do better, and to BE
better. You owe it to yourself, after all, this is the ONLY life you’ll get to live. This is not a
rehearsal, this is IT. Reach for the Stars!
For more details check their pages on Facebook @whenwomenwin , Instagram
@whenwomenwin_www and Twitter @whenwomenwin

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