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Human rights group caution Fayose on Ojudu’s Campaign bills and boards



The Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) has accused the Ekiti State 

Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, of plotting to disrupt the declaration 

rally of a member of the All Progressive Congress, (APC), Senator 

Babafemi Ojudu, which has been scheduled for Friday 9 March 2018.

The group alleged that Mr Fayose’s agents plan to remove hundreds of 

posters and billboards already installed for this purpose.

In a statement on Thursday, the NHRC, a coalition of 135 civil society 

groups said there were complaints that Mr Fayose was planning to use his 

thugs to disrupt the rally, starting with the defacing of the billboards 

carrying the campaign pictures and messages of Senator Ojudu.

We should be glad to see Mr Fayose prove these allegations wrong,” the 

group stated.

“Ahead of these reports that smack of intolerance, Mr Fayose, we were 

informed, has already deployed his thugs to either deface or totally 

remove Senator Ojudu’s billboards and burn them to ashes.

We caution Mr Fayose to exercise restraints and tolerance, since nobody 

has tampered with any of the campaign materials he has either pasted or 

erected on the streets of Ado or its environs campaigning for his 

deputy, Prof. Eleka to succeed him.

The rules guiding campaigns recognises plurality of opinions. We have 

been informed that Mr Fayose is already intimidated by the campaign 

strategy of Senator Ojudu. We think the solution is not to deploy 

violence. This  will be like opening another ugly chapter in the history 

of Ekiti, a state that has seen so much political violence and state 

motivated killings in the past” the statement signed by Samuel Adenuga, 

the group’s Assistant  General Secretary stated.

According to the NHRC, the July election is not only of interest to 

Ekiti people, it is of greater interests to the international community. 

“The July election will signal what pattern the 2019 elections may 

follow. Mr Fayose, the Chief Security Officer of Ekiti state is in a 

position to determine what Ekiti people should expect in July, either a 

civil conduct or a state of violence and blood-letting.

The group added: “Tolerance is important to political transition. The 

signals from Ekiti are not impressive. Our office has been inundated 

with trusted information that Mr Fayose is plotting to foment discourse 

by forcefully removing the posters of his opponents and also planning to 

disrupt their rallies. We have been informed that he has concluded plans 

to remove Senator Ojudu’s billboards and also invade his rally with 

thugs. This is completely in bad taste. The entire human rights 

community in Nigeria will hold Mr Fayose personally responsible for any incidence that may undermine basic democratic rules in Ekiti State.”

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