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IMO ADP GUBER PRIMARIES : Robert Opara congratulates winner, disappointed in the skewed electoral process



A former gubernatorial aspirant of ADP in Imo state, Chief Robert Opara sends his congratulatory handshake to Mr. Success Obioma who was declared winner of the gubernatorial primaries of the party.
Chief Opara’s message reads, “Good afternoon Chief. I want to congratulate you on your successful bid for the ADP’s gubernatorial ticket. Your hardwork paid off albeit through a most transparently flawed process, I wish you luck.”

Robert Opara opined that our present crop of political leaders, particularly at the states and local government levels, are breeding grounds for avarice, corruption, ineptitude, kleptomania and tunnel syndrome because they are not interested in governance. Leaders who emanate from this smokescreen called internal democratic process become ‘Lord of the Manor’ once they hold the reins of power because they are financially emasculated during the entry process.
Chief Opara strongly believes that the electorates expectations from the newly unblemished political parties like ADP, would be to tow the democratic line in choosing their candidates based on core competence devoid of bigotry and monetization of conscience.
ADP opted for the direct primaries process in electing candidates for various positions which invariably implies that all 305 wards and the 27 LGAs were supposed to be actively involved in the voting process.
Chief Robert Opara however observed that the process was disappointingly flawed as most local government chairmen were simply ‘asked to sign some concocted figures’ for monetary gains.

Most of them declined the offer while also refusing to return the booklets with the voting figures.

To the chagrin of contestants, the primaries preparatory template was skewed in favor of the eventual winner and simply conducted through underhand methods while it blindsided the other aspirants. I refused to complete the pre-primaries process because I knew that the leadership of the party was already biased and in sync with the winner.
At the moment, an existential crisis brews within the party as LG and Youths chairmen are threatening to quit the party as it is widely perceived that Theophilus Ezeala and Brian Agu sold out the party to the highest bidder. It is strongly believed that with the fraudulent emergence of Mr. Success Obioma, the party stands no chance of competing meaningfully against the existing political structure in the state.

For the benefit of inquisitive supporters and sponsors, Chief Robert Opara will soon declare his gubernatoeial intent on another political platform based on ‘INEC substituted opportunity window’.

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