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My Neighbours Kitchen partners Kokun Foundation on Feed the Inmate Campaign




Prison inmates languishing in major Nigerian prisons are in for a momentary treat as one of Nigeria’s exciting apps, @myneighbourskitchen with collaboration with Kokun foundation has taken up the plight of these class of unfortunate Nigerians who have been left at the mercy of government’s barely enough feeding for prisons inmates.


Myneighbourskitchen app which has already generated quite a buzz online is a magical app that’s basically designed to create additional income for food lovers and cooks in this part of the world. As you read, the app is one of most downloaded apps right now with a lot of enthusiam shown by the early users. Championing the cause through the exciting app, myneighbou teamed up with Kokun foundation with volunteers in the vineyard of humanity to reach out to the people Championing the noble cause through the exciting app,


myneighbourskitchen teamed up with Kokun foundation calling on those in the vineyard of humanity to reach out to these people who have been practically forgotten by the society. Leading the volunteering effort is none other than paragon of beauty. Girl Hub Africa is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to exposing Nigerian youths, particularly the female folks to the culture of volunteering. The goal of Girl Hub Africa is to raise the bar in the volunteering culture in Africa and create employment opportunities for the female-youths. The take-off date for the humanitarian venture is slated for 10th August, 2018, and on that day my neighbours kitchen will be leading hundreds of volunteers and humanitarian workers to major prison centres with truckload of goodies to feed the inmates.

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