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OGUN 2019: Ademolake Bemoan Amosun’s Selected Infrastructure Projects, Vows To Take Over As Abk. South Reps



​As 2019 general elections gather momentum, actors from various parties are preparing to participate actively in politics as they complain bitterly on the poor representation of the current house of representatives members and senators in terms of giving back to their constituents the dividends of democracy.
Amebo Online News has visited an aspirant under the Alliance For Democracy AD, Honorable AbdulAkeem Adeola Olamilekan Ademolake who is aspiring for member house of representatives, Abeokuta South Federal Constituency in the forthcoming election.
He gave reasons for his aspiration as a means of giving the dividends of democracy back to the good people of Abeokuta South federal constituency, as he affirm his readiness to take over the seat of house of representatives to lead the people and show them true leadership.

According to him, Alliance For Democracy AD as a progressive party doesn’t do primaries but nominate the candidates after thorough assessment of contenders based on activeness and participation in politics.

In human relations, Governor Ibikunle Amosun has scored zero as he has failed woefully in putting the people of Ogun State at first in his day to day activities. While rating the government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, he gave  kudos to him for his courage on infrastructural construction, at the same time berates him for abandoning other sectors which he described as politics of bitterness and calumny.

According to Ademolake, My basic idea of representation is having fair of mind, and when you have the fair of mind you will show them true leadership and distribute resources accordingly.

The present house of representatives lacks human relations as a progression spirits
*”I have taken my time to study my people at the grassroots and I understand what they are lacking as we speak, I know where to channel my empowerment in other to meet the urgent needs of my constituents”*

*”Ever before my aspiration, I have engaged in series of empowerment and their is ongoing empowerment to support the market women who are financially unstable one way or the other to relief them.” Said Ademolake.*
He lament bitterly on the poor representation both at the lower and upper chambers as he describes them of lacking progression, as they are in their usual ways of drawing Nigerians back and denying them of their dividends in terms empowerment, health and other valuable projects.
Meanwhile, he throws weight behind the #Not2Young2Run bill signed recently by President Mohammed Buhari as he described it as a welcome development to enable the upcoming youths to mentor and succeed the leaders of today.
*”There is no beauty in leadership without successor, so I give it to President Mohammed Buhari for deeming it fit to pass such bill into law” Said Ademolake.*
The youths should desist from celebrating mediocrity all in the name of blind following politicians who have brainwashed them with stipend to buy their loyalty but work on getting themselves tangible work to keep them busy, and makes them good manager of our economy in Nigeria instead of engaging in hooliganism and thuggery to display sense of loyalty to the greedy leaders who have already stolen the treasury of our nation.


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