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“Why I Want To Be Lagos Lawmaker in 2019”-Famous Yoruba Movie Marketer, Hibee Pictures Reveals



Ibrahim Adeoti is one of the wave making Yoruba movie marketers currently dominating the industry with quality movies. He is the chairman of Hibee Pictures. He is also the kid brother to the CEO of Adekaz Movie Production, Kazeem Adeoti. Recently, the gifted Ibrahim was in the news prior to his declaration to contest for the Lagos House of Assembly in 2019 under the platform of All Progressive Party {APC}. He is representing Surulere Constituency ii. However, www.yorubamovie Editor, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO recently paid a visit to his house in Lagos, where he exclusively told us why the people of his constituency wants him to represent them at the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2019, among others. Enjoy it.

How did your political career start?

Actually, everyone knew I am from Orile-Iganmu in Surulere and my parents have laid a good foundation for us in the constituency, so I felt this is the right time for me to bring out the beauty of my parents’ name because they really fought for the area back then. Some of the youths in the area were like okay, Hibee you are into entertainment, your father has a good name in the area before he died, you will like to follow your father’s steps, you have a good job, we the youth in the constituency like you because of what you have been doing for us in the community without being in any public office, therefore, we want you to represent us. We will support you because we believe so much in you. I wouldn’t know if what I have been doing for my area was what made them appointed me. I have been a full member of All Progressive Congress right from time. We are going for primaries because it is not an automatic ticket for anybody. If your fellow party members like and believe in you, there will definitely vote you in. I believe by the grace of God, my people will vote me to win the primaries.

Why did you want to be a Lawmaker in Lagos State?

This is because in my constituency, they so much love me and believe in me. Few years back, I never had it in mind that I will aspire to be a lawmaker but some of our leaders in the party said Hibee I think it is high time for you to contest for this because your father has a good name and you are also supporting the community in your own way. I think that is just the reason. It is not something I have been desperate about, I was appointed to go for it. Even as a movie marketer, I choose to live in my father’s house in the area. I know what people need, I know what their problems are and I think that was why I was called upon to represent them. I am close to my people, and they want the best for not just me but the community at large.

The believe in Nigeria is that politics is a dirty game for dirty people, why did you want to involve yourself in such game?

You are right, it is believed that politics in Nigeria isn’t friendly but how long do we want to stay away from it? If we are all running away, who will correct the mistakes making by those in power? I so much believe in God and he will perfect all that concern this great nation.

Can you share with us some of the benefits your community will get from you when elected as a lawmaker?

What people want is to see someone who understands their pains because when you claimed to have come from a particular constituency and you are not living there, you don’t know how they feel or know what is going on in the area in times of good roads, power, water and all that, you may find it difficult to meet their needs. As for me, I have my office and house in the area, I see people every now and then, and we interact, so I know all that the community needs. I am not one of those who believe that immediately you get to power, you need more security or you can no longer live in the community. Before I got involved in this, people have already seen my qualities and they feel surprised. When I started Hibee Pictures, I reside in the area, some of my aunties still come around to check on me. So, they’ve seen that I really want the area to grow; I am passionate about where I was born and brought up. Everyone can testify to what I have done in times of helping the orphans in the area, I have done a lot in getting WAEC forms for those who couldn’t afford it. Apart from politics, I am the type who loves helping people. I believe that by helping ourselves, the country will be great. If I am elected, I will make sure that I make a law that will affect my constituency positively.

What was the reaction from the party when the youths and the elders in your area appointed you?

Sincerely, some of the leaders in the party told me that Hibee come and pick up the form and a few of them are not really happy about it. May be because they feel I am into movies and I can pool a crowd and also bring in celebrities to our rally, they feel threatened and that is the basic truth. It is not everybody who is happy about it. I believe that with God, all things are possible.

How do you intend to marry your job with politics?

I don’t think my going into politics will affect my business. Firstly, I have my distributors who distributes my jobs and I can still create may be one or two days to follow up on my jobs. Just like the same way it works for Desmond Eliot. He is an honourable and he still go on set. This is the business people know me for and I will never drop it for anything. At first, my wife wasn’t satisfied about it.This was the same question she asked me.  I told her that these are my people and I needed to answer their call. I don’t think the politics is going to affect my businesses negatively.  Though, my parents are late but when I told my brother, Adekaz about it, he felt reluctant, he was like Hibee, are you sure you wants to do this? Alas, he renders his support because he is my good brother and he also knows my impact in taking my community to the zenith.

If elected, can you give us ten things you will first consider as your project in the constituency in your first year as a lawmaker?

Number one, in my area, we have a lot of bad roads that I will influence the government to construct. The community is really suffering from power holding company, all the transformers are bad and this really needs to be solved. The youths really need the attention of the government in times of meeting up with their needs. I will also influence the government to create more jobs for them in my area. More medical attention for everyone and several others the government needs to give them. The educational sector is also not left out in my agenda. I finished from Iganmu Secondary School but then, things were in good shape. As I am speaking with you right now, you will feel sorry for the school if you go there. I was there last week and it looks horrible. It is not something you can be proud of. This kind of situation will be catered for in my government. Orile, Iganmu, Aguda area are not like the fine places in Lagos state. You can’t even compare Surulere 1 to Surulere 2. You can see how beautiful Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Shitta and co looks like. I so much believe that if I get there, I will also change the face of community for better.


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