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​10 Things to Remember When You Have a Hard Time



Life is quite a difficult thing. There is always an opportunity to fall face-down in the dirt, having stumbled over some nonsense. This happens to everyone, and you should be prepared in advance, otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable. A hard time is not a reason for despair, it’s time to look at your life somewhat from a different angle, which will help you understand the problem right. In other words, a hard time should become just another stepping stone towards the final goal.

1. Faith means nothing if it isn’t helpful.

Faith means nothing if it does not affect your personal beliefs in a positive way and if it does not bring solace or help make you better. It must calm you down in the darkest moments and be one of the things to remember. If your faith does not help you face a challenge, then start believing in yourself, otherwise, it will only get worse.

2. Answers are not always needed.

Why do you ask if the answers do not give you anything? Your mind is the worst enemy that can turn a big problem into a huge one in difficult times. You shouldn’t make a big deal out of it as well as dwell on it. Sometimes, it’s better just to say out loud what you think about it and that’s all.


3. Terrible things are just a part of our lives.

This is true, but do not think of them as inevitable. The world is full of beautiful things to always remember, but one way or another, you will have to face some unpleasant ones. Remember that after the rain the sun always shines, and hard times create the contrast that makes happy days even happier.

4. Beware of people who cannot control themselves.

You might feel bad because somebody has failed you again. They could not be trusted. However, it is possible that the result of this trust will reflect positively on your experience. You will finally understand that you must surround yourself with wise and strong people who can control their dark sides.

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5. Fatigue is nothing.

Your task is to piece together your personality, and then repeatedly reinforce it with new titanium plates. Any wound is an experience that makes you stronger. Any defeat is a reasonable argument in favor of the fact that the next battle will be won.

6. True friends.

Do not seek perfection, but do not agree to allow unreliable, treacherous and two-faced people in your inner circle. You should be surrounded by people who will make your life better. It is one of the most important things to remember.

7. Platitudes work only in books.

There is a number of tips that everyone advises when you have a hard time. For example, “go on a trip to unwind.” This is good advice but not for every person. Sometimes, a radical change can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, do not treat yourself with platitudes, approach each situation individually.

8. Tragedy reveals your true nature.

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You are a representative of mankind, and you can find out more about yourself only when you face a trouble. The more critical your situation is, the more vividly you can show your positive qualities to the world.

9. Everything is temporary.

At some point, you will understand that everything has a temporary nature. This understanding brings relief because it is true. Bad things cannot happen to you forever. Sometimes, you should just wait out the storm, it’s easier than you think.

10. A bad time is the best time to drop some dead weight.

Everything becomes as clear as possible. You immediately see who your friend is, and who’s the enemy. You understand what you should get rid of. You understand what kind of dead weight you should drop to move forward..

This enlightenment is one of the good things a day to remember. Thanks to our friends from     for providing this article.

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