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10,000 benefit as Asiwaju’s BAT MEDICS holds Free Medical Outreach In Jos, Asaba




Access to basic medical healthcare is a major challenge faced by most people living in rural environments in Nigeria. Taking note of the problems associated with the inability to access affordable healthcare facilities and healthcare kits in their immediate environment, The Delta and Plateau state All Progressive Congress (APC) Campaign Organization in collaboration with the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Medical Outreach, BAT MEDICS are taking action to enhance access to free healthcare services, thereby putting joy and happiness in the faces of Residents at the weekend.

The Medical Outreach, which took place at two locations in Jos namely; the Islamic primary school Bauchi road, and Tundun Wada as well as the APC Campaign office in Asaba in Delta State had over 10,000 beneficiaries from the BAT MEDICS initiative in attendance to support the Presidential hopeful of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The outreach witnessed a high turnout of residents at both locations in a move to benefit from the medical treatment of BAT MEDICS including elderly people in an atmosphere full of joy.

While addressing the newsmen, the Director General and Head Convener of BAT MEDICS, Pharm. Ojeje Amin Onimisi, who seems elated at the turnout for the Medical Outreach, explained the reason for the kind gesture by Asiwaju. He stressed that the program is meant to remove the barrier that is preventing poor people’s access to quality healthcare.

He noted that the move is to tell Nigerians that Asiwaju cares about affordable and free healthcare facilities for the benefit of the citizens.

Onimisi affirmed that enough drugs are available for the people. For instance, people with eye challenges, high blood pressure, malaria and Typhoid, among many others will be attended to, as there is enough equipment to take care of them.

According to him, those who are tested and needed surgery will be referred to Jos Teaching hospital and the bills will be paid by Asiwaju.

One of the beneficiaries, who
commented on behalf of others stated, “our joy knows no bounds because most of us have gone to one hospital or the other but couldn’t have access to the required medical services due to financial incapability. We can’t take care of our health challenges, hence, we appreciate Asiwaju Tinubu for bringing free Medical care to our doorstep”. She, therefore, prayed for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu that his wish to become the president of this nation will come to pass while promising to do their best by voting for and mobilising for his victory.

Another beneficiary from the Muslim community, Mariam Awwah Ballo said, ” Asiwaju is my second father when I had an accident, someone connects me to Asiwaju and he paid my treatment bills, again I am having eye challenges and recommended glasses were given to me at the Asiwaju Medical Outreach, he is the man that the cap fits”, she said.

Meanwhile, The Chairman of Jos North Local government area, Shehu Bala Usman appreciated Asiwaju for his kind gesture and assured him that the local government would mobilize for him and vote for him.

Similarly, the Asaba director of medicals APC Campaign Council Dr Benson Ayodele Cole, who welcome everyone to the Medical Outreach organized by the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Medical Team, explained that the importance of the Initiative is to care for the less privileged who are having health challenges across the state and provide them Medical needs.

A male beneficiary (name withheld) in Asaba appreciated the health Initiative. He said “I was given new eyeglasses due to my eye challenges as a civil servant, this will help me more to read.” Tinubu is the next president of this country, he knows what his people want at appropriate time. He added.

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Taraba: Labour Party, SDP, Other Candidates Make Moves To Step Down For PDP Candidate, Kefas Agbu




In just 48 hours to the governorship election, the candidates of the Labour Party, SDP, and some other political parties have made moves to step down for the governorship candidate of the PDP in Taraba, Kefas Agbu.

This, according to information, has created tension in the camp of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and its candidate, Emmanuel Bwacha. They expressed shock at this information as it serves as a major boost for Kefas Agbu in the election.

Though they have not officially made their intentions known, the candidates of these parties are considering the move because Kefas Agbu has a brighter chance in the election and has the widest acceptance among every other candidate in the forthcoming election.

Kefas Agbu has been described by major stakeholders of the state as a son of the soil who deserves to be the next governor of the state for the sake of progress, consolidation and a more sophisticated economy. His manifesto also addresses the issues being faced by indigenes of the states.

On the other hand, the APC candidate, Emmanuel Bwacha has been accused of lobbying INEC officials to help him rig the election on Saturday since he has a slim chance at victory in the election.

Bwacha was once booed during one of his rallies in the southern part of Taraba for not helping the people when they needed him. He represented Taraba senatorial district at the national assembly but the people rejected him openly.

Due to this, He is planning to manipulate the INEC officials and disrupt the security system to create tension for his favour in the election.

The Nigeria police force and the INEC are hereby urged to pay close attention to Senator Emmanuel Bwacha during the election.

Written by Oluwatosin Alex

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Taraba Muslim Communities Reject APC Candidate, Sen Emmanuel Bwacha Ahead Of Election




By Oluwatosin Alex

The Muslim communities in Taraba state have rejected the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator Emmanuel Bwacha ahead of the governorship election set to hold on Saturday, 11th Of March, 2023.

Senator Emmanuel Bwacha visited communities in Jalingo, Yorro, Ardo-Kola, Karim Lamido, Lau and Zing to sell his candidacy and to also push the religion narrative but was vehemently resisted by a total rejection by the populace of the communities.

According to reports, Emmanuel Bwacha had gone to meet some of the Islamic scholars in these communities to seek their support and ‘bribed’ them with millions of naira to support his bid to become the next governor of the state.

It was however not revealed if the influential Islamic scholars accepted the largesse but an attempt to get the support of the populace failed totally.

This has added to the challenges Emmanuel Bwacha has faced since the beginning of his campaign. He currently doesn’t know if he is a contestant or not because the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has refused to include his name on the ballot. He was in court a few days ago to seek an order asking the electoral commission to include his name but no positive development has come out of it.

Several allegations have trailed senator Emmanuel Bwacha following his ambition. He has been accused of conniving with INEC officials to rig the election, making plans to manipulate the BVAS device, attempting to contaminate the security system during the election, and many more which he is yet to debunk.

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Why Taraba Governorship Election Will Be A Walk-Over Victory For PDP’s Kefas Agbu




Even though there is tension in almost every state in Nigeria due to the governorship election coming up on Saturday, 11th Of March, 2023, Taraba seems to be the only state without so much tension because the people technically know their next governor is the candidate of the PDP, Kefas Agbu.

This is no because he has the support of the incumbent or the PDP is the ruling party in the state but when we talk about wide acceptance by the people, Kefas Agbu seem to be the only one among other candidates who can boldly say he is widely accepted in the state by every tribe, religion, ethnic groups, sections in the state.

Kefas Agbu is not a novice in the nation’s development, he has contributed immensely to the development of the country right from his days as a military personnel in the Niger-Delta region of the country. He made successful efforts to restore peace to the region at a time when there was so much hostility around. Even in Taraba state, Kefas Agbu’s antecedents have placed him above every other candidate in the election.

For the people of Taraba, electing Kefas Agbu as the next governor of the state is more like handing over the state to someone who is part of them, one who has lived with them, one who has experience, one who knows where the shoe pinches and knows the solution the state needs to move forward. There are other candidates but none of them has the capacity of Kefas Agbu when we talk of nation building, positive contributions to the state, investment in the state, acceptance by the people, among a host of many others.

The wide acceptance Kefas Agbu has was evident in every of his rallies even in places that could be described as the most rural area in Taraba state. Among the candidates, Kefas Agbu is the only one that took his campaigns from the urban areas down to the most rural areas in the state, no one has ever done this successfully. How then won’t the people love him with everything within them?

Apart from his antecedents and wide acceptance, his biggest opponent in the election, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, the candidate of the APC is battling with the court to mandate INEC to include his name in the ballot paper. At the moment, the INEC has not recognized him as a contestant in the election following a Supreme Court order that sacked him as a candidate in the election. What this simply means is that the APC doesn’t have any candidate for the governorship election in Taraba state.

Although, the inclusion of Emmanuel Bwacha on the ballot paper will not make any difference to the bright chances of Kefas Agbu. Bwacha, being a senator representing Taraba South, has not spearheaded any significant development in his senatorial districts. He lacks the wide acceptance unlike Kefas Agbu so being on the ballot would even make it more interesting.

As earlier said, the people of Taraba already see their next governor in Kefas Agbu, the election will only be a formality and will be a landslide victory for the PDP.

By Oluwatosin Alex

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