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2023: ‘One Day Governors’ Urge Nigerians To Vote For Asiwaju Tinubu As Nigerian President Under APC



2023: ‘One Day Governors’ Urge Nigerians To Vote For Asiwaju Tinubu As Nigerian President Under APC

2023: ‘One Day Governors’ Urge Nigerians To Vote For Asiwaju Tinubu As Nigerian President Under APC




With the 2023 General Elections around the corner, Nigerians have been urged to vote for the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.



2023: ‘One Day Governors’ Urge Nigerians To Vote For Asiwaju Tinubu As Nigerian President Under APC


Addressing journalists at a press conference via zoom on Sunday, December 4, 2022, some past Lagos State “One Day Governors” stated that “there is no better candidate than our father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Five of the past “One Day Governors” who spoke at the conference, and who are successful in their various endeavours, attributed their successes to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and have promised to mobilize the youths to go out enmasse and cast their votes for the former governor of Lagos State.

They urged fellow youths “to use our example and experience to liberate themselves from the campaign of calumny of those who had a similar opportunity to show love, to give care and to make effort to give youths in their states self-confidence and a secured future, but failed woefully to do so.


“A Tinubu presidency will give youths real sense of belonging and integrated participation.”

They emphasised that there is no doubt that Nigerians are preparing to set up a new democratic dispensation in February 2023, adding that elections are held every four years in line with the Nigerian Constitution to elect new representatives for the executive and legislative arms of government.

“This conforms with the principle of popular sovereignty which says the citizens must determine those to represent them.

“For power to come from the people and not, as we have had in our tragic military period, the barrel of the gun, the exercise of franchise by voting has been established as the global standard.

“We commend the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for putting in place policies and processes which have enabled the youths to register to vote.

For the first time since the return of democracy in 1999, INEC has released figures to show that majority of voters in the new register are voters,” they said.

According to them, as expected, not less than 18 parties have put forward candidates for the offices at House of Assembly, Governorship, House of Representatives, Senate and the Presidency.

“Campaigns have also started in earnest as candidates sell their track records and manifesto of their vision to the Nigerian people.


“A boy or girl is the product of his or her experience. We are Nigerian youths. Our experience has made it an obligation to come forward at this time to address this press conference.

“The condition and aspiration of students in Lagos State primary and secondary schools went through a revolution in 2001 when, for the first time, mentoring youths and nurturing them to imbibe values of achievement took a radical dimension with the introduction of the Spelling Bee competition.

“It was the pet project of Senator Mrs Oluremi Tinubu. Her husband, our father, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the governor.

“Every child who has demonstrated some proficiency in the English Language was invited by school managers to compete so that the school could present it’s the best candidate in the inter-school competition,” they said.

They stated that the competition moved from local government education districts to state districts to the finals, adding that the best candidate to spell won.

“What values did we learn?

First, that your achievement in life is ultimately determined by your effort, not by the wealth or poverty of your parents.

“Second, the acquisition of knowledge and skills is critical to your success.

“Third, only leadership that cares for the youths and facilitates their development is serious about sincerely ensuring that the youths will be the leaders if tomorrow.

“Fourth, that performance is not determined by your tribe or religion or class. It is determined by how you use your talents and skills.

“Finally, we were taught to see ourselves as products of the investment of public resources and such must imbibe patriotism, enterprise and be our brothers and sisters’ keepers,” they said.

It was emphasized that “without any fear of contradiction, I wish to say, each and every one of us who emerged One Day Governors and our fellow winners who were deputy governors, speakers and commissioners have gone into the world and we are excelling.

“We wish to thank our father, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who, despite the fact that we were just teenagers, showed the highest example of love and humility for vacating his office for us to perform our role as One Day Governors.

“It also showed the huge respect he has for the womenfolk and our mother, Senator Oluremi Tinubu in particular, for not saying women could only function in the kitchen and not rejecting an idea that has transformed our lives

The above testimony leads us to a logical conclusion.

Some of the “One Day Governors,” who are successful in their endeavours, include Chukwuebuka Anisiobi, winner of the 2001 edition.

Anisiobi attended Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School and graduated in 2001. He later went to the

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, where he graduated in 2007 having read Computer Engineering, and graduated 2007. He later went to GE Oil & Gas University, Florence and got a degree in Oil and Gas Management in 2015. He is currently a Drilling Operations Engineer with Oando Energy Services, and he is married with one child.

Otiti Jasmine, who won the 2002 edition, has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport and currently works as a copywriter.

Emmanuel Oluwambepelumi Aiyenitaju, who won the 2003 edition, finished from

CMS Grammar School, Bariga, Lagos

He later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry (First Class Honours), from the University of Lagos, Akoka in 2008.

He currently works with Akintola Williams Deloitte as Audit Senior in the Energy & Resources Department.

Tade Ajao, who won the competition in

2005 at the age of 14, and studied Medicine at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State.

Ikechukwu Abundance Nlemadim won the 2006 edition of One Day Governor.

Nlemadim attended Ire-Akari Grammar School, Okota-Isolo, Lagos.

He holds Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

He worked as a Graduate Technical sales Engineer with Richardson Oil and Gas. He

later joined PZ Cussons Ltd as a Category and Innovations Manager.

He is currently working with Diageo Nigeria as a commercial graduate and he is married to Itunu Bello and they are still expecting their first child.

Maryam Busari-Obadina was One Day Governor in 2007 at the age of 16.

She is a Legal Practitioner and currently works as State Counsel with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

Daniel Osunbor was One Day Governor in 2008. He graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in 2014.

Olaide Adesopo won the Spelling Bee in 2009 at age of 16. She holds Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

She later underwent her Youth Service with the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

Oluwatoyin Adeosun was One Day Governor in 2010. She later proceeded

to The Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta. She later did her Industrial Training (IT) at the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.

Akpakpan Iniodu Jones was One Day Governor in 2011.

He attended Baptist Senior High School, Obanikoro, and won at the at of 17.

He currently studying law at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

Lilian Ogbuefi won the competition

in 2012. She attended Lagos State Model College Kankon. She studied at Senior at Fisk University, Nashville TN with double Major in Business Administration and English.


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2023: Babatope Speaks On Tinubu, Adeleke and G-5



2023: Babatope Speaks On Tinubu, Adeleke and G-5

2023: Babatope Speaks On Tinubu, Adeleke and G-5


Chief Ebenezer Babatope, a former Minister of Transport and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) marked 80 years of his existence on earth last week. In this exclusive interview with TEMIDAYO AKINSUYI, he shares his thoughts on his life and developments in the country ahead of the 2023 general elections. Excerpts:


Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari and other eminent Nigerians congratulated you on the occasion of your 80th birthday. How do you feel at 80?


I feel good at 80 and thank God Almighty because I never knew I would live this long. I am very grateful to God who has kept me this far. My life has been an eventful one because of the time I spent with Papa Obafemi Awolowo in the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). Papa Awolowo gave leadership and inspired us as youths to lead Nigeria and used our privileged position for the common good and advancement of humanity. That is the legacy that Papa Awolowo left behind for us. That is the path I have followed all my life and I am grateful to God who has kept me this far. I am very happy to have been appointed the National Director of the Organisation of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) by Papa Awolowo at that time, and it was a glorious thing to have served under Papa Awolowo because I was lucky that Papa chose me as an official of his party at the time when people who were better than me politically and ideologically were all over the place. And for that, I would ever be grateful to him. So, it was a pleasure to serve the party and to rekindle the energy of Papa Awolowo’s ideological life. Thank God for it, and it was a good reflection, very good memory. I would forever thank my God for making that possible and for making it something I would live with.


In a country where life expectancy is below 60 years, what is the secret of your longevity?


It is because of the fact that I believe that life is one thing that must be handled with care. You do so by loving the people and doing everything they want as you are enabled to do. The reason why God blessed you is for you to be a blessing to others. That has been my philosophy. The people have the power and that is one of Papa Awolowo’s teachings.


What are your regrets?


I have many regrets. The Nigeria Papa left has been compromised; it has been destroyed because Papa taught us all the principles that would make the nation great. We never thought we would have this kind of thing whereby elections would be hopelessly rigged by those who are in power to ensure they have political dominance in power and in government. I never knew, now I know better. Suppose you want to win an election in Nigeria. In that case, you must pray to God Almighty and you must pray to God to help you solve the problem of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). INEC is a terrible organization now; they manipulate elections at will; they are never afraid of God Almighty and, therefore, the Nigerian people are held at the mercy of those who do not want Nigerians to have the freedom to elect those who would govern them. The best option one can have, Chief Awolowo said, is a democracy, that democracy is the last option for mankind. Mankind can only progress if we enthrone proper democracy. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, I will share his view in all my interviews. He gave a proper definition of democracy when he was alive. He said, ‘Democracy is a demonstration of craze, crazy demon.’ And he was right. When you have a democracy that was not guided by rules, that has estranged government from the people, then you have ‘demon crazy.’ Not democracy, but ‘demon crazy,’ ‘crazy demon.’ Well, we pray to God Almighty that INEC will, one day, change its mind and give the people of Nigeria the right to elect those who would govern them, and when they do that, they would enable Nigeria to stabilize democracy.


However, my major regret is my unjust dismissal from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) by General Olusegun Obasanjo without any retirement benefit to date. Obasanjo dismissed me from the services of the University of Lagos in 1978 as a result of the “Ali Must Go” demonstrations of Nigerian students in 1978.I was accused of supporting students against the government when the late Segun Okeowo led the students for reforms in Nigeria’s educational system. The Governing Council of the university later met in November of that same year to turn my dismissal to retirement.


The university later sent my papers to merge my services with the then Ministry of Establishment which was then under the late Brigadier-General Solomon Kikiowo Omojokun. I am not blaming Omojokun but today at 78, I served my country meritoriously as a public servant but today, I have no established mark from the federal government to say this is what I have done. I am still bitter because nobody has paid me a single kobo after my services to the university as retirement benefits.


Former president Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a letter few days ago where he endorsed Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party. Do you think his endorsement carries any weight?


Obasanjo can do anything he wants to do but I know people also have the power to also undo things with their votes. Obasanjo can write any letter, in fact, he can endorse anyone he wants. He has freedom and constitutional rights to do that but I know that on election day, Nigerians will decide who they want as their leaders in the next four years.


What is your take on the concept of Emilokan in Nigerian politics?


Emilokan is Bola Tinubu’s style. When I hear him say that, I began to laugh because he is just wasting his bloody time. I don’t know the conception of Emilokan in the minds of Tinubu but all I know is that Emilokan which literally means ‘It is my turn’ is all about self-interest. Emilokan does not take cognizance of the fact that the people have the power to do things for themselves and choose the leaders they want. Nigerians must choose their leaders and they must be given the opportunity and freedom to do so in an unfettered manner. Emilokan can only become meaningful when you grant the rights and freedom to the people to elect the leaders they want to govern them.


Do you think the controversy trailing the redesigning of the Naira should be addressed by the FG?


I think we should give the government the chance to succeed. The government has a motive on why it keeps insisting that we must redesign the naira notes and vowed not to extend the January 31st deadline for usage of the old notes. We should respect the decision of the government because the moneybags want to use the Naira. They have stored to frustrate the wishes of Nigerians. So, let’s give them a chance to succeed. By the grace of God, we are going to see the back of the money marauders.


The Osun State Election Petition Tribunal has sacked Ademola Adeleke as the state governor and declared Gboyega Oyetola as the winner of the governorship election. As a chieftain of the PDP, were you shocked at the outcome of the ruling?


It is a very funny judgment. I know that by the grace of God, the will of the people of Osun who freely gave their mandate to Governor Ademola Adeleke will prevail. The tribunal is not the last, we still have the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. I am confident that they will reverse the ruling of the tribunal and uphold the wishes of the people. The Osun people rejected the APC and chose Ademola Adeleke as their governor and nobody can in a cavalier manner make nonsense of that wish. Those who gave the judgment will be very sorry for themselves because the people have shown to them that they are irrelevant when it comes to who really has the power to determine things for the people of Nigeria.


The presidential election is just less than a month away and the G-5 governors led by Nyesom Wike are still adamant on not supporting Atiku Abubakar. Do you think any solution is in sight?


We have tried our best to placate them. At this stage, if they want to go, goodluck to them. If they want to remain in PDP, the better for all of us. Governor Wike and his allies must not arrogate powers that they don’t have to themselves. If they do so, they will make mistakes and may regret it. We all love Wike for his courage but when you arrogate powers to yourself, then you may lose the support of the people.

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Dangote emerges as Vanguard’s personality of the year



Dangote emerges as Vanguard’s personality of the year

Dangote emerges as Vanguard’s personality of the year





Management of Vanguard Newspapers over the weekend bestowed the honour of “Personality of the Year” on the President of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote.






The Newspaper rolled out red carpet in celebration of men and women who have distinguished themselves as achievers of excellence in their various fields of endeavors. Governors, Ministers, Heads of Organizations and Parastatals, Captains of Industries, and the Creme de la Creme of Nigeria were at the annual celebration of integrity, hard work, and service to the nation and mankind








Justifying why Dangote topped other prominent Nigerians to emerge as the Personality of the Year, the Newspapers stated that: “No Nigerian today has demonstrated more utilitarian determination and unmatched ambition in business than he has. There is no individual referred to as president, whose persona dwarfs that of the presidents of many nations, yet, he is not the president of a nation. He has and continues to represent Africa very well on the global stage.”

Vanguard further explained that for eleven, consecutive years, he has been the richest man in Africa, according to both Forbes and Bloomberg and that for him to be in charge of the largest conglomerate in West Africa, he must possess some skills, a high level of intellect, and a capacity to manage people and resources.

The Newspapers also said: “The group he founded currently has a presence in 17 African countries and is the market leader in cement on the continent. One of the group’s subsidiaries, Dangote Cement Plc, is the largest listed company in West Africa and the first Nigerian company to join the Forbes Global 2000 Companies list. The group has two other subsidiaries: Dangote Sugar Refinery and NASCON Allied Industries, both listed on the Nigerian Exchange Limited, NGX. The Group is diversified and operates in major sectors of the Nigerian economy, including agriculture. Is it necessary to explain why Dangote was chosen as Vanguard’s personality of the year? Not necessarily, in light of contemporary achievements. Yes, whereas there are those who may quickly insist and, therefore, say, his familial linkage to the Dantatas whose humongous wealth cannot be divorced from his achievements, there is a clear difference between latching on to the riches of others to grow and launching into an expanded universe with disruptive ideas that are, at once, unmatched and unique in content, context, and deliverables…”

The Newspaper concluded by saying that: “In the spheres of commitment to serve, drive for excellence, utilitarian determination, philanthropic outreach to help, and contribution to national development, President Aliko Dangote deserves the honour of being named Vanguard’s Personality of the Year, 2022.”


Dangote emerges as Vanguard’s personality of the year

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Tribunal Judgement: Governor Adeleke Rejects Tribunal Verdict, Heads to Appeal Court



Governor Adeleke Frowns at Delay in Payment of November Salary

Tribunal Judgement: Governor Adeleke Rejects Tribunal Verdict, Heads to Appeal Court




The Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has described the judgement of the governorship tribunal as ” a miscarriage of justice”, vowing to challenge the ruling at the Court of Appeal.



Tribunal Judgement: Governor Adeleke Rejects Tribunal Verdict, Heads to Appeal Court



Reacting to the verdict of the Tribunal from his country home, Ede, Governor Adeleke faulted the resolution of the over-voting question in favour of Mr Oyetola, calling it ” an unfair interpretation against the will of majority of voters”







While urging his supporters to remain calm, Governor Adeleke vowed to appeal the judgement at the Court of Appeal, insisting he remains the rightful winner of the July 16 election.







“I call on our people to remain calm. We will appeal the judgement and we are sure justice will be done. Let our people be reassured that we will do everything possible to retain this widely acclaimed mandate”, Governor Adeleke declared.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor

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