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*30 prophecies Of Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In January 2024



Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On Venezuela, Naira Fall, Plane Crash, Others

*30 prophecies Of Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In January 2024



It has become a norm for prophets to share their new year prophecies with members and followers but do they actually come to pass? Some share as many as 100 prophecies but at the end of the year, just few end up coming to pass.





As we came into 2024, prophets shared their prophecies as usual but among all, Primate Ayodele appears to be the most accurate as more than 50 of his new year prophecies have come to pass already within the first month of the year. He released his new year prophecies on December 22, 2023 and even before the year ended, some of them came to pass already. This simply shows that there are still true prophets in the land and Primate Ayodele is one of them.



*30 so Of Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In January 2024

Among the prophecies of Primate Ayodele that have come to pass in 2024, compiled below are some of them:

1 Jet Crash In Ibadan: Tragedy was averted in Ibadan a few days ago when a private jet carrying very important personalities crash landed at the airport. Primate Ayodele in his 2024 warnings to the aviation sector called for prayers against crashing of a private jet and a helicopter.

‘Let’s pray not to record the crashing of a jet or helicopter’’ (Pg 61)

2 Ibadan Explosion: There was tragedy in Ibadan in January following an explosion that claimed the lives of people and injured several people. Properties worth millions of naira were also lost as a result of the mysterious explosion.

Primate Ayodele in the 90-page prophecies for 2024mentioned Oyo as part of the states that should be careful of security issues in the New Year. It is not out of point to note that the explosion that took place and the circumstances that led to it shows that there is no adequate security of life and property in the state.

These were his words

‘’Let us be watchful about security challenges in the following states – Imo, Rivers, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Katsina, Sokoto, Ebonyi, Plateau, Lagos and Ogun.’’

Also, when talking about the beginning of the year, the man of God mentioned that he saw people crying within the first 150 days of the year. He revealed that the days will not be palatable for everyone as he foresees killings, bombings, explosions and different unfortunate issues happening across the country. He urged the people to pray for God’s divine mercy.

These were his words

‘’2024, I foresee that the first 150days from the beginning of the year will not be palatable for all. I foresee killings, bombings, explosions, demolitions, so many people crying, accidents and fire outbreaks. The spirit of God says we must commit everything into the hands of God for divine mercy’’

3 Impeachment of Ogun Speaker: The speaker of Ogun state house of assembly, Kunle Oluomo has been impeached. Eighteen of the 26 members of the State Assembly voted for Oluomo’s impeachment at plenary session on Tuesday. Oluomo was impeached for alleged embezzlement of funds, highhandedness and related offences.

Primate Ayodele in his 90-page prophecy for 2024 made it known on Page 17 that he foresees the removal of some honourable speakers of some state house of assembly. He called for prayers to avert this occurrence.

These were his words:

‘’I foresee that the Upper Legislative house and the Senate will lose a prominent member and also the House of Representative. Let us commit the current members of the Senate and members of the States House of Assembly into prayers against sudden death. Let us pray not to witness the removal from office of some Honourable Speakers. I foresee that not all the Senators in the current session will finish their terms in office.’’

4 Plateau Crisis: There seems to be a religious crisis in Plateau state at the moment and this has led to the governor declaring a 24-hour curfew.The Church of Christ In Nations (COCIN) was set ablaze in the area. It has been learnt that rampaging armed men were torching church buildings and attacking those perceived to be Christians in Mangu.

Still in his 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele asked the country to pray against ethnic and religious crises.

‘’Let us pray against ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria. Let us pray so that no Police station will be set ablaze. Let us rebuke what can cause the beheading of any Policeman even as I foresee that an attack on a Military Base is imminent.’’ (Page 23)

5 Assassination Of Ekiti Monarchs: Traditional rulers across Nigeria were thrown into mourning following the gruesome killing of two Monarchs in Ekiti state by suspected kidnappers.

The monarchs were said to be returning from a meeting in Irele-Ekiti when they were accosted and gunned down.

In a video interview, Primate Ayodele was heard warning monarchs in Yoruba land against attacks by kidnappers. He made it known that the traditional rulers need to rise up to a very big challenge because if they don’t, there will be an assassination of traditional rulers in the land.

These were his words

‘’Let all Obas in Yoruba land rise up to a very big challenge. If they don’t rise up to this challenge, we should pray not to see the assassination of an Oba or kidnapping of an Oba. The monarchs should do something urgent to prevent insecurity.’’

6 Afenifere Crisis: pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, has been enmeshed in serious crisis lately. The group has found itself in a leadership crisis leading to factions springing up from the once united group. Primate Ayodele in his prophecies for 2024 revealed that the group will have crisis.

‘’ I foresee crises in Afenifere the Pan-Yoruba elders council. They will want to break Afenifere into factions in order to suit their purposes. I foresee that Afenifere will not be as united as before. They will create issues within the fold.’’

7 Tanzania: Thousands of people protested in Tanzania on Wednesday against proposed changes to electoral laws, in the largest public demonstration since the government lifted a ban on opposition political rallies in January 2023.

In his 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees a political tension coming up in the country.

‘’ TANZANIA There will be a major disaster in the country as revealed by the spirit of God. I foresee people will criticize the President on so many things. The country must pray against political troubles. The country must be careful to avert what can endanger lives. The people must pray against the outbreak of any disease. The people must be watchful against explosions.’’


8 Enugu Market Fire: The fire outbreak at Enugu market on new year’s eve is another fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies. Dozens of shops at Orba Market International located in Orba community in the Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State were razed.

A resident of the area, Chigbo Odegba, who spoke to journalists on Monday morning, said the fire started around midnight, adding that it destroyed goods worth millions of naira.

The prophet in a video released before the new year warned that he foresees fire outbreaks in some popular markets in the country.

‘’I am seeing fire outbreak in some popular markets……’’

9 Plane Crash: A Japan Airlines passenger jet and a coast guard plane collided on an airport runway in Tokyo killing five of the six people on board the coast guard aircraft. The Airbus A350 went up in flames. Primate Ayodele in a video revealed that he foresees another plane crash in the world. He made the statement when a plane crash occurred. The incident in Tokyo has confirmed the prophecy.

10 Borno: Suspected Boko Haram terrorists in military uniform have killed 12 persons and abducted one in Gatamarwa and Tsiha communities in the Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Borno State command, Nahum Daso Kenneth, who confirmed the attack, said 12 corpses were recovered.

“The gunmen shot sporadically at the people in the two communities. So far, 12 corpses were recovered and two were injured,” he told Daily Trust.

Primate Ayodele in his 2023/2024 edition of ‘Warnings To The Nations’ mentioned some local governments in Borno state that should be careful of attacks. He categorically mentioned that they will experience sporadic shootings, just as it happened.

‘’ BIU, CHIBOK, DAMBOA, GWOZA, GUBIO AND DIKWA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS: these local governments will have a lot to face and so many challenges that will cause setbacks. The local governments will experience sporadic shootings.’’

11 Israel: Israel’s Supreme Court has struck down a controversial judicial reform that triggered nationwide protests last year against the Netanyahu government. The change would have limited the power of the Supreme Court in overturning laws it deemed unconstitutional.

Primate Ayodele had warned that the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will face rejections. He explained that there are some of his policies that will be resisted. The struck down of the judicial reforms is a fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

12 Abuja Attacks: Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees attacks in the capital city of Nigeria. He made it known that killings, kidnapping, unrest will be rampant in Abuja. He warned the government to take care of the security of Abuja. So far, there has been several confirmed reports about unrest and attacks in the FCT.

13 Betta Edu: President Bola Tinubu has suspended the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, from office with immediate effect.

Controversy had enveloped Edu’s alleged involvement in the approval of N585,198,500.00 to be disbursed into a personal account.

This sad development has fulfilled the 2024 prophecies of Primate Ayodele which was released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2023. On page 17 of the prophecies, Primate Ayodele made it known that he foresees some of President Tinubu’s ministers facing trouble in the year. He explained that they will run helter-skelter because of the crisis they will be faced with.

‘’ The spirit of God says some of Tinubu ministers will run into crises and troubles that will make them to run helter-skelter.’’

14 France Prime Minister Resignation: In a very dramatic move, the prime minister of France, Elisabeth Borne resigned after less than two years in office.

This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Primate Ayodele in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nation (2023/2024 edition). On page 300 of the prophecy book which was released in July 2023, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees resignation of some prime ministers across the world.

‘’…..I foresee that some ministers will resign in some governments even as Prime ministers will resign in certain country…’’.

15 Cuba Harsh Economy: Cuba’s cash-strapped government announced that fuel prices will soar by more than 500% beginning February 1, part of a series of economic measures aimed at reducing the deficit.

Primate Ayodele in his warnings to Cuba stated that the economic situation of the country will become bad to the extent that people will be living below poverty level. He revealed that there will be sufferings and the people will seek means to survive the harsh state of the economy.

These were his words

‘’CUBA: I foresee the citizens of the country will be living below poverty level and they will face serious economic crises. The people will seek means to survive the harsh state of the economy. The spirit of God says the people will have so many issues to face as regards the development in the country. They must pray against any form of threat and suffering. The country will face economic problems.’’ (Pg 76)

16 Titan Trust Bank: The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has sacked the entire board of some banks including Titans Bank.

This has fulfilled the prophecy which Primate Ayodele gave about the banking sector in December 2023. Especially on Titan Trust bank, Primate Ayodele mentioned that the bank will face challenges for some illegality in operations. Though he said the bank will do very well even than its contemporaries but there will be problems with the leadership.

These were his words

‘’Titan trust bank: The bank will expand but the chairman will be indicted. They will blackmail the bank for some illegality in their operations. The bank will face several challenges despite all the good efforts. The bank will do well but there will be major challenges. There are forces that will attempt to bring the bank down.’’

17 Kidnappings: Kidnapping has always been a recurring misfortune in Nigeria but it has never gotten to a stage where it happens almost every day and in high places.

The rate of kidnapping in Nigeria at the moment since 2024 began is more than alarming. It is gradually becoming the order of the day in places and locations that could never be imagined.

In his 90-page 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele warned the security agencies in Nigeria about insecurity and clearly stated that Kidnapping would take a new dimension. He went as far as making it known that some powerful people will be kidnapped including a commissioner and an aide in a governor’s convoy.

These were his words:

“Kidnap: I foresee that a Commissioner and an aide in a Governor’s convoy will be kidnapped. The spirit of God says kidnapping will take another dimension. Let us pray for all governors in Nigeria that none of them will be bedridden.’

18 Venezuela: Venezuelan authorities have arrested 32 civilians and soldiers after a months-long investigation into their alleged part in a US-backed “conspiracy” to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, the prosecutor’s office said Monday.

In his prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations ( 2022/2023 edition), Primate Ayodele warned the president of Venezuela to pray for his life. He also warned the country to pray against unexpected killings.

These were his words:

‘The president must pray for his life and the country must pray against unexpected killings’’

Just as he said, there was an attempt to kill the president but thankfully, it was prevented.

19 Naira Fall: Nigeria’s currency, Naira, has devalued so badly and this fulfills the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. The prophet has been talking about the issue of Naira devaluation for some years now. He also speaks about how much the naira will be exchanged for against the dollar and mysteriously, it comes to pass. The currency now exchanges for N1365/$. In his 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele mentioned that he foresees dollar exchanging for N1,400/$ despite the promises of the government to work on the exchange rate. At the moment, Dollar has surpassed N1500. Apart from dollars, he spoke about the strength of naira against cefa and it has also come to pass.

‘’ I foresee that under the current realities, the cefa will be stronger than the Naira. Also, the dollar will rise to N1400 and this will shake the economy so badly that some forces are hell-bent on frustrating the Tinubu-led Federal government but they will not be successful.’’

20 Russian plane crash: A large Russian military transport plane crashed near the border with Ukraine, killing everyone onboard, the Russian Defense Ministry said, accusing Ukraine of shooting down the plane with missiles.

In his 90-page 2024 prophecies which were released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2024, Primate Ayodele noted categorically on page 40 that a Russian aircraft will crash in the course of the year. Little did anyone know it would happen so soon.

These were his words

‘’ The spirit of God says a Russian plane will crash.’’

21 Senegal: Senegal’s Constitutional Council on Saturday published a final list of 20 candidates for the February 25 presidential election that excludes jailed opposition leader Ousmane Sonko and Karim Wade, the son of former president Abdoulaye Wade.

Primate Ayodele in his 2024 prophecies warned Sonko to be careful of being rigged out of the election. Sadly, the prophecy has been fulfilled.

‘’In Senegal, If Sonko isn’t guarded; he will be rigged out of the election. The election will shake the nation of Senegal and will cause Chaos if not well handled. There will be also be Election fraud.’’

22 NSCDC: Primate Ayodele warned in his 2024 prophecies that NSCDC will lose some of its officials in the course of the year. This was fulfilled with the death of an acting deputy commandant, general Helen Amakiri.

These were his words

‘’ Let us pray against attacks on their installations. They need prayers in order to ward off killings of their operatives by miscreants and undesirable elements.’’

23 US Base attack: Three American service members were killed and dozens more were injured in an unmanned aerial drone attack on a base in Jordan on Sunday, President Biden and the U.S. military said.

Primate Ayodele in a video warned the US and some other countries to be watchful of unexpected terrorists attack.

These were his words

‘’These countries must be very ready for any attack; US, UK, France, Germany, I don’t know how the attack will come up but it’s a terrorist attack, they must be watchful of unexpected attacks.’’

24 Plateau Massacre: The north-central state has been thrown into mourning following the death of more than 150 people and injury of thousands. This was due to the attacks of unknown gunmen in the state on Christmas Eve. Primate Ayodele on page 20 of his 2024 prophecies mentioned some states that will come under heavy security attack which Plateau was among. The states were in categories; one of political tension and the other for security challenges which the state in question fall into.

‘’Let us be watchful about security challenges in the following states – Imo, Rivers, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Katsina, Sokoto, Ebonyi, Plateau, Lagos and Ogun’’

25 former speaker’s death: A former speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Na’abba has died. On page 17 of the 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele asked Nigerians to pray against the death of a one-time speaker of the House of Representatives among others.

‘’Let us pray not to lose a one-time civilian governor, a one-time Senate President, Speaker House of Representatives and a Speaker of a State House of Assembly. Let us pray against series of strange deaths in the political class in the Months of February, April, July, August and October 2024.’’

26 Fire Outbreak in Markets: On the 24th Of December, just two days after the prophecies were released, a market at the Council bus stop, Ikotun area of Lagos State. On page 16 of the prophecies, the prophet warned that we should be careful of fire outbreaks that will destroy a lot of goods in any Nigerian market.

‘’ Let us pray against fire outbreaks in any of our markets that will destroy goods and claim lives.’’

27 Governor’s Death: The governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu has after battling with illness. Though Primate Ayodele has always spoken about the governor’s health condition, he included in his 2024 prophecies that he foresees the death of a sitting governor. This can be found on page 13.

‘’GOVERNORS FORUM: The spirit of God says we need to pray fervently so that the Governors Forum will not be bereaved. Let us pray so that the governors will not be getting confused or that the governors will not be trading words with themselves. Let us rebuke through prayers what can cause misunderstanding in the Forum as revealed by the spirit of God. Let us pray so that no governor will be involved is an accident, be indicted before leaving office or lose any of their Aides in terrible circumstances’’

28 Russia Warship Attack: On page 51, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees an attack on a Russian warship. On Tuesday, news reports have it that a warship has been attacked by Ukraine and that it has been damaged.

‘’ The president will be doing everything possible to make sure the country is safe. I foresee that the warship of Russia will be attacked and the country will have political problem.’’

29 Pipeline Explosion: There was a pipeline explosion that led to the death of 20 people in Rivers state. On page 17, Primate Ayodele warned against explosion and fire outbreak at any of Nigeria’s pipelines.

‘’ Let us pray against fire outbreak on our Oil Pipelines in Nigeria.’’

Likewise, the explosion at Fab noble filling station in Lagos yesterday fulfilled the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. On page 41 of the prophecies, he warned of an explosion in any filling station.

‘’Some communication companies will lay off their staff as revealed by God. Let us pray against tanker explosion and filling station explosion that will cause fire outbreak’’

30 Japan Earthquake: Thousands of people in Japan spent their night in evacuation centres after a powerful earthquake.

Four people are confirmed to have been killed, the Kyodo news agency reports, and dozens of others were injured.

This unfortunate incident happened exactly 48 hours after Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees an earthquake in parts of Africa, Asia and Europe in 2024.

‘’I am seeing earthquakes in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. Let’s watch about this.’’

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Governor Sanwoolu Replicates Primate Ayodele’s ‘Palliative Market’ Initiative In Lagos



Governor Sanwoolu Replicates Primate Ayodele’s ‘Palliative Market’ Initiative In Lagos*

*Governor Sanwoolu Replicates Primate Ayodele’s ‘Palliative Market’ Initiative In Lagos*



Since Nigeria has been enmeshed in economic hardship that started after the removal of fuel subsidy last year, Primate Elijah Ayodele, a Nigerian prophet, has been practically taking several measures to alleviate Nigerians from penury through different philanthropic activities.


Governor Sanwoolu Replicates Primate Ayodele’s ‘Palliative Market’ Initiative In Lagos*


Long before fuel subsidy was removed, Primate Ayodele has always dedicated the first Sunday of every month for ‘food service’, a service where everyone would go home with packs of food items like Rice, Beans, Garri, crates of eggs, tubers of yam, and a token.

Immediately fuel subsidy was removed, Primate Ayodele doubled his effort by making food service almost every Sunday. He understood the effect of the fuel subsidy removal on Nigerians and as an influential personality in the country, he effectively played the role of a succor provider for the people.

As time went on, the federal government announced that it will release some funds for palliatives in order to reduce the impact of fuel subsidy removal which has turned out to become a full blown economic hardship. When the government came up with this idea, Primate Ayodele knocked down the idea and said it would be another means to embezzle funds because it won’t get to the right people.

These were his words,

’’The N8,000 palliative is corruption, I see nothing in the palliative and it will not reach out to the poor masses. Despite the fact that Mr President has signed it, it will not make any impact. The governors will use it for their selfish needs. The poor will not enjoy it at all.’’

‘’It will not be a blessing to the majority, the palliative is just a waste of time and energy, it cannot work for its purpose,’’

Tinubu’s N8k palliative corruption in disguise – Primate Ayodele

Ever since, Primate Ayodele proposed in his heart to teach the government how to effectively organize a palliative that will impact the people directly. Instead of merely talking, Primate Ayodele went ahead to organize a ‘palliative market’ where he sold food items for ridiculous prices.

The idea behind this palliative market was to purchase items at the exorbitant prices they are being sold for and sell to the people at cheap prices. The first edition which was held in November 2023 saw a bag of rice sold for less than N5,000. There were other items like beans, indomie, tubers of yam, garri, groceries, turkey, groundut oil sold for very ridiculous prices and this wasn’t opened to church members alone, people from distant places benefited from this initiative.

As if that wasn’t enough, again on Wednesday,14th Of February 2024 to celebrate his annual thanksgiving programme, Primate Ayodele held another edition of palliative market and sold a full bag of rice for N20,000. There were also different food items bought at exorbitant prices by the man of God and sold to the people at cheap prices.

Primate Ayodele Holds 2nd Edition of Palliative Market, Gives out Five Cars

While speaking at the palliative market, Primate Ayodele called on state governors to replicate the same palliative market initiative in their various states because of the economic hardship in the country. He explained that affordability of food will go a long way in reducing the impact of the hardship on citizens.

In response to Primate Ayodele’s actions and calls, it appears Lagos state government has keyed into the palliative market initiative with the announcement of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu on Thursday morning during a live interview session.

Given the rising cost of food and other staples, Mr Sanwo-Olu expressed the state government’s resolve to open more markets where residents can buy food items at discounted rates.

Specifically, the governor disclosed that plans have been concluded to open Sunday Markets in at least 42 identified markets across the state where residents will be able to buy food items at discounted price. “You will only be able to buy items worth up to N25,000,”

This is no doubt a welcome development and it vividly shows that state governments are now interested in doing the right thing for the benefit of the people. If other state governments follow suit, the impact of economic hardship would be reduced to its barest minimum.

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Labour Party Candidate Accuses Former Chairman of Forgery and Electoral Sabotage in Ebonyi State



Labour Party Candidate Accuses Former Chairman of Forgery and Electoral Sabotage in Ebonyi State

Labour Party Candidate Accuses Former Chairman of Forgery and Electoral Sabotage in Ebonyi State



Eze Oko Splendour, the Labour Party’s 2023 governorship candidate for Ebonyi State, has levelled serious allegations against the party’s former National Chairman, Julius Abure, in a statement released on Wednesday. Splendour accuses Abure of orchestrating a campaign of “criminality, deceit and manipulation” to deny him the governorship candidacy.





Following his victory in the party’s primaries, Splendour claims Abure pressured him to step down in favour of Edward Nkwegu Okereke, who had unsuccessfully contested the primaries for the All Progressives Congress (APC). When these efforts failed, Splendour alleges Abure resorted to forgery, fabricating a withdrawal letter bearing his forged signature and submitting it to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to facilitate an illegal substitution.



Labour Party Candidate Accuses Former Chairman of Forgery and Electoral Sabotage in Ebonyi State



“I was left in utter shock when I eventually caught wind of the reprehensible actions of the former Chairman,” Splendour states in a speech he read at a press conference. He describes Abure’s actions as a “betrayal of trust” and a “brazen act of criminality” that undermines “internal party democracy, free and fair elections, and the rule of law.”

Splendour further claims that after pursuing legal action, the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) recommended Abure’s prosecution. However, he expresses concern that the case has stalled, prompting him to appeal directly to the new Attorney General of the Federation, Lateef Fagbemi.

“The prosecution of Abure is not only a matter of justice but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to the principles of transparency, fairness and accountability in governance,” Splendour emphasizes. He urges Fagbemi to take swift action, highlighting the importance of holding those who attempt to manipulate elections accountable.

He concludes with a call for upholding the rule of law and ensuring no one is above it. While Abure has yet to respond to the allegations, Splendour’s accusations raise concerns about potential manipulation within the Labour Party and the integrity of electoral processes in Ebonyi State.

Also the party Governorship flag bearer in plateau state had his name removed and substituted by National Chairman, Julius Abure who allegedly forged his signature on purported letter of withdrawal.

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EFCC declares Leno Adesanya, promoter of Sunrise Power, wanted



EFCC declares Leno Adesanya, promoter of Sunrise Power, wanted over ‘corrupt offer to public officers’


EFCC declares Leno Adesanya, promoter of Sunrise Power, wanted over ‘corrupt offer to public officers’



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has declared Leno Adesanya, the promoter of Sunrise Power and Transmission Ltd.



In a notice issued on Tuesday, the EFCC said Adesanya is wanted “in an alleged case of conspiracy and corrupt offer to public officers”.

Adesanwa was mentioned in three out of the seven-count charges preferred against Olu Agunloye, former minister of power and steel.

The EFCC is prosecuting Agunloye over the $6 billion Mambilla hydropower contract.

TheCable had reported that EFCC traced some suspicious payments made by Sunrise Power and Transmission Ltd to Agunloye’s bank accounts.

In one of the counts, the EFCC alleged that on August 10, 2019, Agunloye “corruptly received the sum of N3,600,000.00” through his Guaranty Trust Bank account no.0022530926 from Sunrise Power and Transmission Company Limited (SPTCL) and Leno Adesanya for approving the Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Station project.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had challenged Agunloye to tell Nigerians where he derived the authority to award a $6 billion contract to Sunrise for the Mambilla hydropower project in 2003.

Sunrise Power is in arbitration with Nigeria at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris, France, alleging a breach of contract.

The company said it was awarded a $6 billion build, operate and transfer (BOT) contract in May 2003 by the Obasanjo administration but that the federal government repudiated the agreement.

Sunrise is asking for a compensation of $2.3 billion, claiming it had spent millions of dollars on financial and legal consultants before the contract was jettisoned.

In its defence at the arbitration, the Nigerian government is alleging fraud and corruption of public officials in the award of the contract.

The matter is similar to the P&ID case in which a UK court nullified an $11 billion award against the country for the same reasons.

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