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Apostle Suleman speaks on convoy’s attack, after escaping death



Apostle Suleman Hosts American Worship Singer, Don Moen, December

‘Apostle Suleman speaks on convoy’s attack, after escaping death

Apostle Suleman

Apostle Suleman’s convoy
Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, has spoken on gunmen attack on his convoy in Edo State on Friday, stressing that though it was a direct shooting on his vehicle, he and his family escaped.

Saharaweekly reported that seven persons, including four policemen, died in the attack.



According to available information, the attack was carried out along Benin Auchi Road, Edo State, on Friday.

Suleman was said to have returned from a crusade in Tanzania shortly before he was attacked around Auchi, his base in Edo State.



Speaking in a video posted on the church’s television Facebook page on Friday night, Apostle Suleman said the attack was a direct shooting at him and his family but God saved them.

Speaking further, the cleric said: “Since 2017, there are certain things that have been happening that I have been quiet about. Even if you are the most careless person on earth, you will not give yourself to so much scandal. There are things people don’t know, even though, one or two people took advantage of it to say one or two things.



“They have done all that and they discovered I am still moving on, they decided to make an attempt on my life.

“I just escaped an assassination attempt where seven people were killed. They opened fire on my car, they kept spraying bullet on my car, my wife and my kids were there. People who did it expect me to come out and mention their names but I won’t do that. The truth is that you can’t kill me, my life is in the hands of God, I’m a man of God.



“Those who are among those attacking me, you are building on what you don’t understand. You may have joined in the fora but there are things you don’t understand.

“I’m alive, family is well for those who have been calling and I feel bad for the lives that have been taken; we are mourning but Jesus is Lord. For those they killed, may their souls rest in peace.



“For the young men who opened fire and keep wasting people, I won’t take your lives, but the seed that you sow, you will reap it.

“I want Nigerians to know that uncoordinated lie swallows an uncoordinated truth; with time, the truth will come out.”


Tinubu’s Administration Will Bring Comfort To Nigerians ~Prophet Israel Genesis



Tinubu’s Administration Will Bring Comfort To Nigerians ~Prophet Israel Genesis




The Shepherd in charge Genesis Global, Popularly known as Genesis has once again called on all Nigerians both home and diaspora just as he usually doing his things the normal way he has been supporting Tinubu from the onset to continue in their prayers for the country and success of the new administration.





In a statement issued by his media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi says in a gathering in far a way London how he has been supporting Tinubu as a genuine Yoruba man especially during presidential campaign just the way other tribes supported their own son as he emphasized in Yoruba language “Omo ale lo ma n fi owo osi juwe ile Baba e” translating only a bastard will used left hands to describe his father’s house.





He gave this indication while speaking at the London Invasion encountered held on Friday 26th May 2023. A night of program that registered not less than 1000 participants on the intricacies of the spiritual exercise.





The genuine prophet of God beseeched Nigerians all over the world to continue supporting Tinubu’s administration in order for him to achieve the ‘New Hope’ he Singlehandedly campaign for because he’s very much in need of prayers as he transit to another government.

He said what the nation needs at the moment is prayers that would assist the Bola Tinubu’s administration and other Governor’s to thrive.

“He appealed to those Nigerians who are still grieved to support and must understand it is a spiritual/political process as President Tinubu is going on a special assignment for a renew hope mindset for the entire Nigerians”. he said

He also added that Tinubu has been known for excellent service delivery for many decades even before he became Lagos Governor.

While informing the religious gathering saints also urged them to reciprocate the kind gesture by praying for the success of the new President and his deputy Shettima in this renew hope of administration.

Lastly, he urged Nigerians Youths to desist from illicit activities, arguments or any unethical behaviours that can void the success of this new regime.

The small but mighty man of God. Genesis implored all Nigerian youths to be a good ambassadors of Nigeria and desist from all form of bigotry and ethnicity that may not move the country forward.

Talking on the welfare of the masses he appealed to president Tinubu and his administration to make/see the masses’s welfare as their topmost priority.

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Open Letter: The Only Prophet Who Consistently Maintained Tinubu’s Victory, Joshua Iginla, Requests Good Governance, Advocates Kanu’s Release



Open Letter: The Only Prophet Who Consistently Maintained Tinubu’s Victory, Joshua Iginla, Requests Good Governance, Advocates Kanu’s Release







Open Letter: The Only Prophet Who Consistently Maintained Tinubu’s Victory, Joshua Iginla, Requests Good Governance



Sahara Weekly Reports That Of a truth, according to Daniel 2: 21, it is God who controls the course of world events; He removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.














On this note, I heartily congratulate Your Excellency for emerging victorious in the most keenly contested presidential election since the return to democracy in Nigeria. Your emergence is a divine mandate ordained by God as revealed to me by God several times and which is all over the public domain.















As you take charge of steering the destiny of the nation in these challenging times in various spheres of the lives of Nigerians, may God Almighty endow you with all the necessary tools, good health, and wisdom to enable you to lead the nation into greatness in all ramifications.
























His Excellency sir, I write this open letter to you not only as a prophet of God but as an authority who has a degree in Political Science and a Master’s in international Law and Diplomacy to be objectively ready to tackle Nigeria’s greatest challenge of insecurity, widespread corruption, and a general sense of dissatisfaction among citizens and as well, meet the expectation of the people.
















I call on you to tackle the problem by unifying the country and solving major socio-economic, religious, and ethnic problems confronting the country as a father of the nation.
































I want to remind you that Nigeria is a heterogeneous country battling crises of insecurity, kidnapping, and extreme poverty.





















Since no one will expect you to tackle all the crises at once, Nigerians will be expecting you to dedicate your administration to genuine renewal work, at least to let Nigerians see and feel the difference, however little.





















As a unifier, don’t step out as a vindictive leader. Rather, bring all warring parties on board to objectively discuss the way forward to a better Nigeria.
























It is an open secret that Nigerians are yearning for good governance as past administrations have left an open sore in the hearts of the citizens with bad governance and broken electoral promises. His Excellency sir, I am very sure you are aware of the loopholes of these past administrations which I believe should be your target.




















Addressing loopholes is not tantamount to fighting the past; rather, it means you should learn from the past administration, which, of course, you’re part of, to address the crises now for a better Nigeria.















It is not too much to say that you have a lot to do to convince huge numbers of the youth who have shown dissatisfaction with the performance of your party in the past eight years.
































Also, I want to plead on behalf of Nigerians and that is, you should do anything in your capacity to end the insecurity that is ravaging our country. The hydra-headed menace has undermined the propensity of our beloved country for progress.


No country develops in chaos. That is why you should, as the first step to renewing the hope of a country long trapped in hopelessness, pay attention to its security situation and not play politics with the appointment of service chiefs.












Aside from that, it is obvious that Nigerians voted on their religious and ethnic affiliations, rather than on the policies and qualifications of the candidates.


His Excellency, I salute your capacity to put up with criticism from religious leaders. However, I urge you to exercise patience, wisdom, and tolerance with religious leaders be they pastors or Imams, and treat them with respect.


Any leader that witch-hunts religious leaders are digging a pit for his downfall. Personally, when I see the persecution of religious leaders, I speak up. I will not keep quiet. As a unifier, I beseech your administration to handle their issues with wisdom and preserve national harmony.


Also, as a unifier, I will appeal and suggest that His Excellency should forgive and release Nnamdi Kanu.








Furthermore, as a barrier breaker and a line crosser, I beseech you to implement your objective which is to foster a new society based on shared prosperity, tolerance, compassion, and the unwavering commitment to treating each citizen with equal respect and due regard.
















I want to remind you of your 10-point agenda which formed your manifesto during the campaign:
















1. Build a Nigeria, especially for our youth, where sufficient jobs with decent wages create a better life.








2. Manufacture, create, and invent more of the goods and services we require. Nigeria shall be known as a nation of creators, not just of consumers.








3. Export more and import less, strengthening both the naira and our way of life.








4. Continue assisting our ever-toiling farmers, through enlightened agricultural policy that promotes productivity and assures decent incomes, so that farmers can support their families and feed the nation.








5. Modernise and expand public infrastructure so that the rest of the economy can grow at an optimal rate.








6. Embolden and support our young people and women by harnessing emerging sectors such as the digital economy, entertainment and culture, tourism, and others to build the Nigeria of tomorrow, today.








7. Train and give economic opportunity to the poorest and most vulnerable among us. We seek a Nigeria where no parent is compelled to send a child to bed hungry, worried whether tomorrow shall bring food.








8. Generate, transmit, and distribute sufficient, affordable electricity to give our people the requisite power to enlighten their lives, homes, and dreams.








9. Make basic healthcare, education, and housing accessible and affordable for all.








10. And, most importantly, establish a bold and assertive policy that will create a strong yet adaptive national security architecture and action to obliterate terror, kidnapping, banditry, and all other forms of violent extremism from the face of our nation.








His Excellency sir, as a prophetic voice to nations who stood out as a lone voice of truth in the wilderness to declare your emergence as revealed by God since 2021, I will stand as a watchman to ensure you don’t derail in your God-given assignment and if you do, I will not hesitate to pen you an open letter like this to guide, correct and rebuke if necessary.


May God Almighty support your administration for the desired growth for Nigeria.

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Joshua Iginla empowers 96 year old woman, 100 Women, Others As He Celebrates Birthday



Joshua Iginla empowers 96 year old woman, 100 Women, Others As He Celebrates Birthday

Joshua Iginla empowers 96 year old woman, 100 Women, Others As He Celebrates Birthday










Joshua Iginla Empowers 96 Year Old Woman, 100 Women, others With 100m In Cash, Gifts











Sahara Weekly Reports That The senior pastor of Abuja-based Champions Royal Assembly, Bro Joshua Iginla, on Sunday, May 28th, 2023 celebrated his birthday alongside his delectable wife, Prophetess Stella Iginla amidst pomp and pageantry by distributing cash, gifts to the widows, orphans and the poor.










Joshua Iginla empowers 96 year old woman, 100 Women, Others As He Celebrates Birthday

















Bro Iginla, arguably one of the leading prophetic voices across the globe in his usual manner, used the opportunity of his birthday, which was celebrated at the City of Wonders in Abuja, to reach out to a 96 year old woman known as mama Audu and 100 women.


























The man of God, who has been said to, over the time developed a penchant for touching the lives of the needy, gave Mama Audu 500k while each of the 100 women were given 100k each. Aside from that, he dashed out over 3000 bags of rice to the widows, orphaned and the needy. Indeed, the cash gifts and other materials are close to the tune of N100m



























Iginla while touching their lives revealed that the gesture was from his delectable wife, Prophetess Stella Iginla who through the Joshua Iginla Foundation decided to put a smile on the faces of the women as a form of empowerment.



























Notable dignitaries from across the globe joined the Iginla’s in their celebration while popular singers Testimony Jaga, Apeke Ola amongst others added colour to the spirit filled event.

























Bro Joshua Iginla has been fulfilling his kingdom mandate of supporting the needy and touching lives. Year after year, he spends millions of naira to provide for the needy across the country.

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