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Archbishop Isaac Idahosa Designate set to Host Thanksgiving Service for Executive Governor of Kano State, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf



*Archbishop Isaac Idahosa Designate set to Host Thanksgiving Service for Executive Governor of Kano State, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf


The stage is set for an extraordinary event as Archbishop Isaac Idahosa Designate, the revered General Overseer of God First Ministry Inc., prepares to host the Annual Thanksgiving Service at the illustrious New Dawn Centre. This momentous occasion is dedicated to honoring the distinguished Executive Governor of Kano State, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf.




In a captivating dialogue with the media, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa shared his profound anticipation for the Thanksgiving Service, describing it as a jubilant expression of gratitude for the extraordinary mercies and blessings, particularly evident in the life of Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf following his recent victory at the apex court, known as the Supreme Court.

“This victory serves as a radiant testament to the divine favor bestowed upon Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf,” remarked Archbishop Isaac Idahosa. “He stands as the anointed leader destined to guide Kano State towards a prosperous future, echoing the triumphant narrative of David leading Israel to glory.”

Beyond the jubilation for Kano State’s triumph, the event scheduled for this Sunday, 11th February 2024, promises to be a day of boundless gratitude and benevolence. Archbishop Isaac Idahosa will joyfully celebrate his 59th birthday while extending heartfelt interventions to uplift the lives of the less fortunate. Embracing the sacred mandate to care for the needy, the Archbishop announced a compassionate initiative, including the distribution of essential palliatives and the provision of full scholarships to indigent students through his esteemed foundation.

The guest list for this illustrious gathering features a constellation of luminaries, including esteemed figures such as Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Archbishop Joseph Ojo, and the distinguished Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf, the esteemed Governor of Kano State. The event will unfold within the resplendent ambiance of the church’s auditorium at the New Dawn Centre, nestled opposite the White House on Gedegede, Mobil Road, Lekki Epe Expressway.

As anticipation mounts for this unparalleled celebration, media representatives and stakeholders are invited to join in this transformative experience, marked by the spirit of gratitude and compassionate outreach.

About New Dawn Centre

New Dawn Centre stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, dedicated to illuminating lives and fostering spiritual enlightenment within the community. Through its dynamic programs and initiatives, the centre embodies a commitment to holistic transformation, empowering individuals to embrace their divine purpose and make a positive impact on society. *Everyday is a plus*








After several attempts to tarnish the image of Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) and its founder, Dr. DK Olukoya, Funke Ashekun plans to seek asylum using false stories about the ministry has been finally exposed.





A few weeks ago on her UNSCRIPTURAL FALSE LOADED BROADCAST on Facebook and YouTube where she always retort lies to get viewers’ attention and seek for followers, all for the YouTube money, because obviously she is Jobless.






Funke let me introduce myself, I have been in the journalism industry for years, Reporting on Kingdom matters across the Nation and the African continent, if you do not know about my pedigree do your research before you come out to whip up unnecessary sentiments which is the usual way of blackmailers.

About the case she lost, She explained in her you-tube flick that the US court awarded $50,000 against her and in favor of the MFM in the US because the three attorneys employed by the church were able to argue in court that MFM USA is a corporate organization in the country which suffered losses and damages as a result of her programs. LIES!!! according to the report we gathered it was clear to the court that she had no evidence and reason whatsoever to slander and defame the ministry her baseless argument had no merit it was as simple as that.

Funke Ashekun has mastered the craft of lying and it appears the plans to seek asylum have been perfected ever since, she had planned to use MFM and DK Olukoya to get stories that would help her successfully seek the asylum she wants. Because why on earth will DK Olukoya come after you? According to your stories you have been having issues with the ministry for years, why would he wait till you leave the country before he comes after you, why didn’t he harm you for over 20 years that you were within reach , FUNKE REPENT and come back to God
You had nothing and still have nothing from our findings , you lived under his protections and financial support of the clergy man till you left the country, as a matter of fact you left the country still living in one of the ministries apartment , you weren’t a relevant person to the ministry in any way, apart from being in the music department , contributing almost nothing, everything you say concerning the ministry are cooked up fabricated lies, no one is after you and will ever be after you, you can tell these lies to the American Government but we all know the truth, and we hope they find out the truth as well and make the right decision because a man who is after your life will not take you to court and to make sense of it all it was the ministry that took you for the hearing. And you lost out-rightly.

I read an article a while ago with headline stating that FUNKE ASHEKUN HAS REPORTED MFM AND HER LEADER DK OLUKOYA TO THE AMERICAN POLICE alleging that somebody is after her life, what a hoax how can anyone be after the life of an inconsequential MGO wannabe

It would be recalled that in our previous article, we mentioned that she has put up this lie before , it was on the list of lies told in court by Funke Ashekun, lie number 21. In that same article we established that previous lies pedaled concerning the wife of DK Olukoya manifesting in a crusade as heard in the voice note conversation between the trio are from the pit of hell find attached the video from the Canada crusade , you will see shade Olukoya standing alongside Komolafe behind DK OLUKOYA while he was praying, contrary to been carried away by the ushers to a secret room, THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE ASHEKUN TEAM WITH IN THIS HER Dead End JOURNEY.

My intentions are not to tarnish or defame anyone but to tell the truth to the children of God. And I am not working for anyone or any ministry, my business is JOURNALISM, and I will always stand for the truth

FEMI OYEWOLE we are still investigating and more voice notes and unveiling loading





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Grace Nation PHDS: Prayer and Fasting Sets Your Spirit on Fire – Dr Chris Okafor



Grace Nation PHDS: Prayer and Fasting Sets Your Spirit on Fire – Dr Chris Okafor











….. Night of Exodus Part 2 with Theme Night Of The Spirit to hold February 23rd 2024













Sahara Weekly Reports That Holy Ghost fire has the ability to Consume what manner of Bondage or Challenges facing the child of God once you are a carrier of Fire.















Grace Nation PHDS: Prayer and Fasting Sets Your Spirit on Fire - Dr Chris Okafor

Speaking Earlier before opening Prophet fire at the Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance and Solution Midweek service of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City held at the international Headquarters of the Church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor who Preach on the subject “Power of fire” said when Holy Ghost fire is upon a man, he is highly Anoited to conquered any kind of battles.















The Generational Prophet of God also remarks that when a Christian is on fire, he or she cannot be touched or messed up by the devil, such person stay above board for any satanic attacks.



















The Man of God said Fire is the act of the spirit, therefore How does it work?, You must be a carrier through Prayers, fasting and commitment to the things of God to carry Holy Ghost fire, Because when you are on fire anything happen, The Apostle of altars also reaffirms that fire has the abilities for Restoration.He said unusual speed comes into a Man that carriers Holy Ghost Fire.

















The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor continue that for you to carry Holy Ghost fire, you must be a true Christian with evidence of Purity, your hand and heart must be Pure, very clean, your Actions and activities must emulates Jesus Christ, you must follow his footsteps to the latter, to carry fire.




















In conclusion the Generational Prophet of God added that to know how powerful the Holy Ghost fire is, it has the abilities to collapse altars and brings back people inheritance, therefore to carry such Power you Must be a dedicated child of God, who gives Priority to the things of God without looking back.




















The realms of the Prophetic witness Holy Ghost visitation, inherited battles gives way, bloodline diseases disappear, fibroid melt out instantly as the Man of God speaks the word, Miracle babies were also released to awaiting mother’s.




















Meanwhile the International Night of Prophecy and Solution, Night of Exodus Part 2, with Theme Night Of The Spirit is coming up on Friday 23rd February 2024 at Grace Nation international Plot 9-12 Oshofisan off Odozie street by Ereke Bus stop Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Time is 8pm till you breakthrough, Come with your family and your love one. your life will never remain the same as you attend.

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Celebrating popular Lagos Prophet, Apostle Ayoola E. Oladele’s Auspicious Birthday Anniversary ~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi



Celebrating popular Lagos Prophet, Apostle Ayoola E. Oladele's Auspicious Birthday Anniversary ~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi

Celebrating popular Lagos Prophet, Apostle Ayoola E. Oladele’s Auspicious Birthday Anniversary

~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi



A resounding birthday anniversary celebration to a perfect gentleman, a man of the people and a rare gem, retired military officer Apostle Dr. Ayoola Oladele the founder of Letusworship Ministries and Salvation whose headquarters situated in Lagos. On this auspicious occasion.


Celebrating popular Lagos Prophet, Apostle Ayoola E. Oladele's Auspicious Birthday Anniversary
~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi


You have been tested, trusted and dependable enough to earn all the encomiums showered on you on this auspicious special occasion of your birthday anniversary.

You are a generous leader of men with right priorities for the wellbeing, betterment and progress of humanity in general. In this vein I remember your recent courtesy visit to prison just to spread the gospel as directed.

You’re indeed a great uncle from another womb whose antecedent in all ramifications and philanthropy speaks in volumes.

No doubt, you’re doing a yeoman’s job in leaving the indelible footprints on the sand of time and a lot of people, including my humble self are proud of you.

Overtime, you have demonstrated the essence of leadership in a Christendom in different manner you are a special gift of GOD to humanity. Yes! I can say that repeatedly.

Many happy returns of fruitful, impactful and fulfilling years in sound health and endless happiness, AMEN.


Congratulations sir!

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