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Culture And Tourism: One Year Of Painful Agony By Frank Meke



Yoruba Group Berates Amb Tanko Yakassai Over Comments on Tinubu, Yoruba Nation

Culture And Tourism: One Year Of Painful Agony

By Frank Meke




President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is certainly a strategic thinker. He possibly could pass as the Aristotle of Nigerian politics, and many people wonder at his many socio-economic and political interventions, some of them begging for interpretations.



Culture And Tourism: One Year Of Painful Agony
By Frank Meke



Out of the blues, Mr. President gave us two ministries, Culture, Arts Creative economy, and Tourism. The development, though inspiring, provoked bitter and sweet reactions.

How could culture, arts, and a creative economy that oxygenate tourism be separated from each other? The arguments raged and trust some of our pranting noise makers who couldn’t see beyond their noses, they premised everyone who called on the president to do a rethink on the separation of the twins as noise makers and rude to Mr President.

The president, who is ever willing to listen, waded into the controversy, and explained that he wanted to use the creation of the two ministries to stimulate job creation and offer space for more hands in baking the cake for the renewed hope agenda.

If creating jobs in the cultural tourism industry is the focal expectations of the renewed hope agenda, then the president has hit the bull’s eyes but on political job offerings for the sake of boys and girls in the political space, then there must be a rethink, considering the huge plundering of the nation by ex political appointees.

Unlike 2015, when President Buhari came with sweeping brooms to audit the ministry of Tourism and found the cupboards empty without any documentation to help his government restructure the economy, which consequently led to the renaming the Ministry as Information, Culture and National Orientation with tourism sadly on a desk profile, Lai Mohammed who took over the ministry, shadowed tourism as the voice of Jacob to culture.

Indeed, and in truth, culture played a significant and pivotal role in shaping our tourism space with the National Council of Arts and Culture under the watch of enigmatic Otunba Segun Runsewe, occupying the Nigerian economic space even beyond tourism rendition.

With a proven track record of delivery while as Nigeria’ s tourism chief years ago, Runsewe rallied and glavernised all Nigerians, particularly members of the national assembly and state governors, to buy into the Nigerian cultural landscape. He didn’t wait for any presidential council on tourism or any fancy overhyped cultural policy.

Matthew Olusegun Runsewe is a man of faith and, within a space of two years in office as Nigeria’s cultural ambassador and marketer won over the hard doubting minds of Nigerians to value the chains in our cultural economy.

The president’s economic eggs heads didn’t consult the cultural tourism maestro, and it was a grave oversight.

Ever strategic, futuristic, innovative, and authoritative, Runsewe didn’t square in the make-believe gallery of cultural spin doctors but carefully took our cultural products to the owners, the Nigerian people

And with an abiding faith in Nigerian tourism press in particular and the entire national media landscape, Runsewe launched out with culture as the new oil, rebranded Nigerian Festival of Arts and Culture, and brought the world to Nigeria through cultural diplomacy to trade in Nigeria’s biggest cultural market, the International Arts and Crafts market.

Abuja, in five years, danced like an excited peacock and became the global cornerstone for cultural tourism diversity, which opened doors for all expenses paid international cultural invitational trips for some of outstanding state cultural troupes to showcase our cultural values to the world. Significantly, INAC became a breeding ground to export our cultural diversity to the world and the world to our doorstep. It was counted for Runsewe!

There were also gains in training opportunities offered by countries such as Turkey, China, and other foreign countries. Indeed, the Nigerian rural communities were targeted beneficiaries of skill acquisitions on arts and crafts, fashion designing, traditional hair making, shoe making, cloth weaving, and so much more. There are living testimonies, no abracadabra!

At each of the two unfailing calendared cultural events, the youths, particularly the females, were mentored to acquire skills to reinvent the sector. The records of beneficiaries gave vent to egg heads around the president to rethink and birth an exclusive cultural economy. Unfortunately, they didn’t consult the maestro, and that led to our agonies.

From Kaduna, Rivers , Plateau , Edo, Ekiti, and Lagos States, Runsewe, in partnership with these state governors, delivered on the socioeconomic strength of Nigerian culture and arts economy. For a week duration, the festival took place in those states, and it’s evident that both local and international attention were focused on the gains of the iconic festival.

This report today is to audit the ministries of culture and tourism under Hannatu Musa Musawa and Lola Ade John respectively and to submit with evidence, the two beautiful women failed this administration, and put to flight our expectations on the renewed gains in the two sectors. My verdict is that they should look for jobs elsewhere or go back to their Egypt.

Both Hannatu Musa Musawa and Lola Ade John do not have depth, charisma, and the guts to take us across the Jordan to promised renewed land of Hope in Culture and Tourism trade.

Let me situate that Hannatu Musa Musawa as Minister of Culture, Arts and Creative economy, amputated the Nigerian cultural movement through her unbelievable swoop on all the eleven heads of parastatals under the newly created ministry of culture, an effort which caused a heart failure of the Nigerian cultural movement.

Though changes are inevitable in the journey of life, it is sad for a minister to bitterly knife through the souls of the best we have in the system out of mere political shenanigan, certainly showcasing ingenuity in scandalous self worth.

Runsewe was not only the bigger star in our cultural firmament, there were an Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed and Ado Yahuza, who turned around the fortunes of National Troupe of Nigeria and National Institute for Cultural Orientation ( NICO) respectively before the coming of Hannatu Musa Musawa.

Ahmed literally burnt midnight candles, went round the country, sought out the best creative young persons, and on the flooded planes of Iganmu,Lagos office of the agency, breath life back into our moribund National Troupe, set it off on global showcase and insisted that Nigeria must welcome her foreign guests with the best of culture dances and drummings on showcase.

Hannatu killed that dream, but today, she wished to appropriate the gains as landmarks of her key performance metrics. The case of Ado Yahuza at NICO is equally worth mentioning because we must build on gains and not distractions packaged to deceive the public.

NICO also rose from the ashes of misplaced and misappropriated priorities. As a tested human resources manager, Ado Yahuza took NICO’s training school out of the lethargy of focal mission, affiliated it with Nassarawa state University, breeding certificated cultural officers for the good of nation and for export to global cultural knowledge market.

Under Ado Yahuza, NICO tackled headlong the discomforting cultural malaise among Nigerian young persons, took our languages to the barracks, and schools across the country and flourished cultural revival through cultural clubs in secondary schools. Our children became proud again about our way of life.

Ado Yahuza also worked hard with the encouragement of UNESCO and got Nigerian heritage values , Sango festival in Oyo State, and our midwifery system listed on UNESCO representative calendar. NICO thematic workshops targeting the academic community and Sundry professional groups produced detailed essays and materials for generic documentation to find solutions to national cultural setbacks. Hannatu again nailed Ado Yahuza on head for outstanding performance but would turn around to document his achievements as one of her great achievements in one year.

In a recent publication sighted last week in a national newspaper and written by one Dr Deji Ayooola, an anthropologist, his deliberate delivery of what was clearly an attempt to credit Hannatu Musa Musawa with scores of achievements she bitterly repudiated by sacking these patriotic Nigerians , is nauseating. It was an anthropological fallacy written to curate Hannatu as our cultural messiah. It failed to click and register against her failed efforts so far.

Though Hannatu was quoted to gleefully admit that the remarkable achievements and milestones in the culture space were the handwork of ” her predecessors” in the sector, it is, however, rankling to the mind why Hannatu choose to sack the best, the ” predecessors ” ( DGs) and sought their replacement with girls and boy scouts! In a hurry to assert her lordship in the sector, she pulled down pillars unto honour, and she wanted us to clap for her?

The truth is that Hannatu Musa Musawa has added no values to whatever she met on the ground in the culture space and should be shown the way out of this government. There was no inclusivity in the way she ran the ministry and which evidently ambushed critical ongoing gains before she came.

Her first stakeholders meeting at Villa ended terribly in chaos when the creative community told her to regard herself as a mere passenger and not as chief pilot in the fast-moving Nigerian creative train. The media was awash with the apologies of our amiable vice-president, Kashmi Shettima, who promised the culture and creative stakeholders that this government will respond positively to their neglect over the years. Hannatu didn’t get the message!

Hannatu’s effort to reap from the Grammy Awards nominations of some Nigerian acts and whom unfortunately lost out to a South African listed nominee drove nails between the minister and Nigerians when she out of desperation called for an African Grammy Awards replica.

Certainly, it won’t be out of place that Hannatu’s one year in office attracted most stringent controversies ever apart from the edugate affair. The public opprobrium against her many public missteps is a tail sign that she is surplus to requirement in this administration.

For want of repeating myself, it’s funny that someone somewhere in present day Nigeria, in our culture space, will deliberately mark up the ongoing refurbishment of National theatre, a private business, owned by the Bankers Committee as one of Hannatu’s pindown achievements. It is a hilarious , unbelievable, desperate movie script written to mock our intelligence.

Moonlight jobs and GDP sweet songs:

I was gripped with fear on the anthropological submission that about 257, 754 ” new jobs” were harvested by Hannatu in one year and to the Gross National domestic productivity, Hannatu’s classical ingenuity scaled up the GDP by a share of 0. 37 per cent from 1. 3% to a current GDP share of 1. 67%. This abracadabra figures from certainly a heinous research beats my imagination considering the fact that the minister and her new team are struggling on all fronts. She held her first retreat with her team barely three weeks ago, so where did magic figures come from?


There were other generated statistics from the synagogue of Satan, unbelievably outlandish and programmed to deceive unassuming Nigerians.

Soft power magic!

It was again written by our anthropologist that the ministry spearheaded Nigeria cultural influence from 2. 5 % to 46% in the period under review and the brand index perception from 1. 5% to 18%. I dey laugh the devil. What? Under Hannatu’s, the clueless minister of culture? Wonders shall not end with infertile imaginations of some Nigerians. Watch out from this week advertorials, press releases, and paid opinions on the achievements of day dreamers in this government.

On the stakeholders’ belt, the ministry and minister “organised” successfully about 18 stakeholders’ meetings spread through workshops and public engagements by CEBAAC and Nigerian Gallery of Arts. Really? When and where? Hannatu held a creative sector meeting under the office of the Vice President, and just on Friday, May 10th, the Nigerian film and Censors Board, headed now by Dr Shaibu Husseini held a strategic stakeholders meeting in Lagos. Two is the number and not 18, as generously and ingeniously claimed by the magical anthropological hand.

Certainly, the game to justify their appointments is here, and the fear of their removal for poor performance will beyond measure the pushing out conjured figures to the public space. Except for Dr Shaibu Husseini of Nigeria films, movies, and censors Board, nothing good has come out of the Culture House of Hannatu.

Hannatu sadly is her own problem. She was not circumspect and wise to clearly work with the best she met on the ground, but today, without fear of posterity, has aligned with the achievements of those she pushed under the bus in the desperation to have an absolute grip on the sector.

We won’t be surprised to see the same fabulous fallacious ecosystem emanating from some of her appointees to just justify their obvious failings. Unfortunately, Hannatu can not save the failures as the blind can not lead the blind.

In the tourism sector, Lola Ade John should just go and take a deserved rest somewhere. She is not in tourism, not cut out for it, can not interpret her mission, and is too laid back to confront the two monsters under her struggling ministry.

Madam Lola is a victim of her fear. She is feeble, weak, and afraid to effect changes and drive collaborations that can advance the course of the sector. She has walked into a deadly trap, and it’s too late for her to escape the hammer of non performance.

Her spin doctors are well-known industry buccaneers . They will give you a shoulder to cry on for a fee or reward. Ade John came to seek a sympathetic tourism crowd, and they have been praising her to high heavens and justifying her very grave failings.

I won’t waste my time because Lola Ade John has no technical tourism structure of her own. She is in the wrong place, pretending that she can do the job. Lola Ade John can’t do anything for tourism. That is the truth and the only truth. We won’t be surprised to see her Bill Boards all over Abuja, Lagos, and Ekiti states, showcasing her soft power in cutting red tapes to declare open grandiose tourism projects primed to confuse the uninitiated.

I don’t know why people lie openly to justify just a stay in public office, to which they are unfit to run. Is it a crime to throw in the towel if the ring is too hot and unbearable?



Stakeholders Unanimously Endorse Repeal and Re-Enactment of Shippers’ Council Bill



*Stakeholders Unanimously Endorse Repeal and Re-Enactment of Shippers’ Council Bill



In a resounding show of support, stakeholders in the maritime industry have overwhelmingly accepted the proposed repeal and re-enactment of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council and Economic Regulatory Bill during a public hearing held at the National Assembly in Abuja.

The public hearing, which was attended by representatives from various sectors of the industry, including shipping companies, freight forwarders, and cargo owners, saw a unanimous endorsement of the proposed legislation.


The new bill, which seeks to repeal the existing Nigerian Shippers’ Council Act and enact a new Shippers’ Council and Economic Regulatory Act, aims to strengthen the regulatory framework for the maritime industry and promote economic growth.

Recall that following the Federal Government’s announcement of the NSC as a Port economic regulator, the agency has struggled to enforce sanctions on ports and shipping stakeholders in the nation’s maritime sector due to the absence of an enabling law backing up their status as a Port Economic Regulator.

Stakeholders, on Monday, praised the proposed legislation for its provisions, which include the establishment of a more effective and efficient regulatory framework, the promotion of competition and innovation, and the protection of the rights of shippers and other stakeholders.


During the public hearing organised by the Committee on Shipping Services and Related Matters, the Executive Secretary/ CEO of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Pius Ukeyima Akutah, described the legislation as timely at this stage of our nation’s growth and development.

He said the need for a regulatory regime to ensure effective and efficient economic regulation for the control of tariffs, rates and charges to prevent arbitrariness is necessary.

Among many others, Akutah said the Bill will enhance the ease of doing business, minimize the high cost of doing business at the ports, ensure seamless movement of cargo, promote competition and enhance the quality of service.

“The Bill essentially embellishes the fundamentals of Economic Regulation, making all actors play by the rules,” he added.

“The Nigerian Government is evolving a Regulatory Agenda across all sectors, with economic contribution as the goal. The shipping industry should not be an exception.

“There is, therefore, no better time than now to enact this, Bill. I therefore most respectfully, urge esteemed stakeholders to make meaningful contributions toward its immediate passage and enactment.”

He further expressed his gratitude to the stakeholders for their support and assured them that the council would continue to work towards ensuring a conducive business environment for all players in the industry.

Chief Adebayo Sarumi, a former CEO of the Shippers Council said a regulatory body is late by no less than 20 years.

According to him, this will bring about a level playing field, and regulatory services and ensure that the consumers do not suffer.

Malam Hassan Bello, a former CEO of the Shippers Council said the Bill will be a crowning glory of the Federal Government’s efforts in the maritime sector.

“This proposed agency will fill the regulatory vacuum that has bedevilled the sector, the reason the ports are not making contributions. It will end the monopoly.

“The bill is fundamental and essential and will correct anomalies and guarantee efficiency and use of tech in ports operation.“

Meanwhile, Boma Alabi, SAN, representing the Shipping Lines Association of Nigeria said the body welcomes any act that will improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce bottlenecks.

She further said the Nigerian ports cost the nation twice as much as our neighbours.

Ahmed Rabiu, a concerned stakeholder said the Bill has been overdue since the time ports were concessioned, calling for its speedy consideration.

Other stakeholders like the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), and the Nigeria Economic Summit Group backed the development.

In separate remarks, they said the absence of a regulatory agency stifled economic activities.

They further said the passage of the Bill will have a positive impact on the maritime industry, leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved services for shippers and other stakeholders.

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Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos Celebrates his birthday In Style



Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos Celebrates his birthday In Style.



Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos L.R.A has been in the music industry for decades and he has been doing wonderfully well among notable gospel singers in Nigeria and beyond, operating with the Holy Spirit with his euphonious voice!.

Delivery is crucial to good performance, having hits limelight for several years L.R.A as Dr Remilekun fondly called by his teeming fans has turned every year to a year of blessings and breakthrough for his fans across the globe with his melodious and evergreen songs.


No wonder, despite the numbers of singers who have made it big in the highly competitive industry, L.R.A has a very successful careers in the music industry, the anointed gospel music minister , an astute teacher of the words of God and a lover of creativity is a strong force to recon with in the music world.

The ilaje born singer was able to capture the heart of many people from onset with his soul lift albums, starting from his debut, ‘Palawan Olu Omo,’ Olorun Esan, The light, Ifarada, Afowafa, Igi Aruwe, to the Aye soro that brought him to limelight , To Oluwa de.

L.R.A has used his gifted talent to change the life of many souls, even those who are not his fans with the lyrics inscribed in one of his tracks ‘Oluwa de’ in his Album ‘Ipele Aanu’ (Levels Of Mercy).


However, Evangelist Dr. Lekan Remilekun Amos, Exactly 1:00 am (Nigerian time) posted on his Official Facebook page thanking the Most high God For keeping him alive till today as he Celebrates his Birthday. He said “THE START OF A NEW BEGINNING!
Behold I establish my covenant with you & your seeds after you ( Gen 9:9)

Since the post published, People across the world have been Congratulating him for the celebration of his birthday in 2024.

The most interesting part it was that L.R.A has scheduled a Special Birthday Online Revival/ Praise Program Tagged “The start Of New Beginning that would equally featured other Anointed Gospel Artist like Lady Evang. Aduke Gold, Prince Olu Wale Aniyikaye, Elder Niyi Fadipe amongst others, as the multiple awards winning gospel singer is set to returns all the glory back to who it Belongs to (God) the online thanksgiving show would hold 5pm (Nigerian time) via his YouTube and Official Facebook page.

Happy birthday to the most accommodating, creative, highly resourceful singer of God, a very big birthday to a man who has brought many innovatives to the gospel singer, a toast to an enigmatic and intellectual charismatic leader.

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Sahara Weekly Reports That The Concerned Citizens of Northeast hosted their Awards and Dinner event, where distinguished individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the region. Among the awardees were notable figures such as Prof Babagana Umara Zulum, Sheikh Goni Umar Goni Usman, and Ummu Kalthum Muhammad. However, it was Amb Lt Gen Tukur Yusufu Buratai CFR who stole the spotlight as the shining light of the Northeast.









During the event, Maj Gen ID Penap praised Buratai, stating that he deserves every blessing that comes his way. He commended Buratai for his visionary leadership and described him as a proud son of the Northeast. Guest speaker Dr Hassan Zanna Boguma also lauded Buratai for his transformative military leadership, which led to the defeat of Boko Haram in the region.













In his acceptance speech, Gen Buratai expressed his gratitude for the award. He emphasized the importance of supporting and empowering the youth, noting that they are often left behind in terms of employment and opportunities. Buratai called for innovative programs from both the government and private sectors to unlock the potential of the younger generation.












The former Chief of Army Staff highlighted the need for unity and development in the Northeast, with a focus on combating issues of ethnicity, religion, and sectionalism. The formation of the Concerned Citizens of the Northeast organization aims to provide a platform for North Easterners to come together and build a better future for the region.












Overall, Amb Lt Gen Tukur Yusufu Buratai’s recognition as the shining light of the Northeast serves as a reminder of the importance of strong leadership and dedication to the development of the region. His commitment to empowering the youth and driving positive change sets a powerful example for others to follow.





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