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ECOWAS Vs Niger Republic: Is Peace the opposite of War?  (Part Two)



Jimoh Ibrahim Wins Ondo Senatorial Seat

ECOWAS Vs Niger Republic: Is Peace the opposite of War?  (Part Two)

By Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR

Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

ECOWAS VS NIGER- The events we saw from the first, second and ongoing Cold War suggest that war is ingrained in all of us, yes, there may be no scientific proof or empirical evidence, but it is not the case that when science speaks, the truth comes out! One scientific theory, after clinical trials and proof of evidence, which suggests that all swans are black, is no longer valid. At least there are now brown swans found in Igbotako, Ondo state! It is not the case that War is new to any continent or the entire human generation in the geocentric system.
ECOWAS Vs Niger Republic: Is Peace the opposite of War?  (Part Two)
Still, it confirmed that those born after 1967 (the Biafra War) have never experienced war and have been taking caution in the narrative left for them by their parents. Yes, more stories of war every day and Fresh narratives of human insecurity also come from the Manchuria crisis (1931) and the Abyssinia crisis (1935) case of Iraq’s (1991) intervention for national security: the cases of Bosnia (1995) and Afghanistan’s (2001) intervention for human security: the case of Kosovo (1995) intervention after R2P: the case of Darfur (2008). Again, the case of Russia in Ukraine. If we are looking for peace in those countries, it is also the case that those wars have not led to peace, and if we are to end the war in those countries, it is not the case that absolute peace has now returned! That may be why war is an unavoidable part of human existence.
 A Harvard psychologist Stephen Pinker saw not too clear a picture when he said, “If the idea that war is part of human nature is not scientifically supported, alternative futures open. If more people work for prevention, the eventual eradication of war is a definite theoretical possibility.” What is impossible is that those who want peace think they do not need war! Those who think we can stay in a world full of peace for as long as we keep praying, the good lord will grant us that much desire for peace is not only psychologically playing, for at least they are theorising!
NIGER: ECOWAS delegation meets ousted Bazoum
It will certainly not be possible to prevent ECOWAS from military action in Niger Republic because war is ingrained in everyone, and most soldiers and officers recruited for the military actions were born post-1967! The desire and expectations are high let’s not argue the political celebration of winning for now. Still, at least in the classical days, hegemonic leaders who fought and won wars were celebrated, and it is not the case that these feelings have left us.
ECOWAS may create peace in Niger Republic starting with War, but perhaps not in the short run. It could be argued that never again will there be a Military overthrown of a democratically elected government, at least in the eye of the democrats, if the military action succeeds. But is ECOWAS going to the Niger Republic to fight a war? We are asking because of democratic peace theory (apologies to Immanuel Kent). Liberals and Republicans will not go to war with another liberal. They will hesitate to engage in Armed conflict. It could also be the case that democratic peace theory dies with Immanuel Kent!
To ECOWAS, whatever the pains of intervention, the need for community alliance is imperative to human security, and the military junta cannot provide that much top level of security in the value stick of the apparatus of Government in the Niger Republic in contemporary times. States are considered most secure when war is unthinkable between them. Interestingly, the term unthinkable appears in policy discourse with nearly the opposite meaning, referring to wars that are eminently possible but horrifying to contemplate, such as war with a nuclear Iran. I only hope there is no nuclear weapon coming from anywhere in this community affairs, or is Russia holding meetings? For ECOWAS, it is a matter of “we-feeling” on the part of the participating countries or an imperativeness for security alliance! ECOWAS is addressing dependable expectations of peaceful change!
Those who do not support the military action argued that intervention violates Article 2 (4) non-use of force and, more specifically, Article 2 (7) of the UN constitution for non-intervention in the internal affairs of another country to which all ECOWAS countries are members. The challenge here is to ask whether the UN security council, by Article 51, have not transferred her power to ECOWAS concerning regional peace to ‘prevent and punish’ where there is genocide and breach of international peace. The question to ECOWAS is, do we have such in Niger Republic? ECOWAS will breach those chapters as the US did in Iraq! Again, one may ask the UN what became of resolution ES‑11/4 concerning Ukraine, passed in March 2022 and adopted on 7th April 2022, with overwhelming votes of 143 in favour and five against 35 abstaining, demanding that Russia withdraw its forces from Ukraine. The intention is to give way to resolving emerging crises. The resolution demanded “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw” The council considered the invasion a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The question remains “Is the Niger Republic a sovereign State such that military action is made impossible?
is sovereignty not hypocrisy? Apology to Steven Krasner. See part three of this article. If you miss any part, send an email requesting the missing part to my University of Cambridge life email address [email protected]
Jimoh Ibrahim holds BSc (with Honours) in International Relations from the London School of Economics LSE, the University of London. He holds other University degrees from the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, and Ife, including two PhDs. He is currently at the 10th National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Senator representing Ondo South senatorial district.














Sahara Weekly Reports That The Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI), a non-partisan, impartial, and non-profit voluntary association, consisting of highly patriotic Nigerians, elder statesmen and women, including former Heads of State and revered traditional rulers; expresses profound concern over the impending August 1st 2024 protest. We find it crucial to join other well meaning Nigerians in appealing to all stakeholders to seek a peaceful dialogue as an alternative solution.










In this context, we acknowledge the planned 10-day protest by some Nigerians, primarily youths, who seek a better, more prosperous, and secure Nigeria. While protests are a vital aspect of democratic expression, we recognize the legitimate concerns that such actions may be hijacked or that leaders might lose control, especially if some protesters have ulterior motives, as seen in other African countries and parts of the world.


Considering these concerns, AANI calls for dialogue and calm ahead of the planned protests. We believe that peaceful and constructive engagement between the government and the protest organizers, is essential to addressing the issues raised and ensuring the safety and security of all Nigerians. Therefore, we urge the government at all levels to initiate an open and transparent dialogue with the protest organizers to understand their demands and work towards practical solutions. This engagement should be inclusive, involving all stakeholders to ensure that the voices of the youth and other concerned citizens are heard and addressed.


We commend President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, for his proactive approach to initiating dialogue with the youth, urging them to cancel their planned protest and patiently await the government’s response. According to the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, the President is attentive to the voices of young Nigerians and is diligently working to address their grievances. This demonstration of empathy and responsiveness is a commendable step towards fostering trust and understanding between the government and its citizens.


However, we urge the government to take additional proactive measures to ensure that the protest remains peaceful and that security forces are deployed to protect the rights of the protesters while preventing any attempts by hoodlums to hijack the movement for nefarious purposes. While immediate actions are necessary, long-term strategies and policies must be implemented to address the root causes of these challenges and to foster a more equitable and prosperous Nigeria.


We also appeal to all Nigerians, especially the youth, to remain calm and peaceful in their conduct. Exercising restraint and engaging in constructive dialogue is essential to achieving the desired outcomes without causing further harm to our economy and social fabric. AANI reaffirms its commitment to the unity, peace, and progress of Nigeria. We stand ready to support any initiatives that promote dialogue, understanding, and constructive engagement in addressing the pressing issues facing our nation. Let us all work together to build a better Nigeria for ourselves and future generations.



AANI National President


Thursday July 25, 2024

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How Adron Homes Transform Shimawa into Ogun State Premier Real Estate Hub



How Adron Homes Transform Shimawa into Ogun State Premier Real Estate Hub








Sahara Weekly Reports That Shimawa, a once tranquil and little-known town in Ogun State, has emerged as the premier real estate location in the region, thanks to the transformative efforts of Adron Homes. This metamorphosis has redefined the town’s identity, making it a beacon of modern living and investment opportunities.






How Adron Homes Transform Shimawa into Ogun State Premier Real Estate Hub





Adron Homes’ strategic initiatives have played a central role in Shimawa’s transformation. By developing numerous estates with state-of-the-art amenities, Adron has set new standards for residential living. These estates are equipped with modern infrastructure, including well-paved roads, reliable water supply, and efficient drainage systems, enhancing the quality of life for residents. The real estate has sold out four estates in shimawa over 10 years and is currently selling five different estates in shimawa.









List of Adron Homes Estates In Shimawa


Treasure Park and Gardens Estate Phase 2 (City of David)


Treasure Park and Gardens Estate Phase 3 (Capetown)


Treasure Park and Gardens Estate Phase 3 Extention (Jerusalem City)


Treasure Park and Gardens Estate Phase 4 (Jerusalem Extention)


Treasure Park and Gardens Estate Phase 5 (City of God)






Adron Homes has introduced a range of affordable housing solutions that cater to different income levels. This inclusivity has attracted a diverse population, fostering a vibrant community. The availability of affordable, yet high-quality housing options has made Shimawa an attractive destination for both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors.








The influx of new residents and businesses has spurred economic growth in Shimawa. Adron Homes’ developments have created numerous job opportunities in construction, real estate management, and ancillary services. This economic activity has not only improved the standard of living for many but has also positioned Shimawa as a hub for business and commerce in Ogun State.










Adron Homes’ commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly initiatives. Green spaces, parks, and recreational areas have been incorporated into the estates, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. These efforts have not only beautified the town but have also contributed to the well-being of its residents.



Shimawa’s transformation has caught the attention of investors, both local and international. The town’s strategic location, coupled with Adron Homes’ high-quality developments, has made it a prime investment destination. This influx of investment is set to further accelerate Shimawa’s growth and development.



Adron Homes places a strong emphasis on community building. Regular events, social gatherings, and initiatives to foster a sense of community have been integral to the company’s approach. This focus on community has created a welcoming and cohesive environment, making Shimawa not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.



The transformation of Shimawa into Ogun State’s best real estate location is a testament to Adron Homes’ vision and dedication. By providing affordable housing, fostering economic growth, promoting sustainability, and building a strong community, Adron Homes has set Shimawa on a path to continued success and prosperity. As a model of modern urban development, Shimawa stands as a shining example of what strategic planning and investment can achieve.

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Corruption: The Paradox of George Orwell’s Animal Farm in Nigeria



Confusion as EFCC names ex-Kogi Gov in amended corruption allegations perpetrated before he became Governor


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”



A proclamation by the pigs that control the government in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell has reared its ugly head. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens, but give power and privileges to a small elite. This nauseating development has come to fruition in one of the most discussed issues in our dear nation Nigeria where the Kano State High Court has ruled that the trial of the Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Abdullahi Ganduje, and others accused of bribery and misappropriation will continue even in their absence.

The Kano State Government, on Thursday, arraigned immediate-past governor Abdullahi Ganduje, his wife, Hafsat, son, Umar and six others for alleged $413,000 and N1.38bn bribery. The defendants, who were absent from court, were arraigned in absentia.

The Governor Abba Yusuf-led government had since April filed the charges against Ganduje and others, but efforts to serve them the charges had proved abortive. At the previous hearing on June 5, the prosecution obtained an order to serve the charges on them by substituted means, through newspaper publication.

The Kano State Government assembled 15 witnesses to testify against the defendants, immediate-past governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, his wife Hafsat Umar; Abubakar Bawuro; Umar Abdullahi Umar; Jibrilla Muhammad, Lamash Properties Limited, Safari Textiles Limited, and Lasage General Enterprises Limited to face eight counts of alleged bribery, diversion, and misappropriation of funds amounting to billions of naira. During the last hearing on April 29, 2024, the court was set to rule on a motion for substituted service, but the defendants had not yet been served.

The charges span a series of alleged corrupt activities. Ganduje was accused of receiving $200,000 from a contractor in exchange for government contracts between January 2016 and February 2017. The second charge claims he collected an additional $213,000 as a kickback from the Kantin Kwari textile market-remodelling project.

Ruling days back, Justice Amina Adamu-Aliyu dismissed the state government’s application for a bench warrant against the defendants.

“The trial of the defendants continues even in their absence,” she stated.

It is imperative to provide jurisprudential insights herein, as the court had previously, on June 5, granted an order to serve Ganduje and the other defendants through substituted service.

The prosecution counsel, Adeola Adedipe (SAN) informed the court that the defendants had been served, and an affidavit of service was filed on June 6.

He noted, “My lord, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th respondents are not in court nor represented, only the 6th respondent”.

Adedipe requested the court to enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of the absent defendants, citing section 278(1)(2) of the Kano State Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ACJL) 2019.

“The court should enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of the defendants who refused to answer the complaint in the charge,” Adedipe argued.

He also urged the court to issue a bench warrant of arrest pursuant to Section 388 of the Kano State ACJL, stressing, “The essence of an arrest warrant is for the sanctity and urgency of the court because an order has been made for the defendants to appear before it and they refused”.

However, counsel for the 6th respondent, Nureini Jimoh (SAN) contended that service had not been properly affected on his client.

“We filed a notice of preliminary objection on the competency of the entire charge. The court does not have constitutional power on any of the count charges,” Jimoh stated.

He also mentioned that an application for a stay of execution had been filed before the Court of Appeal, “restraining the prosecution from publishing any charges against the 6th respondent”.

Jimoh urged the court to dismiss the prosecution’s application for a warrant of arrest and to refrain from entering a plea of not guilty on behalf of the 6th respondent.

Justice Adamu-Aliyu has adjourned the case until October 23 and 24 for the hearing of the preliminary objection and the main charge.

This development portends grave danger in the scheme of affairs with questions begging for an answer that is the ruling party helmsman immune to scrutiny and forensic investigations by the anti-corruption body, EFCC? In hindsight, Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf pontificated in public domain that his predecessor, Ganduje has a case to answer as his government will stop at nothing to bring him and his co-travellers to book over his eight-year’s tenure characterized by corruption.

It’s beyond beggar’s belief that such an infringement has been swept under the carpet, as a similar case that involves the immediate-past Kogi State governor; Yahaya Bello is hugging the headlines indefinitely. The confluence sub national entity stated earlier in public domain that GYB has no case to answer, but the EFCC states that reverse is the case.

The Governor in his reaction regretted that Ganduje who was supposed to cover his face in shame over cases of corruption and political violence hanging around his neck shamelessly spoke about non-existent failure in the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) led government in the state.

According to the statement, “Governor Yusuf insisted that Ganduje presided over two unproductive tenures characterised with, inability to cater for the needs of Kano’s population and nepotism.

“Our eight months in office has remarkably outweighed Ganduje’s eight wasted years of political caricature and maladministration by all standards,” Governor Yusuf stated.

He advised the acting National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) and the immediate-past Governor of the state, Abdullah Umar Ganduje to rather buckle up in defence of his battered image at the court, instead of further exposing his impunity on the media space.

Furthermore, to gain helicopter oversight on this thorny issue that’s a sore thumb that constitutes leprous fingers was highlighted by Muhuyi Magaji, chairman of the Kano state Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCCAC), where he stated inter alia that the agency has traced N51.3 billion allegedly diverted by Abdullahi Ganduje, former governor of the state.

Magaji spoke during an interview on Arise TV. He said the funds traced by the anti-corruption commission were half of the over N100 billion meant for LGs in the state.

“The monies were channeled to different local government accounts. They then met with local government staff to create false expenditure with a payment voucher and then diverted the money through a third party,” he said.

“We traced a lot of the diverted funds to various individual accounts at the single market and subsequently took the money in cash to the state government house with someone stationed with a counting machine.”

The trajectory where ignominious allegations that involve perceived associates of the ruling party and levers of power are overlooked, while entities in the bad books of the system are subjected to vice like grip treatment leaves a sour taste in the mouth that could be equated to dystopian locomotion in a democracy.

Ayoola Ajanaku is a Communications and Advocacy Specialist based in Lagos, Nigeria….

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