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SaharaWeeklyNG Reports That The Promising Nigerian artiste Ibadan expensive says his ability to create happiness through his songs give him joy and will directly impact positively in the life’s of many, Recently this Auchi Polytechnic ND graduate in a chat with the media explain why he venture into the industry, his kind of music and other sundry issues about him and the industry, enjoy the chat,




How are you, can we meet you?

 Yes, you are welcome my name is Ibadan Expensive.

Tell us about yourself?

I went to Auchi polytechnic Auchi in Edo state, I studied computer science and graduated with OND in 2016.

How was your early life like?

I grow up as an ordinary child and manage to go through school it wasn’t easy but I had to survive.




How did you venture into the music industry?

Well music for me started in school I use to follow my friend to his studio sections to record and he started encouraging me to start making music with him and that was how it started we made a couple of songs together back then but I never took it seriously until 2018 when I went to visit another friend of mine OHB and he had a studio in his house and he told me I could come and record for free and that was it.

Are you with any record labels now?

I’m currently not in any record label but the journey has been great so far and I just hope for the best.




Are you consulting to join any record label soon?

I’m just getting started and I only hope and pray for the best.

Tell us the experience and journey so far in the industry?

I have always known the journey won’t be easy but as I said earlier the journey has been great and I only hope and pray for the best.

Is the government doing enough to encourage upcoming artists like you in the industry?




Well, I think the government is doing its best and it all depends on us to work hard so we can achieve our goals.

Are you satisfied with the level of creativity in the industry?

Yes, I am very satisfied with Nigeria’s music content and I believe with time our music will be everywhere.




Ok is the industry there yet?

Not yet but with time we’ll get there.

Which major artiste did you wish to work with within Nigeria?

I will say Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy.

What of the international level?

Internationally I will prefer Drake, young thug, and future.

You did not tell us your marital status?

I’m single.

How do you relax?

I spend the most time with myself and sometimes with friends and family.





Tell me the kind of friends or opposite sex you like to be with?

I will say different, simple, and straightforward.

How will you best describe your kind of music?

I will describe my music as a unique sound mixed with afro-fusion and afro soul.

What is your unique selling point?

My vibes and flow. 






I just want it to develop and evolve in whatever direction it found.

Who and who among the top players in the music industry inspired you?

Wizkid, burnaboy, popcaan, and drake.  Fela, 2face, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Rihanna

They inspire me each time I listen to their music, they are geniuses.

Tell me some other artiste song that keeps you more inspiration aside from your music?

Diced pineapple by Rick Ross 

Mirror by Lil Wayne 

Blessings by Big Sean 

Ambition by Wale

Blue notes by meek mill 

Each time I listen to these songs it reminds me a lot about me.

Can we say you are born with music?




I have always been interested in music ever since I was very young.

What gives you joy about the kind of music you sing?

The ability to create something that doesn’t exist into existence for people to play it and enjoy it is a thing of joy for me.

My music says a lot about me as a person, my experience, things going on around me, relationships, friends, and so on.

Which project are you working on now?




I’m working on a project called Timeless but for now, I will be droppings until is done.

Words for your fans outside there?

I just want to say a thank you to everyone supporting me out there and I promise never to let you down.

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Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant Birthed In Benin



Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant Birthed In Benin

By Elvis Omoregie

An Ultra Modern Restaurant ‘Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant and Bar’: a division of Costfromi Nigeria Limited, has joined restaurant business in the ancient city of Benin, Edo State capital
Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant situated at Suit G 17, inside Vegetable Market, No. 27, Airport Road, Benin City is owed by one of the prominent Chiefs in Benin Kingdom, Chief Ambrose Osuan, the Osuan of Benin Kingdom.
Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant Birthed In Benin
In an interview with newsmen after the commissioning, Chief Osuan opined that for constant healthy living, good food is what someone needed as medicine to the body. “If you eat good food according to balance diets, it would be difficult for you to get ill or sick.’
The Benin Chief added that people from the age of 40 and above should watch the type of food they eat or consumed for good healthy life which every family home needs.
“What motivated my aim and mission for the business is to create healthy meals for our customers. It has always be a premonition in my mind from those days, when I was in my infant stage. Even to open a restaurant, when I grow up I need to calculate the cost of production of the trade.
“So based on that thinking, I started embarking on research and interacting with the nutritionists all over the world, both in USA and United Kingdom. From my own findings, they all are the same to us. I also discovered that, from the past 100 years, people have been consuming too much of Omega 8 and Omega 6 into their body system, destroying their body mechanism on a gradual process.
“I felt the way to checkmate this much intake of Omega 8 and 6 is to create a restaurant that would not be too expensive, but for food that would be obtainable for the six geo-political zones in the country.
“We put all mechanism in place, that is how we got to this place we are now. But the main fact is that you have to eat according to your blood group. That is what it means, anything short of that, the person at the age of 50 years will be running from one hospital to the other.”
Going further, Chief Osuan added, “Costfromi Big Apple Restaurant is set to provide good and healthy foods according to individual’s body diets. We prepare dishes to match individual’s body chemistry for optimal health results.
“We are using this forum to create a clarion call to the government to create the awareness to see how people can get more of the Omega H3, in order to checkmate the excessive of H3, as a result of bad oils that are rampant in every markets. Government have not been able to suppress it, but, there are many ways to do such things.
“Food that will give you high level of cholesterol is not enjoyment. A lot of people have money in this country, but they didn’t know the type of food they are suppose to eat. There are certain blood group that certain food especially on the aspect of breakfast, launch and dinner because so many people are dying as a result of the food they eat,” he posited.
Earlier in his address, the chairman of the occasion, Senator Roland Owie commended the initiator for setting up the food business to solve the problem of unemployment in the state.
He advised that good food promote good health and healthy living and appealed that everyone should always watch the kind of food they eat to remain healthy in life.
Highlight of the event was the commissioning of the CostFromi Big Apple Restaurant and Bar by the Chief launcher and the Father of the day, His Royal Highness, Chief Uyinmwen Okungbowa, the Duke of Imokpe Imue Dukedom.

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‘’My Wife Is Responsible For My Glowing, Transformed Look’’ – Prophet Joshua Iginla  As He Celebrates Her (Video)



‘’My Wife Is Responsible For My Glowing, Transformed Look’’ – Prophet Joshua Iginla  As He Celebrates Her (Video)

‘’My Wife Is Responsible For My Glowing, Transformed Look’’ – Prophet Joshua Iginla  As He Celebrates Her (Video)


The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has revealed that his wife is responsible for the transformation in his physical appearance.




‘’My Wife Is Responsible For My Glowing, Transformed Look’’ – Prophet Joshua Iginla  As He Celebrates Her (Video)


In an exclusive interview session in commemoration of his birthday ceremony coming up today, Prophet Iginla, who has set tongues wagging with his new look, acknowledged the positive impact and the aesthetic value his wife, Prophetess Stella Iginla has added to his life and ministry.


He explained that Prophetess Stella has been wonderful and it will only be fair that he appreciates her for the tremendous transformation, reception, and comfort he has been enjoying in marriage.


‘’The secret is nothing else but God, he makes everything fine in his own time and of course, God has given me a wonderful wife. She has been so awesome and if you used to know me before 2019, you can see the changes. If I appreciate what God has done and I don’t appreciate what my wife has done Prophetess Stella, and the tremendous transformation from her touch, reception, and what I have as a married man, I will not be doing justice’’





Surprisingly, Prophet Joshua Iginla will be celebrating his birthday alongside his wife, Prophetess Stella who was born on the same day as him. Speaking on how he feels about this, Iginla described it as destiny considering the fact that his wife isn’t a Nigerian but from South Africa.


‘’I will call it faith, fate and destiny. I call it destiny because we were born on the same day. All the way from South Africa to here in Nigeria, I’m from Ekiti and her birthday is tomorrow, hence this birthday celebration. The celebration means a lot because it’s not just about me, it’s about me, my wife and my family, and of course my son, He was born on May 9’’


Also, Prophet Joshua Iginla when asked about the journey so far in marriage, made it known that God gave him his life partner in Prophetess Stella because it has been nothing short of perfect. He mentioned that it’s been unique and interesting for him as he is running the race effortlessly.


‘’It’s interesting that God gives you your own life partner and I would say the journey has been so perfect, unique, easy, no burden, and sweet. So many years ago I may not be able to say this but it’s so easy to say I’m running the race effortlessly. There is nothing as unique as working with your dream partner in whatever you do; for me, it’s unique.’’


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Celebrities That Own Customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van



Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Celebrities That Own  Customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van




Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van has gained prominence in becoming the vehicle of choice for many celebrities and various wealthy people who need larger than usual average vehicles for their travel needs, luxury, or business engagements. The starting price of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is nothing less than 18,000,000 NGN. Of course, the price gets higher depending on how celebrities want it customized. This implies you need to have a fat account to avoid the luxury of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van






The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is often regarded as a boxy vehicle on four wheels. This classic van with high end features has a dizzying array of body styles, engine choices and customization options. The fact is, whoever you are or whatever your travel needs are; there is always a Mercedes Sprinter that perfectly meets your itinerary. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a full-size van available in cargo, passenger and crew configurations. All vans come in 144-inch and 170-inch wheelbase lengths, and the longer-wheelbase versions are also available in extra-long cargo and crew configurations.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van




Due to its versatility, various celebrities are opting for the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. It provides space and comfort, and can easily be customized to fit the desires of whoever needs it and can pay for it. Below are popular celebrities who own one or more customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.







Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money was born in Ajegunle, Lagos State on the 18th of February 1981. The young billionaire lives an extravagant life. This is no surprise because some quarters also call him Arab Money. He is the CEO of Five Star Group and Emy Cargo Limited.


He established Emy Cargo in 2007. This company is one of the best freight forwarding and shipping services companies in Africa. The company also sells both new and used American cars.


E-money is KCee’s brother. This guy’s got some wealth and is not afraid to spend it. Amongst his fleet of exotic vehicles is a customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. E-Money takes a lot of leisure cruises with his friends in his beautifully-styled Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. The starting price for the customization specs used by E-Money in his sprinter van begins from 100,000,000 NGN




Godswill Akpabio

Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Godswill Akpabio  is the current Minister of Niger Delta, a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Senate’s Minority Leader. The veteran governor has wealth and affluence and doesn’t hesitate to spend it on enjoying luxurious vehicles. In 2013, barely a few months after acquiring a $45 million private jet, Godswill Akapabio got himself several customized bulletproof Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.



The luxury vans were acquired from US-based Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC). Godswill Akapabio had his Sprinter Van customized by the Texas Armoring Corporation. Part of his customizations includes making the van bulletproof to enhance security. He also customized the seats white with a line of green and also had the Nigerian coat of arms imprinted on the headrest of the seats. His customized Sprinter van costs him several millions of dollars.










Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Once a member of the House of Representatives, Dino is a politician, lawmaker and former senator of Nigeria. Serving as a senator, Dino Melaye represented the Kogi West Senatorial District under the People’s Democratic Party. Senator Dino Melaye is one of the few senators who has stirred controversy in Nigeria with his attitudes and words. He is often referred to as the ‘singing senator’.

Dino Melaye is a wealthy man. He is a busy man and travels a lot. Dino Melaye is the proud owner of a customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter van which he uses for most of his itinerary. For a wealthy politician, Dino Melaye can afford to have his Mercedes Benz sprinter van customized at a starting price of 130,000,000 NGN









Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Popularly known as Christ Embassy, he is the president of LoveWorld Incorporated. Born on the 7th of December 1961, Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome is a pastor, televangelist and philanthropist. He is a graduate of the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria.

Being a wealthy and successful pastor, Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome has a fleet of exotic cars and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is one of them. This vehicle is customized to fit well the touring needs of the Man of God. Customized specifications of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are that the van has armoured features and other advanced technology and safety features. Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome has not disclosed how much he spent on customizing his sprinter van.






Ayiri Emam


Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Ayiri Emami is a Nigerian activist and highly influential Niger Delta youth leader. He was the former chairman of the Delta Waterways Security Committee.

Wealthy and famous, Ayiri Emami is a versatile young man. Reports have it that he is a lover of expensive and exotic cars. Notable among his fleet of cars are Jeep Wrangler, Mini Cooper, BMW X6, Jaguar XJ, Bentley Mulsanne, Toyota Venza, Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover Sport, Lexus LX 470, Mercedes Benz G-Class etc.

He also owns a customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. Very often, Ayiri Emami can be found cruising around town in his customized sprinter van with his wife and kids. His customized Sprinter Van costs him between 60,000,000 – 80,000,000 NGN.






Friday Ossai Osanebi


Mercedes Benz Sprinter VIP Van

Friday Ossai Osanebi, born October 7, 1980, is a Nigerian and a member of the Delta State House of Assembly. He is the Lawmaker representing Ndokwa East Local Government Constituency in the State House of Assembly. He is the youngest legislator in the Delta State House of Assembly. The young lawmaker owns a customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter van which he used mostly during his campaign tours to be a lawmaker. Friday Ossai Osanebi has not revealed how much he bought his Sprinter van.


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