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Ex- Governor, Yahaya Bello And His Support For President Bola Ahmed Tinubu



The former governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello is a true definition of a friend for all seasons; in good and bad times, He will always show up for anyone he believes in without regard for what he stands to gain or lose.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is no doubt a beneficiary of Yahaya Bello’s exemplary style of friendship and this was evident in the build up to the 2023 presidential election where the former kogi state governor went all out for the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the president of Nigeria.

It would be recalled that Yahaya Bello held one of the largest rallies in the North Central zone to solicit support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He gathered thousands of people at the prestigious Lokoja stadium and spoke to the people to vote for APC even more than they did in 2019.

He went as far as spending his personal resources to protect the interest of his party and on a larger scale, win the votes of the populace for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu; very few people would do that.

However, it’s quite appalling that some elements in the media have started sponsoring videos to state that Yahaya Bello was against the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as president. These elements have been identified as SDP media agents.

In the video which was extracted from Channels TV, they alleged that Yahaya Bello didn’t support President Tinubu because he was against zoning the presidential ticket to the south. This is a testament that these media agents would do anything just to push a narrative because by this act, Yahaya Bello simply showed that he is a leader who wants everything to be done the right way. The Nigerian constitution makes no provision for zoning and a ruling party adopting that approach would set a wrong precedent. By disagreeing with the zoning arrangement, Yahaya Bello didn’t disapprove of President Tinubu’s presidency; he only wanted to ensure the process that would produce a candidate will be democratic.

When Yahaya Bello noticed that some people in the ruling party wanted to illegally disqualify some presidential aspirants because they are from the ‘minority’  after purchasing nomination forms, he stood for himself and other aspirants, warning them not to attempt it because it would tamper with the democratic process. To the opposition, this heroic act of Yahaya Bello was seen as an attack against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu; this once again underscores their inability to think right.

Among their allegations against Yahaya Bello was that he said President Tinubu was too old and weak to lead Nigeria. Till today, they still can’t come up with solid evidence to back up this allegation.

It is worthy of note that Yahaya Bello immediately collapsed his massive structure into that of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in order to ensure victory for the All Progressive Congress. How else does one support an individual if not by doing all of these?

SDP should know that by now, they can’t break the bond between President Tinubu and Yahaya Bello, it’s too late already but they should desist from sharing falsehood because they can’t bear the pain of loss.



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Don’t try it, it’s not yet time for a single currency, prophet Ikuru tells African presidents




By Collins Nkwocha

The prophetic hall of fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has told the African countries under the umbrella of ECOWAS not to embrace a single currency because it would ridicule them and expose their unhealthy rivalries to the entire world.

Speaking further about the planned introduction of the ECO in the ECOWAS nation,he prognosticated that the currency will bring problems because there’s no unity among the ECOWAS nations ” I’m speaking as a prophet, what I saw in the realm of spirit concerning the introduction to money is not appealing, the money will bring complications and issues between the nations of ECOWAS because there’s no unity between them,their interests are divided,most of the nations see themselves are rivals as the currency will further make mockery and ridicule of the African continent, the truth is that Africa is not yet matured to use a single currency as this is not the right time to introduce the money “.

He maintained that things should be done at the right time as this is not the appropriate time for Africa to use a single currency ” if there’s unity among the nations of ECOWAS and they have common interest then it would have been a lovely initiative that would propel growth and development throughout the West Africa Sub-region ,but for now,it would rather do the opposite “.

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What Primate Ayodele Said About LG Autonomy In ‘Warnings To The Nations’



Primate Ayodele Releases 30th Edition Of Prophecy Book ‘’ Warnings To The Nations’

It is no longer news that Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released the 30th edition of his annual prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations’ on Saturday, 6th of July, 2024.

As usual, some prophecies have been coming to pass already since the release while some were fulfilled even before the day of release. This is evidence that Warnings To The Nations isn’t an ordinary book but indeed, a prophetic publication that reveals things to come.

The federal government has just won against state governors on the issue of local government autonomy at the supreme court. The federal government had dragged states to court for not allowing LG autonomy and even though the governors resisted the move, they lost the case at the apex court.

A quick dig into Warnings To The Nations indicated that Primate Ayodele foretold the success of the LG autonomy at the court. He highlighted the challenges that would be faced in the process but in the end, he said that the AGF will do everything within him to see that LG Autonomy is granted by the court.

These were his words

‘’Local government autonomy: The local government autonomy will create friction between the federal government and state as some states will oppose it while some will embrace it. This will divide the governors forum and it will see to the end of some governor’s self ambition. The attorney general will take a strong stand to see that the autonomy is achieved.’’

These were noted on Page 229 of Warnings to the nations (2024/2025) edition. The prophecy accurately noted that autonomy will be achieved but warned of some things that may come up after it. He mentioned that there will be issues between federal and state governments. Whether or not the other parts of the prophecy will come to pass, we will know very soon.

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Keystone Bank wins ‘Retail Bank of the Year 2024’ award




Keystone Bank Limited, has emerged as the ‘Retail Bank of the Year’ at the just concluded Africa Industrial and Development Conference and Awards 2024.

The bank was presented with the prestigious award during the Nigeria Middle East Investors Expo and Awards ceremony held at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, over the weekend.

The African Industrial and Development Conference and Awards is an annual event dedicated to promoting industrial development, economic growth, and sustainable best practices across the African continent.

Speaking on the award, Managing Director and CEO of Keystone Bank, Mr. Hassan Imam, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, that the award is a testament to the effectiveness of the Bank’s various transformation programmes aimed at raising the bar in developing and delivering unique retail financial products to all levels of customers.

According to the bank’s CEO, “Keystone Bank has in place a robust retail banking strategy that enables us to review our retail products and processes to ensure that the needs and lifestyles of customers are met.

“We are grateful for this recognition and dedicate the award to our customers who rely on us to provide the right support for operating effectively in their businesses.

“As a bank, we remain committed to our goal of growing together with our customers. We operate from a position of financial strength, consistently meeting our obligations as well as all regulatory requirements. Our focus is on building a lasting relationship with our customers and continually enhancing their banking experience” he concluded.

It would be recalled that KPMG, a leading audit and consultancy firm, rated Keystone Bank high in the retail and SME segments in the country in 2023.

In the 2023 edition of the Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey released by the agency, Keystone Bank topped other Nigerian banks moving up from its fourth position in 2022 to second in retail banking with 76.4 points. The lender’s customer experience performance in SME banking also improved significantly as it moved from fifteenth position in the last survey to third in 2023 with 73.5 points.

According to the survey report, customers commended user-friendliness and reliability of Keystone Bank digital platforms as well as its efficiency of payment services, superlative relationship management and swift resolution of complaints.

It’s worthy of note that Keystone Bank has invested substantially in technology and developed fully integrated service models that enable its customers to enjoy banking services through a wide range of channels. The effort is in the bank’s determination to take financial services to every household in order to drive effective inclusion and participation in the recovery and growth of Nigeria’s economy.

The upgraded Keystone Bank digital platforms provide a truly customer-centric experience. The bank believes in innovation, creativity, and the use of technology to enhance the lives of its customers.

The bank’s upgraded digital platforms which include: the Keystone Bank Mobile Application, known as KeyMobile; Keystone Internet Banking platform and its *7111# Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) solution, are seamless, secure, fast, reliable and easy to use at convenience.
On SME, Keystone Bank has been a major supporter and promoter of the segment in the country.

The bank has embarked on several initiatives to train SMEs on financial literacy and bookkeeping to enable them to take control of their financial future and tap into the opportunities in the financial industry. Thousands of SMEs across the nation have benefitted from the bank’s programmes and initiatives.

The retail lender’s SME financing strategy is delivered through a multi-faceted approach that includes robust business advisory, practical handholding, and guidance of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to building sustainable businesses. Its SME package leverages partnerships, value add offerings, and cost saving banking services to support its customer’s business growth.

Keystone Bank is a technology and service-driven commercial bank offering convenient and reliable solutions to its customers.

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