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Fayemi visits failed portion of Ilawe Ekiti road




Fayemi visits failed portion of Ilawe Ekiti road

… Orders 500 meters geotechnical survey of affected areas


Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has ordered the engineers in the State Ministry of Works and Transportation to work with the contractor handling Ilawe-Ado Ekiti road to carry out immediate geotechnical survey of the affected failed portion of the road.

Governor Fayemi gave the order when he visited the failed portion of the road in Ilawe Ekiti Wednesday afternoon, stressing that Government would work put a permanent solution to the road.



The Governor who was accompanied by the Commissioner for Local Government and Rural Development, Prof Adio Folayan; Commissioner for information and values Orientation, Barr Akin Omole; Director General Bureau of Public procurement, Mr O’Seun Odewale and other government officials, said the survey would provide the needed information on the depth of the effect of the spoiled portion on other asphalted parts of the road.

He explained that pending the outcome of the survey the existing alternative routes would be strengthened to accommodate the volume of traffic that would be directed to the areas while preliminary measure to get the road back to use would also be put in place.






The Governor who was received by the Monarch of the town, Alawe of Ilawe Ekiti, Oba Adebanji Alabi emphasized on the importance of the road to the state government and assured the people of the town that Government would handle the situation and ensure that the road is restored for all road users.

Dr Fayemi at the visit also stressed the need for people to take climate change seriously adding that the failed portion of the road was largely one of the effects of climate change.







“This is another evidence why we must take climate change very seriously when I heard of it this morning I even thought it was the other failed portion which we had already contracted out to the original contractor that was affected but it turned out that it is another part of the road that has now failed.

“This is a state road, we will take some preliminary measures to restore the road back to some reasonable use but we don’t want to be precipitated about our approach to dealing with this problem. We are going to get our engineers in the ministry of works, to work with the contractor, to do a geotechnical survey of the area affected. we will do a survey of at least 500 meters around this entire axis so that we know what is happening underneath the asphalted area in order to deal with it effectively.






“The important thing is pending the time this is being fixed alternative road will be made available via igede, toward Iyin for those who wants to get to Ado. It is a very important road to us in the state and that is understandable serving as alternative road for those who wants to get outside the state either towards Ilesha, Igbara odo, Igbara oke, Akure or those who want it as a short cut to other communities and farmland in this area not to mention Ilawe community itself that is going to be most affected by this unfortunate development.

“But I want to assure Kabyesi and all the people of Ilawe Ekiti that Government is not unaware of this that was why I came to check it myself and the contractor has already come I believe is bringing his extracavator and other equipment to start work immediately on this.” He said.

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Taraba State Governor, Agbu Kefas’ Silent Climate and Agricultural Revolution: A Beacon of Hope





A transformative movement is underway in Taraba State, driven by Governor Agbu Kefas’ visionary 10 million economic tree planting program. This initiative is revolutionizing the mindset of rural farmers, who previously relied on low-yielding crops like rice, yam, and cassava. By introducing high-yielding Malaysian palm seedlings and other assorted economic trees, the program aims to boost agriculture, combat climate change, and alleviate rural poverty.


The sheer scale of the program is massive and impressive, with vast nurseries centres as far as the eye can see sprouting across the state, including USSA, TAKUM, DONGA, IBI, WUKARI, KURMI, BALI, GASHAKA, and SARDAUNA. International recognition has followed as  the governor was among others invited recently to New York for a conference on global warming and importance of tree planting.  A recent international newspaper editorial highlighted Taraba State’s outstanding approach in Nigeria and especially the entire northern region.


If sustained, this program could reduce poverty by half and significantly improve the state’s GDP growth rate. It’s a welcome departure from the usual cash handouts, which often exacerbate dependency. Instead, Governor Agbu Kefas is empowering farmers with a sustainable livelihood, fostering economic growth, and writing a new chapter in Taraba State’s development story.


We commend Governor Agbu Kefas for his innovative leadership and commitment to transforming Taraba State. May this silent revolution inspire other states to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of progress across Nigeria.


Economic trees play a vital role in addressing  pressing global issues:


*Climate Change*:

– Absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, mitigating the effects of climate change.

– Help maintain soil quality, preventing erosion and landslides.

– Provide shade, reducing the urban heat island effect.

Poverty Reduction:

– Generate income opportunities for rural communities through sustainable forest management.

– Provide raw materials for local industries, promoting economic growth.

– Enhance food security by offering fruits, nuts, and other edible products.


In Taraba State, the economic tree planting program is a strategic move to:


Combat Climate Change: By planting millions of trees, the state is reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to global efforts against climate change.

Reduce Poverty: By empowering rural farmers with high-yielding crops, the program is increasing income opportunities, improving livelihoods, and reducing poverty.


The economic tree planting program is a win-win strategy for Taraba State, addressing both climate change and poverty reduction while promoting sustainable development.


The economic tree planting program in Taraba State has not only environmental and economic benefits but also social benefits, such as:


– Job creation: Employing 700 workers across various nursery centers, contributing to reduced unemployment and improved livelihoods.

– Skill development: Workers are acquiring skills in nursery management, planting, and maintenance.

– Community engagement: Local communities are involved in the project, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

– Economic stimulus: The project is injecting income into the local economy, boosting economic activity and growth.


This project is a testament to the potential of sustainable development initiatives to drive positive change and improve the lives of communities. Kudos to the Taraba State government and all stakeholders involved!


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Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled As Kenyans Protest Against President Ruto Over Finance Bill



Niger: One Week After Primate Ayodele’s Warnings, Bandits Attack Nigerian Soldiers (VIDEO)

Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled As Kenyans Protest Against President Ruto Over Finance Bill











Sahara Weekly Reports That There is currently a protest going on against the President of Kenya, Samuel Ruto following some of his policies which includes the finance bill that was recently approved by the Kenya Kwanza government.





Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled As Kenyans Protest Against President Ruto Over Finance Bill







Citizens of the country took to the street earlier this morning to protest against it as they made it known that the bill would add to their taxes and make the economy of the country more difficult for ordinary citizens to thrive in.












The protest at some point led to violence as police arrested some protesters, shot tear gas at them and as we speak, about 200 protesters are in police custody following their protest.













No doubt, this development has fulfilled one of the prophecies Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele gave regarding President Ruto’s government in January. The prophet who foretold Ruto’s victory in the 2022 presidential election warned earlier this year that the president would come up with some economic policies that would be alarming.















In the prophecy which was published by notable newspapers including, Primate Ayodele mentioned that the efforts of Ruto to make Kenya better will not be appreciated and that oppositions would come strongly against him.












These were his words:


‘’Kenya: The country should pray not to see an assassination or removal of a governor. The country’s economic policy will be alarming. Ruto will come up with different policies to see that Kenya gets better but he won’t be appreciated. Oppositions will come out strongly against him. All the efforts of Ruto to make Kenya better will be faced with challenges. The president needs to look after his health. The foreign exchange will not be too good, and Kenya must change its economic policies. I see the country getting it wrong in diplomatic policies. The president must pray not to lose any minister.’’







The current development in Kenya has fulfilled one of the six prophetic warnings to the president in 2024.

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Hon Juwon Olorunnipa Preaches Sacrifice, Peace At Eid-El-Kabir




The special adviser to Kogi governor on arts and culture, Honourable Juwon Olorunnipa AKA Jumabee has urged Muslim faithfuls to sacrifice and sue for peace as they celebrate 2024 Eid-El-Kabir.

Jumabee, in a statement he personally signed noted that the significance of Eid-el-Kabir is giving sacrifice for the nation and mankind therefore, Muslims should imbibe peaceful and sacrificial nature as modeled by Almighty Allah.

Jumabee also encouraged them to continue to pray for the peace of Nigeria whenever they gather because the nation is their treasure.

Read statement below

I felicitate with my Muslim brothers and sisters on this momentous celebration of Eid-El-Kabir.

We bless Almighty Allah for the preservation of our souls and for making us to see another Eid celebration in peace.

As you celebrate, I want to urge us to remember our dear Nation in our prayers and supplications to Almighty Allah. Our nation is our treasure, Let’s continue to offer our prayers for the leadership of this nation.

As we know that Islam is a religion of peace, I want us to imbibe peaceful character as we celebrate Eid-El-Kabir. We are representatives of Allah, let’s continue to remain peaceful in all of our dealings.

Beyond the celebrations, let’s learn to sacrifice for the nation and people around us as Eid-El-kabir connotes.

May Almighty Allah continue to bless us.

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