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FFK Rubbishes Dino Melaye




FFK Rubbishes Dino Melaye




FFK– Can a barely educated and ill-bred peasant like Dino Melaye ever rise above a well educated and enlightened Prince like me?





FFK Rubbishes Dino Melaye







It is like comparing a lion and a mongrel.

It is like comparing a well-bred and well-trained racehorse with pure bloodlines to a farmhouse donkey.





If not for politics where would this creature and I meet?

Even if the peasant becomes President or has all the money in the world this can never be so.

He can never be on top. He will always be below.

I will always be the Head and he will always be the tail.

I will always be the master and he will always be the slave.

He will always know something in him is inadequate and lacking and he will always have a big chip on his shoulder.

An ill-bred peasant is an ill-peasant and he shall remain so his entire life.

He shall remain so from generation to generation because that is what God has ordained him to be.

That is the will of God for him and his.

The problem with street urchins and gutter snipes like Dino is that he cannot accept the fact that God has put him and all that are his firmly under my feet.

So it was, so it is and so it shall always be from generation to generation.

His can never be above mine and mine shall always be above his.

It is a question of lineage, heritage, education and decent bloodlines: unlike yours truly he has none of the four.

He is little better than a motor park tout and that shall always be his lot and that of his wretched lineage.

Today, by the grace of God, I am the Director of Special Media Operations, Special Media Projects and New Media in the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Organisation.

This is a great honor and responsibility and I am very proud of it as I am of our candidate.

The Directorate I lead is massive.

It is distinct and it stands on its own and we have over 150 members in my team, each of whom is more capable and effective than Dino.

I do not work under anyone but the DG and the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

We have an organogram which is very clear.

I report directly to the DG and the candidate and no one else.

Though we work closely together, we have four big, strong, independent and distinct Media Directorates in our PCC each of which is led by a Director that is far bigger, brighter and better than Dino, each of whom speak for the organisation and each of which are far more effective and powerful than the scabby and ineffective media team in Atiku’s entire campaign organisation.

In 2015 I was Director of Media and Publicity for the Jonathan/ Sambo PCC but the position I enjoy today and the Directorate I lead is far bigger and better than that and so is our entire PCC.

By way of contrast Dino is a mere spokesman and lowly messenger of Atiku and heads no Directorate in the Atiku/Okowa PCC.

Unlike our official spokesman, Festus Keyamo SAN, who heads our Directorate of Public Affairs, Dino could not be trusted with a Directorate because his boss Atiku understands his childish and volatile disposition and obvious limitations.

Simply put he could not be trusted to lead anyone.

The only thing he can be trusted to do is to follow the candidate around like a jobless pratt and and run and deliver messages to the public.

He does not even get a mention or have a place in their organogram and he is only one of 6 spokesmen in their PCC, out of which he is the most incompetent and least qualified.

*No matter how much he wiggles his fat posterior for Atiku* he is just a clown, a thug, a glorified parrot and a mouthpiece for garbage.

The fact that he cannot even comprehend or understand how a real presidential campaign organisation like ours works and is structured is a reflection of his ignorance.

Someone please tell him to remember his place and report to his Director of Media Communications Dele Momodu for lessons.

He is far too junior to be attempting to lock horns with me.

The only reason I give him a little of my time is because I find him entertaining.

It gives me pleasure to torment him from time to time because he is nothing but a classless and uncouth agbero and a bully.

Baiting him also provides some comic relief for me and others during the rigours of this campaign.

He reminds me of a dog I once owned whose name was also Dino.

Sadly it got run over by a car.

Let us hope this Dino fares better in life.


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Nigeria At 63: We Are On Track For Economic Recovery, Says Obasa



Nigeria At 63: We Are On Track For Economic Recovery, Says Obasa

Nigeria At 63: We Are On Track For Economic Recovery, Says Obasa




With the steps so far taken by the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu since May 29, 2023 when he took the oath office, Nigeria can be described as a country currently on track for economic recovery and advancement, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has said.






Dr. Obasa gave this position in a congratulatory message to Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 63rd Independence anniversary.


Nigeria At 63: We Are On Track For Economic Recovery, Says Obasa





In the message released by his media office, the Speaker noted that Nigeria is currently led by Asiwaju Tinubu, a financial expert and who knows how to plug every hole that would ordinarily hinder the country from reaching its goals.

Noting the current challenges facing Nigeria, Dr. Obasa encouraged the citizens to be more tolerant at this time and exercise more patience with the hope of a greater destination for the country.

“We collectively understand the state of the country. We also know the sacrifice each of us is making at the moment to see that our nation works for us again.

“Delightedly, the administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has hit the ground running sorting out the challenges and designing action plans to resolve a whole lot of them. This is what we expect of a Nigerian leader at this time.

“Nigeria has undergone a lot of developmental experiments since 1960 when we became an independent nation. However, just as the experiments went, the country amassed various challenges which became burdensome over the years leading to the clamour for true leadership.

“In the last few months, right steps have been taken by the government, which, if we all work around, would gravitate into producing the right results we all yearn to see and experience.

“We all want to see a country that attracts investors because of the right environment, we aspire to have world-class health services, we clamour for better education for our children, better prospects and employment opportunities. These are all achievable. What we simply need is cooperation with the government of the day.

“Nigeria is on the pathway to greatness. We have to pull together our collective resilience, patriotism and strength to see us through so our country can return to its enviable state in the comity of nations.

“I congratulate every Nigerian citizen today and urge us all to see a blissful future ahead of us,” the Speaker urged.

“At the Lagos State House of Assembly, we have taken various actions, many of them futuristic, which have helped to create a sane environment devoid of the level of criminalities experienced elsewhere.

“We will never sit on these achievements, but work tirelessly to see that each resident of our dear State truly believes in Lagos and its success,” the Speaker added.

Eromosele Ebhomele
Media Assistant to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

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Naira Marley: I’m Not Responsible For DJ Splash’s Mental Illness



Naira Marley: I’m Not Responsible For DJ Splash’s Mental Illness

Naira Marley: I’m Not Responsible For DJ Splash’s Mental Illness




Embattled Nigerian singer and Marlian Records henchman, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley has denied claims that he is responsible for DJ Splash’s mental instability.



Naira Marley: I’m Not Responsible For DJ Splash’s Mental Illness


Also, he cleared the air on rumours that he (DJ Splash) was once signed to Marlian Records.

The ‘soapy’ crooner has been tongue-lashed in recent times on different allegations since the death of his former signee, Mohbad.




Among such allegations was that DJ Splash ran mad after taking substances given to him by the Marlian team.

DJ Splash’s mother, in a recent video shared by actress Iyabo Ojo during her visit, alleged that since her son left Naira Marley’s house, he had been mentally unstable.





However, in an interview with Reno Omokri on Thursday, Marley denied all the allegations.

According to him, DJ Splash was never officially signed to his music label, and neither was he responsible for the DJ’s mental instability.




He added that the DJ had parted ways with Marlian Records before his mental instability began.

He said, “DJ Splash was never signed to Marlian Music. I know him as a DJ, but he has never deejayed with me at shows or anything, it is not like he is my DJ. They just gave him the title because I took a picture with him.




He added that he did not know how the DJ’s mental instability started, and neither was he (DJ Splash) still associated with Marlian Records at the time.




“When whatever happened to him, he was not at my house, and I do not understand where all this is coming from,” he noted.

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Real Reasons Glo Unveiled Kizz Daniel, Asake, And Chike As Brand Ambassadors



Real Reasons Glo Unveiled Kizz Daniel, Asake, And Chike As Brand Ambassadors


Real Reasons Glo Unveiled Kizz Daniel, Asake, And Chike As Brand Ambassadors



Three Nigerian music acts, described by Globacom as “role models who have gone through the grind to stand on the highest pedestal of their dreams”, signed an agreement as Glo brand ambassadors at a colourful ceremony at the company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos.





They include Ahmed Ololade, globally known by his brand name, Asake, is a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, while Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, the Buga exponent, generally known as Kizz Daniel, has a degree in Water Engineering from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.



Real Reasons Glo Unveiled Kizz Daniel, Asake, And Chike As Brand Ambassadors


The third new Glo ambassador, Chike as he is called by his fans, was born as Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka.

He is a graduate of Computer Engineering, from Covenant University, Ogun State.



The company, which marked its 20th anniversary in August stated that it “is celebrating this with the endorsement of these new ambassadors to project the power of youth and enterprise and how much they can achieve with the right focus, passion and dedication that can come from seeing others who have succeeded. This is very much part of our tradition as we believe the strength of a nation lies in the ability and potentials of its youth”.




It explained that the engagement of the new brand icons “is meant to project the best Nigerians as models for younger people who are tirelessly aspiring to succeed. This is more important in an era where positive heroes and mentors are scarce and hard to come by. The intention is not just to promote the growth of music, Nollywood and sports where we have been very prominent, but also to encourage our teeming youths to aspire toward realizing their dreams by looking up to these ambassadors as mentors”.



Globacom, which since inception has always sponsored major events and supported talented as well as enterprising young Nigerians by making them Glo ambassadors, explained that this innovation has become a practice for which Globacom has always led the way in Nigeria.

Congratulating them, Glo which stated that “having these stars as ambassadors of is our way of inspiring a whole generation of young people with vision who can do better and achieve more without losing hope along the way, even when confronted with challenges,” pledged to continue to promote the sector as it held great prospects to promote Nigeria to the world and also transforming lives.

On their part, the new ambassadors promised to represent the Glo brand by projecting the ideals of the company at all times.

They thanked the founder and Chairman of Globacom, Dr Mike Adenuga Jr., for considering them worthy of being appointed as the company’s brand ambassadors.

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