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The height by which great men reach and kept were not attained in sudden flight, but while their companions slept, they were toiling very hard in the night.






Dr Solomon Uchenna Wining, otherwise known as The Great King Solomon, the 1st of United Kingdom Of Atlantis, is the typical example of such great man, roundly blesso and gifted and he is ofcourse endowed with extra strength, wisdom and energy.





During a press release, he spoke with some ladies and gentlemen men of the press about the history, progress and advancement of United Kingdom Of Atlantis.




Greetings to His Imperial Majesty, the head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, UKA,



Your Excellencies, It is my honor and pleasure to share with you all, an insight on UKA, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, on the development and the steps so far taken concerning our dear country United Kingdom of Atlantis.





I am a kingdom re-claimer, A campaigner for peace, Unity and development, with a clear Divine mandate for the unpolluted promised land of UKA, that has been long prepared for us.





The following information is for us all. Most research on UKA was done and presented to me by His Imperial Majesty and I personally did my own research and found it to be an authentic information given on UKA.




His Imperial Majesty instructed that this knowledge must be share among us for the benefit and purpose of general knowledge of our country UKA, that we as representatives would be able to showcase UKA to our friends, families, people around us, and the world as a whole.





The internet is the university of humanity of our time. It cost much less financially and have no emotional professors. Let us all take the burden of disbelieve from the minds of people from the pressure of seeking information from His Imperial Majesty, so that he would be able to concentrate on Royal duties instead of answering repeated questions on UKA.





Do you know the United Kingdom, (England) is an island?
Do you know that Canada is the second largest country on the global map, and it has islands and lots of water?
Do you know United States of America has lots of islands such as Hawaii?
Do you know that United States of America is about two miles away from Russia by sea? We will talk about those later. Let us concentrate on our country UKA.






UKA has gotten to Almost 70% of realising our dream and vision of moving to the promised land. Right now, negotiations are going on to acquire a 1,400 passengers cruise that will ferry our people to the promised land but not withstanding, we have made all verifications, all routes to the promised land.





We have Norway sea shore which is about 450 km from the high sea by ship to the Atlantis.

We have the route of Argentina which is about 1,500 km from the sea shore of Argentina to the UKA.

We also have Fiji island, the most closest Island to UKA, to get it clear as a matter of fact, Fiji is also part of the Atlantis.

We also have other countries that are very close to the UKA.




From the side of Africa, we have Seychelles which is a country in Africa bordering Tanzania and Kenya. From Seychelles sea shore to UKA is about 2 days on the high sea, while from the southern African region which is Cape Town is about a week or two to cruise to the UKA.

There are several islands in the UKA, there are about 13 Islands but we only took 10 and the others are left vacant and inside the region of the UKA, we have over 200 Islands unoccupied. but there are few of the islands that have some people living on them, few villagers and some are Farmers. There is a particular island that was mainly for the slave trade of Africa that went there to inhabit the place. It is also part of the UKA.

There are people living in the Atlantis on different Islands but the major city which is the promised land is the one that we want to develop and we could work on the rest later. There are people, indigenous people living there especially the Atlantis that is closer to the Indian Ocean. It was televised that people went to visit that place.

People say there is water, they also say it is not habitable, by right UKA is supposed to be a continent. By research and Discovery Atlantis is one of the biggest continent in the world but occupied mainly by water. In those Waters we have over five to 9000 islands saturated in that geographical area that was originally supposed to belong to the Atlantis, UKA. There is a little political action must be taken for us to have it back. I am sure we will achieve it. By working together, we will be able to work swiftly and recolonize it.
As the second largest ocean basin, the Atlantic Ocean borders the east coast of the U.S., while the Pacific, Earth’s largest ocean basin, borders the U.S. West Coast. Covering approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s surface, the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean basin in the world, following only the Pacific. However, it is only slightly larger than half the size of the Pacific Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean lies between North and South America on the west and Europe and Africa on the east. Up north, the Atlantic connects to the Arctic Ocean and to the Southern Ocean to the south.

Scientists often divide the Atlantic into two basins: the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic. The North Atlantic, where waters sink after being chilled by arctic temperatures, is the start of the “global ocean conveyor,” a circulation pattern that helps regulate Earth’s climate.
The Atlantic Ocean derives its name from the Greek god, Atlas.
You may ask how big is the Atlantic Ocean, well, the Atlantic Ocean covers an area of approximately 106,460,000 square kilometers (41,105,000 square miles.

In reality, the place Atlantis, by research and discovery, is one of the biggest continent in the world. Atlantis is real. Atlantis is as real as the blood of Jesus. Some of us that are here have not seen the blood of Jesus but we believe the blood of Jesus, so, UKA is real. UKA now is as real as the blood of Jesus so no one should deceive you that Atlantis does not exist.

We are working tirelessly to recover all that belongs to us. So Atlantis exist in reality and very soon we will be in the country. From my research, everything came out of water. Water is life. We Humans have more water in us than we can ever imagine. Our God hovered over water. We need water for survival, don’t be afraid of water.

I would like to remind us that the United Kingdom (England) is an island, not a piece of rock with water surrounding it, it comprises of Scotland, North and South Wales so is the Philippines with many islands. Canada is the second largest country after Russia, it also has islands and many waters so is the United States of America, having many islands such as Hawaii and many more. So when you hear people talking about the waters in UKA, they are actually talking about the blessings that we have received as Atlantians. water is life, many countries need it. Don’t be deceived. And don’t join those who are shamefully wasting their lives in the Mediterranean sea searching for greener pastures.

We are giving out UKA citizenship now for just a token, but let me tell you this, those that miss this opportunity because of Fear or because of one word or the other they hear from people that have the spirit of deception, the moment we arrive on that land, the application for citizenship will be changed, we will have a new immigration requirements and procedures. Those receiving their citizenship now will be first generation citizens. So, my advice is, take your citizenship now, and have your rights as first generation citizen of UKA, this gives you priorities in your new country that will be explained in our constitution. Be an Atlantian now before it is too late.

God bless His Imperial Majesty,
God bless the citizens of the United Kingdom of Atlantis,
God bless the United Kingdom of Atlantis.

Furthermore, he also reiterated and encloses below that-
1- Atlantis One of The Most Advance Ancient Civilization of 345BC
2- Discovered By, Am African Man, Name King Atlas The Great of Egyptian origin By Birth,in 11,000BC
3- He Travel From Africa to Atlantis Ocean, To Established The Great Kingdom/ City Under The Ocean.
4- He Was A Powerful Spiritual King,
5- The Only Man Who Builder A Powerful Kingdom under The Ocean call Atlantis
6- After Several Years of Reigning as The King ,The Kingdom got surmerge Under The Sea
7- The Remaining Sons and Daughters Who were not Affected at That Time
Travel Back To The 7 Regions of The World,
1- Some to Africa
2- Some to North America
3- Some to South America
4- Some To Europe
5- Some to Asia
6- Some to Australia
7- Antatica
And Become Citizen of These New Nation’s Them( Some were Slaves)
More of The Atlantian That Travel back to Africa,( Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon,Chad,Mali,Morroco,Etc)
8- In 1978 , another Great Decendents of Atlantian ,Who Decided to Recolonize The Ancient Civilization of Atlantis ,Arose and Build The Powerful TITIANIC CRUISE ,That Sink again in 1985,
Today The 21st Century Atlantis AKA United Kingdom of Atlantis , Has Risen To Recolonize The Ancient Civilization of Modern Atlantian
Under The Able Leadership of His Excellency Imperial majesty Dr Solomon uchenna wining, To Leads The 21st Century Atlantis Worldwide To There Promise land
1- We are set to Recolonize The Ancient Atlantis Now UKA , United Kingdom of Atlantis
2- We are Set To Restored Back The Ancient Civilizations of our Great Grand Father KING ATLAS
3- We are Ready To Build our Smart city states in over 197Nations of The World.
4- We are Decentralized Sovereign kingdom of peaceful People.
5- Serving to Humanity.
6- On That Note We are Calling all Atlantian all over to World to Return back to our Fathers land
7- As Am Atlantian.

kindly Apply www

On behalf of His Emperor Majesty, HRH King Dr Herbert Calvin Hartman Global Cabinet Secretary General, UKA.

Long live All Citizens of United Kingdom Of Atlantis Worldwide.
Long Live The Reigning Monarch.

I am The Great King Solomon The 1st of United Kingdom of Atlantis
Any Other Person Claiming to Be King is Fake.





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-Emir of Zazzau Call For Collaboration to Address Nigeria’s Insecurity Crisis

-Ameer of Birnin Gwari Commends General Buratai’s Army Modernization Efforts

In a seminar organized by the Tukur Buratai Research Centre (TBRC), Lt Gen Tukur Yusufu Buratai (rtd) emphasized the crucial role of traditional leaders in contributing to the security of Nigeria. Recognizing that traditional leaders have the eyes and ears of the people, Gen Buratai highlighted the importance of information and intelligence in addressing security challenges. He stressed the need for traditional leaders to support the government’s security architecture and ensure the safety of the country.


The seminar, which was held as part of the ongoing TBRC leadership retreat, focused on the theme of traditional institutions and contemporary security challenges in Nigeria. Gen Buratai underscored the significance of collective efforts in mitigating security threats, emphasizing that security is essential for societal development. Without security, progress and growth would be significantly hindered.

The retreat aimed to build closer ties and cooperation among traditional leaders to foster unity and address security concerns collectively. Gen Buratai expressed confidence in the traditional leaders’ ability to fulfill their role in promoting peace and security in Nigeria.


During the seminar, His Royal Highness the Emir of Zazzau, H.E Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, CFR, emphasized the prevalent issue of insecurity in Nigeria. He called on traditional rulers to prioritize the preservation and promotion of traditional institutions, as well as to act with fairness, transparency, and integrity. Emphasizing the need for collaboration with various stakeholders, including government bodies and the private sector, the Emir highlighted the importance of peace, stability and security in achieving political and economic development.

The Ameer of Birnin Gwari, HRH Zubair Jibril Maigwari II, commended the transformational journey of the Nigerian Army under the leadership of General Buratai in Dr. Jibril’s book, which provides a detailed analysis of the Nigerian Army’s advancements during General Buratai’s tenure, was officially presented during the seminar. The book serves as a valuable resource for scholars, policymakers, and military enthusiasts interested in understanding the evolution of one of Africa’s prominent armed forces.

In conclusion, the retreat and seminar emphasized the indispensable role of traditional leadership in promoting peace, stability, Security and national unity in Nigeria. Traditional leaders were acknowledged as essential bridges between the country’s cultural heritage and its aspirations for a secure and prosperous future. Their wisdom and cultural knowledge are crucial in mobilizing communities and promoting peaceful coexistence. Furthermore, traditional leaders contribute significantly to preserving Nigeria’s cultural identity and fostering social cohesion. The seminar urged the support and collaboration of all stakeholders to create a safe and thriving Nigeria for all its citizens.


The Tukur Buratai Research Centre and the ongoing leadership retreat highlighted the importance of traditional institutions, security challenges, and the modernization efforts of the Nigerian Army. As Nigeria continues to face complex threats and challenges, it is essential to utilize the wisdom and influence of traditional leaders to promote peace, stability and Security throughout the nation.



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Pro Kingsley Led Oneness in Christ Announces 3 Days Global Open Air Crusade



Pro Kingsley Led Oneness in Christ Announces 3 Days Global Open Air Crusade

Prophet Kingsley Aitafo led Oneness in Christ ministry in conjunction with CCC Living Grace Tabernacle is set for another life transforming three days open revival.


Tagged Repent the kingdom of heaven is at hand, the power packed crusade will hold from May 28th, 2024 till May 30th 2024 at 20 Showole street, Ewupe, Singer Sango, Ogun state by 5pm daily.

The monthly open revival has always been a haven of unusual testimonies with signs, wonders and miracles.


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Governor Bulldozes Parliament And No One Bothers? By Felix Oboagwina



Governor Bulldozes Parliament And No One Bothers?


Felix Oboagwina

I care little for former Rivers State’s Governor Nyesom Wike and the 25 pro-Wike lawmakers in the State House of Assembly. However, in their current quarrel with the incumbent Governor Simi Fubara (the godson who succeeded Wike), only one factor works against Wike in the court of public opinion: In the 2023 elections, the Rivers strongman worked for the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President; and Tinubu has today raised Nigerians’ pain and poverty to record proportions! President Tinubu’s failures solely win for Fubara massive support in this lingering faceoff with Wike, his erstwhile godfather, predecessor and current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.



Governor Bulldozes Parliament And No One Bothers?

Felix Oboagwina



This colourless former Rivers State Accountant-General emerged as the Dark Horse and clinched the Rivers governorship completely by the grace of Wike. How? In the penchant of political godfathers to prepare for themselves a soft post-office landing, by planting spineless acolytes as successors, Wike manipulated Fubara over far popular and formidable aspirants, and handed him PDP’s Rivers State governorship ticket. Wike financed all the campaigns, swayed the rostrum with his oratory and persona, brought in the votes and handed Fubara the election on a platter of gold. But talk of Karma. Not only has Fubara turned around to bite the fingers that moulded him, he has injured Democracy in the most unimaginable fashion.

Fubara Speaks On Tinubu's Intervention In Rivers Crises



As the Yoruba say, the new king devours the kingmaker first. Fubara turned against Wike and rubbished him. Not done, Fubara, late 2023, stormed the Rivers State House of Assembly (having majority 25-7 as Wike PDP loyalists), with police firing gunshots and water cannons to keep the rampaging Governor at bay!

His supporters thereafter set ablaze the Parliament building.

Fubara then sent the demolition squad to bulldoze the entire complex to smithereens.

Every single one of these anti-legislative steps amounted to a desecration of Democracy and an assault on a sacred institution of popular government. It amounts to treason!

This much President Tinubu told Fubara to his face when the First Citizen brokered peace between these gladiators. The Parliament, everywhere, exists as the truest representation of the people and the incontrovertible custodian of Democracy. Whereas the Executive and the Judiciary exist in other forms of government (autocracy, military, monarchical), the Legislature’s participation distinguishes Democracy from all of them. Thus, demolishing its habitation connotes the highest threat to Democracy. The Congress is an institution; and we have always mouthed the need to build strong institutions as opposed to strong politicians.

Fubara went further. Most recently, he AGAIN stormed the makeshift accommodation that the Rivers Parliament resorted to at the Assembly Quarters. Then, on May 10, “Emperor” Fubara enacted an Executive Order to force the House of Assembly to hold its sittings inside the Government House! Sacrilege! Whatever happened to the Doctrine of the Separation of Powers?

Imagine the contradiction. An Executive Order passed on the Legislature! The Executive ORDERS the Legislature! How can? Nowhere does the Constitution place the control of the Legislature (and the Judiciary) under the Executive.

These assaults the Rivers State Legislature has endured.

Pray, who advises this guy?

The Legislature is made so potently powerful that the Constitution allows it to overrule the Governor and railroad a Bill into law without his consent.

Section 96(5) says:

Where the Governor withholds assent and the bill is again passed by the House of Assembly by two-thirds majority, the bill shall become law and the assent of the Governor shall not be required.

Even the budget of the Legislature, like that of the Judiciary, goes by first-line charge, all in order to ensure its independence and the Separation of Powers.

How can a Governor with the vast resources at his disposal prove incapable of lobbying, courting and winning over the State House of Assembly, and instead His Excellency resorts to thuggish, strong-arm tactics? You wonder what terror this character wouldn’t unleash if backed by a Rivers State Police Force completely at his beck and call!

Fubara-Wike’s wahala factionalised the House of Assembly 25 to seven and the Accountant-General-turned Governor chose to work with the minority, in clear violation of Section 96 that says:

(1) The quorum of a House of Assembly shall be one-third of all the members of the House.

(2) If objection is taken by any member of a House of Assembly present that there are present in that House (besides the person presiding) fewer than one-third of all the members of that House and that it is not competent for the House to transact business, and after such interval as may be prescribed in the rules of procedure of the House, the person presiding ascertains that the number of members present is still less than one-third of all the members of the House, he shall adjourn the House.

The majority of Rivers legislators, for political expediency and most likely to take cover under the Federal might, crossed carpet to the ruling APC.

Commissioners are resigning from Fubara’s cabinet, citing the toxic atmosphere working with him.

The 23 local government chairmen have drawn a battle line with him.

All these could be predictable because most of those officials owe their emergence in office and pledge loyalty to Wike. They all jumped ship after Fubara, egged on by whomever, flung reconciliation with Wike against the rocks.

Contrary to President Tinubu’s peace agreement that Fubara and Wike’s group signed December 2023 at Aso Rock, the Governor refused to re-present the 2024 budget to the State House of Assembly, continuing to work with an illegal Appropriation Act passed by a mere seven out of 32 lawmakers. This he did even when, in the spirit of that agreement, the majority Wike group of legislators withdrew their lawsuits against him and aborted impeachment proceedings on the understanding that the budget would be properly presented for passage.

Bottom line? The crisis in Rivers goes beyond a Fubara-Wike brouhaha. It queries the very essence of Nigeria’s Democracy and the sanctity of the Nigerian Constitution. Everyone taking sides does so with the mentality of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” But power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those beating the drum for Fubara’s dance of madness are pushing Nigerian Democracy to ride the back of a tiger. How do you end the ride without Democracy ending up as a meal down the tiger’s throat? If Fubara’s style of burning, demolishing and choking the Legislature becomes a culture, then what fate befalls this Democracy? If the President takes a cue and chooses to tackle the National Assembly in a similar style? What species of Legislature will the Upper and Lower Chambers turn to, being Executive-ordered to perform legislative duties right inside the Aso Rock Villa, under the nose of the President?

The problem that lovers of Democracy must tackle is stopping Fubara becoming a role model for how the Executive can emasculate and stifle the Legislature’s independence at the state and Federal levels. Or are we going to let Fubara get away with this abuse of the Parliament because of the disdain we nurse for his adversaries, Wike and Tinubu?


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