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“There is no peace for the wicked”- Isaiah 48:22.




There is no greater truism than that which Prophet Isaiah, one of the greatest & most revered Prophets in the Holy Bible, has enunciated in the scripture above.




What he is saying is that callous, merciless & bloodthirsty men & oppressors, subjugators, persecutors, slavers & the occupiers of the land of others, whether they be the biblical Egyptians, the Ancient Romans or anyone else, coupled with those that trample on the rights & liberties of others with impunity & that repay good with evil can NEVER escape the wrath of God & neither will they ever know or experience lasting peace.

This is a lesson that evidently the Jews themselves & particularly the Zionists amongst them have failed to appreciate or learn.

That you were oppressed, subjugated, murdered, robbed, humiliated, enslaved, subjected to genocide & mass murder, ethnically cleansed & treated with scorn & contempt yesterday does not give you the right to do the same to others today. 

That you were once occupied, enslaved, thrown into captivity, scattered all over the earth, butchered, gassed to death, subjected to the holocaust & deprived of your beloved homeland yesterday does not permit you to do the same to others today. 

That you have experienced God’s love, mercy, blessings, grace & restoration does not mean that you are the chosen race or master race, it simply means that God has shown you His tender kindness & opted to restore you despite the fact that you also killed & oppressed others in the past & that you crucified His only Begotten Son, our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ & sought to destroy Christianity even at the advent of its coming. 

Those that have suffered so much in the past surely have a greater duty to ensure that that they desist from inflicting such suffering on others today lest they lose everything. 

It is in this context that I view the State of Israel & the Zionists.

No matter what they have suffered in the last two thousand years in the hands of their numerous haters, oppressors & persecutors they have no right to inflict the wickedness that they are inflicting on the Palestinian people today & as long as they continue to do so they shall know no peace. 

They shall also continue to stir up hatred & opprobium for themselves & their cause from all right thinking people, including millions that once had sympathy for them, from all over the world. 

This is what we see unfolding today.

Now to the title & essence of this piece.

First coined by Yasser Arafat’s Palestinan Liberation Organisation & other Arab nationalist movements in the 1960’s, the phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is the popular refrain & battle cry for the Palestinians & those that support their cause & struggle for self-determination & emancipation from Israeli occupation & oppression. 

And given what is happening in Gaza & the West Bank today who can deny them the right to achieve this noble quest for freedom & the right & aspiration to exist as an independent sovereign state?

I have always loved the State of Israel & believed in the two-state solution but I hate what her leaders are doing to the Palestinians today.

I equate the actions of the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza today with the heinous & horrendous atrocities that Hamas inflicted on their civilian population on October 7th. 

I have always made the point that the Jewish State must be accorded the right to exist & reserves the right of self-defence.

I concede that she is also entitled to a measure of vengeance against those that visited the deplorable violence on her civilian population that we witnessed on October 7th but the targetting of innocent civilians in their thousands, the infanticide, the ethnic cleansing, the mass murder, the genocide, the crimes against humanity, the war crimes, the unprecedented & massive amount of bloodshed, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, the destruction & utter annihilation of Palestinian homes & infra-structures & all the other beastly & inexplicable horrors that are being unleashed & foisted on the women, children & elderly of Gaza today, including journalists, aid workers, hospital workers, doctors, nurses & other defenceless non-combatants & innocent civilians is unacceptable & indefensible.

20,000 civilians (mainly women & children) slaughtered in Gaza & 85% of her 2.5 million people displaced in two months!

Worse still 50% of the population of Gaza is facing starvation.

Such suffering, butchery & slaughter beggars belief & as painful, traumatising & tear-jerking as it is, the world can witness it in real time thanks to Al Jazeera.

And frankly what we are seeing is unspeakable. 

Israel may consider this to be her finest hour & a glorious manifestation of her military strength & prowess but in actual fact it is nothing but evidence of her irretrievable & inescapable descent into notoriety, savagery & barbarity & her relentless, degenerate, bestial & reprobate disposition.

This is not her finest hour or her best moment but rather her greatest mistake.

I say this because the Israel that millions of people from all over the world, including yours truly, once  loved, cherished, defended & empathised with no longer exists.

What we have in its place is an unforgiving, unthinking, cruel, brash, barbaric, brutal, racist, evil, power- drunk and thoroughly repugnant fascist/apartheid state that is being led by a political class that comprises of deluded monsters, narcisstic savages, obsessive psychopaths and bloodlusting child-killers who have lost their minds, who are devoid of any pretence to even a semblance of humanity, who are hell bent on wiping out the Palestinian people and who do not believe that they are bound by the rules, regulations, canons & strictures of civilisation & international humanitarian law.

Given this, Israel should no longer be welcomed into the comity of civilised nations & neither is she worthy of the western world’s consistent & unconditional support.

She has not only lost her right to be regarded as a responsible & law- abiding member of the international community but, as long as she denies the Palestinians the right to exist in peace & freedom and refuses to lift the occupation, she stands the risk of forfeiting her own right to exist.

What was once the inspiration, promise, pride & joy of millions from all over the world & the darling of civilised nations is now nothing but a vacuous, vicious, vengeful, lawless, petty, pitiful, tyrannical & bloodthirsty pariah state which celebrates & prides itself on its own barbarity, hatred, madness, war-mongering & rage, which openly espouses a racist & repugnant ‘Zionist’ philosophy, which considers itself racially & religiously superior to all others, which thrives on the suffering & pain of its Arab vassals & which is hell-bent on provoking the entire world into WWIII in an attempt to satisfy its senseless & dangerous delusions about re-establishing a biblical Zionist state & wiping out the Palestinian people.

Zionism is the greatest evil that has been foisted on earth since the advent of the Nazis.

It is an irony of fate & history that the Jews that are now calling themselves Zionists are the very same race whose forefathers suffered more persecution & cruelty at the hands of the Nazis than any other.

I have no doubt that if Israeli PM Netanyahu had the power, wherewithal & horrendous gas chambers that Hitler once did he would, without any hesitation, gas to death every Arab on earth & kill every Muslim & Christian in the Middle East.

That is how evil he & those that share his insane delusions are.

They are the greatest threat to world peace & stability & the only way to free us from their insidious & sinister power & pervasive influence is by establishing a free & sovereign Palestinian state “from the river to the sea”.

Just as Nazi Germany was brought to her knees by the civilised world after WW11 because of her heinous atrocities, Zionist Israel needs to be brought to her knees today.

Does a murderous, racist rogue state that considers itself above the law & delights in slaughtering children have the right to exist?

I doubt it.

To those that say “but Israel is a democracy and indeed the ONLY democracy in the Middle East”, I say the following:

Nazi Germany was a democracy too & Hitler was a democratically-elected leader yet look where they took the world!

In the light of all this it is indeed a great shame that Israel’s greatest friend & ally, the United States of America, not only firstly vetoed a motion for a second ceasefire in Gaza at the United Nations Security Council last friday but that secondly the American Congress passed a resolution that any criticism of or opposition to Zionism would be regarded as a manifestation of anti-semitism.

The first is nothing but yet another inglorious & graphic display of American immorality, hypocrisy, double standards, insensitivity & depravity & the second of the wilfull blindness & glaring ignorance of the majority of members of the American Congress.

To equate political Zionism, a concept which only came into existence as an organized nationalist movement after it was enunciated and founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897, with Judaism which has existed for thousands of years is not only antedelluvian idiocy and intellectual bankruptcy in its most raw, primitive, vulgar, crude & glaring form but also ignores the fact that millions of both right-wing, conservative religious Jews such as the Torah Jews & secular ones residing in Israel, America & Europe vehemently oppose the concept of Zionism themselves & deplore its malevolent & sinister delusions & political aspirations.

I love the Jews & the State of Israel but I despise & deplore the Zionists & what they have turned the latter into.

I despise them not because of their religious faith or semitic racial identity but because of the evil political philosophy of subjugation, occupation, enslavement & destruction of others that they choose to espouse.

It is for this very reason that for millions all over the world & not just the Arabs  of the Middle East, the battle cry & war song of ‘from the river to the sea’ resonates so loudly. 

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following observation which is particularly relevant to those of us that are from Africa. 

At the end of WW11 In 1945 when the great debate began amongst the leaders of the victorious Allied powers, including America, France, Russia & the UK, about where to send the Jews after the holocaust, there was a very strong lobby to send them to Uganda where they would have established their long-awaited new Jewish homeland.

Uganda, like Palestine, was a British colony & the colonial power believed that, unlike the Palestinians, the local African population would not present much of a threat or even raise an objection to the appropriation & occupation of their land by millions of western-backed European Jews who had suffered the most horrendous form of persecution in Europe for thousands of years.

Yet this interesting proposal was initially made forty two years earlier in 1903.

Known as the ‘Uganda Scheme’, it was a proposal by British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain to create a Jewish homeland in a portion of British East Africa.

It was presented at the Sixth World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1903 by Theodor Herzl, the founder of the modern Zionist movement.

In a short piece titled ‘Expolring The Middle East Uganda Scheme For A Jewish Homeland’, the Middle East Monitor wrote the following:

“Did you know about the intriguing chapter in history where Israel was almost established in Africa? This “almost” moment was known as the Uganda Scheme & was proposed by Theodor Herzl the father of political Zionism, in 1903. Herzl presented the plan to the World Zionist Congress envisioning a Jewish homeland in East Africa, then under British colonial rule. The proposal came at a time when Jews in Eastern Europe were facing severe persecution & massacres, making the idea of a safe haven, even in distant Africa, appealing. Despite initial approval by the Congress the plan faced opposition from the White settlers in East Africa who did not want to be displaced by other settlers. They formed an anti-Zionist commitee & their disapproval led to Britain withdrawing the offer, altering the course of history”.

Isnt that amazing?

Now to the point.

Given the disposition of the Zionists I am of the view that had the Uganda Scheme been successfully resurrected, accepted & implemented by the Allied powers in 1945 & the State of lsrael established in Uganda as opposed to Palestine in 1948, the history of the Middle East & indeed the world over the last 82 years would not only have been very different but the local African indigenous population in Uganda may well have either been totally enslaved or, worse still, extinct or exterminated by today. 

I say this because Zionism is a deeply racist & supremacist philosophy that takes no prisoners, that seeks to disposses, subjugate, humiliate, emasculate & enslave others & that does not believe in sharing.

If the local indegenous African population had sought to resist  Zionist hegemony & occupation in the same way that the Palestinians have been doing for the last 82 years they would have been subjected to something even worse than the genocide we are witnessing in Gaza & by now there may well have been no black Africans left alive in Uganda or indeed the whole of East Africa!

Such is the danger that political Zionism presents to humanity wherever it is entrenched & wherever it goes.

And if anyone considers the elimination or extermination of entire races to be a far-fetched proposition in this day & age they should find out what happened to the black population in Argentina, the Native Indians of North America & the local indigenous tribes like the Incas & Aztecs of South America in the hands of foreign & non indegenous settlers & occupiers.

The world really is a very cruel place & the Ugandans & East Africans should count themselves lucky that Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, did a deal with the immensely wealthy Jewish Rothchild family &  presented what was then known as British Palestine as a gift & offering on a silver platter to them in the form of a Jewish homeland in 1948 rather than Uganda.

Meanwhile we shall continue to speak out against the evil in Gaza, agitate for a ceasefire & call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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For the Love of Music and Musicians: Legendary Femi Esho Collaborates with Iconic Dr DK Olukoya to make History





For the Love of Music and Musicians: Legendary Femi Esho Collaborates with Iconic Dr DK Olukoya to make History





Something big and unprecedented is brewing right now! It is massive and its one of its kind. And when it is done and ready for launch, it will take the entire nation, and indeed the African continent, by storm. That is what happens when you have two brilliant minds, one, an accomplished and respected preacher of the word in the mold of Dr. DK Olukoya, and the other, the renowned music encyclopedia and practitioner, the legendary Femi Esho of Evergreen Musical company, come together to birth a phenomenal project.



As you read this, intensive work is in progress to build and complete before the end of the year the biggest music empire ever seen in Africa. It will consist of a music Museum, music library, gallery showcasing Head Burst of Artistes, display of over 1,000 pictures of Nigerian musicians from 1914 and relics of their costumes/old musical instruments, an event center for music concerts, cinema theatre, recording studio and so much more. It is a one stop shop for all music lovers all over the world as it will become a big tourist attraction center for all enthusiasts of Nigerian music.


It is called the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation. The Chairman of this historic project is none other than Chief Femi Esho, the music Aficionado & practitioner, who also doubles as Chairman of Evergreen Music Company, while the Patron is one of Nigeria’s most revered preachers and prophet, the Iconic Dr. DK Olukoya.


This will come as a huge surprise to many who cannot understand the connection between the firebrand preacher/prophet, and this landmark musical project.


First, anyone who knows Dr. Olukoya closely will tell you that, after his unbridled love for God, comes his intense love for music. He himself is a music Aficionado. He loves music and he is knowledgeable about many genres of music, ranging from highlife to juju, folklore, traditional music, reggae, country music, gospel, etc. And his rich knowledge of music reflects undeniably in the music ministry of his church, MFM. In fact, many do not know he was a music teacher. He still teaches music. This is why it is common place to see the MFM choir sing and perform brilliantly during church programmes some of Nigeria’s most enduring highlife and folklore compositions. The idea is to bring back the morals in these classics and instil them in the minds of everyone listening to them. Little wonder why the MFM choir is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, having won several international choir competitions in Europe and other parts of the world.


So, for those who do not know, Dr. Olukoya is not just a First class major, best in his course at Unilag, first scientist to clone genes and a hugely respected preacher, he is also a lover of quality music. And this is why he has graciously agreed to be Patron of the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation. He knows Chief Femi Esho very closely and respects his works. They both share a strong passion for quality music.


According to Bimbo Esho, the Executive Secretary of the foundation, Dr. Olukoya’s financial and moral contribution to the realisation of the project has been invaluable. It is to his credit that the foundation has been able to make huge progress so far. But she says there is still a long way to go and the foundation still needs a lot more financial support from well meaning Nigerians who appreciate quality Nigerian music and desire a legacy that will serve as a custodian of our rich musical history and heritage.


“The project is a massive one,” Bimbo Esho explains. “It is a historic landmark project that will stand the test of time and outlive all of us. Dr. Olukoya has been more than supportive to our cause. He has been magnanimous and we remain eternally grateful to him for his love and support for this dream. But there’s still plenty of work to be done.”


“This magnificent edifice is situated at Oyedele Ogunniyi street, Anthony Village, Ikeja, Lagos. We are still calling on all music enthusiasts, lovers of Nigerian music all over the world to come support this dream, it will be your contribution to a legacy that will sustain for generations to come all of the enduring morals and intrinsic values that our music of yesteryears taught us, all of which is lacking today. The edifice is a place the youth can come to enjoy quality music and research into the past musical history of some of Nigeria’s most accomplished musicians of the 50s, the 60s down to the 90s.,” she concludes.


For the Love of Music and Musicians: Legendary Femi Esho Collaborates with Iconic Dr DK Olukoya to make History

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By Hannatu Lot Dickson

The Legend of Buratai Volume 2 is authored by General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the former Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army. The book was Published by Sprezzatura Publishing Ltd. Cover design by Mereo Books. It was published October 13, 2021 in English Language. It has 125 pages with ISBN-10: * 186151915X and ISBN-13: * 978-1861519153.



The author Tukur Yusuf Buratai CFR psc(+) NAM GSS ndc (BD) was born 24 November 1960. He is a retired Nigerian army lieutenant general, former Chief of Army Staff appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2015, and Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Republic of Benin. He was commissioned into the Nigerian Army in 1983 and has had multiple command, administrative, and instructional appointments.



The Legend of Buratai 2 is a novel base on true-life story of General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the former Chief of Army Staff. It is a novel of eight (8) chapters and has one hundred and twenty-five (125) pages. Each of these chapters and pages is so richly engaging and informative from start to finish.
Just a recap of the plot summary, the book is the enthralling true-life story in his own words, General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, who rose to legendary status by dint of hard work, bravery, diligence, excellence and honesty. His journey through life is presented as an exemplary story for all who would aspire to follow his path. His childhood and formative years were also captured.




The preliminary pages of “The Legend of Buratai 2” begins with the titled page where the titled of the book was boldly written and the author’s name. Then followed by the cover page design which contains the cover photo which was taken in Ngamdu. The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Yusufu Buratai is clearly seen in the picture with troops during operations against Boko Haram terrorists at the Nigerian Army Special Super Camp Ngamdu, Borno State in April 2020. He was practically leading the combat operations. Them followed by the content page which outlines the book’s structure, listing chapters, which helps readers navigate the book’s organization and content.


The Photographic Acknowledgement section credits the sources of photographs used in the book, acknowledging photographs taken from the personal album of the author. Followed by a heartfelt message dedicating the book to all young people in Nigeria, and especially those of the Nigerian Military School and the Nigerian Defence Academy.


The Publisher’s Note and acknowledgement pages expressed gratitude while the Forward was written by Major General Paul Tarfa mni (Rtd), who described General Buratai’s records of service as Chief of Staff of Nigerian Army as legendary and cannot be surpassed. ‘He is a General who inspires his subjects by leading from the front’. He further, provided context, endorsement, and insights into the book’s significance.



The author begins chapter one by talking about the beginning which captures the lineage, nuclear family and the journey of Yusufu Buratai especially when he joined the RWAFF. Chapter four depict the miraculous escape from the pond as a child, Dr. Gidado Kumo and John Atanda spoke in chapter three and four, while chapter five and six described the author’s encounters with Snakes and Ghost respectively. chapter seven followed with matters bordering on patriotisms and chapter eight list several principles guiding Lt. General TY Buratai, a few out of those principles are: Do not bother about what people say,; Commit to improving yourself to the extent that you do not have time to compete or criticize others; Let excellence be your trademark anywhere you find yourself; Do not be too proud to retrace your steps back to the right path; Listen more and say less; Always lead with courage or not at all; Honour your words as your bond and never make a promise you can’t keep…
The plot is set in Buratai town, Biu Local Government Area of Borno State to Potiskum, Yobe State. The genre is non-fiction.


The book, ‘The Legend of Buratai 2’ is the best pick for young minds in need of inspiration and mentorship. It is a captivating and fascinating masterpiece, rich in original history, military tactics, strategies and important life lessons with a touch of spirituality straight from the mind and experiences of true and pragmatic General TY Buratai.



The Legend of Buratai 2 has the potentials to recoup reinvigorate patriotism to our fatherland Nigeria. It also has the capability and potentials to make a young mind dream and do everything in their powers to live their dreams just like Lt. General TY Buratai.



The book is so real, it’s not a conventional love story with a perfectly Happy-Ever-After. It was infused with strong themes, I love how Lt Gen. TY Buratai recollected his childhood and formative years, how he was educating us on how to be patriotic and how he described ‘the wretched rustic life of a terrorist’ infused in a poem titled, ‘ARE YOU A TERRORIST?’
The themes in “The Legend of Buratai: Volume 2” include

– Hard work: General Tukur Yusuf Buratai’s rise to legendary status is attributed to his diligence and hard work.


– Bravery: General Buratai is known for his bravery and military tactics.
– Excellence: General Buratai’s journey to excellence is presented as an exemplary story for all who would aspire to follow his path.


– Honesty: General Buratai’s honesty is one of the key characteristics that contributed to his legendary status.


– Patriotism: The book is capable of reawakening patriotism to one’s fatherland, according to Moses A. Uyang, author and humanitarian.


– Diligence: Buratai’s diligence is another factor that contributed to his success.


The book is practically a handbook or a catalyst for youngsters who dear to dream, who wants to love and serve their country whole heartedly, be patriotic and serve humanity in all earnest and honesty.


The book offers a wide range of literary appreciation and acceptance, historical sources, and educative values. It is a foundation for historical and otherwise critical evaluation.

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Saturday Faaji : The Much Anticipated Neon Night With Osupa Saheed Is Here



Saturday Faaji : The Much Anticipated Neon Night With Osupa Saheed Is Here

Saturday Faaji : The Much Anticipated Neon Night With Osupa Saheed Is Here




For some time now, the teeming fans of the undisputed King of Fuji Music, Saheed Osupa have been longing to see him back on stage on home soil due to his long absence oversee on tour.
Now, the much anticipated show, Neon Night with Osupa Saheed is here, the date is Saturday 18th May 2024, at prestigious RM Hall Magodo, Lagos.




Saturday Faaji : The Much Anticipated Neon Night With Osupa Saheed Is Here


Saheed Osupa would be thrilling his fans live on stage this time in another dimension, as all necessary things have been taken care of, including maximum security for this much anticipated event.

In the uniqueness of this Neon Night, with Osupa Saheed, the Lord of music will not be alone on stage as other fast rising artiste, Suave, The Omalicha’s crooner will also be performing on the same stage with Saheed Osupa alongside some other popular artistes.
It’s going to be a Bomb as this is the first show he would be doing in Lagos since he came into Nigeria.

A large percentage of his fans have been calling to register their joy that their favorite Fuji king would be performing that day. According to LAWBELL Manager in Nigeria ,OLABANJI ADELANA, he said the Canadian entertainment company packaging the show is fully prepared for the event and no stone would be left unturned

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