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Hon.Taiwo Adebayo celebrate DJ Tainny on his birthday



Hon.Taiwo Adebayo celebrate DJ Tainny on his birthday By Ifeoma Ikem

Former Chairman of Oshodi, Hon. Taiwo Adebayo Taofiq recently joined friends and well wishers of Nigeria’s to celebrate DJ Tainny who added one by the glory of God almighty .


Hon.Taiwo Adebayo celebrate DJ Tainny on his birthday.

Hon.Taiwo  said it’s important to celebrate the youth and also to encourage them in whatever professions they are in ,which is the most essential thing and which they are good ambassador of the nation.

He said Nigeria has great youth with potential who are talented,our youth like to work to build themself no matter the challenges.

I will use this occasion to advise all the youth to continued to be good and keep their faith alive because they have tomorrow,and tomorrow is bright,he added.

I will also advise DJ Tainny to always be who he is and not let bad friend to influence him with negative character.” I
know him as a gentle and a Johnny fellow,keep it up.

The celebrant Gbenga Olaore a.k.a DJ Tainny thanked almighty God for taking him higher and the level he is now.
DJ explained that God has been faithful in his live on the journey he started 7years ago,I am always overwhelmed when I see the mercy of God upon me.

According to him,I was a footballer which I would like to excel on but there many challenges, i decided to pick
up DJ carrier because as I was growing I loved music,all through my primary and secondary days I listened to music it inspires me. As a beginner I undergo training through many powerful DJ around here,that made me who I am today.

“Though I have faced a lot of challenges,there was a day i went to performed on stage, a very big event immediately i was called up to start, my instrument went off i could not believe it that was a big challenge.

My second challenge is from my family,they did not want me to go into DJ and friends too,many of them were jealous of the way I was excelling in all i give thanks to God. By his grace ,I am among the most recognised DJ in Nigeria today,he said .

I will advise the great youth to engage themselves with something with which will yield good income on daily or weekly basis and never to quit when they are challenges because challenges will come when someone want to grow in life, he concluded.