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Insecurity: The horrifying discoveries in South East forests



Insecurity: The horrifying discoveries in South East forests

Insecurity: The horrifying discoveries in South East forests




INSECURITY– Hard to narrate ugly and shocking discoveries that are being made in many forests and bushes occupied by criminal elements that have been terrorizing the people of the South East region in the last three years.





These chilly discoveries include decapitated human corpses, shallow graves, and abandoned vehicles of all types, belonging to kidnapped victims who were either killed or released and their vehicles seized.


Insecurity: The horrifying discoveries in South East forests


Some of these things were uncovered during raids by security operatives in the forests occupied by killer Fulani bandits and the dreaded unknown gunmen, two killer groups that have been holding the region hostage, killing, kidnapping, maiming, and destabilizing the social and economic life of the people.

Southeast Governors must check what goes on in forests and bushes in their states.

A cross-section of residents of the region agreed that forests and bushes in their areas are no safer, haven occupied by criminal elements and turned into places for torture, killing, maiming, rape, shrines, and all manners of evil activities. They called on the five governors of the zone to take it as an emergency task to sanitize forests and bushes in their states by raiding and clearing them and turning them into useful places.





Shocking discovery around Lokpanta cattle market is an eye-opener

The announcement made by Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, of the barbaric discovery of 50 decomposing and 20 headless bodies around the Lokpanta Cattle Market in the Umunneochi council area of Abia State, was an eye opener and the tip of the iceberg of what could be found in many other forests and bushes in the zone going by the atrocities meted out to residents and visitors to the area in the last two to three years.

A  raid in forests and thick bushes in communities Nnewi and Ihiala council areas of Anambra will surely be more shocking. Forests in Enugu, Ebonyi, and particularly in Imo communities, and other parts of Abia will reveal more shocking discoveries.

Revealing what was discovered around Lokpanta Cattle market, in Abia state, Governor Alex Otti noted with regret that the vicinity of the market had turned into a den for criminal atrocities.

Otti insisted that the government would not go back on the decision to sanitize the market and make it a daily market and non-residential. He vowed that no inch of the state would be allowed to serve as a breeding ground for criminals. He warned that anybody opposed to his government’s efforts to sanitize the Lokpanta cattle market must be a criminal or an accomplice.



“We have installed electronic equipment that tells us what is happening in every part of the state. A few weeks ago, we found that a lot of ransom that was paid for kidnapping ended up somewhere around Umunneochi, and we decided to raid the place. During the raid, we made shocking discoveries.



“In less than 48 hours, we recovered over 50 dead bodies around the cattle market in Umunneochi. We recovered over 20 decomposing headless bodies- men, women, and children. We recovered so many skeletons of people killed.

“We also discovered that gun running, prostitution and so many evil things were happening in the market. So, we realized that the first thing to be done is to secure the market. We went in and brought down many brothels, and we felt that the market, just like any other market, should be a day market that starts in the morning and closes in the evening”.

Continuing, Otti said: “We have started fencing the market even though it will cost a lot of fortunes. We also want to make it a general market, not just for cattle alone. There will be sections for provisions, foodstuffs, electronics, and others.

“We also feel that those people hibernating in the market should go and live in the communities. We want to have a peaceful environment around Umunneochi and other parts of the state. Anybody not supporting this move must be a criminal, and there is no place for criminals anymore in Abia”, he warned



Discoveries by soldiers on Southeast Operation Udoka

Also raiding criminal hideouts in the region, soldiers on Operation Udoka, at Ugbakwa community in Nkanu East council of Enugu State, apprehended one Chimezie Chukwu (aka Biggi), said to have escaped during the Jos prison break and also said to be a known drug peddler, gunrunner and specialist in armed robbery.

They recovered from him items such as mobile phones and mobile phone batteries; a Moniepoint POS and ATM card, packs of substances suspected to be cannabis, and some cash. Also, in camps at Ogbunka, Orumba South council area, which security operatives said had been abandoned by the criminals, they recovered three abandoned vehicles, two Toyota Highlander jeeps and one Mercedes Benz ML350 jeep.




Cattle dealers kick against plans to sanitize, make Lokpanta market a daily market

The people residing inside the Cattle Market, who are of Northern extraction, some of them cattle dealers, have rejected the eviction order by Abia Government. Their spokesperson, Mallam Buba Abdullahi Kedemure, said the plan to fence the market situated on 80 hectares of land “will not work”.

Kedemure said asking them to live outside the cattle market, which they have occupied since 2005, translates to telling them to leave Abia State as it was not practicable for the 15,000 members of the Northern community to live among the natives.

“If the government will fence the market, demolish our houses, urge us to go and live in the neighbouring villages, it means the government has automatically chased us away from Abia State,” he claimed.





Also, a statement signed by 14 market leaders and cattle traders, including the chairman, Alhaji Saleh Algare, and the secretary, Auwal Hamma, said “It is unjust, unfair and ungodly for anyone to prevent any Nigerian, irrespective of tribe and religious affiliation from staying in any part they desire to stay in Nigeria”.

Peter Obi supports the Abia Govt to sanitize the market

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 Elections, Peter Obi described the discovery of decomposing corpses as “bone-chilling” and “extremely cruel”.

Obi said the discovery “reflects how insecure our environment has been” and “unearths how insecurity has continued to ravage many parts of the country, taking innocent lives and killing the economy”.

He commended Governor Otti, for taking a “bold step” against insecurity in the state and recalled facing a similar situation in 2013 as the Governor of Anambra State.

Obi said that the security of lives and property remains the primary duty of any government.





“We must prioritize security. “We cannot continue to allow our people to live in fear and uncertainty”.





We support Government plan- Environmental Rights Group

Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy and Development, FENRAD, a leading human and environmental rights advocacy group, supports the Government’s plan and calls for proper investigation of anyone opposed to the move to fence the Lokpanta Cattle Market. The Executive Director, Comrade Nelson Nwafor, said no responsible government folds its arms while any part of its territory is converted into a breeding ground for criminals.

“What an infamy that the market built to promote cattle and foodstuff enterprise was turned into a den of hostage takers who run a kidnapping and abduction industry that has thrived for decades now. FENRAD is aware of the gruesome activities of these faceless gangs which have been extended from Lokpanta and Umunneochi to Ihube, Uturu, Okigwe, and Isuikwuato axis. The fact that the killings and decapitation happened and were not reported, neither by the traders nor market occupants, only leaves much to be desired”, the group said.

The Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, Anambra State also supports the plan of Abia State Government. The chairman, Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, CLO commended Governor Alex Oti for the effort that led to the shocking discoveries around the Umuezechi/Lokpanta cattle market.






Umunneochi community, and stakeholders back the Government to sanitize the market

The immediate past member who represented the Umunneochi state constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Okey Igwe, said the revelation by the Governor, though shocking and pathetic, was not new to some stakeholders.

“To some people, it is just coming to light but we have lived with this terror for a long time. But hopefully, this is the start of the lasting solution to the menace. I don’t think the Governor of the state will be playing a game with a serious issue like this. I have seen some of the pictures. I don’t think anybody should lecture me on the reality of the situation. If anybody is in denial that we have been besieged, I don’t know why.

“People who were kidnapped lost their lives in the process. A senior police officer in Isuochi was kidnapped and later killed. The former Prelate of the Methodist Church was also kidnapped in this same area. So, I don’t think anybody should be in denial of this. It shouldn’t be a tribal thing. I rather think what should matter to all is how to bring a lasting solution to the menace. Our people have been through this horror, and I hope we are beginning to get respite.

“If the measures by the state government are considered the solution to this security threat, it should be supported by all because anybody could be a victim. So, I don’t think the move is to witch-haunt anybody.

“It’s a security policy, and if the Government suspects that the cattle market has been hijacked by some elements, fencing it and making it a day market, I think, makes sense. I don’t think the original intention was to make it a residential market. People should go to the market and return to their houses afterward. I don’t think the market should be a residential area”.

Prince Ikedi Ezekwesili, also a former lawmaker, said that movement around Umunneochi had become a nightmare following a spike in criminality in the area. He said that the number of casualties as disclosed by the Governor should not be argued considering the atrocious activities of bandits and kidnappers on the prowl in the area spanning to Isuochi/Ihube/Aku forest.



“It is quite a disturbing revelation. It was a common knowledge. When our women went to the farm they would return with very gory experiences of having met decomposing bodies or skeletons or documents of kidnap victims.

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President Bola Tinubu says cooperation is imperative for economic prosperity in West Africa, noting that a lack of synergy between Nigeria and Benin Republic has been an encumbrance to mutual development.







Speaking when he received President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic at the State House in Abuja, on Wednesday, President Tinubu said Nigeria and Benin Republic share a lot in common, describing both countries as conjoined twins held together at the hip.





“We are one. No other nation like ours should be worried. What is affecting us is a lack of synergy. We have not developed the necessary economic synergy that will develop our two nations. We must have common economic principles and priorities. The economic programme you are developing through inter-ministerial collaboration is welcomed by me.

“We will support all of our private sector interests to facilitate prosperity in both of our important countries. I appreciate the urgency of your approach, and we welcome this. Leadership is sometimes defined by urgent action. Thank you for your quality leadership. We are together. I am not a backward looking person. I look forward. This is how I avoid missing steps,” the President said.

President Talon, who was at the State House to seek the support of President Tinubu on improving trade relations, ahead of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Summit, described the relationship between his country and Nigeria as crucial.

He said Benin Republic is seeking stronger trade ties with Nigeria, emphasizing the free movement of people and goods between both countries.

“Benin has started implementing a national development plan which includes enhanced integration between Nigeria and Benin Republic. Our development plan includes taking into account what investments are required in Benin to enhance our integration with Nigeria in trade terms. It is true that many agreements have been signed to push our integration forward, but they have not been implemented.

“At the level of ECOWAS, we embrace free movement and integration, and at the African level, AfCFTA envisages this; so we need to move urgently to make this a reality.

“Our investment programme must be revised to factor in all factors of the Nigerian economy. We seek to set up an inter-ministerial technical committee that will jointly prepare a draft document for our legislatures. I am ready to sign an executive order to appoint members of the council to advance mutually beneficial cooperation across sectors.

“There have been difficulties bilaterally on the issue of smuggling. We will work hard to coordinate and ensure that your interests are protected as we integrate our economies. I want us to make history together,” President Talon said.





Chief Ajuri Ngelale
Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
December 6, 2023

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Edo 2024: Obaseki Reveals Why He Won’t Support His Deputy



Edo 2024: Obaseki Reveals Why He Won't Support His Deputy

Edo 2024: Obaseki Reveals Why He Won’t Support His Deputy



Governor Godwin Obaseki has vowed not to support what is not fair and just, following the declaration of interest in the gubernatorial election by the Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu.






Obaseki spoke in an interview with BBC Pidgin, on him supporting Shaibu to become his successor in 2024.





The governor reiterated his earlier assertion that the people of the state would determine Shaibu’s fate.

According to Obaseki; “E declare for himself now, no be me go decide whether my deputy, na Edo people go sit down and decide. Dem go say, this deputy, e get wetin e take to run the state?

“Let’s look at his background, antecedents if he has maybe and if he doesn’t have and in any case, the Edo people would decide how we would do the governorship whether it would be turn by turn or it will be based on equity, fairness and justice. To say okay, this people have done before.

“As a leader, I will sit down and supervise. What is not fair, just and will help Edo unite, my hands are not there.”

Commenting on godfatherism in politics, Obaseki said: “Everybody needs nurturing and mentoring but not to the extent of teleguiding you. He can support and help you to make your decisions but ultimately at the end of the day it is for democracy – the people must decide who will lead them.”

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Edo 2024: APC Have Being Vindicated – Peter Uwadiae



Edo 2024: APC Have Being Vindicated - Peter Uwadiae By Elvis Omoregie

Edo 2024: APC Have Being Vindicated – Peter Uwadiae

By Elvis Omoregie




Ahead of the much talked about Edo 2024 Governorship Election billed to hold September 21th 2024, there have been series of political activities in Edo State including the recent declaration by the deputy governor of the Comrade Philip Shaibu, “against all odds”, to contest the forthcoming election.



Edo 2024: APC Have Being Vindicated - Peter Uwadiae

By Elvis Omoregie



As the announcement by the deputy governor continue to elicit reactions couple with his recent interview with journalists in Abuja, where he said: “With the 2024 Edo governorship election fast approaching, the State can not afford to experiment again with someone who does not understand the politics of the State or the needs of the people.

“Edo people need practical governance and you cannot experiment again with somebody that do not understand the politics of a good State and the needs of the people.

“You cannot know the need of the people when you don’t live with them. So for me, competence and experience should be the watchword as we go into election in 2024.

“Who is competent? Who is more experienced? Who will hit the ground running from day one?

“Are we going to experiment with a new person again? And the person will spend the first four years learning on the job and he will spend another four years trying to embezzle, set up his businesses in the name of consolidating on the gains of the first term?”

In a swift response, the leading opposition Party in Edo state, the All Progressives Congress (APC) through its Media Publicity Secretary, Peter Enosoregbe Uwadiae Igbinigie Esq told journalists last week in Benin that the deputy Governor’s comments were only affirmation of the position of the Party about the poor performance of the Obaseki’s led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration in Edo in the last 7years.

Here we bring you the full response, and comments on other issues!

We; the APC have been vindicated by the comments of the deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu particularly as it relates to the capacity of the Governor, himself.
From the horses mouth; the deputy Governor has said Edo State cannot afford to experiment again for another eight years.

The import of that statement is that Edo State has been experimenting in the past seven and half years and if someone or any Government is experimenting, it therefore means the best cannot come from an experimentation!

It means that the Governor is still learning or there are lot of things he is learning to do or he ought to do and he did not do.
And governance should not be a learning ground and the APC have consistently maintained that the Governor has fallen short of the capacity which is required to manage a State as complex as Edo.
Looking back, what has the Governor been able to bring to the table? All we have seen in the past seven years; is nothing but obvious distortion of the smooth sail of governance from that glorious era of Senator Adams Oshiomhole, to what Edo people desired but which he couldn’t provide.

When Oshiomhole was Governor in Edo, there were whole lot of things he did; in terms of massive infrastructural development, human capital development, social welfare amongst many others.

He gave Edo State a face lift and made us understand the true meaning of dividends of democracy thus laying the foundation of good governance.
Unfortunately after his departure, all these beautiful legacies were pulled down instead of them being improved upon by the Governor.

The Edo library, and Central hospital were demolished, Edo liaison offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja were sold out.
Now, private sector driven projects are taking over; all serving as conduit pipe to drain the collective scarce resources of the people.

Can the Governor tell us the State’s equity shares in these investments? We don’t have!

Now, what has happened to the red roof revolution of the Adams Oshiomhole’s era in the education sector?
I watched on television few weeks ago where school children were still lying on the ground to write, no furniture; a true reflection of the state of affairs in our schools against Obaseki’s propaganda of Edobest.

The APC is glad that Edo people have begun to hear the true report of the performance of the Obaseki’s administration from the man who is number two in ranking.
If the next in command can speak in that manner, it shows that Edo State has lost it!
If my deputy say I am experimenting, it shows that he even knows it more than myself.

Now, how has Governor Obaseki impacted on the market women? When he came on board, he promised to eliminate all forms of ticketing and touts but today the situation is worst.
The funny thing is that suppose the money collected is being used for the development of the State, it would have been a different thing.
But these monies are collected and goes into private pockets.
You drain these people, you double tax them, and the resources is not used to better their lives.

Well, we have gotten to that level wherein Edo people have to take the APC seriously.
It is absurd that a Government will be experimenting with the lives of its people and in the PDP today, the news is rife that the Governor also wants to bring a successor who will continue with the experimentation. That is why we hear the deputy Governor shouting and saying that experimentation should not be allowed again.

In any event, APC has become the beautiful bride in Edo; the Party to beat!
We have demonstrated it and we want to sustain that momentum. At the senatorial level first time in the history of politics in Edo, PDP could not even get a senator to represent them at the national Assembly.
Also, at the House of Representatives, out of the total nine available slots; the APC has six, Labour Party has two and PDP only one.

Be that as it may; it is a reflection of the acceptability of the APC in Edo State and beyond that in the State House of Assembly election, the APC has nine out of the 24 seats.

It is a good showing for a political Party that is in the opposition.
And what is again most worrisome, the PDP State secretary has often times condemned the attitude, and methodology of governance of the Obaseki’s administration.
He said the Governor has not done well, and he wants to also impose a candidate on them; an attempt the Party would resist!

Also, Leaders of the PDP are crying that this is the first time since 1999 they have gotten the worst Governor in Obaseki.
Hence they would not want a repeat of this anymore.

The discerning conclusion from that scenario is that if the Governor is allowed to perpetrate his experimentation on Edo people by bringing in someone to take over governance from him, we are going to be in another eight years of doldrum, we are going to be in imprisonment.
So, we have an alternative that will positively change the negative narrative in Edo and that is the APC because experimentation should stop in the State.
Going into 2024, Edo people expect a better approach to governance and Government.

In that respect, the APC will present its best to drive its programs and we can assure that our Party will conduct its primary in the most transparent manner, that will usher in a candidate who will be generally accepted, a man who will represent the common interest of Edo people.

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