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Land tussles : Obanyantor Elders Sue for Peace, call on aggrieved Community Members to Shield their Swords



Land tussles : Obanyantor Elders Sue for Peace, call on aggrieved Community Members to Shield their Swords

Land tussles : Obanyantor Elders Sue for Peace, call on aggrieved Community Members to Shield their Swords

By Itohan Audrey & Issioma Egbunike




The People of Obayantor 1 Community of Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, Edo State especially, those that stayed away from the community since 2020 has been called to come back home and join hands to promote peace and development that the community is known for in the past years.


Land tussles : Obanyantor Elders Sue for Peace, call on aggrieved Community Members to Shield their Swords





Elder Godwin Aghimien , the Ozukpogieha of Obayantor 1 stated this while debunking allegations of land grabbing and intimidation of residents made against security operatives in the community. He described the allegations as a figment of imaginations of some unscrupulous elements from the community.

Speaking , he painfully narrated the ordeals that had transpired in the last three years where the residents of Obayantor 1 Community in Ikpoba Okha local government area in Edo State took to their heels for safety of their lives over leadership tussles of who becomes the rightful Okaighele .

He explained that the crisis started when the late Odionwere, Pa Omorose Omoruyi passed on ,then the Elders met and directed the Youth to choose among themselves who they deem fit to take the position of Okaighele which eventually they presented one Osatohanwen Oduwa to the council of elders and the Enogie, Idu Akenzua including the past CDA Chairman, Kenneth Amadin who endorsed him publicly in the full glare of all and sundry in the community.

According to Elder Aghimien ,about 16 Youths led by Endurance Omorogie ,a.k.a Ajala came forward after seven months of installing Oduwa as the new Okaighele alleged against him that he sold 270 plots of lands to Prince Builders without the knowledge of the elders of Obayantor 1 Community.

The Elders in Council met and set up a committee that investigated the allegations leveled against the Okiaghele ,Osato Oduwa, and the committee came up with a report that revealed that the allegations were all fabricated, merely seeking to indict the integrity and personality of Oduwa in other to unrobed him of his title .

The committee further reported that the Community,not( Osato Oduwa )sold 150 plots of lands to Prince Builders and that the proceeds were paid into the bank account of Enogie, Idu Akenzua before his death.

Speaking further, he emphasized that having failed in a bid to indict Osato Oduwa in the sales of land without the knowledge of the Community, One Rollins Obazee and his alleged gang came forward to allege that the Enogie and the Elders of the community do not have the right to install the Okiaghele in Obayantor 1, adducing that the Youths have the right to install the Okiaghele .

These actions of theirs got the Elders piqued whereby they informed the Youths that is against the Bini tradition for Youths to install the Ohkaighele, he stressed that Youths can only present who they want to lead them to the elders which the Obanyantor 1 Elders believed that it has been done when they presented Osato Oduwa to the Enogie and all these happened during the End Sars period.

Again, Elder Aghimien stated that the same gang of Youths on their own brought another person called Endurance Omorogie aka, Ajala to be the Okiaghele, though his presentation was resisted and rejected by the elders after realizing that the alleged gang of Youths are up to some sinister activities.

According to him, the gangs forced one of the elders , Pa Iyamu Emokpa to install Endurance Omorogie as the Okaighele after chasing away the alleged recognized Okaighele ,Osato Oduwa that was installed by the Community and also further chased away the elders that resisted Endurance Omorogie’s installation from Obanyanto1.

While in their hide outs, the elders advised Osatohanmwen Oduwa to seek redress in the court of law which he did in the High Court of Justice,Benin City and was eventually declared the Okaighele of Obayantor 1 village in Ikpoba Okha Local Government by Hon. Justice A.N Erabor on the 24th of October, 2022.

According to Elder Aghimien, all through the period Endurance Omorogie served as Okaighele after chasing the elders and the alleged original Okaigele out of the community , alleged hoodlums and non indigenes were however hired to take over the community as Obayantor 1 eventually became known for kidnapping, arm robbery, gun racketeering and other criminal activities that attracted the DSS to investigate the community .

Going forward, other security agencies were also invited to work with the DSS as a team to quell the criminal activities and the leadership tussle in the community, which led to the increase of security checkpoints in the community to ensure law and order is restored.

As a result of the daily gun shooting from the hoodlums, there was a shot-out between Security Personnel and the hoodlums which eventually led to the death of one of the security operatives’ of which as at this Press Time, his corpse has not been found to be given to his family for proper burial.

Following the death of one of the Security Operatives, the presence of security check points increased in the community that scared away the Endurance Omorogie’s alleged gang from the community. Their exit from Obayantor 1, paved way for the coming back of the elders and the alleged original Okiaghele of the community.

Upon returning back to Obayantor 1, the elders realized that most of the lands that were sold by the community before the insurrection have also been resold by Endurance Omorogie a.k.a. Ajala and his team and as a result of the findings, the elders issued a press release through Radio and Televisions calling on those who bought lands in Obayantor 1 to come forward with adequate proofs of ownership and go through verification excercise to ascertain the rightful owners of the lands.

Ozukpogieha of Obayanto 1, Aghimien pleasantly appeal to all Sons and Daughters of Obayantor 1 to shield their swords and embrace peace because Peace is the fulcrum of development.

Meanwhile,it was gathered from our security sources who prefer to be anonymous that the Obayantor 1 Community was out-runned by alleged hoodlums who were involved in all manners of criminal activities that led the residents deserting or fleeing from the community.

According to our security source, the elders of the community invited the security operatives to increase the presence of their check points in the community in order to scare the hoodlums from carrying out their heinous activities. This has contributed to the fragile peace in the community where most of the indigenes that had ran away for safety of their lives when the community became a theater of war are gradually returning home to live their normal lives.

Further investigations have revealed that some members of the community that ran away due to the presence of security operatives are not comfortable with increase presence of security check points of security operatives in Obayantor 1, thereby seeking for ways security check points can be totally removed to aid them to further carry out their heinous activities,

Speaking with some members of the Obayentor 1 community, Mrs.Osariemein Eromosele, a farmer commended the presence of security check points in the community. According to her, the residents of the community can now go about their normal lives compare to as it were before the increase of the security check points .

“ In fact, I am happy that life is gradually becoming peaceful and normal compare to how it was before now. The Okaighele tussel has destroyed the peace we used to enjoy in Obayantor 1 and I am appealing to the security officers to ensure they sustained their check points here or otherwise,we the ordinary people will be forced to leave the community for hoodlums. I am also using this opportunity to appeal to our Royal Father, O’ OMO ‘NO ‘OBA, OBA EWUARE 11 to help us call Endurance Omorogie and his men to other to enable us have Peace again.” She said.

Another resident, Osazuwa Osaretien, a business man and a Farmer expressed happiness that Peace is gradually returning to Obayantor 1 due to increase security check points in the community, however he appealed to the warring factions to respect the Court Judgment issued in Favour of Osato Oduwa on the 24th of October 2022 and give peace a chance that will promote meaningful development in the community.

“ The Issue of Okiaghele tussel in our community is quite disheartening to me because during the period of this crisis, I almost lost all my family fortunes including my inherited lands from my forefathers. As I speak to you, they have sold my lands and I pray that I will recover them”.

Mrs Adesuwa Eghosa,a pretty trader also noted that it is time for fighting members of the community to respect the Court Judgment declaring Osato Oduwa as the authentic Okaighele of Obayantor 1 Community.

According to her, there is no point crying over a spilt milk as such would result to endless crisis which is not necessary for the wellbeing of the community generally. She further called on the elders of the community to call for a peaceful meeting where all the involved actors would be allowed to air their grievances and then resolve the crisis amicably.

Also speaking in the community, Osarobo Omorodion, a farmer appeals to the declared Okaighele, Osato Oduwa to work with the Elders closely and call Endurance Omorogie for a Peace Meeting to resolve the crisis and allow Peace to reign again in the community.

“We used to be in Peace in this Community until strangers started creating enmities among us, we can not continue like this, we need to go back to our old ways of living so that we can remain as a progressive front as we use to be in the past,” he said.

All efforts made to reach representative of Endurance Omorogie who alleged land grabbing by security personnel proved abortive as at Press time when contacted on mobile call.

” When we are ready, we will invite you because we don’t want hurry hurry story”


Kwara herbalist, accomplice Remanded over rape, arson



Kwara herbalist, accomplice Remanded over rape, arson

Kwara herbalist, accomplice Remanded over rape, arson





A Kwara State Magistrate Court sitting in Ilorin has ordered the remand of an Ibadan-based herbalist, Sultan Ojuwoni, also known as Atakoro, and one Olaitan Ibrahim Olalekan at the Federal Correctional Service Centre, Oke-Kura, Ilorin till January 17, 2024.





The state Police Command arraigned Atakoro and Olalekan before the court for the alleged rape and arson of a 21-year-old girl identified as Firdaus Jimoh.






According to the Police First Information Report, Atakoro allegedly serially raped and set ablaze the 21-year-old Jimoh in his shrine, in Ibadan, Oyo State, conniving with Olalekan and one Omowumi and her children who are currently at large.






The suspects were arraigned on offences of criminal conspiracy, unlawful trial by ordeal, rape, causing grievous bodily hurt by dangerous means and attempt to commit culpable homicide, contrary to Sections 97, 214, 283 and 229 of the Penal Code Law.”




Magistrate Kolawole Aluko who also did not take the plea of the suspects when the FIR was read to them, said the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the offences for which they were charged.

He, however, listened to the submissions of the prosecution and counsel for the second defendant after which he ordered the remand of the suspects and adjourned the case till January 17, 2024, for mention.

The magistrate said the offenses for which the suspects were charged were not ordinarily bailable.




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Kaduna airstrike: DHQ apologizes, insists terrorists were killed in Ligarma



Kaduna airstrike: DHQ apologizes, insists terrorists were killed in Ligarma



THE Defence Headquarters, yesterday, said that the Nigerian Army’s aerial bombardment of Ligarma village in Kaduna State in which some innocent civilians were killed, actually took out several terrorists, who embedded themselves in the community while fleeing.


Kaduna airstrike: DHQ apologizes, insists terrorists were killed in Ligarma

Speaking on a day that President Bola Tinubu sued for calm and ordered thorough investigation of the disaster, the DHQ apologised for the killing of civilians, saying, “the military views every civilian death in the cause of operations as a tragedy.”’




The tragedy elicited reactions yesterday, from Kaduna State Government officials and the Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, who visited Tudun Biri community in Igabi LGA; the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF; Apex Muslim Organisation led by the Sultan of Sokoto, the Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI; former Vice President Atiku Abubakar; and former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi.




Village infested with terrorists, civilians’ death tragic — DHQ

Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, who made this known in a statement said this is why communities are to always alert troops of terrorists’ activities particularly when such a community is known to be infested with terrorists and their sympathisers.

DHQ said: “Such tragedies are needless and unwanted, which causes the armed forces to take extensive measures to avoid them.”

“It noted that terrorists often deliberately embed themselves within civilian population centres in order for the civilian population to bear the consequences of their atrocities.

The statement titled: “On Air Strike On Ligarma Village in Kaduna State,” read in part: “On 3 Dec 2023, at about 2200hrs and based on untoward activities by terrorists, The NA UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) detachment observed movement of terrorists at Ligarma, a terrorist-infested area of Kaduna State.

“Aerial surveillance captured movement of groups of persons synonymous with the terrorists’ tactics and modus operandi. The observed advance of the terrorists that were gathered posted a threat to key infrastructure within reach of the on-toward activities.

“Accordingly, the threat was eliminated to prevent the terrorists from unleashing terror on innocent civilians.

“The armed forces will continue to operate consistent with international law as it always has done.

“It will also continue its determined and cautious progress in eradicating terrorists from our land.

“These terrorists as part of their tactics disguise themselves as civilians to perpetrate terror.

“Accordingly, we will continue to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the conduct of operations.”

Tinubu orders thorough investigation, calls for calm

Disturbed by the incident, President Tinubu, in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Chief Ajuri Ngelale, directed all relevant security agencies to carry out a thorough and full-fledged investigation on the bomb mishap, and also called for calm while the authorities look diligently into the mishap.





Tinubu sympathized with the families of victims, the people and government of Kaduna State over the airstrike mishap, which he described as “very unfortunate, disturbing, and painful, expressing indignation and grief over the tragic loss of Nigerian lives.”

“The President also directed swift and comprehensive medical attention for surviving victims while praying for the repose of the souls of the deceased.”

Army Chief visits Tudun Biri, commiserates, tenders apology

During his visit to Tudun Biri community, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, accompanied by Principal Staff Officers from the Army Headquarters and the General Officer Commanding 1 Division, met with the Dangaladima Zazau, the District Head of Rigasa, Architect Aminu Idris, other leaders and members of the community.

The COAS expressed regrets on the unfortunate mishap, describing it as a very disheartening occurrence.

Lagbaja noted that in the recent past, the general area of Tudun Biri and adjoining villages were infested with armed bandits, who terrorised the communities, until troops of the Nigerian Army started conducting operations to sanitize the area and make it habitable.




He pointed out that the troops were carrying out aerial patrols when they observed a group of people and wrongly analyzed and misinterpreted their pattern of activities to be similar to those of the bandits, before the drone strike.

The COAS stated that he was in Tudun Biri to personally witness the site of the mishap and to convey sincere regrets and unreserved apologies on behalf of the Nigerian Army to the District Head and people of the community, as well as the Government and entire people of Kaduna State.

Furthermore, Lagbaja disclosed that he has ordered a thorough inquiry into the incident to ascertain and identify areas of deficiency that led to the inadvertent disaster.

He disclosed that the findings and overarching outcome of the investigation will guide the NA in meticulously and professionally seeking and applying lasting solutions to identified lapses and deficiencies in both the human and Artificial Intelligence variables that will forestall future recurrence.

District Head of Rigasa, Architect Aminu Idris, in his remarks said despite the enormity of the incident, the Nigerian Army showed integrity in accepting responsibility for the drone strike and urged its leadership to intervene in bringing succour to hospitalized victims and the community for their losses.



He maintained that the community is a mixed community of both Muslims and Christians and that the victims are of both faith, contrary to earlier insinuation that the community is solely Muslim.

General Lagbaja also commiserated with the Chairman Jamaa’ atu Nasru Islam, Kaduna State Prof Shafiu Abdullahi and other clerics.

The Chief of Army Staff equally visited affected victims at the Barua Dikko Teaching Hospital Anguwan Rimi, Kaduna, where he expressed concern for their speedy recuperation and made an immediate donation of several provisions for their upkeep.

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Why UK Banned Healthcare Workers From Bringing Families



Why UK Banned Healthcare Workers From Bringing Families

Why UK Banned Healthcare Workers From Bringing Families





Britain’s government has unveiled a raft of measures aimed at reducing “unprecedented” and “unsustainable” levels of legal migration to the United Kingdom (UK), including banning healthcare workers from bringing their families and dependants to the UK.



Why UK Banned Healthcare Workers From Bringing Families


On Monday, a statement issued by the Home Office said the new plan to slash migration levels and curb abuse of the immigration system would deliver the biggest-ever reduction in the country’s net migration.





According to the Home Office, the revision will encourage “businesses to look to British talent first and invest in their workforce”, helping UK to deter employers from over-relying on migration, whilst bringing salaries in line with the average full-time salary for these types of jobs.






Interior Secretary, James Cleverly, said his plan would result in 300,000 fewer people coming to the UK in the coming years.





Under plans set out by Cleverly, workers would need to earn at least £38,700 to obtain a visa, up from £26,200, while care workers would be barred from bringing in dependants from next April.





He said, “The first of our five points will be to end the abuse of the care visa. We will stop overseas care workers from bringing family, dependants and we will require firms in England to be regulated by the Health Care Quality Commission in order for them to sponsor visas.






“Approximately, £120,000 dependants accompanied £100,000 care workers in the year ending September 2023, but only 25% of the dependants are estimated to be in work, meaning that a significant number are joining public services rather than helping to grow the economy.







“We recognize that healthcare workers do great work in our NHIS and health sector, but it’s also important that immigrants make a big enough financial contribution. Therefore, it will increase annual immigration healthcare charge by 66% from £624 to £1035 to raise, on average, £1.3 billion for the country’s health services every year.







“Second, we will stop immigration undercutting the salary of British workers. We will increase skilled workers’ earning threshold by a third to £38,000 from next spring in line with the medium, full-term wage for those kinds of jobs.





“Those coming on social and health visas will be exempt, so we will continue to bring healthcare workers.






“Finally, having already banned overseas masters students’ from bringing family members to the UK, I have asked the Immigration Advisory Committee to revise the graduates’ rate to prevent abuse, to protect the integrity and quality of the UK’s outstanding higher education sector. It needs to work in the best interest of the UK, supporting the pathway into high-quality jobs in the global talent pool and reducing opportunities for abuse.”

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