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Maureen Badejo Vs MFM: A Team Heading To Hell



Maureen Badejo Vs MFM: A Team Heading To Hell.-The bible is by far the most awesome compendium of all time. it tells it as it was yesterday, as it is today and how it will be tomorrow , but one scripture that I ponder about all the time is that of Jeremiah 17:9  The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? 10 I the Lord search the heart; I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

I am here again to speak woe unto the wicked and those who gang up to do evil against people who have blessed them and given them PLATFORMS and source to see the Good things of life. Righteousness must prevail

Are you aware that the meaning of Maureen is Rebellion and bitterness? And bitterness will always attract dark minded and bitter people? like I always say, mine is to bring light to the lies and evil matters that Maureen and her questionable characters bring to the table of their coven called Facebook live or whatever, to castigate and speak ill against the church and the people of God

It saddens my heart to listen to MAUREEN GO AT IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, with people who Lost it from mfm, FIRED , DISMISSED or LEFT THE MINISTRY IN UNRULY SCENARIOS AND TERRIBLE FOOTPRINTS . The so-called Mrs FUNKE ASHEKUN who sent in a video to Maureen’s show is one of them.

We decided to investigate and look into the matter properly, and from our investigations, our DISCOVERIES ARE MIND BOGGLING AND HEART BREAKING , for her to have the effrontery and conviction, without conscience to do what she did on Maureen’s show, recording a video based on fallacy laced with fabrications of negative thoughts about Dr D.k Olukoya and Gods ministry MFM, I FELT FOR HER, because as I put this piece of write up together all I could think of is how fierce God will execute his mighty judgement upon her and all the rogue ministers who have been on this satanic mission, I don’t think God will spare you for allowing the devil to use YOU.

Let’s take a close look at Mrs FUNKE ASHEKUN whom I think Satan has entered, just like he did Judas, we learnt that this woman came to the ministry as a single lady sometime in 1995 and left for the USA with a husband and 4 children  without telling anyone, is that someone who progressed or not ?. Before we go on with this matter we would like to ask some salient questions since she wants to be famous,

1 what virtue or value did you bring to MFM when you came?

2 when you joined mfm in 1995 who rented a flat for you and your mum at Fola Agoro?

3 What assets did you have when you joined MFM?

4 Are the records of the moneys you embezzled not with the account department of MFM?

5 will you ever have gotten anywhere without the support of the ministry including your overseas trips to the UK and the US?

6 Didn’t you flee with the two cars and furniture in the accommodation you were given by the Church?

7 Is it true that as at when you went to see Apostle Johnson Suleiman when he gave you prophecy to go to MFM you hadn’t met with D.k Olukoya?

8 Were you not employed as a worker at MFM bookshop and your husband got a Job at Oceanic bank?

9 Could you specifically tell us the glory you brought to MFM that was stolen?

10 what exactly is your mission with this show of shame that you are putting up

We have so much to ask but we won’t waste further time on the frivolities of an unstable being whose lost touch with reality, WE ARE AFTER THE TRUTH BECAUSE ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET US FREE.

FUNKE ASHEKUN AND HER HUSBAND HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO BE GENERAL OVERSEERS AND GO AND LIVE IN AMERICA after all, they said that’s what God told them, but why become a general overseer by pulling down those that lifted you and gave you hope with all your suspicious act of embezzlement  and many other UNSPOKEN things.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION we learnt that before her so called exit and departure she was still living in mfm housing units, and to cap up the story, we found out, they carted away furniture’s and valuables, belonging to the church housing unit as they fled, these are people claiming to be in bondage, people claiming to be called of God, people speaking ill about men whom have transformed lives and still transforming lives.

They lived in the church housing units for years for free, and left for AMERICA WITH A VISITING VISA UNANNOUNCED, not a word to church authority or any relevant person for that matter.

It’s no doubt she and her husband are known in the ministry by a handful of people but what she failed to mention is that she was basically known for all the awesome things Dr D.k Olukoya and MFM as a ministry has done for her and her family.

From our findings we realised that the GENERAL OVERSEER stood for them and by them, from getting tons of gifts from MRS SHADE OLUKOYA, for her and her children’s personal supplies, to financing their wedding.

They were given TWO VEHICLES by the ministry, they were borrowed money on request to the tune of NGN750, 000 still owing till date THERE ARE records to prove, they left the ministry twice on the guise that God asked them to go and minister in AMERICA, came back and were welcomed.

Through our finding we got to know that when this so called lady’s mother was sick, the church  took responsibility of her, spending huge amount of money , taking her to the best of hospitals , and the general overseer, even sponsored her to Jerusalem ,

We got to know that They got privileged salaries , this woman ran to mfm CREATING A DAUNTING IMAGE OF DEEPER LIFE saying that she was been forced to marry an older man who is an army personnel , her children were placed on DR DKO SCHOLARSHIP before they disappeared.

This Family is a product of GREED, INDISCIPLINE, INGRATITUDE, and a pretentious set that chose to stay in the church for financial gains and benefits FROM WHAT WE CAN DEDUCE SO FAR.


Madam Funke, it’s amazing that you could open your mouth to question the authentic power of God in MFM and the God in the man of Dr DANIEL KOLAWOLE OLUKOYA, one who clothed and fed you from nothing to something out of compassion,

We found out that after this lady and her husband left MFM her mother was still living in church accommodation and been taken care of by the ministry with welfare salary in place, as a matter of fact we gathered that when they returned from their so called exit from the ministry they stayed in the flat we had given to their mother for years trying to find their feet

We sorted from a reliable source that the general overseer gave them some huge amount of money to deposit for their BANK JOB and they fled with it because the money was never recovered, when they had issues with their house at Ikorodu due to robbers invasion, the church stood for them and lodged them for months at the church guest house.

Today you claim that MFM and Dr Olukoya are occultic and a ritualist, JUST BECAUSE they didn’t give you the room to live your wayward and fraudulent ways in the ministry, God in his wisdom is exposing all the wolves in sheep clothing.

These people need to come to God in spirit and in truth and address their foundations which is traced to the babalawo line

Dr DK Olukoya never for once treated you with disdain, because if one man or a ministry can do all this for just one family I wonder what else you want from God. FUNKE GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU and maybe when this new Satan that has entered you leaves, you will come to your senses that you have joined yourself with bitterness and rebellion which is actually the GATEWAY TO DESTRUCTION

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A Divine Connection : Prophet Genesis Visits Seyi Vodi in Abuja (Photos)



A Divine Connection : Prophet Genesis Visits Seyi Vodi in Abuja (Photos)



In a captivating turn of events, Prophet Israel Oladele, widely known as Genesis, recently embarked on a spiritually charged visit to the bustling city of Abuja. The purpose of his journey? To meet Seyi Adekunle, the renowned Nigerian fashion entrepreneur and founder of the Vodi Group, better known as Seyi Vodi. The encounter, captured in a concise video clip, unveils a profound connection between these two influential figures.

*A Tale of Grace and Transformation: Prophet Genesis’s Words Unveiled*
The video opens with Prophet Genesis eloquently expressing the transformative power of grace. “It takes grace to connect to grace to enjoy mercy,” he emphasizes. Born on March 10, 1974, in Igboore Abeokuta, Ogun state, Prophet Genesis reflects on his own journey and the significance of the number five, denoting grace. “Number Five is the number of stars. Number Five is the number of Grace,” he declares.

The spiritual leader expounds on the impact of blessings, particularly in the context of those providing services. “Whoever that is designing for you, sewing for you – when he is blessed, your life must be blessed,” he asserts. With a subtle nod to Seyi Vodi’s role as a fashion businessman, Prophet Genesis conveys the idea that the prosperity of those contributing to one’s life can lead to personal elevation.

In his characteristic style, Prophet Genesis offers a profound prayer for those associated with Seyi Vodi: “You will not be naked, Amen. Everyone working with you will not be naked, Amen.” The divine assurance resonates as he emphasizes the sanctity of the visit, proclaiming that nobody can visit Seyi Vodi and leave without receiving mercy.

The prophetic words continue to flow as Prophet Genesis touches on the consequences of misplaced efforts. “When you struggle for what is not yours, you will lose what is yours,” he warns, underlining the importance of aligning one’s pursuits with divine purpose. The visit, according to Prophet Genesis, is free from regrets, emphasizing the positive impact of a purpose-driven life.

Closing with words of wisdom, Prophet Genesis encourages a results-oriented approach, assuring that a life centered on achieving outcomes will naturally attract people. “When your life is result-oriented, you will not run after people, people will run after you,” he declares, urging individuals not to consume their potential for growth but to plant it.

In a final proclamation, Prophet Genesis assures Seyi Vodi and all associated with him that their best days are yet to come, culminating the video with a resounding “Amen.” The divine connection between these two influential figures in Abuja seems destined to bring forth blessings and transformations, reflecting the intricate dance of grace and purpose in their lives.



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Igbos’ in Oriade LCDA, Discredit Eze Umenwekwe Chukwukadibia’s Ezeship Claims, Say,”he is not Our King” By Ifeoma Ikem



Igbos’ in Oriade LCDA, Discredit Eze Umenwekwe Chukwukadibia’s Ezeship Claims, Say,”he is not Our King”

By Ifeoma Ikem

In what appears like the final push to end the contentious Oriade Ezeship tussle, principal Stakeholders, Kingmakers, Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership, Igbo Speaking Community,residents,have unanimously and in unison discredited the purported Ezeship claims by Eze Umenwekwe Chukwukadibia , Calling him a liar and imposture.

Indeed more facts continued to emerge,as stakeholders clamped down on Eze Chukwukadibia’s reported claims and evidences which he had projected, thereby faulting all of them.

With an unexpected overwhelming and unalloyed support ,Oriade LCDA principal Stakeholders gave Chukwukadibia,the Ezeship Claimant ,what a sympathetic resident described as “a head boot and bleeding nose”, by denying him in total, saying that ” Chukwukadibia was late Eze Ogidi of Amuwo Odofin’s ‘OBI’ and was never approved or crowned Eze by Oriade People and kingmakers”.

In what many described as rubbishing Chukwukadibia’s acclaimed credentials, Oriade LCDA principal Stakeholders advised him to stop further parading himself as their Eze, stating thus : “He doesn’t reside or cast his electoral votes here. His purported Ezeship is Unknown to us all and he is not a member of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Igbo Speaking Community .He does not fellowship or pay dues with us in all our activities. He does not have a traditionally standard proper palace in Oriade LCDA, other than his recently rented N100,000 apartment ,with which he laboured in vain to hoodwink some unwary members of the public “.

During a lengthy kingship authentication verification investigation carried out by our Correspondent, all the principal Stakeholders interviewed, were apparently and obviously unhappy with Chukwukadibia for creating what they saw as “a baseless crisis in their hitherto peaceful community, whereby they claimed that Chukwukadibia is a ‘foreigner’ and not part of them”.

The first Stakeholder to release his barrage of criticisms, was Eze Ndigbo in Riverine, Eze Chinaedu Mozie, alias “Nwatakwacha, “he said ” the authentic Eze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA is Eze Udo, Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu, who lives and built his house and palace in Oriade LCDA.Sometimes ago, the Supreme Council of Ndieze in Lagos state deliberated on this Ezeship issues and directed Chukwukadibia to stop parading himself as Eze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA.He can’t reside in Agric area, Ojo local government Area and be claiming to be Eze in Oriade LCDA.

Querying Chukwukadibia’s 15 years claims as Eze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA, Eze Riverine asked him to mention who crowned him. Who crowned him?, Eze to which People?.” Before Oriade LCDA was created,from the year 2003 to early 2020’s, I was a member of ‘ime Obi’ and Chief Security Officer, CSO, Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Oriade, Amuwo Odofin , I never knew him as Eze or who crowned him.It was only Eze Anthony Elui and late Eze Udo, Eze Ogidi , that we knew as Ezes in Amuwo Odofin before Oriade was carved out “.

Counseling Chukwukadibia, Eze Mozie Opined, ” We should respect ourselves as Igbos, because we have rich traditional heritage when it comes to Ezeship, a tenant can not be an Eze.Chukwukadibia can’t be living in another place and be claiming Ezeship in Oriade.In this matter between two of them, even everything goes, truth can’t go.Let Chukwukadibia go to the place he resides, bought and built house to contest for Ezeship, he Lacks that quality here in Oriade, I don’t know why he doesn’t want to give up his baseless struggle.

One of Kingmaker in Oriade, said that ,Ochiagha Gurugburu, Chief Ikechukwu, released his own salvos and challenged anyone laying claims to Oriade LCDA Ezeship to show his certificate.

“It is not an issue, anybody, whosoever that says he is Eze Ndigbo, Eze Udo in Oriade LCDA, should show us his certificate.Anyone who claims that I played any role in his life as Eze Ndigbo, must bring the certificate that I signed.As an Eze, you must show us your certificate and palace,” Ochiagha mocked Chukwukadibia .

While Challenging those he said that are using police to intimidate them over the Ezeship tussle, the Kingmaker declared his stand stating that, ” the only man, who is recognized as Eze Udo in Oriade LCDA, is Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu, Eze Ohazurumee, who the Igbo Kingmakers , political groups , Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Igbo Speaking Community in Oriade LCDA, have all agreed to be our Eze, because he agrees with the terrain.If they like, let them use police to threaten and intimidate us, at the appropriate time, truth will overcome and we can’t fight with the Yorubas, because they are our landlord”.

Clarifying their earlier relationship with Chukwukadibia, Ochiagha stated thus: ” Yes, at the earlier stage, we invited and interviewed Chukwukadibia and he deceptively showed us a building in Oriade, claiming that it was his own and based on that,we issued him with a certificate that I signed recommending him to be crowned Eze by the Igbo Speaking Community in Oriade LCDA.But when we now found out that he rented a two bedroom flat, everybody withdrew , let him exhibit the content of the certificate that I signed .The truth is that he doesn’t vote in Oriade LCDA, he votes in Ojo and the two people that were following him, Chief Alex Ezeobi, aka, Biafra and ichie Sunday Edyson Okeke, known also as “Mmiri Oma na Isuofia”, later found out the truth, that Chukwukadibia is not the real man that they thought that he was and they withdrew”.

On way forward for lasting peace in Oriade LCDA over the Ezeship tussle, the Kingmaker Ochiagha said that” If Chukwukadibia really want to answer that Ezeship name, no problem but there are certain things to be done, we should come together”.

“But as at today, the Eze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA that we know and following, is Eze Udo, Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu and we found him worthy of these and that is why we are aligning with him.let me limit it this way, but I have my own story to tell,if they want to drag me into this.They can’t intimidate everybody with the police, no, no, no ,no.You can’t fight with the Yorubas, Omoniles. You can’t come from nowhere and say that you are building a kingdom, which kingdom?. I have been following President Bola Ahmed Tinubu before AD party to APC . At the appropriate time, the APC Party will make a statement and give instructions to the police, Ochiagha concluded.

Going down memory lane In his own contribution, Chukwukadibia’s estranged Cabinet Chairman, Chief Sunday Edyson Okeke, alias ‘Mmiri Oma na Isuofia’, who indirectly accepted to be the innocent Initiator of the Ezeship tussle, however,stated that ,”Apollos Umenwekwe Chukwukadibia , has been lying and very economical with the truth”.

He stated that he did not know when and who coronated Chukwukadibia as Eze.He accused Chukwukadibia of initially brain washing them and that when he later discovered that he never had any residential property in Oriade, he advised him to purchase a property in Oriade, even it was a bungalow, if he truly wished to become an Eze in Oriade, but he ignored them.

He said thus: ” It was late Eze Udo Amuwo Odofin,Eze Ogidi, who initially crowned him “Obi ” Onireke, Obi Amuwo Odofin, Obi Oriade and because late Eze Ogidi was living in a street in Oriade, I felt I could use Chukwukadibia to retain the legacies of the late Ogidi .I was the person that reconciled him with Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA.I know the bungalow he lives at Ilufe area of Ojo local government Area, he has no tenant there and iam not trying to mock him financially but he is not living in Oriade LCDA,it is as simple as A,B,C,D “.

When our Correspondent drew his attention to the fact that Eze Chukwukadibia, had in a recent publication with an Online Newspaper Stated that he resides at No. 8 Olubodun Crescent, off Galaxy Olola Community, Ijegun, Satellite town, Chief Okeke retorted angrily and explained thus :

” Iam an Ichie, an “Ozo” titled holder in Isuofia, Anambra State,meaning that I shouldn’t lie. That address he provided is a false information and claims.I was the person that paid N100,000 for that rented apartment in the compound known as”Malaysia ” , owned by an Igbo landlord from Umuchu in Anambra State”, Okeke stated.

According to him, “I was his back bone and our initial plot was that Chukwukadibia will hold on to the rented apartment, pending when he buys a house in one of the streets there, so that when people hears our fabrications ,that he was crowned by late Eze Ogidi as Eze Oriade, it will become believable .I have spent over N300,000 of my own money on him, just in a bid to make him Eze Ndigbo in Oriade LCDA and while i and my colleagues were suffering for him, he disappointed us “, Mmiri Oma regretted.

Regretting further his unfruitful efforts towards helping Chukwukadibia, Chief Okeke advised Chukwukadibia to step down and stop parading himself as Eze Ndigbo Oriade and cease forthwith from peddling false hold in Oriade.

Mmiri Oma therefore concluded that as far as Igbo tradition is concerned,it is Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu that is the authentic Eze Ndigbo because he lives and built his house in Oriade ,”As an Ichie in my town, somebody can’t be living in another place and be King in another place ,an Eze must have an “Obi” in his kingdom.Surposing someone wants to visit him?, It should not be in a hotel.It was on the account of these things that I withdrew from him, because he is not serious to be an Eze , he doesn’t seek advice and doesn’t operate like an Eze”, Chief Okeke opined.

Confirming some of the positions of Chief Okeke, the former Chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Oriade, Chief Alex Ezeobi, popularly known as “Biafra”,stated that : “the only recognized Eze in Oriade LCDA now, is Eze Emmanuel Chukwuakalikamadu”.

This affirmation ,Biafra said, is based on the report of the committee set up by Chief Edwin Egboka, alias.


Igbos' in Oriade LCDA, Discredit Eze Umenwekwe Chukwukadibia's Ezeship Claims, Say,"he is not Our King"

By Ifeoma Ikem

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Nigerian Juju act, Yinka Best has bag an impressive award as the Africulture UK/Europe Best Cultural Juju Artist of the year 2023.






The saxophonist, Yinka Best clinched.the award after receiving the highest votes in the category.





According to the organizers of the award, Queen Adetutu Jakande and Obalola Adeshina Ajao, the award is set out to honour those who have shown unprecedented involvement to the growth of Nigeria music beyond the shores of the country.

In the previous editions of the award, notable personalities like King Sunny Ade(KSA), King Wasiu Ayinde(K1),among others have been crowned winners in different categories of the award.

The prestigious award organized by Africulture Traditional and Entertainment UK(ATAE) awards is an annual event with this year’s edition been held on Sunday 19, November 2023 in London.

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