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Professor of Law Writes The Senate Over Usurpation Of The Powers Of NDDC Board




Professor of Law Writes The Senate Over Usurpation Of The Powers Of NDDC Board



NDDC– Worried over the lingering crises of usurpation of the powers of the board of Niger Delta Development Commission by its management, a distinguished professor of Law. Yusuf Dankofa, PHD has a petition to the Chairman, Ad-hoc committee Investigating Budgets of the NDDC, Senator Yusuf Yusuf.




Here is the letter as obtained by us…




Distinguished Senator Yusuf Yusuf

The Chairman, Ad-hoc Committee Investigating Budgets of the NDDC,

Senate of Nigeria,

National Assembly 

Three Arms Zone

Dear Sir,






We are Legal Practitioners based in the above address with interests spanning constitutionalism, human rights, public interests advocacy and litigation. We have watched with keen interest the crises of leadership tussles at the NDDC which is a needless act of usurpation of powers of the board by it’s management. The crisis has now extended to the process of budgeting by the commission and if proper understanding of the Act establishing the commission and the civil service rules are not adhered to and upheld by the relevant institutions and stakeholders, that will undermine the principles of good corporate governance that will hamper the Commission from its mandate.





We therefore welcome the Senate setting up an Ad-hoc Committee under your Chairmanship to investigate the 2021, 2022 and 2023 estimates of the Commission

We respectfully identified the following key areas for determination and proffer necessary advice:


We submit that the NDDC’s highest decision making organ is the Governing Board .This is amplified by section 1 sub-section 2 (1)(a) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (Establishment etc) Act 2000. This board headed by the Chairman in conjunction with the office of the Managing Director shall formulate necessary guidelines for the development of Niger Delta area.

Section 8 of the Act further provides that the Board shall have power to: 

  1. manage and supervise the affairs of the commission, 
  2. make rules and regulations to carry out the functions of the commission,
  3. enter into such contracts as may be necessary or expedient for the discharge of its functions and 
  4. ensure the efficient performance of the functions of the commission.

With the above provisons of the Act, it becomes a settled matter of law that the Chairman of the Governing Board is the supervisory authority on all issues affecting the Commission. Without the approval of the Board, any action so taken will be a violation of the Act, and thus illegal.

The overarching responsibility of the Chairman is to protect the resources of the people and make sure that due process is followed in all administrative and financial activities. The Governing board is therefore superior to the Managing Director, because the Management must always seek approvals of the Board to make or take significant decisions.

It’s therefore our considered view based on the extant law that the Commission can only effectively perform its roles with a substantive Governing Board headed by a Chairman. Any act done without the input and approval of the board is invalid and therefore remains voidable. The so called MoU signed by the management of NDDC with a United State based firm for the construction of railway in some parts of Niger Delta without the knowledge and approval of its governing board, is nothing but a gross usurpation of powers of the board as enshrined in the Act, and therefore null and void.


Section 18 (1) of the NDDC act clearly provides answers to this question. The said section is herein reproduced for ease of reference,

The board shall not, later than 30th September in each year submit to the National Assembly, through the President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces an estimate and expenditure of the income of the commission during the next succeeding year for approval.

It is clear from the above Section that the only person that can present the budget of the Commission to the National Assembly is its Chairman. Any budget presented to the National Assembly, including the Senate, by the Management of the Commission is a breach of the Act that established the Commission. We therefore urge Your respected Red Chamber to decline validating the illegal budget proposal before you as that will amount to giving a stamp of acceptance to an unlawful act. The Senate should not consider any budget estimates from the Commission that is not approved by it’s board and presented for your consideration by the Chairman of the Commission.

May I, with respect also refer you to the Supplementary provisions regarding the Board in the NDDC Act, otherwise referred to as the Schedule. Section 1 (2)of the Schedule clearly provides that, the quorum of board shall be the Chairman and that the Board can only meet wherever it is convened by the Chairman and that under section 4 (1) the fixing of the seal of the commission shall be authenticated by the signatures by the chairman or any member of the board generally or specifically authorised by the board to act for that purpose and the managing director. 

It is not in doubt that any decision made by the commission must be sanctioned by the Board. The management cannot act outside the province and authority of the Board.

The management team should be made to understand that it does not have unlimited authority and the principle of checks and balances under constitutional democracy has also been put in place by the NDDC Act so that the management team cannot confer unto itself emergency powers which will ultimately lead to abuse.


We also respectfully urge your Ad-hoc Committee to examine if the Management of the Commission, especially the Managing Director, have observed the Public Service Rules, including that of seeking the approval of their supervising authority in this case, the Chairman of the board – before undertaking local and foreign trips; and also whether they travel within the airfare class so prescribed by the Public Service Rules.

We hope that you shall give the necessary considerations to the salient issues of law raised by our submission in this document and use them to resolve this unnecessary usurpation and abuse of power.

Thank you.




Professor of Law.


Professor of Law Writes The Senate Over Usurpation Of The Powers Of NDDC Board

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Celestial Church Debunks False Reports



Celestial Church Debunks False Reports

Celestial Church Debunks False Reports

Trailing Arson, Looting of Parish in Ajah

…as mob attempts to kill Shepherd and Assistant

Authorities of the Celestial Church of Christ have issued a statement to debunk false reports, including videos that some people have posted on the Internet aimed at tarnishing the image of the church, after tragedy struck at CCC Overcomers Parish, Oke-Ira Nla, Ajah, Lagos, which almost claimed the life the Shepherd, Venerable Superior Evangelist [Prophet] James Aso and his assistant, Senior Evangelist Ayotunde Oladipupo.






The parish was burned down by an angry mob that also broke in and stole church equipment and valuables, while the New Moon Service of Thursday, 1st June, 2023. The arson was triggered by the death of a Hausa man named Dogo who was contracted to evacuate the overflowing soak-away in the church premises. The deceased Hausa man also doubles as an Okada rider in the neighbourhood.





However, contrary to the false narrative making the rounds that the Parish was burnt because the deceased’s body was mutilated and human parts removed for rituals. Below are authenticated truths as confirmed by the police, parishioners, non-Hausa neighbours and the official media spokesman of the Celestial Church of Christ, Superior Evangelist Kayode Ajala.




The Facts:

– The deceased Hausa man known as Dogo was quite popular in the neighbourhood and was known for the job of evacuating overflowing soakaways. He also doubled as an Okada rider and it wasn’t the first time he’d been paid by the parish for such jobs. This time, he was actually paid for the job three days before the unfortunate incident.




– Dogo himself chose to do the job on the night of Thursday, 1st June, 2023. This was while the New Moon Service was in progress and the Parish Shepherd in Charge of the Parish, VSE Aso James, was busy in the inner altar as he was the Service Conductor.




– While carrying out the job he was paid for, Dogo slipped and fell into the soak-away.

Celestial Church Debunks False Reports



– The Assistant Shepherd of the Parish, Senior Evangelist Ayotunde Oladipupo, who was supervising Dogo’s work immediately tried to rescue Dogo and in the process, he also fell into the soak-away.

– Church members alerted by the shouts for help abandoned the Service and began a rescue operation for the two people that had fallen into the soak-away. The lifeless body of Dogo was eventually brought out, while the unconscious body of Oladipupo was also brought out of the soak-away. Both of them were rushed to the hospital where the lifeless body of Dogo was pronounced dead.

– The family of the deceased Hausa man, Dogo, took custody of his remains with all parts of the body intact.

– The Police also attest to the fact that no part of Dogo’s body was tampered with.

– The arson at the Overcomers Parish was carried out by an angry mob largely made up of ‘area boys’ and Okada riders who also attacked the Shepherd of the Parish, VSE Aso James, and inflicted grievous bodily harm on him.

– The Hausas in the neighbourhood are doing a house-to-house search, on a reprisal attack, looking for Celestial Church members with the intention to harm them. Many C.C.C. members in the neighbourhood have since abandoned their homes and gone into hiding.

– VSE James Aso (Shepherd) and Senior Evangelist Ayotunde Oladipupo (Assistant Shepherd) are presently hospitalised and in critical condition.

Members of the public should disregard any other narrative meant to tarnish the name and image of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

The Celestial Church of Christ is a Bible believing church focussed on evangelizing the world through the proclamation of the word – the good news of the Messiah Jesus Christ and of the Kingdom of God; in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, proclaiming deliverance to those bound by the shackles of Satan, healing the broken-hearted, the sick, the deformed, restoring hope to the hopeless and those who are bound, while reinforcing the faith of all – both feeble and strong in the unfailing righteousness and faithfulness of God Almighty and Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour.


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BREAKING! Gunmen Attack Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, Several Injured



BREAKING! Gunmen Attack Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, Several Injured















Sahara Weekly Reports That Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State escaped death by whiskers when his convoy was blocked and attacked by people believed to be supporters of Alh. Muritala Yakubu Ajaka at about 12.30 hours on Saturday.








BREAKING! Gunmen Attack Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello, Several Injured









The attack took place near the Naval Base, a few kilometres from Lokoja town.

















It was reported that the convoy of Muritala Yakubu Ajaka, having sighted that of the Governor, reportedly blocked the road while some of his armed thugs started shooting sporadically at the Governor’s convoy.



















A Tundra branded with the logo of the SDP and with SDP flags also blocked the Governor’s vehicle and occupants of the SDP-branded Tundra were armed with rifles and short guns.
















Confirming the incident, the state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Kingsley Fanwo, said there is no cause for panic as the Governor is in high spirits.





















“Some security aides and other aides attached to the Governor sustained some degrees of injuries and have been rushed to medical facilities for medical attention.

















We urge the people of Kogi State to remain calm as security agents are in full control to ensure the arrest of the hoodlums behind the attack.





















“The State Government will ensure that law and order are maintained as the attackers will be brought to justice,” he said.






















Governor Bello warned that no APC member should involve in any reprisal attack as insecurity from any quarter will be met with stiff penalties

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How Pro Kingsley Accurately warmed About India’s Train Crash 



Ozekhome Confirms Prophet Kingsley’s Prophetic Warning On Kanu

How Pro Kingsley Accurately warmed About India’s Train Crash 

Sadly, June 2023 started on a scary note as over 260 people died and over 1000 injured as three trains crashed in India’s eaten Odisha state.
However, while the world expressed shocked over the unfortunate incident, One man who was not surprised was Prophet Kingsley Aitafo. The amible clergy during his monthly prophetic warnings said God told him June will start with scary incidents.
How Pro Kingsley Accurately warmed About India's Train Crash 
And to confirm this Sadly, at least 261 people have been killed and 1,000 are injured in a crash involving three trains in India’s eastern Odisha state.
One passenger train derailed on to the adjacent track and was struck by an incoming train on Friday, also hitting a nearby stationary freight train.
A massive recovery operation is under way, after hundreds of emergency workers searched the wreckage.
The cause of India’s worst train crash in over 20 years is not yet clear.
Officials say several carriages from the Coromandel Express, travelling between Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) and Chennai (formerly Madras), derailed at about 19:00 (13:30 GMT) in Balasore district after hitting a stationary goods train. Several of its coaches ended up on the opposite track.
Another train travelling in the opposite direction – the Howrah Superfast Express travelling from Yesvantpur to Howrah – then hit the overturned carriages.
“The force with which the trains collided has resulted in several coaches being crushed and mangled,” Atul Karwal, chief of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) told ANI news agency.
More than 200 ambulances and hundreds of doctors, nurses and rescue personnel were sent to the scene, the state’s chief secretary Pradeep Jena said.
Sudhanshu Sarangi, director general of Odisha Fire Services, had earlier said 288 had died.
All trapped and injured passengers have been rescued. It is not clear how serious the injuries of those taken to hospitals were.
Work to restore the site of the crash begun, India’s South Eastern Railway company said on Saturday.

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