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Public Statement: APC Somolu Fed Rep, Kuye Sent Legal Threat to Comrade Buna, Not Threat to Life



Public Statement: APC Somolu Fed Rep, Kuye Sent Legal Threat to Comrade Buna, Not Threat to Life..

Still on Hon. Kuye and HURMA.

It becomes imperative following several calls and advice from families and friends over the recent encounter I had with the Hon. Member of Federal House of Representative for Somolu Constituency, Hon. Ademorin Kuye over his reactions to our office position on the publication “Recent Somolu Killings: Hold Dullar; Olowo and Kuye Responsible, Not Police”, in the interview published by Rights Monitors news where I maintained that the general insecurity in Somolu community is as a result of failure of those in government at that level to unite and work on the constitutional primary responsibility of government which is the security of life and welfare of the people. But to my surprise, Hon. Kuye after a brotherly telephone conversation with me, went ahead to send a letter of legal threat to my office demanding that his name should be withdrawn and I must also publish same, otherwise the court of law would be his next move. This letter was sent through his lawyer, Ayoola Julius and HURMA’s lawyers had given and sent a prelimany response appropriately holding on to our position while awaiting their next step.

I have since been receiving advice and warnings from families and friends that I should move away from the community for fear of possible attacks from the Hon. Kuye group and his overzealous blind loyalists, sent by him or acting alone, which may come now or in the nearest future.

It is on this note that I need to set the record straight to the public and clear whatever misconception among the general public that I believe so much that the threat I received is only legal limited and not threat to my life or any member of my family as being misconstrued for now.

It is also important to seize this opportunity to give a humble advice to Hon. Kuye and other politicians in public offices on how to relate with people like us in the future.

Before giving my sincere general advice to our political office holders who are often more of exploiters and oppressors, on how to react to genuine activists and organizations that are sincerely struggling for total emancipation of the oppressed from all forms of exploitation and oppression, I want to reassure Hon. Ademorin Kuye that our organization and myself have no personal issues with him but we are always driven by public interest. We recall that he and some other community have had cause to support our work in the past when the issues were of collective interest just like our organisation’s social justice interests on this state of insecurity in Somolu community which led to the gruesome murder of late Sulaiman Olumegbon.

To deal with any form of criticism from genuine activists and organizations, it is important to be patient and get the message correctly with sincerity. To get this done, politicians must always switch off the light of political power supply and put on that of humanity. Most of politically exposed people are surrounded by sycophantic friends and violent political followers and killer squad who always paint them as God that is flawless. Hon. Kuye should learn from this and should not consider any criticism as an attack on his person, office or political life.

This might have actually informed the messages from my friends and relatives to be careful or better move away from Somolu community for fear of possible attack from Kuye which according to them may come now or in the nearest future.

The office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) is open and available to all members of the public, a replica of what we desire with Kuye’s constituency office as well. Our office is blessed with dedicated personalities from all fields including those that have attained position of SAN in the legal field of genuine struggle for humanity. We are also daily approached by both the good; the bad, and the ugly. Our target is to ensure that all lives must improve for better. People daily troop our office and cry their hearts out and we attend to all, but most concern with issues affecting fundamental rights. It is with that spirit of pains that the people express regularly that inform our positions
We remain committed and steadfast.

Yours in Struggle,

Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak
Executive Director
Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)