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Sanwo-Olu urge world leaders to act on preventing food insecurity




Sanwo-Olu urge world leaders to act on preventing food insecurity

food insecurity

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has charged world leaders to act now to prevent global food insecurity.

Sanwo-Olu stated this in his keynote address at the grand finale of the 2022 World Food Day Celebration at the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja.



The governor was represented by Mrs Folashade Jaji, Secretary to the State Government.

He said that this year’s World Food Day was coming at a time when many economies are grappling with serious food security issues caused by numerous factors.




He said that this also include the war between Russia and Ukraine, climate change, environmental degradation biodiversity loss, inequalities, and other violent conflicts across regions both nationally and internationally.

According to him, the 2022 World Food Day campaign calls for global solidarity and action to restructure agrifood systems in order to create inclusive economic growth, alleviate inequities, boost resilience, and achieve sustainable development.




“The entire globe must act now.

“This fact is aptly captioned in the theme for the celebration: “Safe Foods Today A Healthy Tomorrow.”




“The 2022 World Food Day campaign calls for global solidarity and action to restructure agrifood systems in order to create inclusive economic growth, alleviate inequities, boost resilience, and achieve sustainable development.

“This must be met for us to have a certain and healthy tomorrow,” he said.




The governor noted that the state government was committed to eradicating hunger, poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating to agriculture.

He said that the state had implemented numerous projects and programmes to tackle hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, and under-employment and also boost food production and supply systems.




He listed the projects as Lagos State Food Market System Transformation Programme; Lagos State Agricultural and Food System Roadmap (2021-2025); Eko Agro Mechanisation Programme and Agricultural Value Chains Enterprise Activation Programme, among others.

“The major thrust of the agricultural and food system roadmap is to increase local food production from the present 20 per cent demand to 40 per cent through the implementation of various programmes and initiatives development of a five-year roadmap.




“The roadmap is a strategic document developed by the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of stimulating private sector participation and investment in the development of agricultural value chains in the state.

“The roadmap points out the direction for development of agribusiness in the state.




“Our administration recognises the immense efforts, dedication and contributions of our noble farmers and other value chain actors toward attaining food security in the state.

“Therefore, it is imperative for the state government to appreciate the efforts of the farmers who braved all odds, including the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure that food is available in our markets, thus providing food security for the state and the country at large.




“Let me assure you of this administration’s commitment to intensifying our drive to support our farmers, encourage small and medium scale agro-processors, and create an enabling environment for private sector involvement in agriculture.

“This will go a long way toward expanding the economy.



The governor commended partners such as the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation, Stanbic IBTC, Dangote Sugar Refinery Nigeria Plc, Lashone Links Farm Ltd., Ofada Boy, Aller Aqua Nigeria Ltd., and Hope for Life Initiative supporting activities to celebrate the day.

“I also, sincerely appreciate our farmers’ and fishermen associations, agro-allied organisations, individual farmers, fishermen, agro-processors, students, and various stakeholders too numerous to mention.




“I urge you not to relent in your efforts,” he said.

Earlier, Ms Abisola Olusanya, State Commissioner for Agriculture, said that since the inception of Gov. Sanwo-Olu, the state had embarked on programmes and reforms driven toward ensuring a food secured state.




Olusanya noted that the state had also implemented policies geared toward making the space profitable for stakeholders in various value chains.

According to her, Lagos has always joined the rest of the world in celebrating since its commencement in 1979.




“The World Food Day is celebrated all over the world on Oct. 16.

“This special day, designated by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and United Nation (UN) in 1979, is meant to promote global awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger.



“It also highlights the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

“It is worthy to note that the ministry of agriculture under the administration of Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has since inception embarked on programmes and reforms driven towards ensuring a food secured state.




“Today, we are also appreciating different categories of our farmers who have put in a lot of work in their different vocations to feed you and I.

“And as the saying goes, no farmer, no nation. Everyone of us here, cannot do without the farmer.



“They are the ones that put food on our tables and make us healthy.
We will like them to go home feeling fulfilled that there’s dignity in labour,” she said. (NAN)


Funmi Ayinke To Shut Down Abuja With Annual Thanksgiving On December 10




Popular engineer cum musician, Funmi Ayinke is set to shut down the whole of Abuja with her annual thanksgiving on Sunday, 10th Of December, 2023.

The event which has been tagged ‘Total Takeover’ is basically to appreciate God for 2023 and put the coming year in his hands through worship.

According to Funmi Ayinke, It is not an entertainment programme but a spirit-filled event where people will worship God in truth and in spirit.

‘’It is not an entertainment event but a spirit-filled worship moment where God Almighty will empower us for a total takeover in 2024.’’

‘’When we pray, God sends Angels, but when we worship, God comes down to dwell in our midst.’’

‘’The Bible says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. Please do not joke with your Destiny.
You can’t continue to live this life of yours in 2024. ‘’

‘’There must be a change—enough of people mocking you. Find yourself there, and you will never remain the same.’’

To bring down heaven, some powerful guests have been billed to minister and they include Sola Praise, Abraham Akatu, Precious Ariwajesu, Success Moses, Enoch JB, to mention a few.

In previous years, miracles were recorded at the Annual Thanksgiving and many more are expected on December 10, 2023.

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Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong



Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong 

Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong









































Sahara Weekly Reports That When embarking on the journey of purchasing land in Lagos, Nigeria, it is crucial to navigate the process with diligence and awareness. Acquiring the necessary certificates is a pivotal step to ensure a secure and lawful transaction. Here are some important certificates you should possess during the land-buying process in Lagos:
























Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong 


















1. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O):

The Certificate of Occupancy is a primary document issued by the Lagos State Government that confirms the legal ownership and right to use a particular land. It outlines the terms and conditions under which the land is held and can be obtained through the state’s land registry.










































2. Survey Plan:

-A Survey Plan is essential for defining and delineating the boundaries of the land. It provides an accurate representation of the property’s dimensions, shape, and geographical features. A licensed surveyor must prepare this document, and it should be approved by the Office of the Surveyor General.










































3. Deed of Assignment:

This legal document serves as evidence of the transfer of ownership rights from the seller to the buyer. The Deed of Assignment should be drafted by a legal professional and registered at the Land Registry to make it legally binding.










































4. Governor’s Consent:

If the land has a Certificate of Occupancy, obtaining the Governor’s Consent is necessary for the transfer of ownership. It involves an application to the state governor, and upon approval, the consent is endorsed on the Deed of Assignment.










































5. Excision:

An Excision signifies the release of a portion of land from government acquisition. It is especially crucial for lands situated in areas that were previously marked as government-owned. A valid Excision grants legitimacy to the land title and should be confirmed with the relevant authorities.










































6. Approved Building Plan:

Before any construction activities commence, it is mandatory to have an approved building plan from the appropriate government agency. This ensures that the proposed structure complies with urban planning regulations and standards.










































7. Tax Clearance Certificate:

A Tax Clearance Certificate from the seller is necessary to verify that all property taxes have been paid. It is a requirement for the processing of some land-related documents and helps ensure a clean and legal transaction.










































8. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

In some cases, an Environmental Impact Assessment may be required, particularly for large-scale developments. This assessment ensures that the proposed project complies with environmental regulations and mitigates potential negative impacts.










































9. Receipts of Payment:

Retain all receipts of payments made during the transaction. This includes payments for the land, survey, legal fees, and any other associated costs. These receipts serve as proof of transaction and can be crucial in case of any disputes.










































Dennis Isong is a TOP REALTOR IN LAGOS.He Helps Nigerians in Diaspora to Own Property In Lagos Nigeria STRESS-FREE. For Questions WhatsApp/Call 2348164741041






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Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market



Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market

Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market











































Sahara Weekly Reports That The naira sustained its appreciation against the United States dollar at the parallel market as it appreciated on Friday, from N1,160 to N1,155.



































Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market







This represents 0.43 percent (N5) gain than N1,160 exchanged on Thursday at the parallel market.










































It could be recalled that the naira had steadied in the parallel market on Wednesday and Thursday as it sells for N1,160 respectively.










































However, the forex turnover, on Thursday, hit $105.50million according to data from NAFEM, the Nigerian Autonomous Foreign Exchange Market, the market trading segment for Investors, Exporters and End-users.










































The turnover represents the amount of dollars traded at a particular trading day.










































Although the rate is still unpalatable to the business community and Nigerians at large but a management consultant, Babatunde Adeniji, said the naira crisis is being largely driven by speculation following the country’s liquidity challenge.










































“In terms of price, for the short time it is speculation that drives things. If you are a trader and you want to take a bet, with the level of distrust of the government, with no clear visible assurance of where the dollar is coming from to stabilise the naira, which position would you take? You are bound to take the position skewed towards the dollar,” he stated.











































He said the country would begin to heave a sigh of relief when the authorities can pay up all the backlog of foreign exchange forwards with sufficient liquidity to meet pending obligations.










































“Nigeria as a country does not have enough dollars to meet its promise. If we don’t do things that are substantial and visible, all that grammar would not help.

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