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Shola Olabode Speaks On her Lucrative Business



Shola Olabode is a UK based top rated merchant in the jewelry trade. In this interview, the Banking and Finance graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University bares her mind on the lucrative business, her lifestyle and other issues.
How did you start your business?

The business started because of my love and passion for fashion, especially fashionable jewelry. I was into the sale of 18carats Italian gold jewelry before and when I noticed the trend of Gold plated jewellery and how people wanted to get the same look for lesser price , I then decided to go into the Brazilian market to source for affordable and yet gorgeous pieces.

*What where the challenges you faced starting up? *

When I started the business, I faced quite a few setbacks as with any new business, the competition was there but I managed to stay up and relevant with my unique eye for master pieces and uncommon designs.

What are your focal points in business?
My major concentration is to always be a brand that is dependable, consistent, retain quality and encourage returning customers with affordable price and quality products

How was growing up like for you?

Growing up for me was loving and fun. I grew up in a home that you were trained from an early age on how to be self sufficient. I learnt to be an entrepreneur from age 17, combining that with education. My grandmother was my role model.

Any impact of your growing up on your lifestyle?

Enjoying the good things of life comes with a price. And I do like the finer things and I work hard for it. I will say my background has a lot to do with the way I’m able to balance all that I do.

Who are your target market?

My target market is every lady that likes quality over quantity and appreciates the hard work put into sourcing for every piece of jewelry we showcase.

What’s your beauty secret?

I make sure to eat healthy (fresh fruits and vegetables), nothing processed. Exercise keeps you young and gets you in a good mood. For me the best beauty secret I can share is to laugh and be positive.

What informs your dress sense?

I will describe my dress style as comfort and something in which I feel confident.

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