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SPECIAL TIPS FOR 2024! *Bishop (COL) Paul Vincent shares 24 WAYS TO SUCCEED IN 2024* Clement Emmanuel



*Bishop (COL) Paul Vincent shares 24 WAYS TO SUCCEED IN 2024*

Clement Emmanuel


As the year gradually gains momentum with the Month of January already singing and activities beginning to pick-up everywhere, Bishop (COL) Paul N. Vincent, US based renowned and a reputable man of God shared some few principles and nuggets that will help many to succeed in 2024 and in life. This principle will also help in making progress beyond today’s life or where we have been in yester-years. Bishop Paul Vincent added that 2024 is their year of Increased and Abundant Harvest. He is married to Rev (Mrs) Edith Vincent.

Bishop Paul Vincent reiterated that many people often think that once they do a long fast at the beginning of the year, that’s all they need to succeed! A 21-Day, 40-Day or 100-Day fast at the beginning of the year doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be productive throughout the year! Without down playing the importance of fasting, but there are other ingredients which if they are missing, fasting alone can’t take their place!

Here are few things that can help many succeed and be more productive in year 2024 & in life generally!

Prayer is our lifeline to Heaven! Prayer is Communication & a Time of Fellowship with God! It’s the greatest Source of our spiritual Power! It’s the place where we can defeat Satan & all his demonic forces with the power that’s available to us through the name of Jesus! Prayer (& often with Fasting) is supposed to be a lifestyle for us, not just a ritual at the beginning of the year, but an ongoing practice throughout the year, so that we stay connected to God as our Source! We also win spiritual Victories in the place of Prayer! In 2024, secure your spiritual Victories in the place of Prayer! Fast as you are led, not because others are doing it or as a competition to see who will “out fast” another person or Church!

Fasting is a means by which we deny ourselves, our flesh especially, in order to focus & spend Time with God in the place of Prayer, the Word of God, Meditation & seeking God with all our heart: For Direction, for Humility, for Freedom & Deliverance, for Repentance, (Joel: 2:12). Definitely there are times & situations that calls for Fasting, & beginning the year with a time with God spent in fasting is a good way to start the year seeking God’s Help for the rest of the year! In the place of Fasting (with Prayers) we also win spiritual victories & in 2024, as you seek God with Fasting & Prayers, you will find God & experience a breakthrough in life & in any area of life you desire! We also win spiritual Victories in the place of Fasting with Prayer. But Fast as you are led of God, not because others are doing it or as a competition to see who will “out fast” another person or Church!

Mark 17:21 “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”
Joel: 2:12 “Even now, ‘declares the Lord, ‘return to me with all your heart, with fasting & weeping and mourning.”
Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Take Time to Read, Study, Meditate, Memorize, Confess & put the Word of God into Action in your life Daily, for man shall not live by bread alone but by the Word of God! Let the Word of God dwell richly in you as it’s the ONLY Offensive weapon we have against the enemy as it is the Sword of The Spirit!
Joshua 1:8 “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”

You will always need Faith to receive anything from God, including to succeed in Year 2024! Our Faith in God is so Foundational in life & to succeed! We need to develop our Faith, grow it & begin to put it to use in every area of life, including our pursuit of Success in 2024!
Mark 9:23 “And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.”
Mark 11:22 “And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.”

Some of us have come this far in life by Giving & Sowing Seeds! Until you begin to Give, Sow Seed of Faith & be faithful in giving God your Tithe, there are Doors that won’t just Open! Determine in 2024 to be Faithful in Tithing, to Sow Seeds according to the level of your Faith & to Give (to God & His Work, to help the needy when you can & to support charitable causes). I believe 2024 is our Year of INCREASING HARVEST! But you can’t Harvest if you have not taken time to Sow the Seed, Water it, then expect the Harvest! May your Harvest locate you in the Year 2024 in Jesus name!
Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”
Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

An attitude of Gratitude endears you to God! How can we not be Thankful to God for life & all His Benefits! Take Time to Thank God always & for All He’s done for you & even Thank Him (by Faith) for what He is about to do for you in 2024! Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude unto God in 2024!
Hebrews 13:15 “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”

Unforgiveness simply hinders your prayers, blocks your blessing, makes God not to Forgive you & brings damnation upon you! Don’t even waste your Time in long days of prayer & fasting if you’re still harboring Unforgiveness against anyone! Forget about your Giving & Sowing Seeds if you won’t Forgive people. It is said that, Unforgiveness (including Bitterness, Anger & Malice) does more harm to the Vessel it is Stored in, than the Vessel it is stored against! So Forgive People if you want the heaven over your life to be Open in 2024!
Matthew 6:14-15 “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

The Favor of God upon your life will help you to accomplish much more in life with greater ease & more result! Often people try all year long to get things done all in their own human effort & head knowledge, but when the Favor of God is released upon us, things & people will act more favorably to us & we’ll be able to get more done! I pray for you now: In 2024, May God’s Favor rest upon you & may you find Favor with God & with Man, in Jesus name!
Psalm: 90:17a “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us …”
Psalm: 5:12 “Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”
Luke: 2:52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

You need Wisdom to make the Right Choices & Decisions! Many people have had long days of Prayer & Fasting, then made wrong choices or decisions that wipes out all the results of the prayer & put them in trouble! Ask God for Wisdom in life & to Plan in 2024!
James 1:5 “If any of you lack Wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

In one of my books (by the Grace of God, I have published 20 books) titled, “Your Vision & What To Do With It” I talked about how to take your Vision From Conception to Realization! If you want to succeed & be productive in life & in Year 2024, you need to catch a vision of what you really want to do or accomplish in life or in year 2024! Without a Clear Vision of what you really want to do or accomplish in 2024, you may discover by December 2024, that you’ve wasted the year (again) & can’t account for what you really did, achieved or accomplished in 2024! May this not happen to you! The way to avoid it is to catch, get, develop a vision of what you really want to accomplish, achieve, become or do in 2024, then step out & begin working on it, step by step, one day at a time!
Proverbs 29:18a “Where there is no vision, the people perish: …”

If You Aim at Nothing; You’ll Hit Nothing! Set Goals of what you’ll want to accomplish in Year 2024! Actually, Set Long Term Goals (5,10,15,20,25- Year Goals – which is like the ladder you’ll need to climb to get to the Top in life or to your destination) & set Short Term Goals (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Goals – (which are like the rungs in the ladder that you need to keep climbing on the ladder daily)! These long & short term goals of what you’ll want to accomplish in 2024, begin working on them! Don’t Procrastinate! Your Goals are your Desires, what you Desire to accomplish in 2024 & in life; & God says He’ll grant you your desires!
Psalm 20:4 “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans (goals) succeed.”

What you SAY (Your Words) are important & have control over your life & will have a lot to do with the outcome you get in 2024 & in life generally! You can’t keep saying or confessing the opposite of what The Word of God says or His Promises to you & expect those promises to manifest in your life or in 2024! Your Words must be in agreement with The Word & Promises of God to you, no matter what your circumstances looks like! So if you want to see certain things happen or manifest in your life, Change how you talk & Change your Vocabulary in 2024!
Mark 11:23 “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

Failure to Plan they say is Planning to Fail! Prayer & Fasting is NOT a Substitute to Planning! You need to Ask God for Wisdom as you Plan; Ask God to bless your Plans & Seek His Help as you set out to achieve your Plans, knowing that without Him, you can achieve nothing! If you’ve been working on something you planned from years ago & it’s taking you no where, maybe it’s Time to Revise your Plans, evaluate them & consider Changing your Strategy or approach and chose a better way or route to achieve your goals & dreams in life & in 2024. It’s a vital part of your Planning process! Don’t leave your Planning to God! It’s your responsibility!
Proverbs 16:1,3,9 “The Plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD… 3 Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established….9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

The popular saying, “Business before Pleasure” is true if you want to succeed in 2024 & in life! How do you manage your Time? How do you Plan to Manage your Time in 2024! We all have 24 Hours in a Day, that is a Total of 8,784 Hours in 2024! Each of those hours are Blank Checks (Cheques, as they’ll call it in U.K./Nigeria) that God has given you for 2024! You can either Use them, Spend them, Invest them or Squander & Waste them! It’s your Choice! But determine to Spend & Invest every one of those Hours wisely & productively! Cut out any unnecessary thing that’ll waste your time & rechannel those hours to something more productive!
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2,11a “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;… 11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: …”

Don’t remain at the same level life met or kept you 5 or 10 years ago or even last year! Read Books (there are many good inspirational & self help books out there, I’ve written 20 of such books) buy, read & learn from them. Attend Conferences, Seminars or events that’ll add value to your life, career or help you advance in your chosen field! Some of you may need to go back to School or learn a new trade, skill or business! Don’t get scared to take such a step, so that you won’t look back in 5 years time & regret not taking such a step! It’s never too late to start anything if you have the passion for it! It could be the best use or investment of your Time in 2024! Someone may just need to Re-Condition their Mind & drop negative patterns of thinking or beliefs that’s held you back in life & over the years! Commit yourself to Self-Improvement in 2024!
Ecclesiastes 9:10a “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;…”

Until you Step Out & Take Action, Work Hard on & Do what you’ve been planning to do; It’ll NEVER Get Done! So enough of all the talk & theory! Begin to Take Actions, begin to Work Hard on that Project, Dream & Career as you pursue it, and you’ll be on your way to actualizing your dreams & goals in 2024! Without hard work on your part, don’t expect much to be accomplished in 2024 or even in life! Anything of worth & that’ll be great in life, takes hard work! If you won’t put hard work into anything or any project, don’t expect it to be great! But when you work hard & have God’s blessings upon your hard work, then you can expect great results! To succeed in 2024 & in life, Work Hard! I pray God’s blessings upon your hard work in 2024!
Psalm: 90:17b “… Establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”

*To be continued.. Watch out for continuation of 24 Ways to succeed in 2024 by Bishop (COL) Paul N Vincent.*

Bishop (COL) VINCENT N. PAUL is a Motivational & Anointed Preacher, Teacher, Chaplain, Prolific Author, Publisher & Broadcaster. He’s President of: Vincent Paul Ministries Int’l.; Kingdom Power Ministries Int’l; & Bishop, Kingdom Power Chapel. He’s also the President/CEO, Vincent Paul Group, Inc. & President/CEO, Persistence Works TV Network! He’s a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve & also a Kentucky Colonel.

He’s appeared on: ABC 7, CBN ‘Turning Point’, NTA Network; WHTV; TCT TV; KCHF TV; BEN TV London & PWTN. He’s been featured in New York Daily News, Vanguard ‘Papers, etc. He’s published 20 Books in his Persistence Works Book Series & publishes Persistence Works Magazine & Persistence Works E-Newsletter – reaching over 100,000 people in 150 nations!

He holds a B.A. degree from University of Ibadan; M.A. [Leadership] & Master of Divinity [M.Div.] both from Liberty University. He also holds an Executive Masters in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco CA. He’s been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Westgate University for his prolific writings!

Bishop Paul & Edith Vincent are based in El Paso, Texas, USA. Visit his websites:



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Alleged debt: Firm prays Court of Appeal to quash order on takeover of property By Ifeoma Ikem



Alleged debt: Firm prays Court of Appeal to quash order on takeover of property

By Ifeoma Ikem



Algrain Foods Limited and its managing director, Chief Anthony Obidulu, have approached the Court of Appeal in Lagos seeking to upturn the verdict of two high court judges empowering a receiver-manager, Emmanuel Adeyeye Oyebanji, SAN, to take over the company for alleged indebtedness.

The appellants are praying the appellate court to set aside the judgement delivered by Justice H.R. Shagari of the Federal High Court, on February 23, 2018, in a suit between CSL Trustees Limited, First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and the Central Bank of Nigeria vs. Algrain Foods Limited and Obidulu.

In another separate appeal, the firm and its managing director are praying the appellate court to set aside the ruling, decisions and orders of Justice A. Lewis Allagoa of the Federal High Court, Lagos Division, made on October 18, 2021.

Justice Allagoa had ruled that the receiver-manager, Oyebanji, had the legal right to take possession of the appellants’ property due to the agreement between the parties in the credit facility offered the company.

However in its ground of appeal, the company and Obidulu held that the lower court judges erred in law, stating: “There is before the trial court evidence of non-compliance with section 392(1), 396(1) and 397(1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap. C. 20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, by the receiver-manager appointed by the respondents that requires a mandatory service of statutory notice of appointment of receiver-manager and his remuneration on the registrar-general, Corporate Affairs Commission, and the first defendant/appellant, respectively, by the receiver-manager forthwith and or immediately after his appointment as required by the Companies and Allied Matters, Cap. C. 20, L.F.N. 2004, which was not complied with.
“The learned trial court totally misconstrued the practical effect and application of Section 392(1), 396(1) and 397(1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Cap. C. 20, L.F.N. 2004, when he failed in his duty to countenance that the category of abuse of court process was not closed and any failure to adhere to the stipulation of the law in initiating administrative and or legal proceedings as in the instant case before approaching the court for a remedy even where a cause of action has accrued is an abuse of the process of court.

“The trial court’s interpretation of the operative words of Sections 392(1), 396(1) and 397 (1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Cap. C. 20, L.F.N. 2004, read together is perverse and its misinterpretation and misapplication has led to a serious miscarriage of justice and a perverse decision.”

Meanwhile, lawyer to Algrain Foods, Aloy C Ezenduka, has raised the alarm that the receiver-manager has continued to take away the company’s property despite the fact that the case is still on appeal.

“Now, the government said before anybody can access that loan facility, you choose a bank and it has to be a bank for that particular facility and the bank should have access of the N400 billion; so, any money that is given out, you get a rebate from that fund. Instead of FCMB to do the needful, the bank went to the man’s factory, saw that he was producing noodles, saw that he had very efficient working system with low overhead, so they wrote in that they were going to sponsor the man’s business 100%.

“Instead of giving the man an order of N100 million working capital, on their own, they said they wanted to give the man N350 million; but at the end of the day, they only gave the man N100 million from the facility and never gave the man the other tranche of money

“When the auditors worked on the account, they found out that (the bank) collected more than N100 million from CDMU and they only gave the man N100 million. Meanwhile, they passed it through the man’s account, a lot of money illegally passed through his account. Maybe he had an inefficient accounting system. They were using the man’s ignorance to rip him off. It was when I came into the picture after the man was not satisfied with what the former man was doing after he refused to do comprehensive study. We did all these and found out that they were owing the man.

“When I got into the matter, I found a new case asking the court to discharge or nullify the receiver-manager because, by the time he was appointed, the so-called facility was not due for payment. His six-month activity was supposed to expire in 2016, but Oyebanji was appointed receiver-manager in 2016. If you add the one year moratorium they gave, it would have ended in July 2017 and by that time they had already taken over the factory.

“So, these were the issues we raised in the lower court. The lower court didn’t want to listen to us. The court just raised three issues and said we should address the court on that and called mood against us. We appealed that decision.

“The court told them, based on the question they brought for determination, that they had right and debenture to take possession and to sell without saying how much they can collect.

“Assuming the man was owing N350 million, then you now sell over N20 billion worth of assets for N350 million worth of debt, is that not criminality and stealing?

“In the case that brought Oyebanji to possession, they were saying it was based on mispresentation of material facts. It was not a bad debt and they have not called in the guarantee certificate, and the facility is 80%, principal and interest. So, from beginning to the end there was an intention to rip this man, to take over his factory, dissipate his asset and dupe him.

“This is a typical example with Nigerian banks and borrowers but, unfortunately for them, the Court of Appeal, in one of the appeals, the file that concerns Oyebanji, gave me permission to bring the document they were concealing. That document shows the fraudulent nature of the entire transaction.

“Immediately the court gave me the ruling that allowed me to furnish the documentary evidence, which is the certificate of guarantee, Oyebanji started moving material parts of the factory, between 1am and 3am every day.”

Ezenduka has asked the Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to investigate his senior colleague, Emmanuel Oyebanji, SAN, for alleged sale of his client’s assets worth N20 billion.

Ezenduka, in a petition dated January 7, 2024, noted that Oyebanji, who was appointed as receiver-manager by CSL Trustees Limited on behalf of First City Monument Bank, following a N350 million loan dispute, allegedly converted, stole and sold the assets belonging to Obidulu and his company, Algrain Foods Limited, located at 15/17, Canal Avenue, Canal Estate, Okota, Lagos.

The petitioner said the actions of Oyebanji and FCMB were reprehensible, as four court cases, two at the Appeal Court in Lagos (CA/L/CV/1021/2021 and CA/L/CV/1024/2021) and two at the High Court of Lagos State, were pending and trial ongoing.

He said the cases at the High Court of Lagos State were instituted by Obidulu against Oyebanji, his law firm and FCMB, for trespassing over his property, alleging that despite the pendency of the suits, the defendants were discretely stealing and selling assets, comprising vehicles, heavy machinery and goods kept in the warehouse worth billions of naira.

The petitioner accused the defendant of acting on “a purported judgement on appeal that claimed that FCMB was owed N350 million, when an audit report had shown that the company was not indebted to the bank or anyone.”

However, Oyebanji has dismissed the allegations as fallacious and a deliberate attempt at misrepresenting facts, noting that the sale of the properties was backed by court judgements.

“It is total fallacy and complete misinformation that the receiver has been stealing the assets of Algrain Foods but, rather, the assets were legally disposed of by virtue of the judgement.

“There is no judgement or order from the Court of Appeal reversing the judgement of the Federal High Court,” Oyebanji said.

Moreover, FCMB’s group head of communication and branding, Mr. Diran Olojo, denied any looting by the bank, saying, “t is not possible for a serious organisation like FCMB to loot a company. There is a receiver-manager who is backed up by the law to recover debt. The debt recovery does not concern FCMB. Besides, everything that the receiver-manager is doing is backed by the law.

“The case is in the courts. Let the complainant wait for the decision of the court. FCMB is a serious organisation and would not be involved in petty things.”

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Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28



Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28

Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28




It is time again come Wednesday 28th of February, 2024, for a woman of faith, Reverend (Mrs.) Johnson Suleman, to mark her birthday. Making the moments a unique one is her husband, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who is leaving no stone unturned to celebrate her on a pleasantly awesome note.


Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28



The Scripture says when two people agree to love, loyalty and commitment to their relationship becomes a virtue. This has been the guiding light in the marital life of Apostle Johnson and Reverend Lizzy Suleman. Apart from sharing cakes and spoiling her with gifts, Apostle Suleman regularly celebrates her heartthrob like a special partner in the work of God that she really is, with heartfelt wishes that reflect her faith and inspire her on her special day. He has always shown her with all he has how much she means to him and encourages her to continue walking in God’s path.


Reverend Lizzy Suleman is not just a wife for the kitchen, she also partners to do amazing things for God and His Kingdom, standing by and holding the hands of her husband in the work of ministry. It is the reason she is described in his note as ‘most expensive gift any man could ever ask God for as wife’. He has also promised to celebrate her in a more beautiful manner than he ever had done.


Meeting her future husband, Apostle Suleman, was love by divine. She says the timing was divinely perfect meeting a man with similar passion for God; when the focus was fully on the fundamental basis of Christianity. Having an enduring marriage is the joint responsibility of both the husband and the wife. Reverend Lizzy Suleman says her marriage is faultless because she shares the right ideas and understanding with her husband to make things work. She believes it is the responsibility of the woman, a pastor’s wife especially, to submit her mission to her husband’s mission to become submission and then be able to drive the marriage vehicle well.


Describing her husband’s merits, Reverend Lizzy says Apostle Suleman is a man that represents simplicity and redefines modesty. By prophetic standards, she gushes, he is an apotheosis of prophetic reverence and veneration. She says he is modest in speech and humbler in his deeds, his dressing and still far simple in how he addresses serious issues. “He is my Papa, a great man of God, a colossus in the ministry of heaven. He is not just a pastor; he is a life coach to the congregation, the world and his family. I respect and love him. And I thank God for that. Also, all my aspirations and ambitions are in what God has destined for me and in the assignments given to my husband. We are alive to pursue the assignments faithfully, spiritually and logically. We believe God for a safe landing at the end,” she declared.


As she rolls out the drums next Wednesday, Reverend Suleman vows to continue to use the grace of the celebration to extend spiritual care and share humanitarian gestures among members of her hubby’s ministry, Omega Fire Ministry, and Nigerians in general.


As a way to show appreciation to God for the opportunity of another eventful year, she has given out clothes and food to thousands of people, including the widows. On her birthday occasions, she has blessed people with the cash sum in millions; she has paid school fees of indigent students worth millions and has visited orphanage homes with expensive gifts. These, she says, are just a fraction of what she plans to do next to glorify God.

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Sahara Weekly Reports That Ogun State House of Assembly Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-Corruption, led by Hon. Damilare Bello today continues with its sittings with a clarification that the invitation extended to the former Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Abdul-Waheed Odusile and the SSA to the Governor on Media, Emmanuel Ojo was not an indictment but rather to seek clarifications on the audit report of the Ministry.





















Hon. Bello issued the clarification today during the Committee’s meeting with the officials of the State Hospitals Management Board at the Assembly Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.


























The Committee Chairman in company of other members including Honourables Musefiu Lamidi, Dickson Awolaja, Wahab Haruna, Yusuf Amosun, Folawewo Salami, Lawal Samsideen and Waliu Owode noted that the sitting was not meant to witch- hunt but to put the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government on their toes in the prudent management of government resources.






















He recalled that at the last sitting of the Committee, there was a misinformation in some sections of the media insinuating fraudulent practices, cautioning that the Committee had not indicted anyone but merely considering issues raised in the audit reports with a view to addressing them.

























He stated, “on Monday at our last sitting, there was a misinformation that this Honourable House has indicted the ex- Commissioner and the SSA (Media), we have not indicted anyone. We have only used the media to invite them for clarification on the Auditor General reports in line with our constitutional responsibilities.


























It is important to note that the this House has no reason to witch-hunt anyone. We are only making sure the people see our Governor working alongside with the legislators with the right procedure to achieve all the Government lofty policies and programmes”, he stated.






















He urged the public to disregard the scandal rumour, saying not everything found on the media space might be the right picture of things coming from the Assembly.





















He called on Heads of MDAs to work together with the Assembly in blocking all leakages and help promote accountability and transparency in the running of government in the State.

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