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How can any sane person enjoy or derive satisfaction from the slaughter that is now taking place in Gaza? It is indefensible. It is unacceptable.

It is nothing but state-sponsored terror in its most savage and primitive form.





It is ethnic cleansing. It is genocide. It is mass murder. It is wickedness. It is barbaric. It is evil.





It is the most notorious and graphic example of man’s inhumanity to man.

It is unconciable and it is unjustifiable.

All my life I have loved the State of Israel and defended her right to exist.

This is especially so given the fact that I am a Pentecostal Christian who wholeheartedly believes the biblical scripture that says “He who blesses Israel is blessed and he who curses Israel is cursed”. 

I acknowledge the fact that the Jews have suffered and been persecuted more than any other race in the history of the world and I was one of the first in my country Nigeria to wholeheartedly condemn the frightful massacre carried out by Hamas on October 7th.

Despite that I cannot possibly rationalise what is going on in Gaza in the name of retaliation or the desire to destroy and wipe out Hamas.

When you kill innocent and defenceless Palestinian women and children you are not wiping out Hamas but strengthening their cause and giving millions of people all over the world a reason to support their cause and join their ranks. 

Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

It is an irrational, unreasonable, emotional and disproportionate response to what was undoubtedly a terrible and unconciable wrong which may win the battle for the Jewish state but will also inevitably cost them support in much of the civilised world.

There is no doubt that Israel has the right to defend herself especially from those who claim she does not have the right to exist but no sane person can applaud the butchering of women and children, the targetting and bombing of hospitals, churches, schools, mosques, universities, homes and ambulances and the wholesale slaughter of 10,000 civilians (and still counting) all in the space of 3 weeks.

Israel is being guided and led by rage and the spirit of vengeance. She has lost all reason and those with a level head are no where near the levers of power. She is now like a wild, wounded lion devouring everything and everyone in its path. 

What was once a reasonable, rational, equitable, just, fair-minded, strong, confident and flourishing nation which was the shining light of the Middle East and our collective pride and joy as Christians has now become a rogue killer state which is as bloodthirsty and bloodlusting as the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany, ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram, Daesh and Al Qaeda all rolled into one.

We must have the decency and prescence of mind to condemn the slaughter of ALL human beings whether they be Christians, Muslims, Jews or anything else.

Israel has a right to defend herself but not the right to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity or to wipe out an entire race and displace and relocate an entire people.

Any Christian that believes otherwise in the name of “blessing or loving Israel” is not a real Christian and is not a true friend of the Jewish state. 

Why? Because real friends tell one another the bitter truth and real Christians do not support injustice and the massacre of defenceless women and children.

Only demons do that!

If you really want to bless and love Israel then tell Israeli leaders the bitter truth and pray that the lord will deliver them from the madness and unrestrained rage that has seized their minds.

Blessing and loving Israel does not involve encouraging them to wipe out a whole race.

Blessing and loving Israel does not involve supporting them to kill every Palestinian in the Gaza strip in the name of eliminating Hamas.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean we should support them to target and kill every Muslim and Christian man, woman and child in Gaza. 

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean we should sit by silently and watch them turn into worse monsters than the German Nazis that murdered 6 million of their people in gas chambers during World War II.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean supporting their every action even when it is wrong.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean saying no to a humanitarian pause in the ground offensive and bombing or a ceasefire in order to get the wounded out and send in much needed food and medical supplies.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean that we should lose our humanity, our compassion, our decency and our sense of reasoning.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean supporting those in the Israeli Knesset that have said the the 2.5 million Palestinians that live in Gaza should be either killed or relocated to 100 different countries at the rate of 25,000 Palestinians per country.

Blessing and loving Israel does not mean that we should espouse the hateful philosophy and satanic spirit of apartheid which we as Africans spent so many decades opposing and resisting in South Africa.

Blessing and loving Israel means admonishing them to be accomodating, flexible, kind, calm, compassionate, restrained, rational, reasonable, level- headed and loving even where and when they have been badly hurt and gravely wounded as they were on October 7th.

Blessing and loving Israel means encouraging them to fight their enemies and defend themselves in a dignified and civilised way by abiding by the laws of war and armed conflict, by honoring the rules of engagement and by working within the strictures and framework of international law whilst in the field of battle.

Blessing and loving Isreal means encouraging the Jews and giving them hope and support in their time of need, reminding them to have faith in God and admonishing them to be righteous in all their ways.

That is what we are expected to do as believers and not to celebrate and rejoice when they slaughter innocent women and children and when they indulge in what can best be described as the second holocaust.


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Engage in Active Political Engineering, Not Planned Protest Says Buratai To The Youths



Buratai Lauds Allen Onyema On Air Peace's Inaugural Flight to London, Calls for Support

cautioned that a “10 day of rage” can not be peaceful. Such a protest will be unconstitutional. The word rage connotes violence.



The former Chief of Army Staff and former Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin retired Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai has advised Nigerian youths against the proposed nationwide protest by not allowing themselves to be used as willing tools by do-or-die partisan individuals or groups who want to stir up trouble in the country.



Buratai advised them to be good students of history and take lessons from the 2020 EndSars protest, which did not yield the desired benefit. According to him, what they did was to allow hoodlums to hijack the protest, and the result was total mayhem against innocent individuals, public, and private properties.


Not undermining their fundamental human rights, he cautioned that peaceful protest is guaranteed in our constitution, but in most cases, such protests end up being violent. The indicators are everywhere.


According to him, the planners of the protest have exposed their hidden and evil plan by christening the protest as “10 days of rage.” This means that the protest was never intended to be peaceful. A 10 day of rage can not be peaceful. The word rage connotes violence.


He challenged the planners of the protest to embrace the tenets of political engineering instead. According to him, youths constitute a large percentage of our voting and working population. Thus, they should be actively involved in the democratic process to bring about the needed change if need be.


“Youths can actively participate in politics, and their voices can be heard, their ideas and their actions can bring about the needed transformation in the country”



“Let Nigerians give the government the benefit of the doubt as President Tinubu listens to, and reacts to the challenges facing the country”, he concluded.



It would be recalled that the United Nations’ Department of Safety and Security has also issued a warning that the planned protests in Nigeria could be hijacked by groups with ulterior motives.


Also, President Tinubu has pleaded with the aggrieved Nigerians, especially the youths who are planning a national protest over the high cost of leaving to shelve the planned action. The President also assured those behind the planned national protest that he has heard their grievances and is working seriously to ensure that all their concerns are addressed.


According to reports, various Nigerian groups are planning a nationwide protest from August 1 to 10, dubbed “10 days of rage,” to address the country’s soaring cost of living and economic hardship.

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₦‎5bn Defamation Threat: We Meet In Court – Onanuga Replies Peter Obi



₦‎5bn Defamation Threat: We Meet In Court – Onanuga Replies Peter Obi

₦‎5bn Defamation Threat: We Meet In Court – Onanuga Replies Peter Obi


The Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Communications and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, has reacted to the threat by Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, to institute a lawsuit against him.

According to reports  Onanuga recently alleged that Obi and his supporters were responsible for the planned nationwide protests against the Tinubu-led government over the hardship in the country.

But Obi, in a letter signed by his lawyer, Alex Ejesieme, to Onanuga, urged the presidential spokesman to retract the statement and tender an unreserved apology to him within 72 hours.

Obi also demanded N5 billion in damages from Onanuga over the said allegation.

Reacting, Onanuga, in a fresh post on his official X handle on Tuesday, said: “I am still waiting for the letter from Peter Obi’s lawyer threatening a N5 billion suit and demanding an apology to Peter Obi over the planned ‘revolution’.

“Let me just tell Obi and his lawyer: I am not afraid of any legal action. We shall meet in court.”

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General Buratai Pays Royal Homage to Shehu of Bama, Commends Peace, Development Efforts



General Buratai Pays Royal Homage to Shehu of Bama, Commends Peace, Development Efforts

General Buratai Pays Royal Homage to Shehu of Bama, Commends Peace, Development Efforts

Former Chief of Army Staff and former Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai (Rtd), has in a heartwarming display of friendship and solidarity, paid a royal visit to the Shehu of Bama, Alhaji Umar Kyari Umar El-Kanemi, on Tuesday. The visit, which stems from the strong bond between General Buratai and the people of Bama, was marked by warmth and camaraderie.

The former Army Chief, who led the military’s efforts to liberate Bama from Boko Haram insurgents, was visibly moved by the transformation he witnessed in the area. “It’s good to be back in Bama again after my period of service… I can see that peace has finally returned to the Bama local government and the emirate. We give glory to the Almighty Allah for this achievement,” General Buratai said, his voice filled with emotion. The former Army Chief commended the state government for its efforts in bringing lasting peace to the state, saying, “We are looking forward to a closer relationship as friends… We wish to state that with the peace that has been attained, more development would come to Bama being the largest city after Maiduguri in Borno State.”

 He praised the Shehu for his leadership, saying, “I want to congratulate you on your installation as the Shehu of Bama… I also want to pray that the Almighty Allah grant your late father eternal rest.” The Shehu of Bama, in his remarks, praised General Buratai for his sacrifices and services to humanity, saying, “We are glad to receive you this morning… Your coming to Bama today is a clear indication that you have a cordial relationship with not just my late father but also with the people of Bama.” He expressed gratitude for General Buratai’s efforts in liberating Bama from insurgents, saying, “We continue to pray for your well-being… We will continue to cooperate with you and seek your advice in ways you can.”

The visit also attests to the military’s commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region, allowing commercial activities to resume and life to return to normal. As General Buratai departed Bama, the people of the emirate were left with a sense of hope and renewal, knowing that their former Army Chief and Ambassador still holds them dear to his heart.

The visit was a reminder that even in retirement, General Buratai remains committed to the people and the region he served with distinction. As the people of Bama look to the future, they do so with a sense of optimism, knowing that they have a friend and ally in General Buratai. His visit was a testament to the power of relationships and the impact one person can have on a community. The visit also highlighted the importance of leadership and the role that individuals can play in shaping the destiny of their communities.

General Buratai Pays Royal Homage to Shehu of Bama, Commends Peace, Development Efforts

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