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Tinubu Unveils His Agenda For Nigeria



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Tinubu Unveils His Agenda For Nigeria


As part of his campaign itinerary, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Monday, reeled out his blueprint for the country, saying his administration would bring out workable policies to ensure that insecurity is nipped in the bud in the North and across the country.

Tinubu Unveils His Agenda For Nigeria

Tinubu, who spoke during an interaction with northern leaders under the aegis of the Arewa Joint Committee at Arewa House, Kaduna, noted that he would transform Nigeria just like he did upon assumption as Lagos State governor.

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The former Lagos State governor noted that the whole country is endowed with resources that can be harnessed for greater economic development.


He praised past leaders of the country, including Nigeria’s late Premier of Northern region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Nigeria’s first and only Prime minister, Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe for being visionary leaders who gave their all to nation-building.


Before addressing the Northern leaders, Tinunu had earlier visited the tomb of the late Saudauna of Sokoto, who he prayed for, for his invaluable sacrifice to the North and country.


Riding on the wings of the heroes of Nigeria’s independence and history, Tinubu said he would continue to give his best even as president to ensure the country remains indivisible, achieving greatness together as one.


He noted: “As I said when I chaired the Sardauna Memorial Lecture, last year, I have a solemn feeling of responsibility and duty to our country every time I am here. Standing here evokes memories of a great leader and a father of this nation, the Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, the late Sardauna of Sokoto. The contributions of the Sardauna to nation-building remain a reference point for us all. He was a visionary builder of men and institutions.


“The dream of Sardauna, and indeed that of our other great leaders such as Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, and our first and only prime minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was for one indivisible and prosperous nation built on shared values of patriotism, equity, justice, and brotherhood.


“It is, therefore, no coincidence that at Independence this vision was clearly laid out and encapsulated in our first National Anthem. It says: ‘Though tribes and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand.’


“This is a strong statement that acknowledges our diversity, and, therefore, the existence of different perspectives and interests, and how that should not stand on the path of our unity as brothers.


“The framers of this anthem, God rest their souls, will cringe to know that 62 years after, someone would come to this hallowed platform to campaign on the basis of tribe or where others come from.


“The dream of those forefathers, ladies, and gentlemen, was for a nation ‘Where no man is oppressed, a nation ‘with peace and plenty, and these – unity in diversity, peace and prosperity – are the fulcrum of my mission in this contest. They also form the bulk of my address to you this afternoon, in line with the areas the organizers wanted me to address,” Tinubu said.


On his plans for Nigeria as president, Jagaban Borgu promised to consolidate on the investments of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in all sectors of the nation to build on the successes recorded.


“Our economic plan would utilize the vast natural resources we have, through strategic investment in infrastructure which will lead to the diversification of the economy and wealth creation across the entire country.  We will pay attention to modern economic drivers such as the digital economy, creative industries, and sports and entertainment sectors for the benefit of our young people.


“The APC Federal Government has taken several measures to build infrastructure and improve the ease of doing business across the country. This has been complemented by the efforts of some of our states to attract investments in diverse sectors of the economy,” he added.


Tinubu also stated that under his leadership, the Nigerian government will be business-friendly, adding that he would focus on tackling underinvestment and effective management.


He continued: “We shall support private businesses in our country and attract foreign direct investment to create jobs, re-industrialize our country and accelerate economic development. Nigerian businesses in sectors like banking and cement have successfully ventured out of the country to build thriving subsidiaries.


“We will build a strong domestic economy, expand the capacity of our domestic market to support growth and encourage export capacity in the areas of our competitive advantage. We have the endowments to be a prosperous country. I will lead a renewed push to move us from the status of a nation of potential into a country of actual accomplishments as an economic dynamo.”


Tinubu also promised to focus on using his experience of building human capital, which made Lagos one of the largest economies in Africa to grow the nation’s economy to an enviable height.


“Using my experience of building human capital, industries, and institutions, which has led to Lagos being one of the largest economies on the continent, I will reposition our existing industries and make them a competitive source of industrialization and growth not just for the North but the entire country. It is time to fetch water from a dry well and I, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, have done it before and I will do it. We will find a way where there are no roads!


“I will ensure that we take advantage of our resources to convert cotton to textile, plants to pharmaceutical products, groundnut to edible oil, cassava to ethanol and starch, etc., thereby building competitive advantage for our farmers through value addition.


“I will attract investments and create the enabling environment that will ensure the resurgence of our moribund industries and continue the infrastructural revolution of this administration on the railways and highways all over the country and invest in our inland waterways for safer and efficient transportation to complement this industrialization vision,” he said.


Tinubu further noted that the North has a greater advantage in agriculture and under his presidency, the region will emerge as the hub of agribusiness in Africa through huge investment in the sector in collaboration with the private sector.


He said, “Agriculture is of special interest to me. It is both an economic and existential issue for every country.


“Experience in the last seven years has shown the potential of agriculture in solving the problem of unemployment and boosting our GDP. For example, recent investment in the rice value chain has led to the springing up of rice mills across the country with attendant wealth creation and a reduction in our import bill.


“The North has a greater advantage in this regard due to its large and abundant arable land. My vision is for the region to be the hub of agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa.


“We will improve investment in our livestock value chain. Specifically, subsectors like the dairy industry that has the potential of adding billions of dollars into our economy will receive significant attention.


“In collaboration with the private sector and governments at sub-national levels, we will make available high yield seeds and inputs, invest heavily in post-harvest storage and processing facilities so that we can significantly increase the value of what we produce. To ensure optimizing the full value of their produce, we will utilize Commodity Exchanges to guarantee return on investments, and enhanced wealth for the farmers.


“We will make available funds for research and development to provide the right inputs that will ensure greater yields and tackle climatic challenges bedeviling farmers such as flooding and desertification through enhancement of national drainage architecture and investment in shelter belts.


“Financing is critical to our vision for the agricultural sector. I assure you; I will attract the much-needed investment and re-engineer financing institutions to provide impactful interventions for maximal output.”


On his plans for education and helping reduce the out-of-school children in the North, the APC presidential standard bearer said, “Education is the most effective weapon against poverty. Comparative with other countries, education in Nigeria suffers from a funding deficit on account of our population and limited resources. I will provide the required leadership and mobilize investment for the development of the sector. We will work with both states and local governments to reform and retool the system. These reforms will give special attention to the welfare and training of our teachers and lecturers as necessary catalysts for the better system we desire.


“We will work with stakeholders to evolve creative solutions to the funding needs of our higher education that will bring a terminal end to challenges of funding and the attendant perennial industrial actions. To ease financing for basic education and expand access, we will cut down on the counterpart fund required by states to access UBEC grants to an affordable percentage.




“Millions of our children are currently roaming the streets instead of being in classrooms.  My administration will invest heavily in infrastructure to allow for the proper integration of these children into our conventional schools.


“Thankfully, the current APC government has rolled out several initiatives, in partnership with development partners, to provide alternative access to education and vocation to this particular demographic.”


The event was attended by leaders from Northern Nigeria across party lines, academics, civil society, and youth organizations.


With Tinubu at the event are APC Governors from the North, including the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai; Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong, who is the director general of the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council; Governors of Nasarawa State, Abdullahi Sule; Yobe State governor, Mai Bala Buni, and Zamfara, Bello Matawalle.


Former APC national chairman and deputy director general of the campaign council, Adams Oshiomhole, and Hadiza Bala Usman, deputy director general of the campaign council, were also at the event.

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In the intricate landscape of Nigeria’s financial sector, there are figures whose contributions stand as pillars of stability and progress. Among these luminaries, Nnadi Benjamin Chima emerges as a beacon of expertise and dedication, shaping the contours of reserve management with his astute leadership and unwavering commitment.

Hailing from the vibrant enclave of Enugu State, Nigeria, Nnadi Benjamin Chima embodies a legacy of excellence in finance and management. Armed with a formidable arsenal of qualifications, including an MSc in International Securities, Investment, and Banking from the prestigious ICMA Center at the University of Reading, UK, and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Imo State University, his academic prowess laid the foundation for a stellar career trajectory.

With a career spanning decades, Nnadi Benjamin Chima has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s financial landscape through his multifaceted roles and accomplishments. As the Director of the Reserve Management Department, his strategic vision and operational acumen have been instrumental in steering Nigeria’s reserve management practices towards efficiency and resilience.

A testament to his meticulous approach is evident in his pivotal role in redesigning the Reserve Management structure and processes, collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders to optimize practices and enhance overall effectiveness. His adeptness in fostering collaborations extends beyond borders, as exemplified by initiatives with global institutions like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and ICBC, which bolstered Nigeria’s foreign exchange market stability.

Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s leadership extends beyond the boardroom, as he actively participates in shaping policies critical to Nigeria’s economic stability. From contributing valuable insights to the Inter-Departmental Committee on Foreign Exchange Policy to evaluating strategies for protecting Nigeria’s oil revenue against volatility, his expertise in risk management remains unparalleled.

However, Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s contributions are not merely confined to policy corridors; they resonate with a spirit of service and excellence. His commitment to meeting deadlines, as demonstrated by ensuring Nigeria’s prompt payment of its IMF Quota in 2016, underscores his dedication to upholding Nigeria’s credibility on the global stage.

Amidst accolades and achievements, Nnadi Benjamin Chima remains grounded, epitomizing humility and resilience. His journey, marked by milestones such as receiving the Best Staff Award in the Foreign Operations Department, serves as an inspiration to aspiring finance professionals, underscoring the transformative power of diligence and dedication.

In the tapestry of Nigeria’s financial landscape, Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s narrative shines brightly—a narrative defined by unwavering integrity, steadfast leadership, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. As Nigeria charts its course towards economic prosperity, Nnadi Benjamin Chima stands as a stalwart guardian of its financial future, a custodian of trust, and a harbinger of progress.

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Dangote: NANS Write President Tinubu Over mismanagement Of CTIN Funds (Video)



Aare Kakanfo Reveals Why Nigerians Should Be Patient With Tinubu

Dangote: NANS Write President Tinubu Over mismanagement Of CTIN Funds (Video)

Open Letter To President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR 

Your Excellency sir. 

Mismanagement and Lack  of Transparency and Accountability in CTIN Funds Administration: A Call for Immediate Action:
We, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), being the voice and representatives of the Nigerian Students, a large percent of youth constituency of our population and by extension defender of oppressed citizens and advocate of the Nigerian masses, the bearers of our nation’s future and voice of the voiceless young generation.
Dangote: NANS Write President Tinubu Over mismanagement Of CTIN Funds (Video)
Today we are raising our voices in protest, We are writing to you to express our deep concern and outrage regarding the mismanagement and lack of accountability within the Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria (CTIN), an organisation under Alh Aliko Dangote’s Leadership as pioneer and self imposed life Chairman.
The alleged misused, diversion and misappropriation of such strategic fund intended to provide training and development opportunities for Nigerian youth in the cement industry in line with the establishment goals of CTIN is a weighty one, in fact it’s a future-threatening act and an act of economy sabotage.
Certainly, the fund has been squandered, leaving a trail of broken promises and shattered dreams as nothing can be pointed at as an achievement in this regard.
The situation of countless Nigerian youths, who remains unemployed and lacking technical skills in a rapidly advancing global economy like ours, is a harsh testament to the repercussions of such mismanagement and embezzlement. Another hidden factor responsible for the unprecedented hike in cement price in the country.
We are living in a country where our potential is suppressed and our future is uncertain courtesy of greed and selfishness of a microscopic few in position of authority, while leaders of our industries such as Aliko Dangote with such a special intervention fund failed to do the needful but rather enrich themselves by diverting such funds intended for our growth and development for only God and Dangote known purpose and use.
We demand answers, we demand accountability, we demand explanation and we demand justice.

1. In clear terms, We urge Mr President to issue a directive to Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to make public as a matter of urgency and national importance her role so far, the status, management, and usage of the over 20billion Naira (about $100 million as at then) contributed as levies on imported cement to CTIN for technical training purposes since over 10 years ago when Nigeria was still importing cement.
We know and we are fully aware nothing has been done with the fund in line with its purpose. This is money that should have gone to government coffers for investment in our vocational and technical education system.
Alh Aliko Dangote has been sole chairman since this institution was created by the Federal Ministry of Trade in conjunction with cement importers – hence why we are also demanding an explanation directly from Alh Aliko Dangote as to where is the said fund.
Your Excellency, to avert degeneration of this matter, where all Dangote industries will be occupied by Nigerian students nationwide, kindly advice Alh Aliko Dangote to  immediately engage an external independent forensic auditor to audit the  CTIN funds, and we also demand that anyone found guilty be held accountable for their actions.
We further demand swift action towards restructuring the leadership and governance of CTIN, nothing like life chairman, it should be democratic to prevent such overstay that is bringing severe mismanagement of what should be the People’s commonwealth from happening in the future.
We demand from Chairman CTIN Aliko Dangote , an explanation on his level of involvement as to what looks to the public as a mismanagement and misappropriation of the CTIN funds.
The Nigerian youth will no longer remain silent as our potential is suppressed and our futures are jeopardized by anyone.
This is not a plea for answers; this is a demand for accountability, transparency, justice and a rallying cry for all those who believe in Nigeria’s potential and the rights of its youth to education, opportunity, and a fair shot at success.
We will not rest until every penny of the funds is accounted for, and until those responsible for this shameful betrayal of trust by hiding these funds and not using them for their right purpose, are held accountable publicly.
We will use every available platform and legal recourse to seek justice and ensure that such a breach of public trust never reocurs.
Alhaji Aliko Dangote, CTIN members, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Investment, the Nigerian youth are waiting, and we demand your swift and thorough public response within seven days of publication of this letter.
Yours in solidarity,
President, National Association of Nigerian Students
. Board of Trustees, Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria
– Ministry of Education.
– Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment,
– Members of the Press
– National Assembly

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For some weeks now the Dr. Dk and Dr. Mrs. Shade Olukoya Choral Competition for secondary schools in Lagos state has been on going, this is an event that discovers raw singing talents across the state, this competition is held Throughout the 6 educational district of the state and has featured over 164 participants from all the Lagos state educational districts both online and offline, with 14 participants emerging as the finalist.






On the 25th of February, the final competition will hold at the grace hall of the MFM INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS YABA LAGOS NIGERIA. it is not surprising that the pioneers of this one-of-a-kind life changing event is the General overseer of the mountain of fire and Miracle’s ministries worldwide DR. D.K OLUKOYA and his wonderful wife DR. SHADE OLUKOYA




This competition is put in place to discover great musicians at their prime and enable youngsters find their love in the music space while they win awesome cash prizes and other academic benefits.

The finals of this great event will take place on the 25th of February 2024 so come and be a part of history, this event is fully certified by the Lagos state government WATCH OUT YOUR STATE MAY BE NEXT.



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