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Why church leadership should take politics seriously – Ighodalo



Why church leadership should take politics seriously – Ighodalo.

Why church leadership should take politics seriously – Ighodalo.
…Akinyemi chides INEC, says election must hold
…Sowore turns gospel preacher

By Ifeoma Ikem


Senior Pastor of Trinity House Church, Ituah Ighodalo, has advised church leadership in Nigeria to take politics serious and drop its ‘I don’t care’ attitude.



Why church leadership should take politics seriously – Ighodalo.



This is even as Dr Bolaji Akinyemi, a religious activist, cautioned the Chairman of the Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission (INEC), Mahmood Yakubu, over alleged plan to cancel the February elections.

Pastor Ighodalo gave the advice during the fifth edition of ‘One Man Conference’ organised by Apostolic Roundtable in Lagos, that was graced by people from all walks of life.

Ighodalo said Nigeria is in a critical condition with various choices of leaders and therefore cannot afford to make a wrong choice.

“We all should arise, the ignorance of the leadership of the church is not encouraging.

“Nigeria is known as a country with natural resources but unfortunately, we do not have true leaders with genuine love for the nation,” he stated.

According to the cleric, “The nation needs true leaders who are truly passionate about Nigeria, leaders who are honest, faithful, disciplined, hardworking and energetic.

“We do not need leaders who will occupy the position for their selfish interests, but people who are well educated, with integrity, well informed and intelligent.

“What Nigeria need now are leaders that will bring change and make positive impact on the nation’s building.’’

Dr Pogu Bitrus, president of the Middle Belt Forum, reminded the gathering that good governance is a function of good leadership.

He noted that Nigerians need the right candidate, people without bias for tribe or religion, that will put the nation first, to compose the government, and which would also prioritise the protection of the people as one nation.

“What One Man Nigeria is searching for since independence is now here; we need to actualise this dream, change the former order and pursue it.

“We need to keep the ship afloat and champion this noble vision, let everyone work side by side, until we achieve this come 2023 general election,” he said.

In his remarks, Dr Akinyemi, convener of the Apostolic Round Table, cautioned the INEC boss Yakubu over report it planned to cancel the national polls slated for February this year.

He also said the nation needs a new constitution to stop the political cabal that are controlling the political space.

In his words, “We are not going to repeat what happened in 1993 in 2023. This time, they have failed; we don’t have to bring leaders who are not competent.

“We don’t owe any presidential candidate a dime; this time with God Almighty, we will get it right.”

The activist urged Nigerians to understand that election is for the people not even the INEC chairman; “he has no right to tell us that election won’t hold. It is a clear constitutional matter and no one should come with flimsy excuses.”

Akinyemi added that by now the citizenry was expecting the electoral body to be fully ready to hold the polls, with all needful materials and equipment in place in its various offices, rather than “playing this dirty game that we are familiar with.”

Some of the presidential candidates that graced the event were Latifu Kolawole of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), and African Action Congress (AAC)’s Omoyele Sowore, among others.

Mr Sowore, in his contribution, waxed religious in his approach, as he urged Nigerians to rise and possess their inheritance, restating that leadership is about service and that everyone in this nation needs protection.

“How long will we continue to sit and watch looters loot our country; how long will we continue to allow them tell us when to wake or sleep? The nation God has given to us, when are we going to possess it? God is here now. It needn’t take forever; it’s time,” he stated.

Sowore further hinted that the dream of a great and working Nigeria lies in going back to the foundation, learning to appreciate our core values, including the use of indigenous languages to drive learning in the schools.








Sahara Weekly Reveals That Higher education in Nigeria, quite frankly, is facing immense challenges including but not limited to poor infrastructure, unrealistic academic calendars resulting in extra years against stipulated durations, lack of teaching equipment, social menace, poor funding, amongst others.






Interestingly, Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB) is quite unique from other federal universities in the sense that since inception, there has not been any issue of strike, cultism, protest, or anti-social conduct.


Rather, the university is reputed for its excellent condition of learning environment.


This was aptly covered by the Governor of Borno State, H.E Professor Babagana Umara Zulum through his deputy during the maiden edition of the convocation ceremony of NAUB on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at the University’s main campus ( note not temporary campus within five years of existence) in Biu, Borno State.



The Borno State governor said he was physically present at the groundbreaking ceremony of the foundation laying stone of NAUB five years ago, and he is impressed by what he has seen adding that it must take military precision and focus to put in a full-fledged and functional university on a barren land in such a short period.



The Governor further thanked the Federal Government, the Nigerian Army, the traditional rulers, scholars and academics philanthropist, industrialists, associates and men and women of goodwill from within and outside Borno State for the selfless service of gradually re-modelling the future of Borno State in particular and Nigeria in general and for putting Borno State on the path of further greatness through the Nigerian Army university, Biu.


Why then do we plan to abort such a great independent institution of learning known as a barrier breaker and line crosser by merging it with NDA whose missions and visions are not in tandem with each other .


Why cut short the dreams of such noble ideas via politics?


Are there those who do not want a stable educational system in Nigeria?

Are there external forces or their agents at home trying to destroy a good foundation for a stable educational system in Nigeria?


Is NAUB in competition with the private universities?

Are there big shots who benefit from a chaotic educational system in Nigeria?


Are there some subterranean forces working within the system to achieve the Boko Haram objective that “education is sin”?

The words of Governor Zulum rings a wise bell when he said that Boko Haram insurgents have achieved their objectives if the university is scrapped.

“Therefore, we appeal to Mr. President to look into this issue so that the Army University Biu would remain a university… because of the importance of education in this part of the country, where Boko Haram is saying that education is forbidden. And I think that by allowing this Army university to be scrapped, they might have achieved one or two of their objectives,” he said.


The governor noted that, for over a decade, Borno State has been facing a serious crisis that has denied many children access to education.

“Therefore, this university is very important to not only the people of Borno State but our neighbouring states,” he said.


Look at the Western countries that started with military polytechnics that propelled revolution in military equipment development.


Many of these developed countries collaborated jointly through civil-military research.

The Swedish Defence University established like NAUB is Sweden’s leading resource in, and first choice for, education, training and research in the management of crisis, war and periods of tension in the leadership of both civil and military agencies. The Swedish Defence University is an accredited institution for academic education for military and civilian students and researchers where different experiences, approaches, and traditions come together. It has become a hub for both national and international students.


It might shock you to know that American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU). APUS is wholly owned by American Public Education, Inc., a publicly traded private-sector corporation that offers associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, in addition to dual degrees, certificate programs and learning tracks.


During my NYSC, I served in the Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), Ilorin, which is a renowned military institution focused on providing high-quality education and training for Nigerian Army personnel and civilians. So why the proposed merger of NAUB?


Interestingly, the Nigerian Army University Biu provides such a platform for the Nigerian military towards technological innovation, research, and development in varied fields for national defence and security breakthroughs like many modern nations. In fact, instead of downgrading the Nigerian Army University, many more Army universities should be established in Nigeria. That is the way out for a caricature type of educational system that has failed to have stability over the years.


Who is not interested in seeing that a federal university graduates its students within the regular course time frame?


Must programmes of all federal universities be easily disrupted. A course of 4 or 5 years ends up taking over 6 to 7 years to complete. The worst part is that many universities end up in a crash programme to be able to cover up for the lost times. The terrible damage to these universities’ products is the very low standard of graduates.


Who wants the Nigerian educational system to collapse completely? These are rhetorical questions the amiable president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all stakeholders should ask those proposing the merger to answer us publicly, else should let the matter die forever in the abyss of hasty decision.

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Marcus Tibetan: A Fake Prophet Of Several Atrocities, Filled With Demonic Bitterness* (Opinion) By Gbenga Ajirere, Lagos



Marcus Tibetan: A Fake Prophet Of Several Atrocities, Filled With Demonic Bitterness* (Opinion) By Gbenga Ajirere, Lagos

*Marcus Tibetan: A Fake Prophet Of Several Atrocities, Filled With Demonic Bitterness* (Opinion)

By Gbenga Ajirere, Lagos




Marcus Tibetan, a self-acclaimed spiritual leader of The Celestial Church Of Christ, Elisha Parish should be yanked-off the ‘prophet’ title by whoever gave it to him because he has never exhibited the character of one who has a prophetic call, rather, he has always constituted nuisance and continue to prove that he is a mere crook who mistakenly found his way into the ministry majorly to swindle, defraud, and manipulate unsuspecting and gullible individuals.


Marcus Tibetan: A Fake Prophet Of Several Atrocities, Filled With Demonic Bitterness* (Opinion)
By Gbenga Ajirere, Lagos


By mere observation, Marcus Tibetan appears to be someone suffering from mental disorder, psychological unrest, poverty-stricken mind coupled with serious envy and bitterness against everyone doing better than him in the prophetic ministry. He appears to be a very confused individual who doesn’t know how to navigate the ministry because he wasn’t called at first.

Every prophet is popular for giving accurate prophecies, correctly foretelling events that would come to pass but for Marcus Tibetan, He is only popular for seeing fake visions against other men of God that are successful that he can ever be. He is only popular for calling out other prophets and when he tries to prophecy, the opposite of his prophecies happen.

In 2022, Marcus Tibetan courageously told Journalists that Bishop Oyedepo would die in 2023. He went as far as saying that he has seen the colour of his coffin.

These were his words

‘’ I have told you that Oyedepo will die in 2023. They have brought his coffin and it is white. I saw the Nigerian flag on the coffin. Let us be expecting around July’’


“Death is coming” Prophet Tibetan tells BISHOP OYEDEPO #breakingnews #viral #trending #blessingshinej #reporter #voiceactor

♬ original sound – Blessing Shine J

If Nigeria was a very sane country, Tibetan should have been locked up in prison when this stupid statement he called a prophecy didn’t come to pass. Bishop Oyedepo didn’t even fall sick in 2023 not to talk of experiencing death. This further reveals the demonic bitterness Tibetan has for other men of God and how he is hiding under the guise of prophecy to churn out rubbish against respected men of God.

It would also be recalled that when Apostle Suleman was attacked by unknown gunmen sometime ago, Marcus Tibetan immediately called some journalist on his payroll to say God knew about what happened to the apostle and that he is not a real man of God. He accused him of being a cultist because of his fashion style and said several unprintable things about the apostle that further confirms that indeed, He (Tibetan) is very bitter towards the man of God because of his exploits.

We can’t also forget so soon when fake Prophet Marcus Tibetan accused Pastor Adeboye of sacrificing his deceased son to escape death and Pastor W.F Kumuyi of sacrificing his deceased wife to elongate his life. I really can’t imagine how such a man could even still be referred to as a prophet; someone is known for nothing other than saying lunatic words against his fellow human, desecrating the highly respected prophetic ministry, making foolish statements about individuals, giving fake prophecies that never come to pass, to mention but a few.

We also remember that before Prophet TB Joshua died, Marcus Tibetan was always attacking him in different ways, wishing him unfortunate happenings but none of them happened. Even in death, TB Joshua remains a global force as against Tibetan’s wishes.

Many of these men of God are far ahead of Marcus Tibetan in all ways and he can never walk in their shoes because he doesn’t have the capacity. He claims to be a prophet but cannot even list 20 of his prophecies that have come to pass since he started his fake ministry.

If Tibetan doesn’t trend for his attacks against men of God, it would be unrealistic prophecies about sports that never come to pass. Before the Qatar 2022 world cup final, Tibetan in a video confidently said France would defeat Argentina and when the prophecy failed, he defended himself by saying witches in Argentina changed the destiny of the match.

During the recently concluded AFCON 2023, Tibetan predicted that Nigeria would defeat South Africa 4-1 at the semi-final but unfortunately, the match ended 1-1 and later resulted in a penalty shoot-out.

In 2018, I remember how he said Fashola will become vice president, Tony Elumelu will be on a wheelchair, Saraki will be paralyzed, Babangida will find himself in Danger, Dogara will experience stroke, etc. but till today, none of these things have happened to these people he mentioned because he is nothing but a hungry fake prophet.

Going by some confirmed reports about Marcus Tibetan, it is obvious that he is using the prophetic title for illicit acts. Sometime last year, He was accused of a N65 million land scam by his church member, David Timileyin, whom he allegedly promised land near the recently inaugurated Dangote refinery in Lagos state.

Timilehin said he visited the land without Tibetan’s knowledge and discovered that it was not what was described to him by the prophet.

“The prophet told me the 30 plots of land were close to the Dangote refinery. But I have since discovered that the land is in the forest of Epe. It is largely an uncultivated land in the remote areas of Epe which can’t sell for more than N1 million per plot,”

Marcus Tibetan has a questionable character and his emergence into the prophetic ministry reeks of foul play; little wonder the Oluwo of Ode-irele revealed that he gave Tibetan spiritual powers during an interview session with the fake prophet’s former media aide, Dan Asabe.

I know prophets and men of God to be lifters of men, we know them to be helpers of destiny, they engage in philanthropic activities from time to time but Marcus Tibetan cannot point to five people that he has personally helped all his life. His elder brother who was a colonel had a little problem at some point but what did Tibetan do? He fled and that’s why till now, his family members don’t associate with him.

In the early days of his ministry, he secured a church in Dublin but he can’t even step into the country anymore not to talk of running the church, what happened? He was able to secure the property by swindling gullible followers and when his secrets got exposed, he lost control. Several politicians used to visit his church, important personalities used to attend his church but what about now? They don’t even want to hear his name because his format has been exposed.

Marcus Tibetan’s church has stopped growing, he doesn’t have good clothes, can’t even drive good cars because he can’t afford them. He keeps saying some prophets will be disgraced, embarrassed but that’s his present reality.

Marcus Tibetan lives off politician’s crumbs, tithes of church members, funds given to him to develop his church and proceeds from illegal businesses. If he thinks these are all lies, he should respond to this statement and swear with the holy bible that he has never received money from any politician.

There are so many secrets about Marcus Tibetan that are in the coffers, people should ask his former media aide, Dan Asabe why he stopped working for him despite their closeness. The truth is nobody has ever become successful by associating with Tibetan, he is bad luck personified.

I am always grateful that these prophets he abuses don’t even respond to his statements, they are not mates and responding to the words of a lunatic would make no sense. They have left him to wallow in his foolishness till eternity.

However, Tibetan needs to be cautioned because his bad records and secrets are available. If he continues on this path, many things will be exposed about him and at the end of the day, he may be forced to flee from the sight of men into the kingdom of animals where he belongs.

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JUST IN: Popular Actor, Mr Ibu Dies Of Cardiac Arrest



JUST IN: Popular Actor, Mr Ibu Dies Of Cardiac Arrest


















Sahara Weekly Unveils that popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu has died of cardiac arrest.









JUST IN: Popular Actor, Mr Ibu Dies Of Cardiac Arrest









This was made known by the president of the actors guild.











Details later



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