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Fidelity Bank Denies Obscene Viral video Post



Foremost e-rated commercial financial house, Fidelity Bank has released a statement addressing the viral  video where it was alleged that security operatives at the instance of the bank officials beat up customers in one of their banking halls in Lagos state.

For the avoidance of doubt and clarity of purpose on the side of Fidelity Bank, their reaction, signed by Charles Aigbe, Divisional Head, Brand and Communications, is presented to you unedited: 

‘Re: False claims stemming from video post – Our attention has been drawn to a social media video featuring an assault on two people at a Fidelity Bank branch in Lagos. The two individuals featured in the video were suspected of ‘shoulder surfing’ to steal customer card details at the ATM. The security personnel on duty interceded and they attacked and injured him before the intervention of the Mobile policemen who are seen in the video. No Fidelity Bank official ordered any violence against customers as alleged and there was no incidence of the Branch ATM not dispensing cash. The matter has been reported to the Police and the suspects have been handed over for prosecution. Fidelity Bank is customer-centric and we remain committed to providing easy and convenient banking and financial services in a safe environment for our customers and the banking public.’

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