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My Father used charm on me to make me lose interest in Acting – Charles Olumo Agbako





Veteran actor, Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a Charles Olumo Agbako is a well-known Yoruba actor. He got into Acting 62 years ago. The veteran actor who recently clocked 90 years old had an interview with City People where he spoke about his life at 90 and his acting career.

How did your journey into acting start?

Acting started when I was still in school, immediately after school I was already engaged in auto mechanic. I acted for the first time in a friend’s church drama, The Apostolic Church in Mushin, after the play people thought I was the head of the drama group then many churches started inviting me to train their drama groups and that was how the journey commenced.

How did you get your nick name Agbako?

I personally choose the nick name, after been told by the director of a particular movie I was working on at that time to choose a nick name that would stick in people’s mind.

What happened to your mechanic job?

I abandoned it, I was content on been famous, and I joined acting for fame not for money

What were your parent’s reaction when you decided to be an actor?

They weren’t pleased with the idea. I was stubborn and adamant. There was a time I received an information that my father was dead and I was needed in the village, on getting there I saw my father outside and when I moved closer to him, he took me inside and I felt he spoke to me with charms so that I can lose interest in acting. I was quietly with him for 4 days before I ran away again.

Did you lose interest after the charms used?

The charms didn’t work because acting is what I developed special interest in, it was already in my blood and vein.

How where you able to pay your bills, since acting wasn’t lucrative then?

I didn’t mind my standard of living then. I ate whatever I saw

What’s the different between Agbako and Alhaji Abdulsalam?

Agbako is that bad man you see on your TV screen and Alhaji Abdulsalam is a humble, truthful and trust worthy man.

Why haven’t you been featuring in movie recently?

That is due to my old age but I am still very much into acting. I can no longer jump from one place to another especially from a tree. I don’t have the strength again. Presently I have a job that is coming out soon.

What do you think people don’t know about you?

Many don’t know am a Muslim. Am an Alhaji.

How does it feel to be 90?

There are lots of differences when I was young and now. Things I use to do that looks like I was using Africa charms which was never the case, I wouldn’t be able to do them again.



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