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” The Secret of My Success “- Mike Abdul



 Can we meet you?
I’m MIKE ABDUL, songwriter, singer ,music producer and member of the highly favoured MIDNIGHT CREW.
How long have you been in this profession?
I started singing professionally since the 8th of November 2001.
Can you say you have attained mastery in music?
I keep working on myself. I have not reached perfection so i keep doing my best, keep reinventing MIKE ABDUL.
 Tell us about your struggle in the your development?
Our industry like every other industry comes with challenges; creating ideas, developing the ideas into songs, interpreting the ideas with melodies, making the music paint yOur thoughts into a beautiful piece of artwork and promoting your wOrks to your target audience per time. Every struggle is a department of its own.
 Are you in a record label?
I’m a RECORD LABEL founder, SPAGHETTI RECORDS was founded on the 12th of June 2012 and we’re bLeSsed with 3 artists; Mike Abdul, MoniQue aNd A’DAM.
 As an independent artist, how challenging has it been for you since you are the feting the bills?
As an independent artist, You should treat yourself as an organisation and divide that organisation into departments. Develop systems that run each department and do the work one step at a time. If all yOu think of is how to foot the bills, YOu’Ve just created a mountain of obstacles fOr yourself.
 Would you like to attain greatness as an independent artist, or signed to a record label?
Being signed to a RECORD LABEL is same as being signed into an employment.  You are signed to work. The only difference is that yOu can now do your work through an existing working system. YOu’Re not signed into wealth, you’re signed to work.
 Which of your songs would you like people to download?
All my sOngs of course but for the purpose of this interview, I’ll say KOREDE bY Mike Abdul? 
 Can you share the download or streaming link for the audio or video?
KOREDE bY Mike Abdul is on iTunes and also on BOOMPLAY Music::
KOREDE bY Mike Abdul also has a vidEo oN YouTube .
 Tell us what keeps you going?
The jOy of GOD keeps me. I beLieve GOD iS THE beginning and ending of all things. A deliberate relationship with GOD iS SUPER COOL.
What advice do you have for Independent artists like you, what pit falls should they avoid?
Trust GOD with all your heart, do not lean on yOur understanding. Get the understanding and get GOD. Those that know their GOD are wise.


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