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18 months after, A part of Missing MH370 found in fulfillment of TB Joshua’s word




After 18 months, a part of the long missing Malaysian plane MH370 has been found over the weekend which has clearly validated the predictions of Prophet T.B Joshua. The man behind Synagogue had predicted that th missing plane is deep inside the ocean which some disbelief. however, according to his words a part of the missing plane has been found exactly as predicted.

A piece of wreckage that washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean is from a Boeing 777 — the same type of aircraft as the long-missing MH370, Malaysian authorities said Sunday.

France and the United States identified the flaperon found on a Reunion Island beach as one from that particular type of Boeing, Malaysia’s transportation ministry said. A flaperon is part of an aircraft’s wing that helps control its speed and banking angle.

Experts will determine whether the debris found on the French territory of Reunion Island last week is from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The jetliner vanished on March 8, 2014 after leaving Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for Beijing. It had 239 people on board.

Work to conclusively identify the piece of wreckage and determine if it is from the missing plane will begin Wednesday, French prosecutors said.

Teams in Reunion are scouring the stretch of coast where the debris was found, and a “metal object of interest” related to the search was discovered Sunday morning on the beach in St. Denis, Reunion Island’s capital, a local government official said.

The official declined to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media. The official also refused to provide more information, saying the origin of the object needs to be verified.

Malaysian officials said they are reaching out to authorities in territories near Reunion Island to allow experts to conduct more substantive analysis should more debris surface.

In addition to the flaperon and the metal object, other debris washed ashore Thursday that appears to resemble the remnants of a suitcase, local police officials said.

The debris was transferred to Toulouse, France, on Saturday for analysis.

Experts from various nations have teamed up to help with the probe in France.

In addition to French officials, experts from Malaysia, China, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and Boeing are taking part in the investigation.

And officials are optimistic the latest debris may help resolve the mystery surrounding the jetliner.

“The only 777 aircraft that we’re aware of in the Indian Ocean that could have led to this part floating is MH370,” said Martin Dolan, the head of the Australian agency coordinating the underwater search for the plane.

“But as I said, we still need to confirm that through closer study.”

If confirmed to be part of MH370, the wreckage would be the first bit of physical evidence recovered from that plane.

Dolan said last week that he is “increasingly confident but not yet certain” that the debris is from MH370.The French General Directorate of Armament, which is analyzing the debris, has sophisticated equipment and expertise to quickly identify the plane the debris belongs to and what happened to it.

That analysis will begin Wednesday, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

Authorities have so far been unable to establish why Flight 370 flew sharply off its route from Kuala Lumpur and disappeared.

A preliminary assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies suggested someone in the cockpit deliberately caused the aircraft’s movements before it vanished.


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 Prince Williams Ends Homelessness In The Uk 



 Prince Williams Ends Homelessness In The Uk 

 Prince Williams Ends Homelessness In The Uk 


PRINCE WILLIAMS– The Prince of Wales has visited Sheffield as he launches a five-year campaign to end homelessness in the UK.




The city is one of six places to benefit from Prince William’s charitable fund.

The project means there will be a team in Sheffield and funding for the council and other agencies to support those who don’t have a stable home.


 Prince Williams Ends Homelessness In The Uk 



Prince William visited a youth project in the city as part of his tour.

Young people from Reach Up Youth met with the royal visitor to share their stories and discuss the work the organization is doing to support those struggling.

In Sheffield, the prince’s scheme, Homewards, will focus on families experiencing hidden homelessness, including those living in temporary accommodations such as hostels and shelters.

The city council said it would also address an issue where a disproportionate number of people of black and minority ethnic backgrounds were becoming homeless.


The authority added that teams, made up of a range of partners, would “further strength their links and the ability to direct people to services that they might need”.


The council said the programme will aim to reach families before they risk losing their homes and plans on exactly how it will work are being developed over the coming months


Kate Josephs, chief executive for Sheffield City Council, said: “We are really proud that Sheffield has been selected to be part of Homewards.

“No one should find themselves in crisis, without a roof over their heads and this is an incredible opportunity to prevent people and families from becoming homeless.

“This programme, created by Prince William, will enable us to focus efforts, with much-needed financial backing, on getting people the help and support they need before they lose their homes.”

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27 Dead Ethiopians On Way To Sourh Africa Dumped By Zambian Roadside



27 Dead Ethiopians On Way To South Africa Dumped By Zambian Roadside

27 Dead Ethiopians On Way To South Africa Dumped By Zambian Roadside


The bodies of 27 people, believed to be migrants from Ethiopia, have been “dumped” by the roadside in the Ngwerere area north of Zambia’s capital Lusaka.


They likely suffocated to death while in transit, Police Spokesperson Danny Mwale told the BBC.


One survivor found “gasping for air” has been rushed to a local hospital, he said.


Zambia is a transit point for migrants, mostly from the Horn of Africa, who want to reach South Africa.


Mr Mwale said residents of Ngwerere found the bodies on Sunday at 06:00 local time (04:00 GMT).


He said the police believe the migrants are Ethiopian nationals based on the identity documents found on them.


“Our preliminary investigations indicate that a total number of 28 persons, all males aged between 20 and 38, were dumped in Meanwood Nkhosi along Chiminuka road in Ngwerere area by unknown people,” the police said in a statement.


The bodies have been taken to Zambia University Teaching Hospital mortuary.


In neighbouring Malawi, the authorities discovered 25 bodies of Ethiopian migrants in a mass grave in October.


The police there said they had evidence to link the stepson of Malawi’s ex-President Peter Mutharika to the grim discovery.

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Russian Missiles Kill Two In Poland, US Intelligence Says



Russian Missiles Kill Two In Poland, US Intelligence Says

Russian Missiles Kill Two In Poland, US Intelligence Says


Sadly, Russian missiles have killed two people in NATO member Poland, a senior US intelligence official has said.


Polish media said missiles hit an area where grain was drying in Przewodow, a village in eastern Poland near the border with Ukraine.


Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller did not confirm the information, but said leaders were discussing a “crisis situation”.



Russian Missiles Kill Two In Poland, US Intelligence Says


“Firefighters are on the spot – it’s not clear what has happened,” said firefighter Lukasz Kucy.


Moscow launched a large number of missiles at Ukraine on Wednesday, knocking out power for seven million households.


It is unclear whether the two missiles that apparently landed in Poland were part of the same wave, but it is the first time Russian rockets are said to have reached Poland.


Poland has not been involved in the conflict, but has welcomed millions of Ukrainian refugees and has widely condemned the war.

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