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8 Things A Nigerian Parent Would Totally Beat Devil Out Of Their Kids For




A Nigerian parent can be very loving and caring but could also be very strict and could beat the living day light out of you for a little mistake. You would agree its nothing really serious but to them, it is tantamount and you might be seriously dealt with.

Some of you remember being actually beaten for as little as not eating your food fast or not sitting properly while eating.

Naijaloaded bring back old memories of the very funny (now) Nigerian parents could beat their kids for.

  1. Wasting Food

waste food

This is a cardinal offense in a Nigerian home. It is a must to finish your food and it is even worst when you insisted the one you were given wouldn’t be enough for you, so your mom had to add some more and after all that drama, you are unable to finish the food.

  1. Sucking Thumb


Some kids enjoy doing this, but they better know the exact time to have the thumb in their mouth. The last thing you want is for a Nigerian parent especially moms to catch you thumb sucking, they actually have the tendency to beat you into the next year.

  1. Careless


Take the scenario, a Nigerian parent sends his/her kid to buy something from a shop nearby, then the child forgets to take his change, or loses the money or buys something else or doesn’t even remember what he was sent to buy. We are very sure, anyone born and bred by Nigerian parents know exactly what would come after that right?

  1. Bed Wetting


A Nigerian parent could totally beat and humiliate a child before anyone for bed wetting. They even have songs that are chanted to shame a bedwetting child.

  1. Stealing From School


It is called stealing as long as your parents didn’t put them in your bag when your were going to school in the morning. So, when they see other people’s items in your bag, they could beat you until you forget your name.

  1. Eating A Neighbour’s Food


This forever ranks highest when it comes to punishment. Eating in your neighbour’s house whether your parents were present or not is an offense.

  1. Breaking Plates


It doesn’t matter if it was a mistake or not, Nigerian moms don’t wait to investigate the offense before pouncing on you like you’re a hated orphan.

  1. Not Showing Respect


A Nigerian parent wants to raise a respectful child and you would be totally contradicting their dreams of making that happen when you turn out to be a child that sees an elder and doesn’t greet. When your mom reminds you before you have to greet an elderly person, then you know you are surely going to get whooped when you get inside, that is if you don’t get it immediately.

What was the most silly thing your parents ever beat you up for?