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Apostle Omotosho Rolls out Over 90 Prophetic Alerts For 2021



On his Official facebook page yesterday, Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph reeled out a prophetic alert against the fuel tanker accident in calabar. PROPHECY ALERT ~”LET PRAY AGAINST GAS EXPLOSIONS IN CALABAR AND TANKER LOADED WITH FUEL EXPLOSION. LET THE HOLY SPIRIT CANCEL THIS EVIL PLAN OF THE ENEMIES''. IAnd sadly today, Six persons were confirmed to have died when a fatal road accident occurred this morning along Calabar – Itu High Way involving a fuel tanker and two tricycles.The incident took place along Ntak Inyang area of the highway, at the portion of the road which is currently being repaired by the state government after it was cut off by ravine encroachment with Niger Pet Construction firm handling the remedial work. Due to the repairs work the company had since closed one side of the road to traffic forcing all vehicles to ply just one lane of the highway.
Popular clergy, Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph has reeled out fresh prophetic alert for 2021. The man with the Prophetic mantle who arguably predicted correctly the gas explosion in Lagos State barely 24 hours before it happened has rolled out over 90 prophecies concerning Obasanjo, Jonathan, amongst others . 
These are the prophesies as received by Sahara weekly NG
1. Kaduna State should get ready for a Christian Governor in 2023.
2. Let’s pray against fire disasters this year and I see uncontrollable erosions but Government should work more on dams to avoid casualties.
3. Some Ministers may be changed because of their inability to perform this year 2021.
4. Let pray more for the people of the National House of Assembly and House of Representative against unusual deaths because they have compromised the reason why God sent them there!
5. Some new names will be heard this year in terms of global ground breaking news and especially Nigerians will do well around the world this year.
6. The church will be attacked more this year but we shall be victorious uncompromisingly.
7. I see massive harvest souls across the globe in Churches this year.
8. I see the USA and Russia being challenged by the agenda of anti -christ but God will supply wisdom to their leaders this year 2021.
9. Let pray for some Northern and Southern Governors against impeachment and untimely death.
10. I see the Governor of Cross River State becoming VP of PDP presidential candidate in 2023. If He can pray now and start doing the right things.
11. The Eagles does not rehearse to fly, the churches of God is about to dominate every where by the creative wisdom of God!
12. This is what God will do in Nigeria via Joel 2:21….. Congratulations, Nigerians God must surely compensate us more this year 2021.
13. I see the reduction of dollars over Naira in a particular time of the month in the year 2021.
14. I see emergence of new names and I see a new political party building against the third force…. Hmmmm. The youth emergence will shock the old cargoes and retired and expired cargoes in Nigeria comes 2023.
15. Although some ministers of the gospel will be challenged negatively but God is using it as a medium to announce His Church across the globe.
16. I see some created challenges in the Armed forces with pressures for the Service Chief’s to retire some founder officers.
17. A hidden documents shall be exposed before March 28th, 2021. Although, God’s powers will subdue the anarchy that will emanate from it.
18. Let pray for the former Governors of Cross River and Plateau State.
19. Let pray for Nigeria Custom Services. Although I see challenges but there are going to be great generation of new income revenues from them.
20. Peter Obi should avoid politics for now and focus on his business. Tell him not to worry because opportunity to become what God has for him is coming.
21. Let the government of the day not undermined Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo because the secret to the prosperity of Nigeria is in his hands. I saw a White House telling me Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo is a chosen vessel.
22. Let Dr. Goodluck Jonathan work closely with former President, Olusegun Obasanjo because I see a golden opportunity for Him.
23. God will be using Pastor E.A Adeboye to bring undeniable peace to Nigeria and bring unity to the Body of Christ that was lost for decades.
24. I see a very great Man of God and Woman of God being called home because they have fought a good fight of faith.
25. The aviation industry needs a lot of prayers against air disasters.
26. The agenda of Anti-Christ is destroyed henceforth and many of their plans will be unfolded but not prosper in our time.
27. The quarrel between China and USA will still go sour because I saw a contention of nations, some trying to contend to be a powerful nation but America is a chosen vessel of God’s custodian of power.
28. If the Government of the day can be humble to seek for Men of God like Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Primate Ayodele, then, I see a best Nigeria because their is a common secret God has told about Nigeria. I pray they hear those advice (Hosea 12:13).
29. Let’s pray for the NNPC against not been taken over!
30. The Church of God will witness unusual Move of God’s power this year 2021 (Psalm 110).
31. Let’s pray for South Africa against the invasion of terrorist and floods that may lead to scarcity of food.
32. Let’s pray for the Armed forces of Nigeria against unusual Insurgency.
33. Let’s pray so our vigilante groups initiated will not become agents of insurgency or terrorist groups.
34. Although, there will be a lot of peace in Nigeria and across the borders, that is why, we shouldn’t play with prayers this year 2021.
35. When I said Nigerian will break more new grounds across the globe. It came to pass for the glory of God. But a strangest breaking news of new ground is happening through Nigerians in diaspora.
36. Let’s pray for the Nigeria Police Force over the spirit of misconduct that may lead to unnecessary agitations or fighting against their superiors.
37. Let pray against scarcity of petroleum ptoducts such as gasoline for aviation industry and petrol, diesel for industrial consumption.
38. Nigeria is about qualify for the CAF and World Cup if prayer is offered because God want to scatter evil political groups against our football teams.
39. Government will want to arrest Men of God this year for saying the truth but the plans will be jeopardised and scattered.
40. The media or social media will be used to fight genuine Men and Women of God this year but it is for the announcement of Jesus Christ. Amen
41. There will be shift in the realm of the Spirit for the purpose of wealth transfers to God’s children in this year 2021.
42. For the Singles, I see miracle marriages in abundance.
43. For the expectant Mothers, I see twins and triplets for you this year 2021.
44. Let pray against plane crash in Nigeria and across the globe.
45. Let pray for the America’s President because God is working behind the scene!
46. This year shall be a year of wonderful testimonies to those who believe in the power of God.
47. The camp of the wicked over Nigeria shall be discovered and the sorrow will come to an end. Relax, because God is in charge of Nigeria Again.
48. I foresee CROSS RIVER state having more oil-well soonest but, not in this present administration.
49. Donald Trump is still holding America’s flag stronger…..Hmmmm!
50. A new policy is still coming that our won’t favour the Christians but let’s pray to avoid it.
51. I am seeing more production of new vaccines but not authentic. Only God is the solution.
52. Let pray for those who in the entertainment industry
53. Let pray more for Abia state and Anambra state against more fire disasters.
54. If prayer is not offered with corresponding action APC will take over Anambra state.
55. Nigerians will do well and best in the diaspora.
56.The Armed forces are going to do more in the areas of security architectures this year but a shaking is coming for new chiefs with court injunction because elites will want a change.
57. I still see a proposed new currency for West Africa.
58. United Kingdom needs pray for their monarch.
59. The Eastern security may not stand because the powers that be multiplied won’t allow it.
60. I see Super Eagles doing well if they can bring in new talents.
61. Let’s pray more against fire disasters and flood in places like Oyo state, Abia state, Rivers state, Ebonyi state, Lagos state and Cross River state.
62. Let us pray against negative surprises in January and February precisely.
63. I foresee 2021 will be better than the year 2020.
64. I foresee that prayers is needed in the Stock Market, the economy in general, Security, the Health sector and other areas of social living.
65. I see the international community coming to fight against Boko Haram finish.
66. I foresee an important information being leaked that will cause major problem.
67. I foresee Saudi Arabia will sign peace treaty with Israel. lran will arise to fight Israel but USA will intervene.
68. I foresee many banks CEO’s will be removed and replaced with those who have least experience.
69. Let pray against COVID-19 not to snatch the life of Commissioners of Health in some states and mace may be stolen away unless prayers is offered.
70. Many African politicians will crash for following diabolical pathway.
71. I foresee great revival this year 2021.
72. Let pray against coup in some nations this year and especially earth tremors and earthquakes.
73. I foresee a great man of God saying bye bye to the earth because He has finished his work and heaven is his reward.
74. There will be fluctuations in the prices of fuel.
75. Let pray for our traditional rulers because God will use them as a voice of the helpless.
76. For those who are into agricultural produces, this is your year of more financial breakthrough.
77. Many countries will accept to take new vaccines but there will be so much fraud
78. Our women will occupy great positions this year but our men should not be envious.
79. Let’s pray against boats capsizing.
80. The aviation sector needs a lot of prayers.
81. There will be unusual revival this year.
82. Let be reassured that the demon of the COVID-19 hasn’t left yet. Let continue to pray so that One World agenda won’t hold.
1. Let pray against fire explosions.
2. Let pray against fighting among some groups.
3. Let pray for the governor and the deputy governor.
4. Speaker should pray more.
5. Rice Mills will produce more rice.
6. Aeroplanes will run out of runway but no lives will be lost”.
7. Let pray for Obong of calabar.
8. Let pray for the leadership of University of calabar. It is well
9. Prominent Pastor will pass away in Calabar.