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Appraising the Police Act Amendment Bill* By Philip Agbese



*Appraising the Police Act Amendment Bill*

By Philip Agbese

In a groundbreaking development poised to transform the landscape of law enforcement in Nigeria, the visionary Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman has championed the introduction of the Police Act Amendment Bill to the National Assembly. This legislative milestone seeks to address the longstanding inadequacies of the existing Police Act, which has been in force since 2004.

The amended legislation aims to revolutionize police operations by enhancing accountability, modernizing policing methods, and fostering a more harmonious relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. By doing so, it will significantly bolster public trust, improve crime prevention and response strategies, and ultimately contribute to a safer and more secure Nigeria.

This landmark legislation represents a critical step towards a nation where law enforcement officers are not only enforcers of the law but also trusted guardians of our communities, dedicated to protecting and serving with integrity and professionalism. In the quest for a more robust, responsive, and people-friendly policing system in Nigeria, the Police Act Amendment Bill shines as a beacon of hope and a significant milestone.

This amendment bill, designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Nigerian Police Force, serves as a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to law enforcement and security, demonstrating a resolve to create a safer and more secure environment for all citizens.

One of the most profound and far-reaching provisions of the Bill is its emphasis on fortifying the police workforce, achieved through the extension of service years for seasoned officers. By leveraging their expertise and fostering a sense of institutional memory, the legislation enables the development of a more proficient and effective police force, capable of navigating complex security challenges with greater aplomb.

Moreover, the retention of experienced personnel alleviates the burden of constant recruitment and training, yielding significant cost savings that can be redirected towards the procurement of essential equipment and resources.

Another significant facet of the Bill is its commitment to community policing, a paradigm shift that acknowledges that law enforcement is a shared responsibility between the police and the public. By empowering communities to assume ownership of their security, the Nigeria Police Force will become more responsive to local needs, cultivating a culture of mutual trust, cooperation, and collaboration.

Furthermore, the Bill prioritizes police welfare, a critical aspect that has been historically overlooked. By improving working conditions, enhancing training, and providing better equipment, the legislation will significantly boost police morale and motivation, leading to enhanced performance, dedication, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Additionally, the Bill’s emphasis on gender mainstreaming and diversity will ensure a more inclusive and diverse police force, better equipped to serve the diverse needs of Nigerian communities, fostering a more just and equitable society for all.

Another vital provision of the Bill is the establishment of a Police Complaints Commission, an autonomous body responsible for investigating allegations of police misconduct, thereby ensuring accountability, transparency, and justice. This mechanism will further solidify public trust in the police, as it demonstrates a commitment to addressing concerns and promoting a culture of responsibility within the force.

Moreover, the Bill addresses the critical issue of police morale by enabling the retention of experienced officers, thereby fostering a sense of stability and mentorship within the force. This, combined with the potential for improved job satisfaction, can significantly enhance morale, leading to a more motivated and effective police force. A motivated police force is demonstrably more effective in preventing crime, fostering trust within communities, and ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of all Nigerians.

It is noteworthy that the impact of this Bill extends beyond the internal workings of the police force, having far-reaching implications for national security. By ensuring a more experienced and well-resourced police force, the Amendment Bill has the potential to significantly enhance the nation’s capacity to combat crime, terrorism, and other threats. A professional and competent police force is better equipped to maintain law and order, creating a safer environment conducive to business growth, investment, and national prosperity.

The realization of meaningful change requires the implementation of a clear vision. Hence, the foresight and leadership demonstrated by the bill’s sponsor, Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman – the distinguished Chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs and esteemed Member Representing Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency – are truly commendable.

Hon. Makki has also demonstrated exemplary leadership and a steadfast commitment to service through his numerous contributions to his constituency. Noteworthy achievements include renovating schools, reconstructing damaged roads, implementing rural electrification projects, and donating foodstuff to the needy and less privileged. These accomplishments serve as a testament to his dedication to the betterment of his community.

Furthermore, his generosity in donating Patrol Vehicles to the Nigeria Police Force in Mallammadori and Kaugama Federal Constituency underscores his resolve to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the police force.

The Police Act Amendment Bill, a landmark legislation, marks a significant step forward in prioritizing experience, morale, and resources within the police force, paving the way for a future where security and trust are intertwined. The overwhelming support for the Bill’s spirit during the public hearing is a resounding endorsement of Hon. Makki’s visionary leadership, which has inspired a shared conviction in the Bill’s potential to positively impact the lives of all Nigerians.

Among the bill’s sponsors, Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman stands out as a paragon of dedication and commitment, driving the legislation with his unwavering spirit and dedication. The Police Act Amendment Bill has garnered widespread acclaim from diverse stakeholders, who have unanimously commended the spirit and intent behind the legislation. During the public hearing, representatives from civil society organizations, the legal profession, and community groups all acknowledged the Bill’s transformative potential for Nigerian policing.

This broad support is a testament to the inclusive and participatory approach adopted by Hon. Makki and his team, demonstrating a commitment to collaborative governance and a passion for meaningful reform. As this visionary Bill progresses through the legislative process, it is imperative to maintain the momentum and ensure its successful enactment. Nigeria is indebted to Hon. Makki and his team for their foresight, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to creating a safer, more secure Nigeria for generations to come.

Together, we can forge a future where the Nigerian Police Force is not only feared but respected and revered as a vital partner in building a safer, more prosperous Nigeria, where security and trust triumph.

Agbese is the Deputy Spokesman, 10th House of Representatives, writing from Abuja.


Grace Nation: You Cannot Claim to be a Spiritual Person Without Understanding the Spiritual Language – Dr Chris Okafor



Grace Nation: You Cannot Claim to be a Spiritual Person Without Understanding the Spiritual Language – Dr Chris Okafor

So many Christians cannot do the Kingdom business because they don’t understand the Kingdom Principles and it’s Language.

Speaking On Sunday 21st July 2024 at Grace Nation Divine and Breakthrough Service held at the international Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, The lead Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Popularly known as The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said when you understand the language of the Spirit, whatever you do becomes successful.

The Popular Lagos Clergyman who Teach on the Subject The Language of The Spirit subtitles with The Voice of Thanksgiving remarked that when you gives thanks to Elohim, it’s implies that you heard his voice Clearly ans Appreciate his Kindness and Provision.

The Lagos Clergyman who just returned from United States of America when he went to with the Good News of The Limit Breakers Winning millions of Soul to the kingdom of God said the day you come into understanding the Language of the Spirit, Everything about you changes for better and your enjoyment in Life becomes Unlimited.

The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also emphasised that when you understand the Language of the Spirit, it will become Easy for you to differentiate between true voice of God and Voice of the flesh and when you listen to the voice of Thanksgiving, God multiply you and make more provisions.

The Power of God came down Mightily through the Fresh Annoiting upon his servant who just returns from God’s own Country, United States of America, USA, Popular Lagos Prophet, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at the Divine Intervention and breakthrough service of the Church

The Fresh Annoiting that break the yokes over his servant stirs Deliverance, Healing, Miracles, Restoration and Solution to different kind of afflictions, Problems at the service, Evil altars were set on fire while Generational battles were resolved once and for all, God also uses his servant at the service to re write the history book of some Faithful, While Garment of hatred upon some were destroyed.

It was a thing of joy for Some ladies who are believing God for a life Partner as God show them.mercy by releasing wedding Gowns for them, God also gave some people foreign benefits and most Interesting God gave over 70 awaiting Mother’s there miracle Babies.

Meanwhile the Monthly Night of Prophecy, Miracle, Deliverance and Solution of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City is coming up on 26yh July 2024 at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos, This Serves as a special invitation, make plans to attend as the Night will be brutal as described by the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor, come with your family, Friends and Love one, God will definitely visit your case files and Profiles Solutions.


Grace Nation: You Cannot Claim to be a Spiritual Person Without Understanding the Spiritual Language - Dr Chris Okafor

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Sahara Weekly Reports That The First Lady Oluremi Tinubu says women have to learn how to obtain power the e ECOWAS Female Parliamentarian Association has held its Spotlight Initiative with the theme; Re-thinking Women’s Proportional Representation in Governance.










The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu noted that the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration has made significant progress in this regard but barriers still exist especially culturally and socially.










“These barriers include deeply entrenched societal norms, systemic discriminatory practices, structural issues within our political systems, and financial incapability”.










“To achieve this across board, we must be seen to walk the talk. For instance, our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has taken significant steps to remove financial barriers by making nomination forms for elective positions free at grassroots level, ensuring that capable and qualified women can participate in the political process without the burden of prohibitive costs”.













Senator Oluremi Tinubu commended the Federal House of Representatives for its recent passage of the Bill seeking 74 seats for women in the National Assembly in a bid to encourage more female participation in politics and governance.











“I believe that the leadership in the Senate is gender-friendly”.










“Power is not served A’lar carte, just as my husband, President Bola Tinubu said. You have to learn how to obtain power. You need older women to mentor you”.












“Education is the cornerstone of empowerment. By improving access to education for girls and women, we can equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively in political processes. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of women’s representation in governance is crucial. Public campaigns, media engagement, and community programs can help shift societal attitudes and dismantle stereotypes that hinder women’s political participation”.














The Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament who is also the first female to occupy the position, Rt Hon Hadija Memounatou Ibrahimah in her remarks urged the First Lady of Nigeria to serve as the champion of the course of better representation for women in governance in the region.













This she noted is especially so with the commendable contributions to the issues of women and girls.










“Your Excellency, you transmit a kind of light that illuminates the leadership of Nigeria. It touches the lives of even the ordinary man”.











“Women account for half of the population of ECOWAS member States. Only 17% are Parliamentarians and 24% are Ministers in the region. It is high time to reduce the under representation of women in democracy”.










The Senate President, Senator Godwill Akpabio who was represented by the Deputy Senate President Jibrin Barau stated that for the Senate, women participation in governance is a priority.












“We will redefine the power of women in governance”.










After the Session, the First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu in a nostalgic move, visited the newly renovated hallowed Red Chamber. She commended the leadership of the senate.








The First Lady was a 3 term Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District till 2023.




Busola Kukoyi

SSA Media to the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

22nd July,2024

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Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria



Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria








…Over 40 families benefit from the first phase of business empowerment and educational support









Sahara Weekly Reports That Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN), a leading Nigerian impact and development organisation for women, recently provided support to The Olatokunbo Foundation for its charity event on July 13, 2024, at the Rotary Community Hall in Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area, Lagos. The Olatokunbo Foundation Empowerment Initiative for Women and Children aimed to uplift and empower underprivileged families in select communities in Lagos, offering a range of financial and material support to enhance their living standards. Over 40 at-risk families were provided with critical material and financial assistance, such as sewing machines, complete commercial makeup boxes, barbing kits, and grinding machines, to help improve their economic independence. In addition, cash awards were distributed to support the educational and personal growth of underprivileged children in the community.






Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria






In his speech, Otunba Abiola Olatokunbo, the Founder of the Olatokunbo Foundation, highlighted the importance of community, combined efforts, and the positive outcomes of giving back to society. “We are committed to uplifting and empowering the underprivileged, particularly in overlooked or underserved areas. For every woman or child we support, there is a multiplier effect on society. We expect that these donations will significantly improve the daily lives of the beneficiaries by providing them with tools that can help improve their overall quality of life”, Otunba Abiola said.






Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria







Commenting on the partnership, Ms Adesuwa Tope Imasekha, Founder of Women Impacting Nigeria, said, “Our technical assistance partnership with the Olatokunbo Foundation is a demonstration of the significant value and change that can be achieved when organisations come together for a common cause. Donating is not enough without equipping beneficiaries with the necessary skills to take advantage of the support they receive, which is why we trained beneficiaries to run a business. WIN is proud to support this initiative, and we look forward to more impact-based collaborations with other organisations that can lead to sustainable results in the future.”






Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria






The Olatokunbo Foundation’s charity event provided immediate relief to those in need and highlighted the importance of collective efforts in uplifting and empowering the less privileged. It showcased the profound impact of charity and demonstrated how community leaders and organisations, such as Women Impacting Nigeria, can collaborate to drive positive change.





Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) Supports Olatokunbo Foundation community-based initiative for disadvantaged women and children in the Oshodi-Isolo Community of Lagos State, Nigeria





Women Impacting Nigeria is a not-for-profit organization based out of Lagos, Nigeria dedicated to women empowerment and gender equality.


For more information and to be a part of our programmes, visit or email [email protected]

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