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Why Ayedatiwa is the best man for the job, by Ajanaku



Ondo Governorship Election: APC has not given Aiyedatiwa any special privilege

Why Ayedatiwa is the best man for the job, by Ajanaku



















Sahara Weekly Reports That IDOWU AJANAKU, former Director of media and media for Akeredolu ,former Special Adviser to Governor Akinwumi Ambode , a close ally of President Bola Tinubu is from Idogun,Ose local government areas of Ondo State. In this interview, he speaks on the forthcoming governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Ondo State and why the issue of continuity should be taken into consideration.








Why Ayedatiwa is the best man for the job, by Ajanaku












The National Working Committee of APC had said there won’t be any automatic ticket for all aspirants in the next gubernatorial primary schedule for April, including Governor Aiyedatiwa, does this not sound counterproductive?



















There are 3 ways specified in the Constitution of the APC for choosing candidates for elective offices. The first is through Direct Primaries where every member of the party votes for the candidate of their choice; the second is through Delegates where elected delegates are the ones to vote in the primaries to choose the candidate for the office; and the third is through Consensus where there is only one candidate for the office or where all the candidates other candidates decide to step down for one of them.























The NWC of APC has not said anything to undermine anyone;they have only reiterated what is in the Constitution of the party that where there is more than one candidates there would be primaries election. This was done in Kogi recently, nothing they have said is new. You may also recollect that in 2020, the Late Arakunrin Akeredolu contested as a sitting Governor in the primaries to become the candidate of the party in that election. It cannot be counter-productive and cannot in anyway be to the disadvantage of any candidate.





















Why should Aiyedatiwa be given special privilege over other contestants?
















As far as I can see , no special privilege have been given to him by the National leadership but you can see that he is shoulder higher than all the other candidates in this contest.
















The reasons are not farfetched. Ayedatiwa has been part and parcel of the vision of Akeredolu since 2012. He was involved in production and publicizing of the 5 point Agenda designated AKETI in the first attempt at the Governorship of Ondo State which did not succeed at that time. He never left the party. Even when he wanted to go the Senate in 2019 and the National leadership decided to return the sitting Federal Legislators he took it in good faith and did not follow the others who decided to run in the AA party against the APC. This is a testament to his consistency in the progressive fold.




















In terms of experience he had served as Commissioner in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), a full-fledged Deputy Governor, an Acting Governor and now a sitting Governor. Who amongst the other contestant can parade such experience in governance, tell me?
















It was reported that one of the aspirants said he wants to provide leadership for the party and the state. This is after becoming everything he wanted in the PDP! He had never been part of the progressive fold. Is it not the same person who in the full glare of the media in 2015 during the Presidential campaign for PDP,told the whole world that APC should be sweeping the country with their broom while PDP would remain in power? This is a fair weather politician who is neither here nor there but only constant in his thirst for power and cannot be trusted.


Another one who created a crisis in his party by holding parallel congresses and holding the candidate down in court until they lost the election and who has never been a part of the progressive fold is claiming to have the magic wand. The magic wand with which he had always ran anything he touches aground is not what Ondo state needs now.


This was the same man who went completely against the President and the party in the election for the Senate President. In fact he moved the motion for the nomination of the other candidate against the wish of the party leadership. How do you trust that kind of individual?


It is a fact that majority of the aspirants jostling for the APC ticket in Ondo State today are images of the PDP who used fake soldiers to drive out the progressive government under the leadership of Adefarati in 2003. They are the same people regrouping to steal the ticket of the APC to foster their conservative and reactionary ideals on the State reputed as the cradle of the progressive politics in Nigeria. APC cannot be deceived – the wind has blown and we have seen whatever they believed they were hiding!




Do you not foresee a scenario where other aspirants may work against the incumbent governor if he wins the primary?




At the end of the day when Ayedatiwa wins the ticket it will separate the wheat from the shaft. It is the shaft that would be blown away.


Do not forget that after the primaries, the candidate will become the candidate of the party and all the genuine members of the progressive stock in the State will work for his victory. Moreover, the man is already showing signs of good leadership and has demonstrated capacity for progressive ideas. He still has over seven months to further impress the people of Ondo State and deliver the dividend of democracy such that there would no reason why genuine members of the party and the people of Ondo State would not vote for him.


Here is a man who gave the members recognition for the first time since 2016 when he gathered them in a stakeholder forum recently. The members of the party were elated and joyous. It would be a pipe dream for anyone to think he would be able to rally such people against him after he has won the party’s ticket. They will only labour in vain. Mark my words when Ayedatiwawins the ticket of the party, he will win the governorship election by landslide God’s grace.




Aiyedatiwa runs a joint ticket with the late Governor RotimiAkeredolu, so the deceased governor was said to have governed Ondo State below the expectations. What then justified him to continue?





Everyone who wants to run for governorship in Ondo state hasbeen saying they are banking on what Akeredolu has done. One of the aspirants is even laying claim to be the anointed successor to Akeredolu even though he could not point to a single eye witness to corroborate his claim . He could not even remember the date he was told by the late Akeredolu according to him.Why are they trying to use his reputation of he has done nothing?


It is a notorious fact is that Akeredolu achievements in office cannot be wished away. You cannot wish away the formation of the Amotekun security force which he championed to stem the tide of the devilish move by killers herdsmen in Ondo State and the Southwest in general even at the risk of his second term ticket. He rose in defense of his people.


The Flyover at Ore is the first of its kind in the entire state. The dangerous Oke alabojuto at oka that has led to the death of many people was conquered by Akeredolu. The construction of many roads were started and completed across the state. It was rather unfortunate that the health challenge truncated his move for many more groundbreaking achievements that could have been recorded amongst which is the seaport for Ondo State and completion of many other road projects.


These achievements by the Akeredolu/Ayedatiwa government cannot be wished away. There is no way you can also write that history without recognising the supportive role that Ayedatiwaplayed as the Deputy Governor to Late Arakunrin Akeredolu. It cannot be an albatross but rather a blessing that Ayedatiwaserved meritoriously with Akeredolu to deliver the dividend of democracy to the Ondo State people within the resources available to them. He is justified to continue, to do better and also correct any perceived wrong that anyone may think of the past. He will be running the new regime with a huge benefit of hindsight that any other person cannot have.








One of the perceptions that may work against the incumbent is that of a traitor, won’t this work against him?


The first question to ask those who are plying this narrative is whether they heard the Late Arakurin Akeredolu when he as Governor he made a public declaration and pronouncement the day they were sworn in? In the full glare of the public and the media he thanked him for his loyalty and declared him as his successor. How does this translate to betrayal?


There is no public evidence that Akeredolu ever changed his mind on his perception of the person of Governor Lucky Ayedatiwa all through his lifetime. This brouhaha started the day he pronounced him his successor. The people who thought that they should have been the one to take Ayedatiwa’s place started working overtime from that moment trying to draw a wedge between them. They were the one who were peddling this false narrative to paint him in bad light.


Unfortunately the ill-health of Akeredolu provided the room for this cabal to hijack the system and even the man to the extent that they rendered him incommunicado in his last moment. They were the only ones that could see him and publish whatever they like. There was no time and evidence all through the time that Ayedatiwa ever came out to fight his boss.


When they met with the President, they could not provide any evidence to the claim that Ayedatiwa was working against the boss when they were asked for it. This was why they were unable to impeach him. The question of being a ‘traitor’ has no basis it only existed in the figment of the imagination of the cabals who thought Ondo State was in their pocket to plunder as they wish. They underestimated God.







Do you believe that zoning will work in favour of Aiyedatiwaboth in the primary and real polls?




The reality is that this was already an agreement by stakeholders that this should be zoned to the south. It was clear that after the 8 years of Mimiko from Ondo central, and Akeredolu from the North, it is only natural and just that the Governorship seat should go to Ondo South. This was the slogan during Akeredolu’s campaign for second term and that was why for the first time in the history of the state the progressive won in the enclave of the PDP in Ondo South overwhelmingly. It is also the reason why most of the aspirants are from Ondo South this time around.


Ayedatiwa is well-placed being from Ilaje in Ondo South, the area that lays the golden egg for the state. In terms of Zoning heis favoured and as the incumbent Governor, he has an edge over others.


The APC has a protocol and laid down procedure for choosing their candidates. They will not give their ticket to outsiders. I am talking as an insider with benefit of insight that there are certain prerequisite the APC has in choosing their candidates.


By April 17th, you will see the reality of all that I have said.


Again on loyalty, this Governor Ayedatiwa gave Akeredolu the first bullet proof vehicle when he was nominated as the Candidate of the Party in 2012.


Above all, I believe that there is a finger of God in Ayedatiwa’sascension to the office of Governor and this will also show in his subsequently getting the ticket of the party and winning the gubernatorial election in November this year.

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Primate Ayodele’s Warnings Fulfilled As Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso Exit ECOWAS





President Bola Tinubu has called for the suspension of economic sanctions imposed on Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea by ECOWAS.





Speaking at the Extra-ordinary Summit of ECOWAS in Abuja on Saturday, President Tinubu, who is the Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the organization, stated that: “Everything we did was in hopes of persuading our brothers that there existed a better path, a path that would lead to genuine improvement of their people’s welfare through democratic good governance. And this was a path each of our nations had solemnly agreed with one another pursuant to formal regional treaty and protocol.







“However, the sanctions that we contemplated might help lead our brothers to the negotiating table have become a harsh stumbling block. In my mind and heart, that which is hurtful yet ineffective serves no good purpose and should be abandoned.

“ECOWAS was established for the unassailable objective of improving the lives of the people of this region through fraternal cooperation among all member states. This edifice was cemented on the strong foundation and apt conviction that, united as one, we can be the true masters of our destiny.”

The President further explained that ECOWAS took the steps it did based on the regional ideals of security, social stability; democratic governance, political freedom, broad-based prosperity, and sustainable economic development through fair opportunity for each and every one in West Africa.

He said neither hatred nor hidden motive influenced the steps taken and that there was never any intention to douse or undermine the legitimate political aspirations of any member state or to advance the interests of any outside party.

In calling for the suspension of sanctions, President Tinubu stressed that: “We must take note of the approach of the holy month of Ramadan and of Lent. Whether you pray in the mosque or in the church, this represents a time for compassion, hope, and harmony. It is a time that we must not only seek God but also a closer relationship with brother and neighbour.

“In the Spirit of the holy month and of the Lenten period, and with hearts bestirred by goodwill towards all our people, let us extend a hand as brothers and friends to those in Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.

“What I suggest in real and practical terms is that we, my colleagues and fellow heads of state in ECOWAS, indefinitely suspend economic sanctions against Niger, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso and against the leadership of the military authorities in those nations.”

The President asked that ECOWAS facilitate the unfettered flow of foodstuffs, medicines and other humanitarian items to the people of these nations, especially to the most vulnerable, adding that for Nigeria, this will also mean the prompt resumption of export of electric power to Niger.

“In this vein, suspension of sanctions is an important but initial step. What we seek is more than the breaking of the diplomatic logjam. We must use this very moment when things seem tense and progress unavailing, to forge greater cooperation within our community.

“We not only reach out to our brothers. Today, we say unto them — let us begin to work more earnestly together for the economic development of our people and towards confronting those modern challenges that respect no borders or boundaries. Challenges ranging from climate change to violent extremism to illegal pilfering of our precious natural resources require that we join together in progress or we fail separately.

“As leaders of ECOWAS, we have accepted the honour and duty to draft the history of the region and its people during our tenure in office. We have also accepted the honour and duty to reach out to our brothers, letting them know this regional home belongs to us all. I shall do my utmost in this regard. I humbly beseech that you do the same.

“For these reasons, we must suspend sanctions and return to brotherly dialogue. I call on the leadership in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, and Niger to embrace the hand extended,” the President stated.

Chief Ajuri Ngelale

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

February 24, 2024

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PBAT is Working, No growth without Pain ! By Sen. Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi



PBAT is Working, No growth without Pain ! By Sen. Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi


















Sahara Weekly Reports That It must be emphasized that the PBAT met a cancerous like Treasury and multidimensional problems. A courageous, dedicated and purposely determined administration of PBAT tackles all the problems gradually and head-on









PBAT is Working, No growth without Pain ! By Sen. Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi










The part payment of our foreign loans which shall raise our financial rating in the international capital market.





















The much advertised release of food grains from the strategic national silo into our food chain shows that PBAT cares and is showing much concern.


















The Policy formulation of PBAT is working indeed considering the above-mentioned parameters. Although it may not be possible for a quick approach and turnaround,there will surely be light at the end of the dark tunnel.





















Carrying the State Governors in a synergy improves and capable of reducing the widespread impoverishment. Some Governors must be mentioned for the good work : Kwara State Governor who doubles as Chairman Governors forum , Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Prof Zulum of Borno, Kano State Governor and few others are doing their best although more need to be done to put smile on the faces of the citizens and some other Governors need to step up their actions.Our Governors should role out more palliatives programs to cushion effect on the present hardship.






















The ongoing regulation of our financial institutions shows the ability of our current leadership.
























It is worthy to mention the head-on tackle by the present administration on the insurgency and kidnapping that is becoming rampant.























At this juncture, we citizens must remember the fight back of political and economic saboteurs who wants instability and old order of feeding fat. We must not play into their hands, we must control our anger although, a hungry man is an angry man. We have no other country, we must watch our utterances and be guided. Support and Prayers for the administration success must be our priority. May the Lord Almighty continue to strengthen PBAT for the task ahead.

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Ogun To Begin Sales Of 100 Trucks Load Of Rice At Cheaper Rate-Abiodun …the poor, elderly, vulnerable to get free allocation



Ogun To Begin Sales Of 100 Trucks Load Of Rice At Cheaper Rate-Abiodun
…the poor, elderly, vulnerable to get free allocation




Ogun State has purchased 100 trucks load of rice to be sold at cheaper rates to residents of the state to cushion the effect of the rise in the prices of goods in the country.

The state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun stated this on Wednesday while speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Prince Abiodun disclosed that the rice would be subsidized and made available at the rate it was before the recent astronomical rise in the prices of the commodities.

He, however, said the poor, the elderly, and the vulnerable would enjoy free allocation.

“We have decided to give our people foodstuffs like rice, garri, beans. I have ordered almost 100 trailers of rice, they will start offloading them tomorrow (today).

“We have decided that the poor, the elderly, and the vulnerable will be given the rice free of charge, while others will have to buy the rice at the price we formally bought it before the dollar rose very high so that it won’t be a one-off and we can continue till the issue of the dollar is settled,” he said.

Governor Abiodun assured the people of Ogun State that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is fully in charge and knows what he is doing.

According to him, the President is on top of the situation, adding that Nigerians will soon start seeing the manifestation of the several policies put in place to curtail the rising inflation

He added that the Central Bank Governor, Mr. Yemi Cardoso, at a meeting he had with him, has assured that the dollar would soon fall.

“Everything we are experiencing at the moment is very transient, it will soon pass away. Let me assure you, the meeting we had yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday) after I left that meeting this evening, I am convinced that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is fully in charge. He knows what he is doing.

“With the plan that he has begun to implement, you will soon begin to see the change. We must remain very hopeful.

“The last meeting I had was with the CBN Governor. He said I should quote him and tell you that, very soon, the dollar will crash,” he said.

Abiodun noted that his administration in realization of the present hardship facing the country took some steps to cushion the effect, even as he recalled that an intervention worth more than N5 billion was announced by his administration last week.

Tertiary students of Ogun State origin across the country will receive N50,000 each, the governor said.

The secondary and primary school category with about 800,000 students, Prince Abiodun noted, will be done in phases, with the first phase, comprising 100,000 students getting N10,000 each.

Those not captured now would get five exercise books while waiting for the next phase.

The governor said women and the elderly would benefit from free medical care with insurance cards worth N18,000.

Abiodun further noted that his administration would set aside about N500 million monthly to offset the payment of deductions for civil servants in the state public service.

Governor Abiodun urged Nigerians, especially the youths not to allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous elements to disrupt the peace of the country.

“It is now so bad that they have planned to use our youths, give them money to disrupt the peace of the country by staging protests.

“What we going through isn’t what other countries around the world haven’t also experienced. But they were very patriotic, calm because they know the solution is on the way,” he said.


Ogun To Begin Sales Of 100 Trucks Load Of Rice At Cheaper Rate-Abiodun ...the poor, elderly, vulnerable to get free allocation

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