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Following the demise of Mrs Mulikat Abeje Ademoye 96, the grandmother of the First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun, a delegation of political appointees and permanent secretaries in the State Thursday paid a condolence visit to the Ikoyi residence on the wife of the Governor.

Though bereaved, Mrs Abiodun could not hold back her joy at the sight of the 15-member delegation led jointly by the Head of Service, Engr Olanrewaju Bisiriyi and Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Salisu Shuaib.

In an emotion-laden voice, she poured encomium on the team for their love for the State and loyalty to her spouse.

Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun thanked the people for the support and cooperation given to her husband since the inception of the present administration in the State.

She said the achievements recorded in less than four months of her husband’s administration would not have been possible without the support of the people, especially, public officers and civil servants.

“I want to appreciate you for the support and cooperation given to my husband. I know that one cannot go far alone without dependable people like you. Please keep on supporting him so that together, we can take Ogun State to the next level”, she said.

The first lady described her late Grandmother, Alhaja Mulikat Ademoye as a remarkable woman whose love and care would be greatly missed by his loved ones.

Mrs. Abiodun said her grandmother was humility personified and a woman of prayer who worked hard to give her children and others arround her the best in life.

She said though she was saddened that her maternal grandmother was no more, she was glad that Mama lived a good life that impacted positively on many and has gone home to rest with her Creator.

In a condolence message, the leader of the delegation, the Head of Service, Engr. Lanre Bisiriyu, said Mama was a humble, disciplined and hardworking woman who brought up her children and grandchildren in the way Allah.

He noted that though many were not opportuned to meet mama while alive, her humility could be seen in the live of her first grandchild, the first lady.

In his remark, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Afolabi Salisu, who commiserated with the first lady, said grandchildren, knowledge and establishing something that benefit others is the only way one could be remembered after death, adding that the deceased had planted through the first lady.

“Grandma has planted a tree through our first lady. She brought her up in a good way. She planted good character on her and though she is death, she still lives through her”, he said.

Prayers was said by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mrs.Solimot Otun for the repose of the soul of the death.

Mrs. Abiodun is the first grandchild of late Alhaja Mulikat Abeje Ademoye who died on Monday September 23, 2019 at the age of 96.

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Ogun Governorship Election: OGD Hiding Behind The Needle



OGUN ELECTION; This is no coincidence

Ogun Governorship Election: OGD Hiding Behind The Needle

By Tunde Salako



Since the conduct of the presidential and governorship elections, the media has been inundated by reports of organized protests by the opposition parties and their candidates calling for the cancellation of results of the polls that have been adjudged to be free, fair, and credible. In point of fact, at no time in our recent past had the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) been so much vilified for no other reason other than the unfounded allegations of irregularities that they claimed characterized the conduct of these elections.


Ogun Governorship Election: OGD Hiding Behind The Needle


Some of the mob supporters of the candidates behind these shenanigans have even gone to the extreme of making sly innuendo against the Chairman of the electoral commission, Prof Mahmood Yakub, for refusing to succumb to their intimidation, allusive and disparaging remarks.






Already, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State has joined the fray, claiming manipulation of the electoral process in favour of Governor Abiodun. The good thing here is that the public is fully aware of the fact that the PDP candidate, Oladipupo Adebutu, engaged in vote-buying through the inducement of voters with secret disbursement of N10,000 credit cards on the day of the election. Yet, they are out there pouring on the streets crying blue murder. All of these will be sorted out at the law court at the appropriate time. By then, all those who are hiding behind the needle to cause disaffection in the state will bury their faces in shame.









The most intriguing thing in the Ogun State scenario is the direct connivance of some big shots within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state with these subversive elements within the PDP who are hell bent on pulling down the roof because they didn’t win.







For instance, Steve Oliyide, a former soft-sell journalist and now an aide to former governor Gbenga Daniel, has consistently maintained visible media presence, giving all manners of reasons why his boss emerged as the most popular candidate for his senatorial district on the platform of the APC. Among his recent published articles against the victorious governor was the one he titled: “Why Dapo Abiodun did not win Ogun State elections”.







First, by making such an irresponsible and illogical statement in his write-up, he has confirmed the well known fact that Gbenga Daniel actually worked for the PDP against Governor Dapo Abiodun and still is acting behind the scene to stoke the ember of disunity in the state through the sponsorship of protests against the INEC results. By giving his tacit support for all the attacks on Abiodun, Daniel has also confirmed an earlier unconfirmed report that he collected hundreds of millions of naira from Chief Adebutu Kessington in exchange for a deal to ensure the victory of the PDP in the March 18, 2023 governorship poll.








This is with a view to giving his son, Ladi Adebutu, a smooth ride to the Okemosan, Abeokuta Governor’s Office. But the plot failed and fell like a pack of cards.







Daniel actually profiteered from the elections. He collected money from Sir Adebiyi Kessington, Prince Dapo Abiodun, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Chief Segun Osoba and from the APC national headquarters.









The truth of the matter is that right from the onset, Daniel has been a mole in the APC working for the PDP but Governor Abiodun appears to be too trusting and unsuspecting of his sinister motive.








From the time he joined the APC, there has been a game plan to use the machinery of the party to work for the PDP, while also pursuing his Ogun East senatorial ambition. Indeed, information from the reliable sources revealed how in the build-up to the governorship poll, Daniel convened several nocturnal meetings with his old allies who are currently occupying key positions in Abiodun’s administration to work for Ladi Adebutu. But some of those present at the meeting was said to have turned down the request based on their allegiance and loyalty to Governor Abiodun as well as their commitment to his re-election bid.








In all of this scheming, Daniel was projecting toward a return to the senate in 2027. Part of the deal is to defect back to PDP in the event that Adebutu wins the governorship election. But he got the sums wrong. If Adebutu did win and he cannot win at the tribunal either because the evidence of his rigging and vote-buying is too overwhelming to upturn the results declared by the INEC. This, of course, is without prejudice to whatever may be the outcome of the petition filed before the judiciary.









Today, Senator Lekan Mustapha must be ruing the day he succumbed to the pressure to step down for Daniel during the primaries of the APC because he has betrayed the trust reposed in him by the leadership of the party. That is a lesson for another day. In the same way, Governor Abiodun would also wish he had not untied some of the traps his predecessor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, set before him. A good case in point is the Conference hotel located along Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard, Okemosan, owned by Daniel. The hotel was sealed by EFCC on charges of misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement and Daniel was dragged to court by the EGCC.iin defiance of the court proceedings, Daniel unlawfully took over the possession of the premises of the Conference Hotel, did the necessary work, and re-launched business operations.




On the day of the commissioning attended by the Vice President through the influence of the Governor, the public did not know that EFCC operatives actually stormed the venue to arrest Otunba Gbenga Daniel. It took the intervention of the governor to persuade the EFCC to vacate the premises so that the Vice President and other dignitaries present will not be embarrassed.








Not only that, OGD was declared ‘persona non-grata’ who could not walk free on the roads of the state capital, Abeokuta, for eight years. His investments across the state were shut down. Not spared was the partial demolition of the “Abraham Tabernacle” structure located along Oba Erinwole Road, Sagamu under the guise of road expansion by the previous administration whose helms man the same Daniel is now hobnobbing clandestinely with. Without prejudice, Abiodun, recently took up the responsibility and reconstructed the abandoned Oba Erinwole road which also leads to “Asoludero Court”, home of OGD, to ease the flow of traffic and also serves as an alternative route linking Ikorodu (Lagos State).
As they say, the rest is history.







For there to be betrayal, there would have been trust first. In rehabilitating Otunba Gbenga Daniel with the APC senatorial ticket, Governor Abiodun gave his trust. But all he gets in return for the gesture is back-stabbing and outright betrayal. There is always another day.






Salako, a social commentator, wrote from Imeko, Ogun State.

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Awolowo Congratulates President Elect, Tinubu, Gov. Dapo Abiodun On Election Victory



Awolowo Congratulates President Elect, Tinubu, Gov. Dapo Abiodun On Election Victory





One of the grandson’s of the late Nationalist, Pa Obafemi Awolowo, Adedolamu Awolowo, is congratulating the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun for his re- election.



Awolowo Congratulates President Elect, Tinubu, Gov. Dapo Abiodun On Election Victory



His message reads:

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you have been around since the time of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO) and so many people according to the history of Nigeria have fought for democracy over the years, even when Nigeria experienced the military regime, Tinubu has really proven himselve to be a democracy fighter.




Awolowo Congratulates President Elect, Tinubu, Gov. Dapo Abiodun On Election Victory




Chief Obafemi Awolowo stood the test of time, he died fighting for democracy, thereafter Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola popularly known as MKO also fought for democracy till his death.





I’m sure people admit you became the front fighter of democracy after Abiola died.
Asiwaju, I congratulate you on your renewed hope and election victory as the President-elect of the federal Republic of Nigeria. You have fought and brought back the Legacy of chief moshood kashimawo olawale abiola of hope ’93, now the hope has been brought back to us.






We hope for the best sir and we pray the good Lord grant you good health and wisdom to take us to the promise land.

May God bless you, bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Nigerian’s citizen.

Message To Gov. Dapo Abiodun:


Awolowo Congratulates President Elect, Tinubu, Gov. Dapo Abiodun On Election Victory

I congratulate Prince Dapo Abiodun on your resounding victory, it’s a well deserved victory and I believe the governor is going to bring in more developments and boost the economy of the State.



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Avalanche of miracles as participants testify of experience from Healing Streams with Pastor Chris



Avalanche of miracles as participants testify of experience from Healing Streams with Pastor Chris





Several millions of people from around the world are still enthused about the effusion of miracles and blessings that rained down to the earth from the throne of God, at the seventh edition of Healing Stream Services which took place from March 17 – 20, 2023, as they participated.










The love and powers of God on display across all nations of the world simultaneously was indescribable and as many as were under any form of ailment or oppression of the devil received their salvation and instant healing and are attesting to the ever present healing powers of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit present in the life of the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.










Spontaneous healing took place across all nations on earth as God’s children were set free from all kinds of ailments and bondage. Testimonies streamed live from billions of people from all nations all over the world, as they reeled under the power of salvation, and spiritual juvenescence that they received during these three awesome days, evidencing the power in the name of Jesus Christ.










People of all races and continent irrespective of class and status, connected to Jesus Christ through the Live Healing Services in hope of divine intervention, and as a permanent solution to the myriad of ailments and conditions that have stumped medical science.








The Loveworld singers led the globe in sublime worship of the All Mighty God at the beginning of the Live Services daily, which is followed by a charge by the Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips to all men to bury their doubts in order to be in the receiving mode from God.
“Be in a receiving mode! God cares about you and has done something about your situation. Today is the day for your miracle,”- Pastor Deola Phillips charge all worshippers. And true to her charge, many who keyed into her words got their deliverance and miracles at the Live Healing Service.









Progress from China, broke his right wrist on February 22 this year. Since then, he could not carry any object. During the worship session at the Live Healing service, he got healed. “It is unbelievable but I got healed. When I got home, I moved my bed naturally without any pain.”- Progress said.
Mrs Leonie Sagn from Senegal had been suffering from goiter since 2011. For 12 years she was dependent on drugs and medication. Anytime she failed to take her drugs, the goiter swells. On Day One of the Live Service, when Pastor Chris ministered, he spoke about a lady with neck problems. She immediately felt warmth in her neck and knew she had received her healing. Since then, she has not taken any medication, and the goiter is receding.
Liza Dominico, from the United Kingdom, had battled severe body odour for years. Nothing she did could get rid of it. A while after Pastor Chris ministered healing during Day 2 of the Live healing service, she suddenly noticed the odour had disappeared. Till now, the stench is gone.








A man brimming with love and spiritual authority, the Man of God, Pastor Chris, shared daily, revelational truths about the person and character of God. His plans and purpose for man and the endgame, of the profane and foolish, who, refuses to yield to God. It was a moment of awakening for billions as the Man of God made everyone to recognise that “Whatever God does is made to last forever. When he created you, he made you perfect. The only reason you get sick is because something that isn’t supposed to be in your body got into your body or something that was supposed to be there was taken away,” Pastor Chris said.
Thereafter, millions gave their heart to God while many rededicated themselves anew.








Declaring the weekend an extraordinary one full of miracles, Pastor Chris went on to daily minister healing and strength to those on the receiving line before directing the healing power of God to all connected to the services globally. Grievous conditions, ailments, pains and disabilities of all kinds varnished instantly while demons fled summarily from bodies previously inhabited. Great rejoicing and testimonies sprung forth from every race, city, state and nation on earth in praise to God as hundreds of thousands discovered their healing and demonstrated it by doing what they couldn’t do before.










Each day of the weekend of extraordinary miracles unlocked new threshold of the supernatural as the manifestations of God’s supreme power continued unfettered across all nations.






The celebration of miracles continues at the ongoing Festival of Miracles as we share and relive unending testimonies wrought at the March 2023 Live Healing Services.
Holding daily.










on from 12noon-2 pm and 4pm-6pm respectively till Saturday the 1st of April, 2023, the festival of Miracles is a time of inspiration that will initiate quantum leaps in the faith of all participants, setting off even more miracles.
The testimony of Katrine from India, who got healed of Kidney failure after seven years while participating in her healing centre is one of many remarkable testimonies that have been featured so far during the festival of miracles.









Tenda’s life was marred with the constant pain brought on by Bell’s Palsy, asthma, knee pain, and fibroids. Unable to move around, work and do basic things without aid, Tenda sought new lease on life. She received her healing at the March Live Healing Services. While recounting her testimony at the ongoing Festival of Miracles, she says, “I am an epistle that the healing streams are flowing and that they are changing lives.”









Keep sending your testimonies to and subscribe to  for updates on new events.



Avalanche of miracles as participants testify of experience from Healing Streams with Pastor Chris

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