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Between the devil and the deep blue sea By Tunde Odesola



The molue is a bizarre bus. It’s a bucket of bolts with the loud noise of a helicopter. Indeed, the 49-sitting-99-standing-passenger bus is renowned in Lagos, Africa’s largest capital city, as a mobile coffin.


With the clanking sound of an engine about to knock, this particular molue, painted in green-white-green colours, jangled to a jerky stop as the driver squished the failing brake pedal to the floorboard, causing a collision of passengers against the unblunted metal edges of the shabby interior body work.


In a three-part choreographic sequence, human noise erupted from inside the molue after the deafening engine noise died down and a thick smoke enveloped the jagged metal contraption.

Cursing and coughing, Lucky, the driver of the molue, and his conductor, Sambi, were the first to emerge from the eye-peppering smoke of the bus. Swearing and sweating, passengers of the fully loaded bus emerged from within the smoke like displaced cockroaches, coughing and furious.

Purchased since 1960, this molue had not been serviced by subsequent drivers who only fed fuel to the grumpy bus despite ceaseless complaints by passengers calling for a total overhaul of the vehicle.

At different times in the accident-ridden life of this molue, subsequent negligent drivers had ignored the demand for a turnaround maintenance by passengers whose flesh, clothes and goods were daily ripped by the sharp metal edges inside the bus.

After the cloud of smoke had cleared and the black oil dripping from under the vehicle had stopped, Lucky pinched a dripping hole in a sachet of ‘Sledgehammer’ with his teeth, and in one belching gulp, drained the alcoholic content.

However, all hell broke loose when Lucky implored the passengers to go back into the bus to commence their journey to Abuja.

Lucky: Let’s go inside the bus and pray so that we can commence our journey in earnest.

Passenger 1: What kind of stupid and clueless driver is this? So, you can call for prayer after drinking ogogoro, abi? Are you supposed to call for prayer or fix your cursed bus?

Passenger 2: You kari bus komot for house, you no gauge oil, you no gauge tyre, brake no good, no whipper, no horn, no pointer, yet you collect money from us, and your motor come pafuka on top Third Mainland Bridge. Me, I no sabi swim o. I don warn you o, ehn-ehn!

Lucky: Don’t come and insult me here o. I’m not an ordinary driver, I am a graduate and I have my degrees, including a PhD. I’m here to serve the masses. So, don’t talk to me anyhow.

Sambi: (Appealing to the passengers) I’m also a graduate but I’ll speak pidgin so that everyone can understand. Na because make we no delay una for road here, das why my oga say make we pray and manage the bus to Abuja. Na small thing dey worry the bus o; na just to change the crankshaft, gearbox and carburetor, then we go make it to Abuja in 24 hours; we can still manage the brake to Abuja, my oga sabi pump failing brake well, well.

Passenger 2: You must be mad, you this stupid conductor! You want to manage faulty brakes from Lagos to Abuja, abi? It’s you that will not see 2021, you murderer!

Just then, a sparkly bus parked in front of Lucky’s shambly molue. Written boldly on it was, “Integrity Airbus.” The bus owner, Eko, came out with his garage mob, and together, they poached passengers from Lucky’s bus. A tired old man called Baba Integrity was the driver of the bus.

Eko: (Appealing to the stranded passengers on Lucky’s bus) Abuja straight! Abuja straaaaight!! No stopping for road o. Fully air-conditioned bus at affordable price. Free wi-fi, free food, maximum security of life and property, peace and enjoyment guaranteed during the journey. Abuja sttraaaaaightt! You guys know I won’t lead you astray, this bus is heading to the Promised Land straight!

(The ensuing surge for space on the bus almost led to a stampede. All the passengers, except one, abandoned Lucky’s bus and went on to board Baba’s ‘Integrity Bus’. Three passengers, Johnbull, Paine and Iya Aburo spoke freely on Integrity Bus)

Paine: Ha, see Chief Eko himself vouchsafing for this bus, it must be reliable.

Other Passengers: It must surely be.

Baba: (Speaking over the intercom) Trust me, I’m a tested and trusted driver. You know I’ve done it before. I’ll give you a trip you will live to remember for the rest of your lives.

Passengers: (Roar in applause)

Eko: You guys are very lucky Baba graciously agreed to drive you to Abuja by himself. No force in the world can stop this bus.

Paine: (Effusing joy) Yes, we sabi. Na God say make Baba show up to rescue us from the dangers on the Third Mainland Bridge and the sea under. For my life, I no go ever enter any motor driven by Lucky and his PindiPi company.

Johnbull: Na true, we all dey very lucky.

(Everyone was in amazement of the Integrity Bus – its sheen and perfect body work. But as Baba attempted to start the engine, the paints began to peel off. The engine failed to crank.)

Passengers: Haaaaa!

Paine: Wetin bi dis? Lucky’s bus still dey move small-small, dis one no even move at all. Na from frying pan to fire be dis o.

Johnbull: But why dem come build special cabin for Baba for driver seat nah? I mean, why we no fit see Baba face nah?

Eko: To drive the Integrity Bus no easy. All of us sabi Abuja road very well – armed robbers full everywhere, Boko Haram dey yanfu-yanfu, kidnappers dey berekete. So, Baba need concentration to drive and crush all the robbers, Boko Haram and kidnappers on the road.

Paine: Drive and crush Boko Haram, robbers and kidnappers at the same time? Baba na James Bond or Formula 1 driver, uhmm?

Johnbull: Abeg, wetin be di bus wi-fi password?

Garage boy: It’s not advisable to use wi-fi now because Boko Haram can use wi-fi signal to locate and blow up this bus.

Paine: Ha?! But we never even comot Third Mainland Bridge nah?

Garage boy: Yes, I know, but Boko Haram dey everywhere o.

(A baby lets out a shriek)

Garage girl: Make im mama give am breastmilk nah. Abi you no want make Baba concentrate ni?

Iya Aburo: It’s the hotness here that’s making my baby cry, not hunger. Please, switch on your full air-conditioner.

Eko: Iya Aburo, so you no sabi say air-conditioner no dey good for small pikin? Air-conditioner is a very dangerous thing o.

Johnbull: Wey the food una promise passengers?

Eko: When embarking on this type of dangerous journey, you need fasting and prayers.

Iya Aburo: Please, come and help me open the window by my seat so that my baby can get some fresh air.

Garage boy: Dat na very big security risk o; you want to expose other passengers to danger? Passengers mustn’t even touch the window blinds. Everybody should just put their trust in Baba, he’s doing a fantastic job, we are moving so fast.

Iya Aburo: But I can’t hear the sound of the engine.

Paine: I can’t hear any engine sound, too. Is this bus flying or are we not riding on Nigerian roads full of potholes?

Eko: Baba is trained to dodge potholes.
A passenger angrily yanked off the blind from the window, alas!, the vehicle hadn’t moved from the same spot it picked the passengers.

Passengers: Whaaaaat!!! Why haven’t we moved from the same spot since?

Baba: You lazy passengers can’t understand. I’m trying to make a choice between staying with the devil, that is, the Third Mainland Bridge, or plunging you into the deep blue sea below!

Passengers: Haaaaaaa!


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Grace Nation @20 Day 2: The Spirit of God Guarantee Liberty and Abundance – Dr Chris Okafor



Grace Nation @20 Day 2: The Spirit of God Guarantee Liberty and Abundance – Dr Chris Okafor



If you want to experience total Liberty and Abundance in life ,you need the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God. Breakthrough comes when you take to instructions given by God through his servant, your spiritual father’s.


Grace Nation @20 Day 2: The Spirit of God Guarantee Liberty and Abundance - Dr Chris Okafor



In his words of exaltation at the Day 2 of the ongoing 20th Anniversary Celebration of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City, The Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris okafor said if you did not listen to the Holy spirit, you can never benefits from his Blessings.





The Generational Prophet of God who was speaking on the Theme of the Anniversary, Higher Life Dimension, with case study “The Person of The Holy spirit” emphasized that Holy Ghost makes you encounter Liberty, Freedom from affliction and sicknesses,empowers you to make wealth among many others.





The Man of God also remarks that there are also people that have the Holy Ghost but No Liberty. but by the help of the Holy Ghost you can come into Liberty in all area of your life.

The Generational Prophet of God However continue that when you understand what the Holy Ghost teaches, you come into the manifestation of your blessings and it will last for eternity. There is a Spirit that teaches, and when you learn what the Spirit teaches you, your life will witness higher life Dimension.The Holy ghost is a teacher, and when he teaches you, he show you a secret that will change your life forever, the Apostle of altars remarked.

Restoration at all side in the life of the participants at the program highlighted the Day 2 of the ongoing 20 Anniversary Celebration of the Church. Deliverance from bloodline sickness and heredictory family diseases, breakout from evil family patterns and altars among other were resolved at the service, while womb kept in the evil coven received light to carry Miracle babies at the program.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration Special thanksgiving service coming up on December 3rd 2023 at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria. This will climax the 20th Anniversary celebration of the church where all Grace Nation Citizens across the Globe will gather in Millions to celebrate the Faithfulness of God and his favour over the Commission since inception….

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How Primate Ayodele Foretold Guinea Bissau Crisis, NAF Aircraft Crash (VIDEOS)



)How Primate Ayodele Foretold Guinea Bissau Crisis, NAF Aircraft Crash (VIDEOS)

How Primate Ayodele Foretold Guinea Bissau Crisis, NAF Aircraft Crash (VIDEOS)




Gunfire broke out near Guinea-Bissau’s presidential palace overnight and continued on Friday morning after soldiers freed a minister from the main opposition party detained for suspected misuse of public funds, Reuters reporters and a police source said.



)How Primate Ayodele Foretold Guinea Bissau Crisis, NAF Aircraft Crash (VIDEOS)



Military vehicles were on the streets on Friday morning as residents commuted to work and school. Gunshots could still be heard but were less frequent than during the night. Another reporter heard gunshots not far from the presidential palace.aaaaaaaa

The gunfire was between soldiers in the Guard and special forces.

This development has fulfilled the prophecy of Nigeria prophet, Primate Ayodele which he shared concerning the country sometime in October.

He shared then that there will be a tough moment as he sees danger in the country. He stated that the country will be unstable and there is need to be watchful against another coup.

These were his words:

‘There is going to be a very tough moment in Guinea. Let’s be careful of another coup that can come up in Guinea. The country will be unstable, it’s shaking. The leaders should be focused because there is danger ahead of the country’’


@Primate Ayodele #mamadydoumbouya #doumbouya #guinea #primateayodele #iescworldwide #africa #african #africatiktok #africantiktok

♬ original sound – Primate Ayodele


In the same vein, tragedy was averted this morning after an aircraft belonging to the Nigeria Air Force crashed and exploded in Port-Harcourt.

It would be recalled that in 2022, Primate Ayodele warned the Air Force to be careful of aircraft crashes. This particular prophecy has continued to come to pass because the NAF has experienced crashes at different times this year.


@Primate Ayodele #nigeriamilitary #nigerianmilitary #airforce #december #military #militarytiktok #militarylife #militaryedit #iescworldwide #airforce1 #aviation #aviationdaily #primateayodele #fulfillment

♬ original sound – Primate Ayodele

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BTC Cautions Enigie Against Being Addressed As Traditional Rulers By Elvis Omoregie, Benin



BTC Cautions Enigie Against Being Addressed As Traditional Rulers

By Elvis Omoregie, Benin





The Benin Traditional Council (BTC), today cautious Enigie against being addressed as Traditional Rulers despite the unambiguous Benin Tradition.






The warning is contained in a press statement signed by Professor Edoba Omoregie, SAN, for and on behalf of the Benin Traditional Council and made available to TREND REPORTERS.


BTC Cautions Enigie Against Being Addressed As Traditional Rulers
By Elvis Omoregie, Benin



The statement observed that by virtue of the Benin Customary Law; which is part of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, the title of Enogie of any community in Benin Kingdom is the creation of the Oba of Benin and under the authority of the Benin Traditional Council.





The statement further states that upon appointment as a CHIEF OF THE OBA PALACE to a community as a representative of the Oba of Benin in that community; but NEVER as a traditional ruler as there is only one traditional ruler in the whole of the Benin Kingdom, who is the OBA OF BENIN.

The statement therefore warned that any further breach of the traditional protocol would be considered by the BTC as a serious affront to the entire Benin People and the palace of the Oba of Benin.
It added that such breach would be visited with serious consequences under the law.


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