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Christians should wake up, produce who the public will vote for -Stakeholders



Christians should wake up, produce who the public will vote for -Stakeholders

Christians should wake up, produce who the public will vote for -Stakeholders

By Ifeoma Ikem



Christians should wake up, produce who the public will vote for -Stakeholders


Leading ministers of God and stakeholders in the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria have called on christian bodies to wake up to ensure they all participate fully in the up coming 2023 general election in Nigeria and beyond.

This recommendation was made at the Political Stakeholders Conference and Inauguration of Directorate of Politics and Governance,(DPG) organised by the Lagos branch of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) at Pistis Hub, Elevation Church Maryland, Lagos.



The theme of the event was, ‘The Political Realignment, Relevance And Authority of The Church- Now and Beyond

The Directorate of Politics and Governance, National Chairman, Rev Femi Emmanuel, said that until the Christian bodies become the body that produce who the public will vote for they have not started.




Christians should wake up, produce who the public will vote for -Stakeholders



Emmanuel urged Christians to take up their voters card and see which one of these candidate represent the Bible character.

“It’s a necessity for everyone to go and get their voters card so we live by example.





“Both the Methodist, Anglicans and every one that governs the church,we are all one and together.

“We should strive with the same passion and zeal in asking people to register with political parties because the real power lies at the grassroot, the real power to determine those who will lead us”.






According to him, the ward level is one of the products of the grassroot politics and they should open their eyes to see that where the power lies is to choose worthy leader starting from the ward level.

“Church should not wait for voter’s card and election day but church should be the body that heads it, that is when Nigeria can have direction because as it is now Nigerian electorate have no choice, the choice has been made for them by the political Godfathers.







“Democracy in Nigeria is only on papers, it’s supposed to be a government by the people and for the people. In Nigeria parties are owned, certain people own political parties, you can’t become anything except you are one of them.

Emmanuel pointed out that in Nigeria, voters are treated like disposables, ‘when you finish using tissue papers you throw it at the trash bin, in other climes voters are the Kings but not here.







“In 2023 it will be collaboration by his grace in 2027 it will be ownership, we the church will own it”.

One of the speakers, Pastor George Babafemi noted that the church have fasted but politics is a marathon and we must be ready to stay there until it changes and it’s not going to happen overnight.








“I started my journey from the grassroots, I was surprised to see a man who was a counselor who could not even speak correct English so also the national chairman had the opportunity to speak only to find out that he was a semi illiterate.

“Politics has no limitations, you have to start from the grassroots because I became popular during the ward Congress for the things that I had been doing ,the elders had to buy form on my behalf.






“The future is ahead of us and God has given us a platform and structure. It’s a marathon and it’s going to require not just spiritual resources but financial resources as well, politics is expensive so let’s not pretend that speaking in tongues alone is going to shift things for us, it will not.

” It requires us putting our money and savings, I believe strongly in my heart that there is a new Nigeria in the horizon.






”I say it whenever I hear of bloodshed and all other vices that when the Messiah was born the enemy killed children In the horizon, when moses was born pharaoh also killed people so there’s killing means salvation is approaching.

“So I know for sure that this is a new beginning of a new Nigeria.
People are counting on us and we are to put ourselves into action”, he said.












Another Apostle Dr, Bolaji Akinyemi, said that people should note the fact that the Lord is a God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed.

He asked that if actions are placed in the balance against the knowledge we have, would there be a balance?












“I want you to understand that we are dealing with a God who understands the measure of knowledge an individual carries per time.

According to him, they are men who don’t know all the things that we know as the church who are ahead of us basically because of the actions that they are putting into what they believe in.













“This also came from a woman who understood what number is. Hannah was with her husband with no issue before God visited her, she had Samuel and after Samuel seven sons, it wasn’t like that at the beginning but God turned it around,there was an action that necessitated God’s intervention on behalf of Hannah.

“She decided to separate herself that she’s not going to be a part of it until God settled her and she was now after divine visitation sang a song of Thanksgiving and appreciation to God and I believe that if you put action to everything that we have said, if we allow that knowledge to determine our action and with God on our side, victory is sure.




“This is not the time for prayers, God has answered our prayers, one of the answers that God has given to our prayers is DPG: divine plan of God. God has given us a divine plan it is now left for us to put action to it and see what is left.

“God will judge our actions to determine what will be the action of 2023”, he added.









Pastor Ituah Ighodalo said Nigeria was designed to fail, but it won’t fail for too long, too many of us have been in ignorance, darkness, lack of understanding, backwardness, fear, anxiety amongst others.

“The greatest level of our ignorance is our environment, society, politics and governance of the church.











” Is it only by praying, fasting, and receiving prophecies that thing will work out, it can never happen that way, God is always looking for men who will hear, obey him and do what needs to be done.

“It is only in Nigeria that you plant yam and another will harvest and import them and you will still order for the same thing you produced to your house to eat.







” We don’t open our eyes and smell the danger’s ahead, enough is enough, the church must rise up and take their place.

“The British had established Nigeria for their own good and benefit ,they designed Nigeria to fail and determined that Nigeria will not survive but God will put them to shame.











“Nigeria is waking up, the church is beginning to rise, they are beginning to understand,compared to what they would have done 60years ago.

The convener ,Bishop Dr Taiwo Ajose ,Lagos state director, Directorate of Politics and Governance, (DPG) said,he wants every church to join this course so that we all can start speaking as one.












Ajose notes that the aims and purpose of the event is to provides platforms for collaboration and cooperation between different actors of politics, Christian faith and voting public.

Also it will improves political awareness of Christians and extension of voting in public by providing up to date and relevant information about governance, citizenship and public policy issues.









” At the center of all this, Christ rules the church, you see, it’s not peripheral to world; the world peripheral to the church. The church is Christ’s body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence “. Eph1.22-23,he added.

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31 Pioneer Empowerment Project Trainees Graduate From Dominion Cares Foundation of RCCG Region 19



Dominion Cares Foundation

31 Pioneer Empowerment Project Trainees Graduate From Dominion Cares Foundation of RCCG Region 19

Dominion Cares Foundation

(L-R) A beneficiary of Dominion Care Foundation Empowerment Project, Mr. Ifedayo Sodipe and the Pastor in Charge of Region 19 and International Missions, RCCG and the Graduation Ceremony of First Set of Beneficiary of Dominion Care Foundation in Lagos on Sunday.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 19 headquarters, Dominion Sanctuary, Ikeja recently graduated the first set of graduates from the empowerment programme of Dominion Cares Foundation (DCF). This is in addition to what the CSR department is doing to reach out to the Ikeja, Agidingbi, Ogba, Iju Communities.

The special event took place recently at the church auditorium located on Acme road within the central business district of Ikeja, Lagos,






Charging the 31 specially equipped trainees to go out and succeed, the Pastor in charge, Pastor Brown Oyitso demanded that they dig deep to expand their sphere of influence as pioneer ambassadors of Dominion Cares Foundation (DCF). “I want to hear in the next 2 or 3 years that your businesses have expanded within Africa to Europe and even to the USA. This is the kind of news we are expecting to hear from you” Pastor Oyitso Stressed.

Speaking later in an interview, on what motivated the Dominion Sanctuary to embark on this charity project, DCF Pastor Oyitso explained that the humane ministry of his General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye in this area were the biggest factor that motivated him. “Daddy G.O. as we fondly call him instructed us to embark on CSR initiatives to help the marginalized people of the society. Daddy G.O. saw the huge needs in the society and realized that government can’t meet all these needs. He therefore instructed the Pastors of the RCCG to embark on these CSR initiatives to help humanity.









The RCCG’s CSR, Christian Social Responsibility initiatives seek to positively effect changes in society by working with people, corporate bodies, NGOs, and Government to improve the overall socioeconomic status of both people and communities.

“In that project, our primary scope and focus is on external interventions in tandem with the RCCG National framework and objectives initiatives subdivided into eight pillars – Social, Health, Education, Media, Business, Art/Entertainment, Government and Sports.











‘’ The CSR programmes are on and quite active in our region here. Just as our General Overseer saw that vacuum, we were motivated to look around and we saw a lot of spaces we need to fill. In addition to what we do through our CSR department, which is outward looking, we had to set up the Dominion Cares Foundation to look after the needs of our members within the church. The foundation is headed by Babatunde Savage, former Chairman of Guinness Nigeria Plc.

“In this area of skills acquisition programmes that we are starting with, we expect there will be multiplier effects. This first group will employ and train apprentices who in turn will also become manufacturer and entrepreneurs someday.









Commenting on his involvement as chairman of Dominion Cares Foundation, Mr. Babatunde Savage revealed that he felt highly privileged to lead a committed team dedicated to meeting societal needs through the demonstration of love that positively impacts individuals in the church.

He explained that at Dominion Sanctuary, CSR objectives are in tandem with that of the National Headquarters, however, for DCF, Savage explained that the foundation has identified and extended its scope, and the focus presently is to provide financial independence for indigent church members. He also explained that the project is built on 3 pillars- skills acquisition, job creation, and business networking.








On the initial challenges the foundation faced, a member of the DCF, Dr Chidi Okpaluba who mentored the trainees for one year, revealed that it took a lot of efforts to convince people who were always looking for jobs that they can start something on their own. “We had to go deep and motivate them and the result is the can-do spirit we can see now. Already, 28 persons have been interviewed and they are on the line to resume as the second batch of this impactful project,” Okpaluba explained.

The 31 pioneer beneficiaries were trained in seven areas- fashion design, digital/ social media marketing, catering, driving, videography, shoe making, and Igele /make-up services. The church is finalising the establishment of a micro-finance bank that will facilitate loans and grants for trainees.








During the event, all the colourfully- dressed 31 beneficiaries came out to collect their certificates from the regional pastor.

In a chat, Olufunke Umoren who graduated in Fashion- design/ dress-making was full of praises for the pastor and the church for the capacity-building opportunities provided. “For six months that we trained, the foundation provided everything from clothes even to the needles we used. It was so seamless and we were treated like queens’, Umoren stressed,









For Adedayo Olabunmiji who lost his banking job some years ago, his training in digital/Social media marketing was like a new beginning and he is ready to explore the digital world massively. Felicia Esazebor and Austin Ogechukwu Benson, trained as a make-up artist and shoemaker respectively, were full of excitement at their graduation. Some trainees exhibited their products, smiling home with quality sales.

RCCG Dominion Sanctuary is passionate about its vision for all members to make heaven. The congregation has grown massively over the years. The church has a uniquely built edifice which gives a captivating look to viewers. They also have a beautiful choir with songs always beautifully rendered to inspire and engage all attendees in profound worship.

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Youth Aflame Conference: Olawande, Oyemade, Other Keynote Speakers Enlighten Young Nigerians 



Youth Aflame Conference

Youth Aflame Conference: Olawande, Oyemade, Other Keynote Speakers Enlighten Young Nigerians

Youth Aflame Conference

The National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, came alive yesterday under an atmosphere of spiritual conviviality as thousands of young Christian professionals and worshipers converged to commemorate the 2022 “Youth Aflame Conference”.

The well-attended conference with the theme “Mountain Climbers”, was planned with great emphasis on focus, growth and development strategies for the youth as well as how to stay the course in the face of daunting challenges and distractions.







Not surprisingly the organisers assembled a well-experienced array of speakers to address various topics that would keep the mind on the goals of building a successful future, working for God and enriching humanity with leaders and great talent.

Among the speakers were Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pastor Tunji Adeboyejo, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Lanre Oyegbola, Pastor Bisi Akande, Laju Iren, Pastor Kola Oyeneyin, Nifemi Olanwande, Onyeka Ogwu, Pastor Yemi Davids and Tomi Arayomi. While declaring the conference open, the convener of the Youth Aflame Conference and RCCG National Youth President and Youth Evangelist, Pastor Daniel Olawande, fondly called PDaniel, explained that the conference was put together for young professionals who would actualize the great vision of the transformative power of breaking barriers and planting success wherever they serve.








“The cycle of revival is not complete until it brings about societal transformation. The time has come to raise young apostles in the marketplace; the time has come to raise kingdom gatekeepers who will represent God with high moral rectitude, high effectiveness, character, excellence with God’s fire in the marketplace. Hence the need for the Youth Aflame Conference.

“Youth Aflame Conference YAC is that training, building and equipping platform for this emerging generation of global kingdom ambassadors”, he said. One of the speakers, Pastor Tunji Adeboyejo, who is also the chairman of the Youth Evangelism Team of the RCCG, spoke on the “DNA of Mountain Climbers”. According to him, people who want to get to the peak of the mountain. (success) must have vision, Drive, resilience, focus, and courage. He noted that no man could climb above his level without courage.









Another speaker who is also the Pastor in charge of RCCG Youth Province 1, Lagos, Pastor Bisi Akande, spoke on ‘The Secrets of Mountain Climbers”. He extolled the youth to have clean hands, pure hearts and Godly conversations if they must know the secrets of mountain climbers. Pastor Yemi Davies challenged the youth to be determined to reach the top of the mountain by carrying their home in the morning so that their evening would be devoid of hardship.

Speaking on the youths in politics Pastor Lanre Oyegbola mentioned “ It is important to know that you are not climbing alone, the fact that we are climbing through different routes doesn’t mean we are not going to the same place. There are no permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests”









Mr Oyegbola gave four keys in the structure of governance that the youths would need in the political space, the keys include People, Prayers, payments (money) youths must pay now so they don’t pay later , and Participation, emphasizing that every youth must be a member of the political party.

Pastor Poju Oyemade speaking on the topic “Responding To Adversity through the power of Joy” told the youths “To be a mountain climber, you must have access to divine intelligence. Who the king are leaning onb, should be you. It is beyond having a dream for a better Nigeria. The question is HOW?







He gave his closing remark to the youths with words of encouragement to take action with the mindset that of knowing ” You can change anything” .

The conference also featured financial literacy sessions where bank representatives explained their products and services to the congregation.









The young professionals were advised to embrace the savings culture as well as plan and employ financial planning to build wealth and prosperity.

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Pastor Adeboye Announces Major Changes In The RCCG Such As Retirement Age Of Church’s Pastors At 70, And Others



Pastor Adeboye

PPastor Adeboye Announces Major Changes In The RCCG Such As Retirement Age Of Church’s Pastors At 70, And OthersPastor Adeboye

Pastor AdeboyeThe General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has announced some major changes in the Church.

The changes include the retirement of the Church’s National Overseer, Pastor Joseph Obayemi.








Adeboye made the announcement while addressing RCCG Ministers on Sunday, 7 August, 2022.

He hinted also that the person that would take over from him as the General Overseer will be a young man.









The RCCG which is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary was established in 1952 by Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi who passed on in 1980.

Adeboye has served in the position of General Overseer for more than 40 years and still counting.










In December 2016, Pastor Adeboye appointed Pastor Obayemi as the church’s Overseer in Nigeria. Obayemi was given an additional portfolio to serve as the Overseer of the RCCG in North Africa in 2021. He was also addressed as an Officer-in-charge of Nigeria.
But Pastor Adeboye announced his retirement along with some others during the Ministers’ Conference. Obayemi is in his 70s.

Adeboye disclosed that the retirement age for all RCCG pastors will now be pegged at 70 years. He said however that some of them may be given lesser roles after retirement.










Pastor Sunday Akande is to replace Obayemi as the RCCG National Overseer. He will serve for a period of two years while Pastor Kalu Ndukwe will serve as the Overseer of the Africa Continent.

Adeboye said the position of the National Overseer of the church will now be on a two-year tenure basis while the pastor occupying the position will operate from the redemption camp.










All churches in the camp would henceforth report to him. He will also represent Pastor Adeboye in special assignments.
Also affected by the changes is Pastor Johnson Odesola who had been in charge of the Administration and Personnel of the Church. He was relieved of the two portfolios. Two pastors were appointed to handle the portfolios.

The new pastor in charge of Personnel is Julius Olalekan while Pastor Dele Balogun was appointed to take charge of Admin. It is not yet clear the new designation of Pastor Odesola who also serves as the Overseer of the RCCG in the Middle East.









The Redemption Camp according to Pastor Adeboye will henceforth carry the tag of a city just like the Vatican City.

He banned hawking and selling of goods along the roads in the camp saying such practice will no longer be tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted while their goods will be confiscated. Indecent dressing in the camp environment will no longer be tolerated according to him.










Adeboye who clocked 80 early this year also named the ring road on the camp after the founder of the church, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi. Some other roads were named after some retired pastors of the church.

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