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Presidential inauguration: Obi didn’t call for boycott, postponement – LP










Bola Tinubu









Concerning Bola Tinubu, We have always nursed the fear that certain key figures within the All Progressives Congress will cause untold embarrassment for the party with the way the just concluded All Progressives Congress Local Government Council Primaries elections. It is worrisome that these personalities are not taken into consideration the presidential ambition of our revered National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as their actions are destroying the fabrics of the dignity of our great party.












The majority of Executives and Members of All Progressives Congress in Amuwo Odofin voted overwhelmingly for Dipo Olorunrinu in the Primaries elections which were held on Saturday, 29th May 2021. This was followed by the publication of his name (Hon Dipo Olorunrinu)  in The Nation (Page 6) and Guardian Newspapers likewise online Newspapers on 4th June 2021.









The people’s joy was elated on the news of his candidature. Hon Dipo Olorunrinu has exhibited so much benevolence as a political figure in Amuwo Odofin.












As stakeholders, we want to graciously appeal to our National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene in resolving this issue that is capable of affecting the fortunes of the party in Amuwo Odofin on the following grounds;











  1. Hon Dipo Olorunrinu has shown so much commitment to the growth of the party since he joined over two years. 









  1. He is currently spearheading the campaign of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential ambition across the Badagry Division with a functional Secretariat at 204 Road, House 5 in Festac Town.










  1. Despite that he has been out of office for over two years, all his humanitarian programs such as free school bus, economic support programs for petty traders, youth reformation programs, health support programs, etc for the Amuwo Odofin community are still going on.









  1. He financially supported the last membership registration of our great party. He also mobilized new members in large numbers for registration.








  1. He has acted as a bridge-builder between major ethnic groups in Amuwo Odofin. 








  1. He has remained very peaceful since the primaries despite obvious provocations from one of the Aspirants.









  1. He has gotten the commitment of the Igbo communities to not only support but financially support all APC candidates in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.





  1. Those who have lost their shops in the various demolition exercises of major markets (Agboju and 23 Road Market in Festac Town) are strongly hoping that Hon Dipo Olorunrinu will bring succor when he assumes office as the Chairman. They mobilized their respective families to register in the membership registration because of Hon Dipo Olorunrinu.









  1. Hon Dipo Olorunrinu has the requisite experience, knowledge, intelligence, expertise, network, etc to revamp Amuwo Odofin from the state of dearth infrastructures.









  1. The retirees have expressed so much joy when the name of Hon Dipo Olorunrinu was published as the Chairmanship Candidate of All Progressives Congress because Festac Town has lost its glory under the present administration.










  1. We are stating emphatically that Hon Dipo Olorunrinu is the most preferred and credible Candidate for All Progressives Congress in the forthcoming Local Government Council elections.










  1. Any attempt to substitute Hon Dipo Olorunrinu for Valentine Buraimoh will jeopardize all our efforts in strengthening the party not only in numbers but financially.










  1. Hon. Dipo Olorunrinu has been taking good care of party Apex Leaders, Local Government and Wards Executives since Hon Valentine Buraimoh refused to support the party.










Our revered National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we are passionately appealing that you should not allow certain high-ranking members of our party to mislead you into taking a decision that will not only affect the fortunes of our party in  Amuwo Odofin but across Lagos as we gear up towards 2023.











We have remained Loyal despite all the sufferings endured under Valentine Buraimoh. Our only hope for taking Amuwo Odofin to a greater height is Hon Dipo Olorunrinu. So he shouldn’t for any reason be substituted.











Issued by;



















5th June 2021












  1. Alhaji Ayodele Ahmed.
  2. Alhaji Waheed Adewunni.  
  3. Alhaji W A Lawal.

4.PaAyodele Ajibolade.                         

  1. Alhaji Riskat Ebiti
  2. Mrs. Wunmi Kaffo. 
  3. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed.                                          

8.Engineer Sheyi Ipinlaye.

  1. Hon.Sultan Adeniji Adele.                         
  2. Pastor D O Omotosho.
  3. MrFemi Ilesanmi         
  4. Mrs Adaeze umeadi.                                                 

13  Alhaja Talatu

14 Mallam Abubakar Mai.                                                  

  1. Alhaji I O Bello.             
  2. Alhaji Bada              
  3. Mr. Chike okonma                 
  4. Mrs Adeyinka Adegbuyi.                                   
  5. Mr Jimoh Ismaila.
  6. Mr  Sulaiman Taofeek.                             2              
  7. Mr Wale Akorede 

22.Mr  Demola Oni  

  1. Mr Abdulahi Usman                                     

25 Mr. Omoniyi Odofin. 

  1. Mr.Omoniyi Olugbenga. 
  2. Mrs Vivian Okonta.                                    
  3. Mr Stands Sulaiman.  

29 Mrs Yemisi Ijiyemi.

  1. Mr Afeez Adejuwon.    
  2. Tawa Dosunmu.                                                                   
  3. Mrs Oyekwnmi.            
  4. Alhaja Awaa.              

34 Peter Ambili.                

35.Dauda Oko Osi.        

  1. Mrs Chinyere Anagbalu.
  2. Mr Rotimi Saka. 











































































































Goodwill Message from Otunba Fola Ogunmefun, National Head of NBM of Africa Worldwide, on the Occasion of June 12 Democracy Day Celebrations



Goodwill Message from Otunba Fola Ogunmefun, National Head of NBM of Africa Worldwide, on the Occasion of June 12 Democracy Day Celebrations

Goodwill Message from Otunba Fola Ogunmefun, National Head of NBM of Africa Worldwide, on the Occasion of June 12 Democracy Day Celebrations







Fellow Nigerians,





Sahara Weekly Reports That On behalf of the Neo Black Movement (NBM) of Africa Worldwide, I extend warm greetings to all Nigerians as we commemorate Democracy Day on this significant June 12. This day serves as a powerful reminder of our collective struggle for democracy and the relentless pursuit of justice and equity for all citizens.






Goodwill Message from Otunba Fola Ogunmefun, National Head of NBM of Africa Worldwide, on the Occasion of June 12 Democracy Day Celebrations






As we celebrate this historic day, we must acknowledge the immense challenges our nation continues to face. The socio-economic hardships, pervasive insecurity, and rising unemployment have left many Nigerians struggling to make ends meet. These challenges have tested our resilience and resolve as a people.












We call on the government to prioritize the alleviation of these sufferings. It is imperative that our leaders take decisive and impactful actions to address these issues. Enhanced security measures, economic reforms, and policies that create job opportunities are essential steps toward a more prosperous and secure Nigeria. The well-being of the masses should always be at the forefront of governance.












Despite these challenges, we encourage all Nigerians to remain steadfast and hopeful. Our strength lies in our unity and our unwavering belief in the promise of our nation. Let us continue to support one another and work together towards a brighter future.











To our esteemed members of NBM of Africa, I urge you to remain law-abiding and uphold the values that our movement stands for. Our commitment to justice, equity, and the betterment of society must guide our actions. Let us lead by example and contribute positively to the communities in which we live.












As we celebrate Democracy Day, let us remember that the journey to a fully realized democratic nation is ongoing. Our collective efforts, resilience, and determination will pave the way for a Nigeria where every citizen can thrive in peace and prosperity.







Happy Democracy Day, Nigeria!


With solidarity and hope,


Otunba Fola Ogunmefun

National Head, NBM of Africa Worldwide

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VP’s Death: How Primate Ayodele Warned Malawi Against National Calamity In April 2024



VP’s Death: How Primate Ayodele Warned Malawi Against National Calamity In April 2024



The nation of Malawi has been thrown into a national mourning mood following the unfortunate death of the country’s vice president, Saulos Chilima in an ill-fated plane crash that also claimed the lives of several notable personalities.

Mr Chilima and nine others were flying within the country on Monday morning when their aircraft disappeared from airport radars.

The plane, a military aircraft, was flying in bad weather, according to aviation authorities.

By Tuesday afternoon, President Chakwera said the Malawi Defence Force commander informed him that the search and rescue operation had been completed and the plane was found.

This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele which he shared in April 2024 to the country. In the prophecy which was specifically about Malawi, the prophet asked the nation to pray against a national calamity that will throw them into mourning.

These were his words:

‘’Malawi: the president’s efforts will not be appreciated despite all his efforts to stabilise the economy. The opposition will frustrate his efforts and he will have compounded issues in his party. The country’s currency will continue to depreciate and the country will have troubles from natural disasters. The president needs to pray for his good health and electricity will be challenging for them. Let them pray against calamity that will bring the country to mourn.’’

The ill-fated plane crash was indeed a national calamity as the victims include members of Chilima’s staff and security detail along with former first lady Shanil Dzimbiri, the ex-wife of former President Bakili Muluzi. Indeed, the crash took the lives of three Malawian national figures.

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FULL TEXT: President Bola Tinubu’s national broadcast on 2024 Democracy Day



Read the full text below:




President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday, delivered the 2024 Democracy Day speech, addressing a variety of issues affecting the country.

Tinubu pledged to implement democracy as Nigerians’ way of life.


Read the full text below:


My fellow Nigerians, let me begin by congratulating all of us for witnessing the celebration of another Democracy Day today, the 12th day of June 2024. This year also marks our nation’s 25 years of uninterrupted democratic governance. On this day, 31 years ago, we entered our rites of passage to becoming a true and enduring democratic society. Going through this passage was hard and dangerous.

During the fateful six years that followed, we fought and struggled for our natural rights as human beings put on this earth by the divine hand of our Creator. We lost great heroes and heroines along the way. In this struggle, the winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola, the most significant symbol of our democratic struggle, his wife, Kudirat, General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua and Pa Alfred Rewane, among others sacrificed their very lives.

They bravely surrendered their futures, so that our nation might have a better one. Let us honour the memories of Chief Anthony Enahoro, Chief Abraham Adesanya, Commodore Dan Suleiman, Chief Arthur Nwankwo, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, Chief Frank Kokori, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ganiyu Dawodu, Chief Ayo Fasanmi, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Chief Olabiyi Durojaiye, Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti, Chima Ubani, and others who have transited to the higher realm.

The sacrifices of General Alani Akinrinade, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, Professor Wole Soyinka, Chief Ralph Obioha, Chief Cornelius Adebayo, among many others, should never be forgotten. For at least six years, they bore the pains and difficulties of life in exile. While the exiled pro-democracy activists kept the fire burning, their comrades at home sustained the pressure on the military brass hats.

Among the latter are Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Falana, Abdul Oroh, Senator Shehu Sani, Governor Uba Sani, Chief Olu Falae, and other National Democratic Coalition leaders such as Chief Ayo Adebanjo and Chief Ayo Opadokun. The sacrifices they made, and the precious gift brought about by their selfless devotion can never be repaid. Neither shall it be forgotten.

We could not have won the battle against military dictatorship without the irrepressible Nigerian journalists who mounted the barricades along with the pro-democracy activists. We celebrate them today, along with their media establishments such as The Punch, Guardian, National Concord, Tribune, The News/Tempo, and TELL Magazines. Military authorities proscribed these media establishments and jailed their journalists for standing for free speech and civil liberties. Despite the lethal might of the military government, what appeared to be high and unyielding walls of dictatorship came tumbling down. The dismal fortress exists no longer.

The power of an idea, the power of the people proved more potent than all the guns and munitions, than all the guns, the munitions and the threats of the strongmen. The nation exited the yoke of military rule in 1999 to become the most populous democracy on African soil, the beacon of democratic self-determination for the black race and one of the largest democracies in the world. This change stands as a pivotal moment in human history. From this change, we shall never turn, nor shall the annals of mankind’s progress forget the sublime meaning of this great moment.

Today, 25 years later, we celebrate the silver anniversary of our journey in democracy. We have steadied the course. Democracy is neither a foreign nor abstract concept devoid of real-life meaning for us. Neither can we afford to reduce or minimalise it to being nothing but the mere holding of periodic elections where one candidate and party outdo another. While elections attract dramatic attention, they are but one aspect of democracy. Democracy is a way of life that encompasses a broad outlook of which elections are but a part. As such, a nation can have elections without being democratic. But a nation cannot be truly democratic without holding elections. That we have established a tradition of holding transparent, open, and fair elections gives credence to our democratic bearing. That we have experienced peaceful transitions of government affirms our democratic temperament.

Fellow Nigerians, true democracy shines its light into the daily lives of the people who live under its nurturing wings. It affords us the freedom and liberty to think as we want, live where we want and pursue whatever legitimate endeavour that suits us. Democracy does not assume some false or forced unity of opinion. In fact, democracy assumes that conflicting ideas and differing opinions shall be the order of the day. Given the diversity and variety of the human experience, there must be diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

What democracy demands is that we do not resolve differences through force and repression. But we make allowance for the legitimacy of views that differ from our own. Where other forms of government impose against the will of the people, democracy aims to make leaders sufficiently humble that they conduct themselves as servants of the common good, not as viceroys of the narrow interests of the mighty.

My dear compatriots, Nigeria faced a decision of untold gravity twenty-five years ago: Whether to veer toward a better destination or continue aimlessly in the fog of dictatorship. We made the right choice then. We must continue with that choice now. As Nigerians, we must remind ourselves that no matter how complicated democracy may be, it is the best form of governance in the long run. We must also be aware that there are those among us who will try to exploit current challenges to undermine, if not destroy, this democracy for which so much has already been given. These people do this not to make things better but to subject all other people and things to their control and dominance until the point that, if you are not counted among their elite, then your life will be small and no longer owned by you. This is the great battle of our day and the major reason we specially celebrate this Democracy day.

Fellow Nigerians, our Democracy is more than a historic fact. It is a living, breathing reality. The true meaning of this day is not to focus solely on the great deeds of the past that have brought us to this point. Yes, we pay eternal honour to those who laid down their lives, sacrificing everything to pave the way for the nation. I stand uniquely placed in this regard. I was among those who took the risk to midwife the birth of our democracy. I am now a direct and obvious beneficiary of the fruits of those historic efforts. As president of this nation, I am morally and constitutionally bound to preserve this precious form of governance. I vow to do my utmost best to protect your rights, freedoms, and liberties as citizens of Nigeria. Even more than that, I pledge to do whatever is necessary to cement democracy as our way of life.

Although the challenges are steep and multiple, I am grateful to lead Nigeria at this moment in her history and point in her democratic journey. I come before you also to declare that our most important work remains before us. This real test has never been whether we would rise to challenge the slings of misfortune and grievous pain of dictatorship. The real test is whether we shall lower our guards as the shadow of despotism and its evident physical danger fade. I say to you here and now that as we celebrate the enshrinement of our political democracy, let us commit ourselves to the fulfilment of its equally important counterpart, the realisation of our economic democracy. I understand the economic difficulties we face as a nation.

Our economy has been in desperate need of reform for decades. It has been unbalanced because it was built on the flawed foundation of over-reliance on revenues from the exploitation of oil. The reforms we have initiated are intended to create a stronger, better foundation for future growth. There is no doubt the reforms have occasioned hardship. Yet, they are necessary repairs required to fix the economy over the long run so that everyone has access to economic opportunity, fair pay and compensation for his endeavour and labour.

As we continue to reform the economy, I shall always listen to the people and will never turn my back on you. In this spirit, we have negotiated in good faith and with open arms with organized labour on a new national minimum wage. We shall soon send an executive bill to the National Assembly to enshrine what has been agreed upon as part of our law for the next five years or less. In the face of labour’s call for a national strike, we did not seek to oppress or crack down on the workers as a dictatorial government would have done. We chose the path of cooperation over conflict. No one was arrested or threatened. Instead, the labour leadership was invited to break bread and negotiate toward a good-faith resolution. Reasoned discussion and principled compromise are hallmarks of democracy. These themes shall continue to animate my policies and interaction with the constituent parts of our political economy. I take on this vital task without fear or favour and I commit myself to this work until we have built a Nigeria where no man is oppressed. In the end, our national greatness will not be achieved by travelling the easy road. It can only be achieved by taking the right one.

The words of the American President Franklin Roosevelt certainly ring true: ” There are many ways of going forward. But only one way of standing still”! We dare not slumber lest the good things awaiting our immediate future pass us by. We dare not plant our feet in idle standstill in the middle of the intersection of hope and despair. We know the proper way forward and we shall take it! The initial rays of a brighter tomorrow now appear on the early horizon. An abundant future and our capacity to achieve that future lie within our reach.

Democracy and the institutions it begets offer to take us to our profound destination. Let us board this progressive train together. Together, let us move Nigeria forward. Let’s continue to keep the fire of democracy burning. Let’s keep the torch lit for generations to come. May God continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and preserve our democracy. I wish us all a Happy Democracy Day.

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