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” Full Details of How MC Oluomo killed my boss” , Reveals Jeff, PA of Ex-Oshodi PDP Chieftain Shot Dead For Decamping To APC





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For allegedly decamping from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressives Congress, APC, an influential area boy in Oshodi, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, popularly called Mc Oluwo was clubbed to death on Thursday, april 9, 2015 at Oshodi by rivalry gang.

Baba Esi, whose real name is Olayemi Stephen Eniola, was a staunch supporter of PDP in Oshodi and was largely credited with the victory recorded by the PDP in Oshodi-Isolo where the party’s candidate won the House of Representatives seat, before he defected to the APC a few days ago.

His Personal Assistant, Jeff Ajinrogun, in an exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly on Friday, April 10,2015 alleged that his boss was actually killed by Mc Oluomo and his gang. He claimed that he was not felled by Gun as all the shots fired against him did not penetrate. Rather, he was stabbed and clubbed to death through the use of hammer and other sophisticated weapons.

” contrary to all the reports on line, i was at the rally with him and was a witness to all that transpired and how MC Oluomo and his groups attacked and killed my boss”.

He was said to have visited the Ikoyi home of a top APC chieftain in Lagos on Wednesday on invitation where he was persuaded to decamp to the APC.

To demonstrate his affiliation with his new party, APC, he allegedly mobilized his supporters for a rally on Thursday at Oshodi. Some of APC supporters were said to be unhappy with his move and due to age long rivalry felt threatened by his return.

Graphic details of how he was killed by the star witness who confirmed he gave up the ghost in his hands will be published soon


Q- There is an incident involving the crossover from PDP to APC in which someone was shot dead in Oshodi; can you tell us about what happened and how it all began?


R- It started around 2:30pm in Oshodi while we were at Adekoya dressing up and preparing for the governorship rally and House of Assembly for the upcoming election. While we were there, they called us that the rally has started already. Even former local government chairman, Bolaji Ariyo and some other people called us and we told them we were around somewhere in Mafoluku. So, while we were heading towards them-15 of us including women saw Bolaji Ariyo. We greeted him. He was happy to see us and also welcomed us back to APC. He told one of his P.A.s to give us some of the APC material so we can share and we started moving forward. We were told to go and greet other defecting PDP’s stakeholders at the front and as we got to the middle, we saw MC and his entourage. They are well known as assassins because they carry guns; they do a lot of things. so we went pass them and moved forward to greet other members. Almost getting there,

one of the boys ran to the late MC Oluwo that Talo has been attacked by MC Oluomo and his entourage at the back and that the person that started it was Azeez Owoseni who smashed a bottle on Talo’s head and they all gathered to beat him up, including MC Oluomo.


Q-Did you actually witness that?


R- When they came to tell us, we approached them and saw them holding Talo and MC Oluomo and Zaria were both there. When we got there, my boss was like ‘kilo n seyin, efi eniyi sile, kilo se fun yin‘(what is wrong with you guys, leave this man alone). At least we all are now in one party, leave him alone. So he succeeded in rescuing Talo from them.


Then, MC said to my boss, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time, to deal with you. This is an opportunity” and he brought out a pistol and shot at my boss but it didn’t penetrate. Immediately he did that, his entourage all brought out heavy guns like AK47 and started shooting so we had to start running because they were firing…… (Cuts in)


Q- But they had shot him earlier, at where?


R- MC Oluomo shot him on his body but it didn’t penetrate so we started moving back but they had surrounded us. While we were trying to escape, what he was just saying was that this people have started their problem again. While we were stepping back, they were firing seriously but we made way for ourselves and started running because they were so many. As we were running away, they caught up with him. We were almost at dominion junction where the stuff started and we were heading towards Ajao estate. When we got to the express, that place popularly known as Airport junction, as we were trying to cross the road to the other side, the covet hit him and he fell. While he was down, Gomuna, Kamoru, Papi, Tino, Desoko, all are members of MC Oluomo’s gang, held him to the ground and hit him with weapons. so MC Oluomo came around too and hit him with hammer on his head….. (Cuts in)


Q- Where did MC oluomo get hammer?


R- They took some weapon from the vulcanizer there. They even used the iron which vulcanizers use to remove tyre on him. He was there in the pool of blood, helpless and they kept hitting him, matching him on the ground…. (Cuts in)


Q- Where were you when all this was happening?


R- We were on the other side watching because we couldn’t do anything; reason being that they were armed. We ran to the police but they couldn’t help too because MC Oluomo and his entourage were carrying heavy weapons. At the end of the day, they killed him. It was not gunshot that killed my boss; rather he was clubbed to death by them.


Q- How did you know he died at the spot?


R- We saw them carrying his hand and putting it down. They stood there till he died. We were just crying and wailing so when they confirmed that he was dead, they ran away and left him.  They even cut one of his fingers with shovel. Later on, a patrol man came and helped us rush him down to a hospital at Ajao estate. When we got there, the doctor examined his pulse, BP, and urged us to rush him to the general hospital which we did. He didn’t tell us if he was still alive or not. When we got there, it was confirmed to us that he was dead already because after the doctor examined him, he asked for the eldest person among us so he can talk to him or her in his office. Talo went inside with one of our group members and when they came out, they broke the news to us. We started crying and wailing. Meanwhile, we looked for a bus to take the corpse. We were asked to take him to MC 0luomo’s office so they can eat what they killed but on our way, the mother told us not to do that and that we should take him to the former Local Government chairman, Balogun Ipese who was part of those who persuaded him to return to APC. And why we returned to APC was because of the meeting we had with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Q-Were you with your late boss at the meeting?

R- We were at Bourdillon in Ikoyi but I wasn’t allowed inside.


Q- Did your late boss go inside to discuss with Asiwaju?

R- My boss was inside, with Talo and Kendu during the meeting and Asiwaju appealed to him to please return to the party.


Q- Did your boss brief you about the meeting?

R- Yes! He said Asiwaju told him that he has been hearing about what MC Oluomo has been doing, the damages, the threat, those he killed, how he arrested him, lied against him, etc and that he shouldn’t worry, everything will be settled. He asked my boss what he wanted and my boss told him about how he created the National Union job, travelled to London and how he left the job for MC Oluomo and others.


While my boss was trying to get his documents in London in order to be able to go out and come in freely, MC Oluomo visited London. My boss was the one who welcomed him and housed him. so he told him that he doesn’t like the way he is hustling in London and that the job he left for them is now paying off and also asked him to come back to Nigeria so they can work together. So, while MC Oluwo came back, his family members didn’t know he was around. He told me that in a day, they go to at least 4 parties . He did it for 3months and asked Mc Oluomo about the job offer he told him about while in London but MC Oluomo kept postponing it. Thus, it got to a point where my boss decided not to do the parties stuff anymore because he needed to send money to his family and let them know that he is around. So he called some of the old contacts in Nigeria that helped him in the past. He called Alh. Shehu Abana and he gave him #500,000.  Yet, out of loyalty, my boss went ahead and told MC Oluomo about it and said he wants to buy a car with the money. On hearing this, MC Oluomo told my boss to bring the money so he can add to it and buy him a bigger car. Meanwhile, MC Oluomo bought a cheaper car less than #500,000 and even wanted to present it to my boss in public as a showoff. When my boss got to know about this, he got angry and collected his key and left him. Since then, my boss started hustling and things were going on well. That was the genesis of the rivalry between them. He also told Tinubu that we have four branches in Oshodi. Among the four branches, MC Oluomo handles one, and fixed people at the other three so he can be collecting returns from them. He deployed some boys working at Oshodi and brought people from outside to come and work there leaving those Oshodi boys jobless; all he does is squander money, go to parties and spend lot of money on artiste.


Q- In all of these, Nigerians believe that at the time of the campaign for APC, the Nigerian police had declared MC Oluomo wanted and that he wasn’t in Nigeria so how come you said you saw him?

R- When he was declared wanted, he went to Dubai and came in a day to the presidential election.


Q- People believe what happened was that PDP sharp-shooters were the one who killed him because he wanted to decamp to APC and that Kendu survived because he left before the incident. What is your take on that?

R- Its all lies. Kendu wasn’t at the rally and no PDP member was there.


Q- How many people were killed apart from your boss?

R- Only my boss was killed. Kendu wasn’t there. MC Oluomo was the one who brought in mercenary from Mushin.


Q- Is kendu an APC or PDP member?

R- Kendu is now a PDP member though he was an APC member but he decamped with my boss. Kendu along with my late boss were the only ones that returned to APC because of the negotiation with Tinubu.


Q- Now that the incident happened, did any APC member get in touch with you?

R- Yes!  Alhaji Badmus did.


Q- Are we correct to say that the first outing of your boss coming back to APC was where he was murdered?

R- Yes! And those who killed him were MC Oluomo and his entourage.




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