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‘A Girl in the Rain’ to be launched in December




A GIRL IN THE RAIN is a collection of poems written by Chiamaka Jessica Onumaegbu, a fourteen-year-old secondary school student whose writings reflect inner depth and love for family, people, and environment. The anthology is scheduled for launch in Port Harcourt by December 2018 as announced by the publisher—Purple Shelves LTD, Lagos.

As regular with poets, Chiamaka’s book explores her daily experiences while growing into maturation; the psychology of the girl-child, challenges, questions, expectations and responses to prevalent social ills.

“I think that the poems are inspiring” says Amara Chimeka– CEO of Purple Shelves LTD.  “They show a heart full of positivity and optimism, which in a sense, escalates into hope. Such works from the younger generation show that there is hope for our reading culture, for our literary traditions and for us as a people. Everyone should read this collection. Adults should read it to be encouraged; youths should read it to be inspired.” She added.

Affiong Ene-Obong, a girl-child advocate, writes in the blurb saying that “the anthology has been composed to leave indelible marks in the heart of humans. The Young author’s words will transform lives, families, nations and generations to give ideas, perceptions, values and standards a face-lift. ONUMAEGBU Chiamaka Jessica’s audacity is laudable.”

According to the poet, “the book is written to encourage, motivate and inspire all the children in the world and all who read it, that they can accomplish any feat as long as they put their mind and heart into it. As long as you keep your mind open and your creativity fueling your endless imagination, even the most negligible of all things can inspire something beautiful. Even the most absurd of people, awful situations or strangest creatures can blow your mind if you scrutinize them closely and try to work them with our everyday life. My desire is to teach people.”

CHIAMAKA was born on 24th February 2004 and is currently an SSS1 student of Hallel College, Port Harcourt Rivers State. She started writing at the age of 9 when she was a Grade 5 student of International School of Bearn (ISB) Pau, France. She wrote a poem titled ‘WORLD PEACE’ that received numerous commendations and was published in the school’s magazine. Her creative writing was further developed and enhanced in her present school. ‘The Girl in the Rain’ is her debut.