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HND/BSC Dichotomy: Concerned NSCDC Officers Writes Tinubu, Others



HND/BSC Dichotomy: Concerned NSCDC Officers Writes Tinubu, Others

HND/BSC Dichotomy: Concerned NSCDC Officers Writes Tinubu, Others




Following the disparity between Higher National Diploma (HND) and University Degree holders, some concerned men and officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps have called on the federal government to wade into the issue.





The group who was lamenting the ill-treatment and lack of career progression in the Corps said the disparity in the scheme of service has resulted in a lack of morale booster for holders of HND holders in the NSCDC.






It could be recalled that recently, the Federal government removed the dichotomy between degree and higher national diploma certificate holders in the civil defence, fire, immigration, and prison services.



HND/BSC Dichotomy: Concerned NSCDC Officers Writes Tinubu, Others



There has been a disparity between holders of the two academic qualifications in the civil service. At the entry point, degree holders are usually a notch higher on the grade level than their diploma-holding counterparts.

But while lamenting the lack of equal treatment by the Corps, the Concerned HND holders in NSCDC said the 2012 intakes who are HND holders in NSCDC are being badly treated, compared to their mates in other Sister Agencies under the same Ministry of Interior.

” HND holders were recruited into the NSCDC in the year 2012 as Inspector of Corps rank (Grade Level 07). The same year, on the same process, NCE holders were placed on GL 07 and Bsc holders on GL 08.

“This was based on the conditions of service at that time, which was a bad indicator of suppressing some set of people instead of encouraging competency and proactiveness between HND holders and Bsc, as is found in other Sisters Agencies for effective service delivery because of how sensitive security responsibility is.

“We wrote the Confirmation and Promotion examination in the year 2014, with the Bsc counterparts, being the statutory year to be confirmed, according to Public Service Rules.

‘The Bsc holders were advanced, but rather, in our case, we were not advanced neither properly placed nor promoted after passing the COMPRO exam, contrary to extant regulations

The group said in 2016, there was another replacement/recruitment exercise, and all Officers recruited then as Assistant Superintendent of Corps II (ASCII) were all given automatic promotions to the next rank while all HND holders recruited in 2012 were still in stagnation as Inspectors of Corps. (Grade level 7) till 2018.

But in 2018, the Federal Government enforced the removal of the HND/BSC dichotomy, and this order was implemented in other Sister Para-military Agencies under the Ministry of Interior since the year 2016. That, therefore, became a saving grace for HND 2012 intakes to progress to ASCII (Level 8) in 2018

“Majority of our Bsc holders, counterparts, that we were recruited together in the year 2012, are now hanging the rank of Superintendent ( Eagle, i.e. GL 11), while up to 95% of us, HND holders of 2012 recruits, are painfully stagnated to one star( ASCII, GL 08) up till now i.e. year 2023!

“After being denied promotion exams for many years, 2022 made it the 4th consecutive year that we have been writing and passing promotion examinations, yet, without promotion!

“All other categories of personnel, including SSCE, NCE and Trade test holders have been writing promotion exams, as at when due, except the holders of the HND 2012 intake who have been variously denied for several years!

“Some junior officers that were recruited in 2012 with CAIII, GL 03, (The least rank) who later got themselves enrolled in Part-time degree programs, were not only converted to the Senior rank but also inexplicably got promoted to two-star (ASCI, GL 09), thereby placing them above us that were recruited initially with HND Certificates in 2012!

“Since April 16, 2012( 11 years down the line), when we were nominally enlisted into NSCDC, the majority of us don’t know what a promotion letter looks like. Even the so-called 2016 Advancement, up till now, there is no letter issued to that effect!

“It has become an annual ritual in NSCDC that Officers from the junior cadre get converted into the Superintendent cadre, thereby creating an unnecessary and questionable shoot-up in the number of senior officers in the Corps, and also making promotion to the next rank extremely difficult, to the detriment of us that were recruited with HND certificate in 2012!

“Having removed the dichotomy, The NSCDC started upgrading both the holders of Bsc and HND of 2019 intakes together. Those who got recruited and trained in the year 2022 were decorated with one star. This means they will be hanging two stars as soon as their COMPRO results are considered, just like their colleagues in the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS), are already in two stars. Without mincing words, this places us in an uncomfortable, unpalatable and unacceptable position of having to be juniors to two batches of recruits after us (i.e. 2016 and 2019 intakes)!

“Our career stagnancy after 11 years of enlistment into the active service of NSCDC is unfair and unjust. There is no gainsaying this is alien to the Public Service Rule which stipulates that officers in our cadre should have a maximum of three years before they get promoted to the next rank. We shouldn’t be made to write another promotion exam this year again as we have been grossly shortchanged in the years back.

The group then called on President Bola Tinubu, the Senate President and all concerned to look into their matter and restore them to the right rank which reflects their years of service, just like the 2012 Bsc holders and HND holders in other Sister Agencies.


Osazee Oyegue to receive NUJ Special award By Elvis Omoregie, Benin



Osazee Oyegue to receive NUJ Special award By Elvis Omoregie, Benin

Osazee Oyegue to receive NUJ Special award

By Elvis Omoregie, Benin






The Founder/CEO of Standard Life Organization Nigeria and the Founder Chairman of Prudent Choice Microinsurance and Standard Life Rwanda, Mr Osazee Oyegue, will on Friday 9th of December, 2023 receive a special award of honour from the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Edo State Council.



Osazee Oyegue to receive NUJ Special award
By Elvis Omoregie, Benin




Mr Oyegue, is a microfinance expert, financial expert, administrator and enterpreneuer. He is also a philanthropist and selfless Nigerian who through his organization have help and raised millions of Nigerians out of poverty his relentless pursuit of empowering individuals and communities for financial inclusion have continue to stand him out.







In a joint statement, chairman and secretary NUJ 2023 Press Week Committee, Mr Efosa Uwangue of ITV/Radio and Oliver Ojiogbe of EBS TV made available to Journalists in Benin, said the special award on Oyegue and some other selected Nigerians is in recognition of their various contributions to human development and to the society in their various capacities.






According to the statement, Osazee Oyegue is been recognized for his outstanding contributions to societal development and his capacity to put smiles on the faces of the downtrodden in the society.














The special award will be conferred on him in honour of his numerous contributions towards societal development and capacity to put smiles on the faces of the downtrodden in the society.a

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Every Inch of Eko (Lagos) Was Founded by The Awori: Olofin of Isheri Declares.



Every Inch of Eko (Lagos) Was Founded by The Awori: Olofin of Isheri Declares.

Every Inch of Eko (Lagos) Was Founded by The Awori: Olofin of Isheri Declares.




Sequel and in response to a recent statement made by the Benin oba regarding the historical founding of Eko (Lagos), His Royal Majesty, Oba Sulaiman Adekunle Bamgbade, the Olofin of Isheri and revered successor of the ancient throne of the Aworis’ progenitor, has affirmed to the Awori Heritage Alliance of North America that Eko (Lagos) was undoubtedly founded by the Awori people.





Every Inch of Eko (Lagos) Was Founded by The Awori: Olofin of Isheri Declares.




In light of this confirmation, we, the Awori Heritage Alliance of North America therefore issue the following statement to emphatically and resolutely repudiate the remarks made by the Benin oba concerning the founding of Eko (Lagos) during his courtesy visit to the Lagos House, Marina on Sunday, 26 November 2023.






This statement by the Benin oba is not only erroneous, it in fact constitutes an utter disregard for the centuries old strongly held historical traditions of Eko (Lagos); as well as the documented historical facts on the founding or source of Eko, Lagos.







In his statement, the Benin oba alleged that a “certain area in Lagos, maybe the nucleus of Lagos was founded by my ancestors”. This profound misrepresentation of historical fact actually undermines the rich and verifiable history of the Awori subgroup of the Yoruba ethnic group who are the autochthonous people and founders of Eko, Lagos.






It is imperative to at this point adduce certain highlights from the published as well as archived official historical records of Lagos, as collected from the native historical traditions of the indigenous inhabitants of Eko (Lagos) by the British colonial administrators of Lagos & Nigeria.








The Deputy Chief Secretary to the British Government of Nigeria, Sir Alan C. Burns, GCMG published the “History of Nigeria” in 1929 for the British colonial authorities based on the historical traditions collected in Nigeria from the native sources. The founding of Eko (Lagos) was detailed, and the nature of Lagos’ relationship with Benin was clearly spelt out as quoted below:










“A band of Yorubas, led by a cadet of the royal family, appears to have settled at Isheri, on the Ogun river … the settlers then spread southwards to Ebute Metta, on the mainland opposite Iddo island, where a town was built and farming was begun. Some time after this the inhabitants moved across to Iddo island, … Iddo, however, was scarcely large enough to support the number of settlers, … it was [then] decided to begin cultivation on the neighbouring island of [Eko] Lagos … [When] the first invasion from Benin took place; the inhabitants were fortunate that at this crisis their Olofin, or ruler, was a man of great courage and strong character, and under his leadership the King of Benin’s soldiers were repulsed.








Subsequent attacks met with no better success, and the Olofin gained in fame and influence. He is reputed to have had thirty-two sons, … one succeeded his father as Oloto of Iddo, the title of Olofin falling into abeyance … The custom of the [Eko] Lagos chiefs to wear “white caps” came originally from Iddo, and was introduced by the ten sons of the Olofin, whose successors still wear similar caps.







Some little time after the Olofin’s death there began the peaceful penetration into [Eko] Lagos of settlers from Benin. The Binis probably realised that they would not be able to occupy [Eko] Lagos by force, as they had already been so decisively beaten in their attacks on Iddo, and it is thought that they were also prevented from further aggression by superstitious fear, the dying wife of the Olofin having pronounced a terrible curse on any further invaders from Benin. Whatever may have been the reason, the Binis arrived with no great show of force, and permission was asked of the [Eko] Lagos people for them to land.”








Furthermore, a “confidential” colonial report of the British Intelligence Division entitled “Précis of Information Concerning the Colony of Lagos, Together with Notes on the Neighbouring Native Territories”, compiled in February 1888, unequivocally admits the Awori’s founding role of Eko, Lagos.


This British document which was printed for the archives of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, outlines the arrival of the Bini immigrant group (among other non-native immigrant groups) into Lagos. These non-native groups, such as the Bini group, were able to settle-in on the island only after their sought permission to land was granted by the Awori natives. European coastal trading activities had by circa 1570s transformed the Eko area into a focal point of considerable importance. This development drew in non-native immigrant trading groups such as the Bini group.






All of the above historical information which were collected from the historical traditions of the natives, by the British authorities evidently establish the following facts:






(1) That the Awori (a subgroup of the Yoruba ethnic group) are the autochthonous people of Eko (Lagos), as well as the founders of Eko, Lagos.

(2) That the Bini trading group who visited the area centuries later, and got allotted a piece of the island to encamp (as was done for others) have nothing to do with the founding of Eko, Lagos.

In addition to the foregoing historical facts regarding the founding of Eko, we wish to shed light on another often-misrepresented aspect of our history. This pertains to the identity of the historical Ashipa — the progenitor of the royal dynasty of the Eko kingdom.

This Ashipa is identified without any trace of uncertainty in the classical Awori historical traditions as a Yoruba noble (Awori) from Isheri-Olofin. This historical fact is also documented in the same early records of Lagos history already cited above. The same information is also contained in other early records of Lagos history such as the “Notes of Evidence tendered by Mr. Herbert Macaulay, C.E., At the Commission of Inquiry. Re: The Succession to the House of Docemo” in the year 1920.

The marital-alliance of this Isheri chief (Ashipa) with the family of the then Benin oba produced the first crowned-king of Eko, King Ado. However, we must stress that while King Ado’s ancestry traces also to the then Benin oba through King Ado’s mother; this issue from the marital-cum-political alliance does not confer the founding right of Eko (Lagos) upon Benin kingdom or the Bini people; neither does Ashipa’s tribute of gratitude to his royal-political patron & in-law confer such right.

As has been demonstrated from the original received traditions of Lagos which are also referenced to the earliest official records of Lagos history, it becomes clear that it is blatantly erroneous and categorically misleading to even suggest that Benin kingdom founded any part of Lagos. No! Not an “inch” of Lagos was founded by the Benin kingdom or the Bini people.

Furthermore, the present Benin oba’s snide remark at His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) will not be overlooked. Not only was the remark disrespectful to the person of a permanent Co-chairman of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (NCTRN), a council of which the Benin oba is merely a member; it is also couched with grave historical fallacy. We demand an unreserved apology for this sacrilegious incivility and blatant insult to the cradle of the Yoruba civilization.

We strongly urge the Benin oba to, going forward, desist from making statements such as this which are not only false (as have been demonstrated), but also have the potential to stir up irreparable inter-ethnic strife capable of setting Nigeria on the path of irreversible disharmony & potential balkanization; especially as we are all only slowly recovering as a Nation from the ugly discords of the 2023 elections.

We stand firm in our commitment to preserving and promoting the historical truth and call for a respectful acknowledgment of the same by all parties. We also demand a retraction of this fallacious statement from the Benin oba, and we insist on an unreserved apology to all Awori sons, daughters, kith & kin; His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife; and the Yoruba race as a whole.

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The lies Against DSS DG, Yusuf Bichi and the Truth By Comrade Oladimeji Odeyemi.



The lies Against DSS DG, Yusuf Bichi and the Truth

By Comrade Oladimeji Odeyemi.



Politics is everywhere and it’s in everything but the bitter aspect of politicking is the Pull Him Down (PHD) Syndrome, a tool used by antagonists to destroy credibility of credible people by spreading unfounded rumours and lies just to smear someone’s image and subject such a person to ridicule in the eyes of esteemed members of the public .

Mallam Yusuf Bichi, the Director General of the Department of State Service, DSS was recently a victim of the PHD Syndrome when a delusional
element, Jackson Ude who on his X (Twitter) handle @jacksonpnb went to the media space to claim that the Director General siphoned an imaginary payment of Thirty-five thousand naira (₦35,000) meant for the payment of wages approved by President Bola Tinubu for personnel of the service.

He also claimed that Bichi would pocket N200million as he prepares to leave the agency he had once retired from and that Bichi’s tenure is the worst in the history of DSS in Nigeria and that the agency’s personnel are angry with him.

This unsubstantiated claims and diatribe against the DG generated controversy in the media space, some gullible element like him who have no idea of how DSS operates deliberately choose to believe him even when the authority of the DSS through Dr Peter Afunaya, Director, PR & Strategic Communications of the Service came to the open to debunk the story and gave an insght into the true situation.

Afunaya, while clarifying the claims said the allegations are entirely false. Part of his statement states, “It wishes to clarify that neither the DG nor anyone acting on his directive has looted staff subsidy grant. No such grant has been made available to the Service and once that is allocated, staff will, as usual, receive what is due them”. Mr Bichi has, in all ramifications, evidently catered for the welfare of active and retired personnel of the service. This is a common knowledge and this could also be verified by the said Ude.

Similarly, the so called “goodbye allowance” which Ude accused the DG of granting himself is non-existent. It is only an imagination of the writer and his sponsors. But assuming the DG is paid any severance package at the end of his tenure, how is that unethical and outside established public service rule?

Recalled Bichi who retired in 2018 from the service, was recalled back and appointed the DG, DSS due to his spartan, accountable, transparent and incorruptible character.

He has remained resolute in running the Service and has shown uncommon commitment in the management of it’s affairs. His top priorities are staff welfare and judicious application of human and material resources. Any misleading narratives to the contrary are therefore unacceptable.”

A foremost traditional ruler in Yorubaland Olowu of Owu Kuta, Oba Hameed Adekunle Oyelude Makama, CON, Tegbosun III, who also reacted to the baseless allegations, tesfified to the credibility of the DG and cautioned against dirty politics against the DSS.

Olowu who stated that the intention of the purveyors of the fake news is to cause disaffection between the officers and the DG, maintained that “BICHI” does not take welfare packages of officers and personnel for granted that’s why many operatives and stakeholders wants President Tinubu to retain the services of the DG. This false narrative is dead on arrival because the Service has been enjoying series of packages even before President Tinubu came on board”

Several other groups and individuals including, the Coalition of Civil Society Groups Against Terrorism in Nigeria in defending the DG opined that the DSS under the leadership of Mallam Yusuf Bichi operates within the bounds of the law and adheres to international best practices because he is an astute and versatile administrator, a resourceful, a highly detribalized Nigerian, an intelligence officer of immense repute and more importantly a transparent and prudent leader, who possesses a high level of experience and exposure that has no doubt repositioned and made the Service one that Nigerians and the personnel are proud of”.

Bichi whose sterling performance and dedication to duty stood him out as an officer served meritoriously in different capacities such as a State Director, Director in the National Headquarter Directorates of Security Enforcement, Operations, Intelligence, Inspectorate, Administration and Finance, National Assembly Liaison and the State Services Academy Lagos, one of the training institutions of the Service.

Mr. Bichi is no doubt an Intelligence Officer of great excellence. Known for his disposition to mentoring young and upcoming officers, the DG, DSS is astute, modest and has a mien that attracts. He is an urbane man and brings his wealth of experience to bear on his job. This constantly fuels his passion for creativity and innovation. Predictably, this has led to several reforms since his assumption of office as the DG,DSS.

I think by now the purveyors of the fake news and their paymasters would have known the fact that tarnishing Bichi’s image to score cheap popularity and political goal is dead on arrival, no one is saying Mallam Bichi is a saint but his records of achievements over the years attested to the fact that Bichi’s tenure is one of the best time in the DSS because of his leadership style and vision.

In reiterating his mission statement, he said, “my vision is to create a friendly working environment, enhance staff capacities through training and welfare, as well as ensure that the DSS remains a democratically-complaint intelligence agency in Nigeria”.

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