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“How Odunlade Brought Me Into Limelight”- Sexy Actress.Bukola Adeeyo Reveals






Bukola Adeeyo is a sexy actress who shot into limelight through the popular moie, Sunday Dagboru by award winning actor, Odunlade Aadekola. In an exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly, the sexy actress and producer of Ajinigbe opens up on life and career. Excerpts…



What are you working on now?

Very soon, I will set in for a movie of mine .  I will start a  new movie titled OMO NI KARA. It is a crime story which is going to be the talk of the town and will be directed by Odunlade Adekola



How will you describe the journey in Movie Industry


That was in Year 2008 when I joined ( OAFP ) Odunlade Adekola Films Productions . My brother took me to his place and that was how I started. Thank God he has been there for me. And Kudos to Mr Odunlade Adekola .


Which was your first movie? And which movie shoots you into limelight.?


My first movie was Ila owo and the film that shot me into limelight was Sunday Dagboru


What are your challenges?


Well, I will say I don’t really face any challenges like that . The only challenge is when someone invited me to location and at the end of the day, I did not work


Have you produced your own Movie and how many?


Yes , I have produced two titled , Ajinigbe ,  Oliade Oyinlomo and I am cooking something at the moment .


What is the secret of your success?


Its been God and Prayer


Who are your Mentor and God Father in the Industry?


Hmmm Well, Mr Odunlade Adekola is my mentor and also my God father .It Is only when you are close to him then, you will know he is a mentor indeed


What is your source of your inspiration?


My sources of inspiration are Odunlade Adekola , Fathia Balogun , Iyabo Ojo , Funke Akindele and Toyin Aimaku . I can’t emphasize enough how much I have learnt from them. Following their good qualities have made me a lot better person now. Finally, My parents are always there as source of Inspiration. They were always there whenever i needed them and that means a lot to me . Motivation is a problem for me sometimes but there is no lack of inspiration source


Aside acting what else do you do?


I’m into buying and selling


What define your style and fashion?


I put on clothing that are comfortable, look nice and smart on me.


Tell us about your love life


Sorry, It is personal


How do you handle your male Fans?


I really appreciate my male fans , they are the ones who had made me relevant in the industry , most of my male fans turn out to be my friends .


Tell us about yourself and background?


My name is Bukola Adeeyo , I was raised by disciplinarians in Ibadan Oyo State . My parents were into business. I am the first child of four. We moved with my mum to Abeokuta when the need arouse. Since then, Abeokuta has been my home. I finished from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic ( MAPOLY)


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