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‘I have catchy eyes that make men glue to me’- SEXY ACTRESS, FISAYO AJISOLA





Ajisola Fisayo Ajibola, also known as Freezon, is a bundle of talents; a singer, an actress and a humanitarian. The Ekiti-born artiste, who is currently making waves in the movie industry, has featured in leading soap opera and movies such as Tinsel, Burning Spear, Shadows and  Behind The Smile among others. she opens up on her rising career and fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up.
My growing up was not really fun. I’m the last child in the family of six and my siblings are very much older than me. My immediate elder sister is about five years older, so you imagine what I mean. They grew up so fast and then left me at home (smiles). But really, I grew very lonely as a child. I’m from a family where both parents are civil servants; dad is a retired Customs officer and my mum teaches in one of the Lagos State schools. I came from a humble background, though dad wasn’t always around, mum was always there for us and she tried her best contributing to the welfare of the home and teaching us in the right way to go. I grew up normally and I will forever be grateful to my parents for their love.

Talent discovery.
I have always had penchant for acting, singing and at the same time a humanitarian since my secondary school days. Back then, I admired actors in movies and I told myself I want to be like them. When the opportunity came for me to showcase my talent, I maximised it at the school’s chapel end of the year party, where I represented my class in drama. Myself with other classmates later came up with an acting group in the school known as ‘Excellent Actors’ and we presented our school and the chapel in drama competitions and we came top. I realised acting is something I can do easily and then I got really encouraged at the turnout of students whenever we were to present drama in the chapel, they were always looking out for me. I got so happy that people appreciated me and my talent, so I decided to take it up professionally later in life. I remember I told my mates then in school to watch out for me in movies and soap opera, they thought I was joking but now, they are happy I kept to my words. As soon as I left secondary school, while waiting for admission into the university, I got admitted at (PEFTI) to study acting. After the three months course, my first entertainment job was with Wale Adenuga Production (WAP), it was the 1st of October (Nigeria’s Golden jubilee) edition of the Nnnena and Friends show.

On acting and singing.
There was an audition in school, and after singing, I was picked to sing at the show. Of course, I have been singing in the church choir before then, so it was easy for me at the auditioning. I can never forget my experience at the show which was my first exposure to entertainment, the lighting, the crowd, so many cameras and lots more and the joy of doing a job and being paid for what you love to do. But so far, I have concentrated more on my acting career than singing. I have lots of composed songs on my head and in print, I will be  going to the studio soon. I have featured in Tinsel, Burning Spear, Shadows, Living Next To You, Behind The Smile, Circle of Interest, and lots more. Being a humanitarian is one trait I can boldly say I got from my dad, and the business part of me, from my mum. Along the line, while still waiting to gain admission into the university, I started pursuing my acting career, going for auditions. I made a decision to live my life for humanity, to help the poor, clothe the naked and to give hope to the less-privileged, that was what gave birth to “Humane Jewel” a non- governmental organisation that is envisioned to improve the standard of living of people, most especially, the youth and giving hope to the less-privileged.

Driving force.
God, love, passion and the strong desire to be great in life has been my driving force. God is my source of inspiration, whenever I’m troubled by anything, I think about God and His love for us and I feel relieved. I just always believe everything will be fine; I’m a very optimistic person. I love to help people and I’m so passionate about everything I do, my acting career, humanitarian project, business and others. My predominant temperament does the magic. Being a choleric is one gift I got from God and I’m grateful. As I said earlier, I find it very easy combining so many things but really, it has not been easy. Funny right?  It is easy and at the same time not being easy. Sometimes, location clashes with my studies, but I have been able to manage it well. I am a 400 level student of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Ogun State.

Any regret not practising what you studied.
No! Why should I? There are one thousand and one people who studied a particular course in school and have never practised what they learnt for four or five years in the university for one day. It is so rampant these days and with the high rates of unemployment, graduates of various courses are beginning to lay their hands on various things, especially creative works. That is, learning one skill or the other and turning your idea into money. So, as for me, I will have no regret if I don’t get to practise what I’m studying presently in school professionally, but will definitely apply it directly or indirectly to my everyday life. No knowledge s wasted.

Definition of style.
I have a very simple sense of style. I dress to look good and attractive all the time.

Description of self.
I’m a loving person, very passionate and emotional about things, I believe whatever that is worth doing, is worth doing well. I’m a kind of person you will enjoy best if you make me to be very free with you.

Your beauty routine.
Don’t really have a beauty routine, but one thing I must do is to wash off my make-up before going to bed. I use Seba Med and Forever Living products for my face and body.

Favourite designers.
I’m not a designer-freak. I always like to get what I like at any point in time.

Favourite colours.
I like flashy colours, yellow, red, pink, orange, gold and so on. They are colours that speak without one uttering a word.

Fashion items I cannot do without.
My earrings and make-up. I love making up, especially with red lipsticks.

Secret of beauty.
People will say it is God most times, but really aside that, general body neatness does the magic.

What I do to keep in shape.
I do lots of exercise and of course, I watch what I eat. I don’t take food with plenty calories, I hardly take solid foods. I take lots of fruits and I don’t eat anytime from 6.00 p.m.

Special treat.
Special in what sense? A day or two off from outings is a special treat for myself, because such off duty comes once in a while. All I do is eat, sleep and relax. Most times, I’m always stressed up, so such break makes me really fit.

Most expensive fashion item.
I love jewelry to a fault. They are the most expensive fashion items in my wardrobe.

What I can’t be caught dead wearing.
I won’t be caught dead wearing a rag, I don’t think I will ever wear that.

My take on provocative dressing.
What you wear speaks and tells a lot about you. We all are from different background; we’ve got different value systems and upbringing. What is good on me might look provocative to you. So, wear whatever you like, provided it suits what you are wearing it for. I always appreciate whatever I put on.

My greatest physical asset.
my greatest physical asset are my eyes. I have catchy eyes that keep men glued to me. We can then say my skin. I have a lovely skin. I also have nice eyes, lips and pointed nose and most people like them. In fact, the whole of my body are my assets because my skin, eyes, lips and so on, are part of me. My body is very sensitive; it reacts to anything, especially infections. This I am very conscious of. I am cognizant of the things I apply or use on my body.

Dream man.
I don’t fantasise, no ‘dream man’ but my kind of man is such that is very homely, strong, courageous, loving and understanding because of my choice of career and most importantly, he must make me really free and let me have freedom of expression. Life is in phases, when the right time comes, I will settle down.

Coping with male admirers.
It is normal having admirers around, but I have been able to manage that well. I’m a very straightforward person but I don’t have to be rude before I pass my message across.



Have you indulged in any nasty thing that you now consider odd?

I am a very careful person.

Are you into any relationship?

No, I’m not.

Have you ever dated anyone in the industry?

No, the industry is out of it. I will never date anybody in the industry.

Have you had a crush on anybody?

I am not a freak. I am too busy to be a freak.


You sounded so morally rich, are you a virgin?

That is my personal affair. Virgin or no virgin, that is no body’s business


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